CAMP: Chapter 57

“I don’t really blame IBB.” In the GH player seats, Lin Yan spoke rare words for IBB’s coach. “I think that not many teams even in the professional league can withstand this set of tactics.”

Bi Yaohua said, “Other coaches just play tactics. When our Coach Lin plays tactics, he also plays with others’ mentality. I really admire it.”

Lin Yan glanced at him with a smile. “I will tell you in advance. The post-match announcements that I asked Luo Mo to prepare are all arranged according to 3:0. There might be backup plans but regardless of the momentum or fighting, it is obviously not comparable with a zero seal. So give me a good third game! I’ve done so much with IBB’s mentality previously. If you lose a game at this critical moment then hehe, after you go back, I will make your mentality explode.”

Bi Yaohua cried towards Jing Yuanzhou. “Captain, the coach is threatening us.”

Jing Yuanzhou responded quietly, “I think the coach is right.”

“……” Bi Yaohua’s mouth twitched and he almost blurted out the words ‘villains colluding together’. Finally, he could only let out a low sigh. “We will be sure to play well. The celebration party must’ve been arranged, right?”

Lin Yan had always been generous about such things. “Luo Mo has arranged it a long time ago. It is a high-end club near the base. I guarantee you won’t want to come out after you enter.”

Jian Ye originally had his eyes closed to keep sharp. He heard these words and suddenly felt energetic. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”

Gu Luo noticed the gazes cast at them from the audience in the back and cleared his throat in a low manner. “…Brother Gun, should we be more reserved?”

The 10 minute break soon passed and everyone returned to their zone.

Lin Yan put on his headphones and suddenly brought the mike to his mouth. “It is the third game of the BO5.”

The others didn’t know why he was suddenly bringing this up.

Before anyone could ask, Lin Yan continued speaking. “Everyone knows that our team hasn’t experienced any competitions in Internet cafes or the secondary league before participating in the show. As early as a few episodes ago, almost all online and offline voices were questioning us. Although these voices have dissipated a lot under everyone’s excellent performance, the label of third-rate team is still firmly on us.”

There was silence in the voice channel, leaving only Lin Yan’s voice. “GH’s name is Go Home. From the very beginning, it is to send the opponent home. The current game depends on whether you can successfully send IBB back. If you succeed, the 3:0 record will make your ticket to the professional league shine. If you fail… cough, there is one more game! In short, this road is yours. Use your strength to make the entire e-sports league notice the GH team!”

At this point, a smile appeared on his face. “One hour! One hour later, I hope that when everyone talks about it, they can put extra words in front of our club—professional team, GH.”

Everyone’s expressions were different. Some were moved while others had fighting spirit in their eyes.

The referee who heard everything couldn’t help his mouth twitching. Encouragement was encouragement but they were now confidently planning a zero seal match. Did the IBB team members know this? Too arrogant!

Soon, the BP process officially began. It could be seen that IBB’s lineup was much firmer than it was in the first two games. Lin Yan raised his eyes in surprise. “Oh, it seems that the coach of IBB has finally turned the corner. This team is okay. Their mentality adjustment is fast!”

The battle lineup of both sides was displayed on the big screen in the blink of an eye. This time, there weren’t as many twists as before. Both sides came up with the best configuration that could be taken out on the field according to the situation of their teams. IBB had lost two games in a row and ceased to be as timid as before. Once a strong lineup was presented, they were obviously ready to fight.

Lin Yan left the competition zone without being greatly affected by IBB’s fighting spirit. In his opinion, this game was just a return to the real competition between players after the tactical match. If it came to personal strength, every player on the GH team didn’t lose to anyone, whether it was a god-level player like Jing Yuanzhou to an inexperienced rookie like Gu Luo. The coach could only give technical support tactically. After that, everything was given to the captain Jing Yuanzhou.

The third game officially started as everyone felt expectant. In the beginning, Jian Ye went to the middle to help Gu Luo clear the soldiers quickly while Chen Yushen went to IBB’s jungle to cause trouble.

However, after waiting in the grass for a while, he didn’t see the player on the other side for a long time and felt it was a bit strange. He frowned slightly and was about to remind his team members to pay attention when he saw several figures suddenly rushing out of the grass.

It was completely different from their previous fear. The target of their ambush this time was Jing Yuanzhou who was clearing the line of soldiers on the lane. No one thought that IBB would suddenly let go of themselves in the third game.

He didn’t have time to clean up the first wave of soldiers and had only upgraded one skill. It had just been used to kill soldiers and was on cooldown. Facing the three people who suddenly appeared, he could only use his displacement keenly to avoid a few control skills. Even so, he inevitably suffered a wave of damage.

Finally, he used flash to escape back to the defense tower with some health left. This was already regarded as the result of an extreme operation.

Even if he did his best, he wasn’t able to defend the second wave of soldiers from the efforts of several people to suppress the tower. He saw that Chen Yushen and Jian Ye had completed the encirclement and confidently handed over the battlefield to his teammates, choosing to return to the city.

His development was inevitably suppressed.

Bi Yaohua looked up and saw the scene at the top of the map. He was taken back for a while. “What is the matter with IBB? They were so miserable in the first two games. After suffering on the bottom lane, have they started to retaliate against the top lane?”

In the beginning when they were level one, three people worked together in a group and went directly to the tower to kill. No one would believe it wasn’t intentional. Jing Yuanzhou returned to the city to recover his health before continuing to clear the lane.

He looked at the current economic situation of both sides and made a simple decision. “BB, hurry up and develop. This game depends on who is tougher between you and the opposite side’s shooter.”

The GH players were long used to taking turns to be the C. Bi Yaohua liked being viewed as the core figure and was immediately happy. “Rest assured and give it to Brother Trash Talk!”

Due to this gank that came without warning, Jing Yuanzhou was affected as soon as the game started. The economic gap with the opposite player widened greatly.

It was estimated that any other side lane player would’ve probably started to collapse but Jing Yuanzhou’s personal strength was really tough. He used the existing equipment gap and gradually reduced the disadvantage

Seeing that he showed signs of developing again, IBB’s jungler and support started to wander frequently again. They went to the top lane from time to time to take the head of a soldier, showing a lot of meaning.

The situation was like a scene from the last game except that the identities of both sides were replaced at one point. The few people from IBB were harassing the lane like this but they turned and ran without hesitation when Chen Yushen brought Jian Ye over. Perhaps they suffered too much from this during the last game and wanted to return it to GH.

Jian Ye saw it and gritted his teeth. “Forget anything else, they are really quick to steal from the teacher!”

Chen Yushen had a lot of patience as a jungler. “It’s fine. We will ambush them a few more times.”

Soon, the situation on the field had developed into a game of guerrilla and counter-guerilla. It had to be said that IBB’s style was both aggressive and conservative. The jungler’s pace was surprisingly good.

After several small waves of friction in the canyon, GH couldn’t gain an advantage. There was another wave of small-scale team battles and both sides exchanged two heads.

Bi Yaohua lay on the ground after being killed again and sighed. “Gloy, come quicker next time! In the last few waves, I always feel that you have been a step slower. Have you forgotten to save your displacement skills? Remember to leave one in advance. Look at those who ran away. They were all supposed to be yours! Don’t waste it!”

It was quiet for a moment before Gu Luo replied in a low voice. “Yes, I know Brother Trash Talk.”

This voice fell into his ears and he felt strange. Bi Yaohua instinctively wanted to turn his head when he saw that he had resurrected again. He immediately operated his character to return to the lane. As he walked, he didn’t forget to remind his teammates. “Abyss, in the next team battle, I have to trouble you to help me cut the opposite mid-laner first. He is too annoying to control!”

Chen Yushen replied, “Received.”

The first few waves of team battles were a test. IBB obviously gained more confidence. They changed from their fearful state in the first two games and became vigorous. The overlord of the canyon refreshed and the two sides quickly started fighting around the river. At this point, the final ownership of the team buff was likely to be a crucial turning point.

Jing Yuanzhou’s economy might’ve somewhat been affected during this period but fortunately for GH, their shooter Bi Yaohua was well-equipped and had high output. Absolute output was a crucial factor in team battles so even if there was a head-on conflict, everyone in GH didn’t have much worry. They just needed to protect their C, the shooter, and they would have a great chance of winning.

Jian Ye needed to watch the health from the front row so the important task of protecting the back row was handed over to Gu Luo. After repeated tests by both sides, the team battle finally exploded.

IBB’s performance was as positive as before and they were very decisive in finding an opportunity to take the lead. Jian Ye quickly restored health and continued to ensure that Jing Yuanzhou in the front row survived.

Minutes later, it was possible to see Jing Yuanzhou avoiding a series of skill damage due to this movement position. Then he flashed to the rear and directly hit the surrounding three people. It was a perfect entry.

“Pretty!” Chen Yushen couldn’t help praising. He saw the opportunity to cut into the battle to instantly kill the opponent’s mid-laner. It was just a pity that it was a 0.1 second difference and the group control skill was cast before the mid-laner died. Flames fell, cutting off the retreat of the two people in front.

IBB’s side-laner was also entangled and the support quickly followed up. In the back, the shooter took advantage of this to restore the distance and took away Chen Yushen’s head. The remaining people continued to act to try and keep Jing Yuanzhou behind.

Jian Ye controlled it to the limit and restored Jing Yuanzhou’s health and mana at high speed. At the same time, Bi Yaohua and Gu Luo were frantically outputting from the rear. The amount of health being lost was extremely shocking.

In such a fierce situation, the audience couldn’t help holding their breaths and they didn’t dare look away for a moment.

IBB’s support tried hard to block the output of the two C positions of GH. By the time Jing Yuanzhou was finally killed, there was only a weak defense hero with a bit of health left in IBB’s front row.

Bi Yaohua kept outputting and he saw that the final harvest was about to be completed when a figure appeared on the grass diagonally behind him without warning. The timing of IBB’s jungler was so clever that Bi Yaohua’s heart jumped and he shouted, “Gloy!”

Unfortunately, he was a step slower. IBB’s jungler completed the assassination before Gu Luo’s move was completed. Although he paid for it with his life, IBB’s shooter survived and unsurprisingly cleaned up the field. At the same time, the IBB accepted the vital overlord buff.

The moment the message about the group destruction popped up, GH’s voice channel was quiet for a moment.

Jing Yuanzhou’s calm voice was heard. “Gloy, are you not feeling well?”

Everything had happened too fast just now but he died early and watched the entire process. It was obvious that Gu Luo’s reaction was indeed slow by 0.5 seconds. Jing Yuanzhou was sitting on the far side and couldn’t see Gu Luo’s specific situation. He could only choose to ask.

The moment he spoke, the others recalled what happened just now and finally realized something was wrong. “Gloy, are you okay?”

The lighting at the scene wasn’t too clear but even so, it couldn’t hide Gu Luo’s slightly white face. Unlike when he first came to the field, there was sweat dripping from his hair and his lips were tight.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t maintain the best condition…” Gu Luo took a deep breath before speaking slowly. “If you want to criticize me then wait until the game is over. You can scold me however you like but please finish the game first!”

The teenager’s voice was soft but full of unparalleled determination. Chen Yushen lowered his eyes and didn’t say anything.

Bi Yaohua had thought that Gu Luo’s frequent use of the bathroom was a bit strange. He wanted to ask a few more questions but he paused after hearing these words. Then he started to operate his character to walk toward the lane. “Stay steady in the back and don’t worry about me. Gloy, follow the captain to output! I can pay attention to the position of the opposite jungler.”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t see the situation over there but based on everyone’s reaction, he somewhat knew the answer. Rather than calling to end the game, he whispered, “Yes, don’t drag it out. Fight quickly.”

Proofreader: Nao 

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