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CAMP: Chapter 72

In the GH training room, Gu Luo still sat in front of the computer in a fighting position. The computer screen was stuck on the interface where the game just finished and his mouse was still. The others didn’t speak and their eyes merely rested on Gu Luo’s back for a while.

After a long time, Gu Luo finally came back to his senses. He reached out a hand to take off the soundproof headphones on his head. Then he looked back at Lin Yan in a still hesitant manner. “Coach, did I just… win against Luni?”

Lin Yan laughed. “Yes, you won.”

Gu Luo’s eyes shook and a layer of light gradually appeared in them. “I really won?”

“Yes, you really won.” Jian Ye standing in the back spoke with emotion while also sighing. “It is a pity that the content of the training matches can’t be circulated. If it’s spread out that you won a solo game against Luni, the Internet would probably explode several times, right?”

The excitement in Gu Luo’s eyes couldn’t be hidden for a while. However, it wasn’t good to show it too much. He scratched the back of his head and finally smiled in a low-key manner.

Just then, Luni sent another invitation for a custom room. He hurriedly recovered and pressed the confirm button. The two people entered the preparation interface again.

Gu Luo thought about how he just won the previous game and hesitated over whether to say something to Luni. Then he saw the other person directly start the second game. Gu Luo fingertips paused on the keyboard as he prepared to enter. He wondered if Luni was a bit upset.

Lin Yan saw through Gu Luo’s heart instantly and gently patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t think too much. Winning or losing is normal. Luni isn’t that type of narrow-minded person. On the contrary, he should be looking forward to the next two games with you. Continue playing well.”

Gu Luo sighed and took back his extra thoughts as he asked, “Coach, what should I use in this game?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Continue using Tangira.”

Gu Luo thought that Lin Yan would let him try another hero. He was stunned when he heard these words but he didn’t ask much. He obediently locked onto it.

The second solo game officially began. Just as Lin Yan guessed, Luni didn’t use the blue witch this time. He replaced it with the time and space magician Kurima. For the first time, he took out his notebook and started taking careful notes.

Half a minute into the opening, the two sides collided for the first time.

They were both magician type heroes but the skill range of the time and space magician was further than that of the blue witch. In addition, after the second skill was released, the mana value could be converted into a shield around the body. This allowed the hero to have stronger endurance after equipment mana recovery items. So from the very beginning of the second game, it could be seen that Gu Luo played much more passively than the previous game.

Everyone at GH watched the fierce confrontation on the field. They thought that Gu Luo would repeat the last game’s kill after he finished upgrading his ultimate move. Unexpectedly, in the critical fight, Luni used the shield of the second skill to block the final fatal blow. In the moment when Gu Luo was going to withdraw, a light appeared around his body.

Summoner skills were special effects that existed independently of each hero. Different heroes naturally had different combinations that could be selected. For the time and space magician which was a super long range hero, in addition to flash, the player often chose to bring an extra life-saving skill. Ignite wasn’t the best choice no matter how one looked at it.

Yet Luni chose this configuration and it became the key to determining the outcome. The seemingly insignificant flames ate away at Gu Luo’s health bit by bit.

Luni’s mana recovered thanks to his equipment and it slowly rose again. Seeing that Gu Luo’s Tangira was about to withdraw from the time and space magician’s casting range, a skill icon in a dim state lit up again due to sufficient mana. Luni didn’t hesitate to use it.

A dark light cut against Tangira. It didn’t have much damage but combined with Ignite, it took away the last of Gu Luo’s health.

Luni won this second solo game very beautifully. Hs entire laning process from the timing of the skill release to the accurate calculation of damage was awe-inspiring.

Gu Luo lost a game and his original joy was washed away instantly. He knew that he didn’t handle the last wave well. He was a bit embarrassed to look at Lin Yan’s expression. Lin Yan wasn’t too surprised by this ending. “It’s fine. Just play well in the third game.”

It was obvious that Luni took out the time and space magician after losing one game to test this hero’s pairing with Gu Luo.

Lin Yan gave Luni this opportunity but he didn’t suffer a loss either. He collected data on the pros and cons of Tangira when facing the time and space magician. He thought about the few heroes he touched so far in terms of lineup configuration and instantly had a more complete idea.

Now he gathered the information he wanted. He quickly finished writing it down and tapped the pen against the paper. “For the next round, try the flame hunting banshee.”

At the start of the third game, Luni was still using the space time magician. Gu Luo learned from his previous defeat and handled the details more carefully this time while attacking. The flame hunting banshee didn’t have as high an outburst as Tangira but it was extremely mobile. Her red waist swayed in the process of retreating quickly and it looked like passionate flames burning in the canyon, flying away with the wind.

Gu Luo’s playing style was quite detailed. The strength of the time and space magician’s shield was linked to its mana value. After advancing and retreating several times to force Luni to use the second skill, the recovery of the time and space magician’s mana obviously couldn’t keep up with such consumption.

It was under the most extreme pressure for a while and this made Luni passive. For a magic type hero, it was obviously extremely deadly to run out of mana.

Eight minutes into clearing the lane, Gu Luo keenly seized an excellent opportunity. Thanks to a set of combos, the shield of Luni’s second skill was played. Then he retreated in one blow. Gu Luo stepped on a soldier’s body while retreating and the burning effect around his entire body triggered the moment the line of soldiers was cleared. Then he used flash and got close to Luni again.

In this way, he released the ultimate move Lotus Flower the moment Luni’s shield disappeared. Red flames burned in a beautiful lotus flower shape on Luni’s time and space magician and all the health was emptied out.

The third solo game officially ended. The final score was 2:1! It didn’t meet Lin Yan’s initial bragging about 3:0 but based on today’s performance, the two assassin heroes were played perfectly in Gu Luo’s hands.

He praised Gu Luo. “Well played.”

Gu Luo smiled with a bit of embarrassment. He looked back and his gaze passed over everyone, finally landing on Jing Yuanzhou with high expectations. Jing Yuanzhou smiled when he received this gaze. “It was really beautiful.”

The look in Gu Luo’s eyes couldn’t be hidden. “I will continue to work hard!”

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing. He almost forgot that their little mid-laner was the chief little brother fan of God Jing. He looked at the time and clapped his hands. “Okay, go back and sit down. Be ready to play the training match.”

They had been watching the solo games just now. If it wasn’t for the reminder, everyone would’ve forgotten that there was a training match. They had watched Gu Luo’s performance on the field and everyone inevitably felt a bit heated up. Hearing this, they immediately sat in front of the computer and eagerly wanted to play hard.

However, LDF obviously felt the same.

Under normal circumstances, every big team usually retained some tactics and strength when privately engaging in a training match. Yet today, Luni had actually lost two solo games to a rookie. This made the LDF team inevitably sigh. Rather than affecting morale, they completely released themselves in the training match and played in an unprecedentedly fierce manner.

Three training games ended. The result of the GH training games was 1:2.

Once it was over, everyone in GH collapsed in their gaming chairs. They stared at the ceiling above their heads and it was a long time before they could recover from the bloody battle just now.

“That…” Bi Yaohua lamented. “Was LDF’s previous playing style so fierce? Why do I remember that their games in the professional league are mainly focused in the middle and late stages?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled, half-truthfully and half-lying. “You remember correctly. Perhaps LDF just changed to a new style today.”

“This new style is too targeted.” Jian Ye looked calm. “You didn’t see their ferocity in their jungle grabbing. It has been a long time since I lacked so much milk. I will fight hard against anyone who says that their team has a good temper in the future.”

Chen Yushen frowned. “I’m sorry, my rhythm wasn’t good.”

“It wasn’t your problem. The rhythm was very good.” Gu Luo’s lips pressed together tightly. “I became a bit arrogant because I won two solo games. I thought that I could kill Luni alone but as a result…”

He paused before solemnly continuing, “After three games, I only succeeded twice.”

There were a total of 10 killing opportunities. Apart from these two, the opponent escaped six times and he had been killed by Luni two times. The overall completion probability was indeed very low.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled a bit when he heard this. “Rather, I think that your current thoughts are arrogant.”

Gu Luo looked up incredulously. “Eh?”

“If I remember correctly, in all the LDF matches in the mid-season, Luni was only killed by his opponent only in the quarter-finals match with PAY.” Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Gu Luo when he said this. “In these three training games, you did what other professional teams haven’t been able to complete. Do you still dare to say that you aren’t being arrogant?”

Gu Luo was stunned to hear this. He digested the content of the words only to realize that this was indeed the case. His originally bitter expression finally turned into a smile. “Captain, you are right! I was too arrogant!”

Bi Yaohua agreed. “That’s right! Don’t doubt yourself Gloy. You have made great progress. Once you can rub Wuhoo against the ground then you will be complete.”

Lin Yan didn’t forget to mobilize their fighting spirit. “I have arranged all the training plans for the next stage. As long as you cooperate with me to complete these plans, everything is possible.”

This sentence fell into everyone’s ears and their vision turned black for a while. However, Gu Luo’s performance today was very inspiring. Jian Ye held the table and gritted his teeth.”Come on, Coach! Help me up, I can practice!”

The entire process was indeed excessively hard but compared to the absolute training results, all their hard work seemed worthwhile.

The autumn competition was their first official appearance in the professional league. Whether it was to thank fans for supporting them or to stop the mouths of those sunspots, they wanted to prove to the entire e-sport’s circle that their strength was worthy of this position!

Lin Yan was very satisfied with this positive attitude. “In fact, your part about personal ability has been basically completed to the last stage. Before the official start of the autumn competition, the main focus will be on training matches with various teams. If there aren’t any surprises, I’ll try my best to help you arrange matches with the team in the league. There might be a big gap between the statuses of teams in the training match compared to the official matches but it can be regarded as a side assessment of the team’s strength.”

He paused for a moment and thought about it. “Well, in addition to the team goal, I have set a small phased goal for all of you. Putting aside everything else, as long as this is achieved, it will be difficult for GH to not be this year’s champions.”

The moment these words, everyone’s appetite was instantly whetted. What small goals were so amazing?

Lin Yan cleared his throat under their gazes. “In fact, it is simple. As long as Gloy strives to surpass Luni, Abyss to be equal to AI and BB and Gun Zai can handle the pair of Wuhoo and Come, the autumn competition will definitely be our GH’s world.”

The GH members, “……”

There were pits everywhere but it was completely impossible to refute. It sounded like ‘once you have the strength of a world champion, you can definitely become a world champion.’ At that time, all the members of GH would’ve replaced the five major demon kings. Then they would rule the world forever!

Lin Yan waited for a long time without seeing a reaction and couldn’t help asking, “Why? Am I wrong?”

Everyone in GH was expressionless. “…Yes, that’s right.”

Lin Yan glanced at them again. “Is it a lack of confidence?”

After a period of silence, several low voices rang out one after another. “There is…”

Lin Yan felt that this momentum was very undesirable. He frowned and was just about to say something when someone gently patted him on the shoulder. Looking back, he met Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. His low voice contained a hint of laughter. “Everyone’s goals have been set. What about mine?”

Lin Yan remembered that he had missed someone.

He felt silent for a moment under this gaze. “You… just be yourself.”

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2 years ago

JYZ’s really out here wanting attention while LY’s trying to take care of the kids

1 year ago

Just be yourself is definitely the best goal for Jing Yuanzhou. He restrained himself too much in the past and now he can play true to his strength.