CAMP: Chapter 58

Gu Luo hadn’t expected this to happen.

The first two games were played very smoothly. Previously, he just had to run to the bathroom a few more times so he didn’t think much of it. As a result, he never expected that he would start to feel uncomfortable in such a crucial deciding game.

He had never said it but he was actually really nervous about today’s finals. He had been stretched to a tight string in the past few days. He didn’t know if it was because he had been stretched for too long but it seemed to have adverse effects. He felt a chill all over his body and unknowingly, his back had layers of sweat.

Just now, he failed to protect Bi Yaohua due to his lack of concentration. It led to mistakes in this key team battle and Gu Luo felt severe self-blame. Now he put his attention back on the field. He controlled the feeling of dizziness and his face was pale as he gritted his teeth.

However, the mistake just now was really too big. After a wave of annihilation and gaining the buff of the canyon overlord, the IBB had already gained enough of an advantage in one fell swoop. In this regard, the GH team wouldn’t take the initiative to back down. Even so, IBB had taken the lead and was unwilling to miss such an opportunity. They took advantage of the situation to clear the lane.

As IBB’s primary target, Bi Yaohua using positioning to avoid the overwhelming skills while cursing, “F&k, I said that the IBB team secretly loves me but you didn’t believe it. I have retreated to this point and they are still chasing me! There is a saying that the girls who chased me before aren’t as persistent as them!”

Jian Ye was maintaining a distance and watching Bi Yaohua’s state. It was almost personal protection and this kept him from being killed by IBB. He secretly wiped at his sweat and couldn’t help complaining, “Isn’t that nonsense? It would be really scary if a girl chases you like this.”

This wave of a small battle ended and finally exchanged two heads. In the case where the other side had a significant advantage, GH showed an extreme operation. Gu Luo’s screen was dark and he pressed his lips tightly together as he listened to the conversation in the voice channel.

He could clearly feel the obvious case of his teammates in the last few team battles. It was because they tried their best to fill the loopholes caused by him that he felt more uncomfortable. The deciding game originally didn’t need to be like this. Just for him…

The fingertips holding the mouse tightened.

Gu Luo slowly closed his eyes and once he opened them again, his eyes were firm. He couldn’t drag the team down any longer. They had to win this game!

The time had reached 35 minutes. After another 5 minutes, the strong period of GH’s lineup would end.

Jing Yuanzhou saw that the overlord buff time on IBB was over and arranged things in the voice channel. “The guardian will be refreshed soon and IBB will definitely do something over there. Have you seen the few dots I marked? Abyss and Gun will intercept over there. BB, watch the time and enter the field appropriately. Gloy, go with me. Once I start the team battle, kill the opposite side’s shooter. Can you do it?”

This inquiring tone was too natural like it was the numerous previous actual combat exercises.

Gu Luo naturally knew that this was likely to be the last team battle in the game and whoever could kill the enemy shooter first would determine the final success or failure. He didn’t expect that despite his chaotic performance, Captain Jing was still willing to leave this heavy task in his hand. He was stunned.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice came again from the headphones. “Since you’re not feeling well, end the match early and don’t delay it to the fourth game. Tell me, can it be done?”

Gu Luo woke up and firmly gritted his teeth. “Give it to me, Captain!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled with satisfaction. “Yes, let’s go.”

From a god’s perspective, it could be seen that after the resurrection of all members of IBB and GH, they started to approach the canyon in the upper half of the map. The atmosphere before the outbreak of the battle caused the audience to fall silent.

There were no heads on either side but the keen intuition on the field was enough to make the players of the two teams feel the other side’s eagerness. They constantly switched the position of the ambush and adjusted the best entry point.

Both sides were looking for the best opportunity.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze was locked onto the fog with no clear vision and the entire voice channel was silent. The entire atmosphere was tense to the extreme. Everyone held their breaths and their fingertips on the keyboard and mouse were tense.

Such a wait was undoubtedly a bit difficult but Jing Yuanzhou had experienced countless games and was still calm. In the silence, he saw a strand of clothing slightly swaying at the edge of the grass in the corner.

It was just a short moment.

In the light of the electric flint, Jing Yuanzhou already manipulated his character to rush out. “Go!”

The moment his voice fell, there was a group collision due to the use of flash,. The four IBB players who were undergoing a tactical transfer were hit directly.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help shouting, “Very beautiful!”

On the map, they saw Chen Yushen rushing out of the grass like a tiger and heading straight to IBB”s mid-laner. IBB’s support had an extremely rapid reaction and held the mid-laner firmly in the air before hitting the ground.

Once the other members of IBB reacted, a wave of skills exploded. Jian Ye saw Jing Yuanzhou’s health bar drop in a shocking manner and finished casting the spell. He lifted the health bar up in one breath.

Bi Yaohua entered the field as well. He controlled the distance and outputted wildly. In a competition of output intensity, any reduction in players was fatal. The battle was fierce for a time.

On the screen, it could be seen that Gu Luo’s character remained in the grass. He was the only tranquility on the fierce scene. He never revealed his whereabouts and continued to wait!

Wait until the moment IBB’s shooter fell into his output range! Wait until a shot to kill and change the overall situation!

IBB’s shooter couldn’t determine Gu Luo’s location so he didn’t show up for a long time. However, seeing his team falling to a disadvantage in the exchange of fire and the number was reduced by two, he finally couldn’t help it. He had to join in the battle. Yet almost the moment when he appeared, a figure with a black dagger rushed out from the side without warning.

The heart of IBB’s shooter was stunned. He knew it was bad and instinctively tried to call for help on the voice channel, but it was clearly too late.

Gu Luo had been waiting in ambush for so long for this moment! The sharp dagger cut through the throat of IBB’s shooter and brought a bloody end to this wave of team battle. In just two seconds, the thin body of the shooter was the prey of dazzling skills and his health was completely emptied.

At almost the same time, Jing Yuanzhou was killed by IBB after completing his mission. The health of the IBB mid-laner was also emptied by Chen Yushen, who entered and retreated several times. Chen Yushen received a head and was buried in the same place. The moment his teammates died in succession, he stepped forward and took over the heavy task of the front row. With his protection, Bi Yaohua went crazy in the back row, firing shot after shot and completing the final clearance!

[ACE (team extinction)!]

IBB was destroyed in one wave and GH still had three people alive. The soldiers arrived and GH quickly pushed to the high ground, taking victory.

Three games in a row!

GH showed absolute strength in the finals and won the final championship of Burning Hot Assembly!

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat looked a bit dumbfounded. “Titans’s opening of the team battle this time was too great! In addition, the operation on both sides was very extreme! It is regrettable that IBB failed to win back a game but I have to say that in this game, they showed an absolute professional qualification level! Still, at this time I have to say… the championship of this season has been officially decided. Congratulations to the GH team on winning the qualification to the autumn competition of the professional league!”

Commentator Cry Cry clapped vigorously along with the cheers of the audience. “Yes, there will be a new dark horse team in the autumn competition. Let us congratulate GH!”

In the players’ area, both sides had taken off their headphones. This was when GH finally had time to see Gu Luo’s situation. It was only a short time for the game but Gu Luo’s white face was truly scary.

Jian Ye saw he was going to stand up and hurriedly helped him. “How are you feeling? What is going on? Do you want to hurry to the hospital?”

Gu Luo took a deep breath and waved his hand with a bit of effort. “It’s fine… let’s go pay tribute to the IBB team first.”

The formal process was that the winner needed to shake hands with the loser after the game.

Everyone understood this type of thing but they weren’t at ease due to Gu Luo’s poor state. In the end, at Gu Luo’s insistence, the group of people surrounded him and escorted him all the way to the IBB team.

The players at IBB were frustrated that they missed the chance to advance again. Then they saw GH’s big actions and were shocked. After asking what was going on, they saw Gu Luo’s face and hurriedly shook hands so Gu Luo could rush to the hospital.

The audience didn’t know what was going on. They only watched from a distance. They saw the people from both sides huddled together and inexplicably thought that there was going to be a group fight.

The director was shocked when he saw the query on the barrage and quickly switched the camera to the venue host to maintain order. In addition, he called several staff members to ask what happened.

The staff looked bitter at this question. Originally, after the game, the champion team had many processes to do. It was obvious no one thought there would be such an emergency situation and hesitated over how to deal with it.

Lin Yan had naturally noticed that Gu Luo played abnormally in the game. At this time, he came on stage and asked what happened. He glanced at Gu Luo’s face and thought about it. “Then, I’ll take Gloy to the hospital. The rest of you can stay and follow the process”

Gu Luo was surrounded by many people and the feeling of a lack of oxygen only increased. He was concerned about his bad performance and at this time, he felt dizzy as he spoke lightly, “Yes, just let the coach send me. I’m sorry everybody… I caused you trouble.”

The others were hesitant but Jing Yuanzhou directly decided. “Yes, that’s it.”

The staff sighed with relief. The entire scene was busy and after a while, it split into two. On one side, they were busy with the follow-up interview section while on the other side, it could be seen that Lin Yan and Gu Luo left through the security passage under the guidance of the staff.

Soon, the post-match processes were finally launched officially. The attentive audience discovered that GH’s lineup was obviously missing two people. In addition, regardless of the awards, interviews and follow up press interviews, all the members looked impatient and frequently gave reminders to hurry up. None of the joy of winning could be seen.

In particular, Bi Yaohua was really impatient to deal with the questions from the e-sports media. Before the question was asked, he talked about a long psychological journey in one breath and frowned. “So is there anything else you need to ask?”

The reporters were directly choked up by him. “…No, nothing else.”

The interviews ended and the last episode of Burning Hot Assembly came to a successful conclusion. The members of GH didn’t stay at the recording site for long. They got in the car and headed straight to the nearest hospital.

Half an hour later, they finally saw Gu Luo receiving an IV. Lin Yan was sitting next to him, playing casually with his phone. Feeling the light dim in front of him, he raised his head. Then he saw the people who came in and asked lightly, “You’re all here?”

“……” Bi Yaohua was rarely silent for a moment before asking, “Coach, what do you mean by that? What did the doctor say? What is the situation with Gloy?”

“Ask him yourself.” Lin Yan finished speaking and returned his gaze to the phone. The phone was displaying the official Weibo of the show after they just announced the championship team.

Gu Luo noticed the eyes that focused on him and buried his head even lower in self-blame. “Sorry, I made everyone worried… the doctor said I am fine. I was just too nervous recently. Combined with my irregular work and rest, it resulted in a bit of weakness. I eventually got a temporary problem with my stomach. However, I have taken medicine just now and I’m receiving an IV. It should be fine after a few days.”

Then he scratched the back of his head with the hand that didn’t have the needle in it and bowed to everyone apologetically. “I’m sorry, this is the first time I participated in such an important event. I was… unable to adjust my state for a while and dragged back the team. I’m sorry!”

Next to him, Lin Yan spoke without raising his head. “Therefore, I already told him that if such a thing happens again in the future, you should all pay attention to it. It is normal to be nervous when encountering key matches. However, if you have insomnia then you must tell Luo Mo. The team has a lot of money and can give you some psychological counselors. If you can’t sleep then don’t get up and train all night. The pressure is high and I’m sure you want to play well, but the main thing is how you play on the field. You can’t always be as lucky as today, you know?”

Hearing this, everyone understood what was going on and finally sighed with relief. “We know.”

Now thinking about it again, Gu Luo was indeed the only pure rookie on the so-called new GH team.

Needless to say, Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua were professional players who had played in the league. Jian Ye might’ve been the substitute of a secondary league team but he could still be considered a person in the e-sports circle. As for Chen Yushen, he had come out of the youth academy and the pressure he needed to endure there wasn’t small. Only Gu Luo was a novice anchor and Titans fan who was dug up by the GH team. He didn’t have much experience and it was understandable that he didn’t know how to deal with such an important event.

Speaking of which, failing to pay attention to the child’s psychological condition in time could be regarded as the negligence of the coach Lin Yan.

Lin Yan thought up to here and somewhat blamed himself, so he didn’t continue the topic. He looked at the others strangely. “Speaking of which, why are you here so soon? The interview session is over? We didn’t prepare any manuscripts in advance for the media interviews but BB’s performance on the spot should be good. What questions did they ask? Did you give a good impression of the club?”

The moment he asked this, everyone instinctively pressed their lips together and were silent.

Lin Yan had accompanied Gu Luo to register for a blood test and didn’t have time to watch the live broadcast. He didn’t know the specific situation and could only look at Jing Yuanzhou for an answer.

Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and gave a low laugh. “How should I put it… the spirit of our team was quite ignited. Your side went to their hospital and their minds came together. There were too many procedures arranged by the show and we were a bit anxious, so we dealt with it casually. In fact, I think there is nothing wrong with this. Isn’t it good that the team is harmonious?”

Lin Yan was silent and couldn’t help rubbing his eyebrows in a tired manner. “I say, do you know why we fought all this way? It is for today’s finals! Even those teams in the professional league don’t have many opportunities for this type of large-scale media reception! We were so arrogant before the match. Now that the match is over, shouldn’t we take advantage of this opportunity? Aren’t you the best at pretending to be pretentious, let alone the fact that this is the treatment you should enjoy after winning the championship. Why? Don’t you want to save on publicity expenses before the autumn competition?”

His words ended and the surroundings were quieter than ever.

The moment the match ended, everyone was focused on Gu Luo. During the following processes, they were anxious to go to the hospital so they didn’t react until now. They seemed to have neglected another important mood.

After a long time, Jian Ye seemed to return to his senses. He looked down at the trophy in his hand and expressed what everyone was thinking. “F&k, are we really a professional team?!”

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1 year ago

Sorry, I can’t help but to laugh at them. HAHAHAHA! I can’t with how long it to for them to realize it. I can’t blame them, though… their teammate was rushed to the hospital so shrug

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Maybe they’ll get good publicity for showing their concern for their teammate wo obviously? 😂