CAMP: Chapter 41 Part 1

Jing Yuanzhou finished broadcasting and the fans had nowhere to go. They could only flow into the live broadcast rooms of the other GH members in batches.

Bi Yaohua didn’t care about the identity of the audience. Give him a stage and he would be able to talk. The audience who left discovered what it was like in Trash Talk King’s live broadcast room when they came back.

There were still some people talking but the scolding on the barrage had lessened obviously. It wasn’t because they had been persuaded. These people finally realized that the legends of the world were real. ‘Don’t compete with the king. You will be killed if you commit a lot of injustices.’

Due to Jing Yuanzhou’s words during the live broadcast, Titans’s fans, who had been on the sidelines, didn’t watch idly anymore. They listened to their player and entered the field one after another, helping fight against the GH team’s brainless black fans. There was the influx of new traffic and the entire situation was gradually controlled.

Lin Yan lay down on the sofa in the blind spot and held the glass of water that Jing Yuanzhou had poured him. He moved around the live broadcast rooms and showed a satisfied smile. Sometimes, blind justification would just make one passive. It was the appropriate inducement of positive public opinion that opened up a new path.

Lin Yan exited the live broadcast rooms and opened the calendar to glance at the date. He knew that the netizens’ attention on the youth training camp events should pass soon.

Two days later was the start of the mid-season.

According to the rules of the Burning Hot League, the annual spring and autumn championship teams would be ranked according to their total points and would appear as the first and second seeds respectively. In contrast, the two runner-up teams would compete with two other teams with the highest ranking points in the mid-season to participate in the global qualifying rounds, competing for the remaining two places.

For this reason, the mid-season might not be as important as the spring and autumn competitions but it still attracted attention as one of the official competitions to qualify for the World Finals.

The GH team had no qualifications to participate in professional events and could only wait to win the variety show to participate in the next autumn competition. They had no chance with the mid-season. Still, this didn’t affect their interest in official events.

On the first day of the mid-season, everyone gathered in the meeting room to watch the match live.

In the opening match in the morning, Luni’s veteran LDF team played against the new MEN team that had just been promoted from the secondary league.

At present, the strength of every team in the league was actually relatively average. There might indeed be a slight level of difference but even the top team LDF with Luni could lose to MEN if they made a mistake on the field.

In any case, it was the opening match and both teams were in very good condition. There were collisions as soon as the game started and this brought the atmosphere at the scene to the highest point.

Bi Yaohua hadn’t dared to look down on Luni since hearing Jing Yuanzhou’s analysis.

He watched the fierce situation on the field and couldn’t help saying, “Don’t talk about anything else, a mid-laner like Luni is really stable. Every time there is a team battle, he can always do something. If he wants to advance or retreat then he will. There is a person with such a steady rhythm, tut… it is a pity that LDF’s shooter really isn’t good. They have created such a good output environment for him. Even if there aren’t any five kills, why can’t he do a three against one fight? At this standard, I don’t know how he joined LDF in the first place.”

Next to him, Gu Luo couldn’t help glancing over like he wanted to say something.

Bi Yaohua noticed this gaze and cleared his throat. “Cough, Gloy, I don’t mean that you are bad… everyone has their own fighting style. I think you have a special sense of self. Just keep it regardless of how Luni fights! After all, it is up to you to carry when I can’t!”

Gu Luo, “…Thank you for your approval.”

Unknowingly, it was already halfway through the second game of the BO3. After LDF won the first game, their momentum was extremely high and there was another wave of destruction. Lin Yan saw Luni standing alone on the field and announced, “Congratulations to LDF for advancing. It is already stable.”

MEN lost but they played wonderfully. Despite being a new team, they didn’t show any timidity when facing LDF. This was already very valuable. The two sides shook hands after the match and the audience applauded warmly.

Lin Yan saved the video of the two games in his archive and turned to the match schedule. Then he assigned tasks to the others. “Everyone’s training schedule has been very full recently but if you have time, I hope you can spare some to watch all the games in the mid-season. Each game must be seen no less than three times. I will occasionally check and ask questions.”

Jian Ye didn’t understand. “Why three times?”

“I want you to thoroughly get to know them in the shortest time and remember them.” Lin Yan glanced around indifferently. His tone might be slow but his words hit their hearts. “Every team here might become your most difficult opponent on the field in the future.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked over.

Lin Yan smiled meaningfully when he said this. “Don’t think that everything about the professional league has nothing to do with us because we are still recording a variety show. The mid-season has already begun. How long is it until the autumn competition? Two months. The time left for us is two months. Do you think you are really ready?”

Everyone couldn’t help their backs stiffening as an unprecedented sense of urgency fell over them. In the silence, a low voice was heard. “Coach, I promise I will work hard!”

No one thought that the most taciturn Chen Yushen would be the only one speaking at this time.

The other members were somewhat taken aback before their expressions gradually became firm. “Coach, we will be prepared!”

A bright smile flashed on Lin Yan’s face. “Yes, you are the best.”

The opening match finished and the entire e-sports circle was plunged into a tense atmosphere. Even the sunspots no longer concentrated their energy on the GH team. The eight teams were vying for tickets for the World Qualifying Tournament. Which fans didn’t want the team they supported to stand on the fierce battlefield of the World Finals?

A full day of training passed. Jing Yuanzhou was returning to his room when the opposite door opened. He looked up and saw Lin Yan leaning against the door with a smile. Lin Yan had obviously just taken a shower. The towel was hung around his neck and his wet hair draped docilely against the side of his face. A faint fragrance came from the water vapor.

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at this person for a moment before asking, “What is this? Do you want room service?”

“Forget it today. I will consider it another day.” Lin Yan answered casually. He calmly watched Jing Yuanzhou before suddenly asking, “Do you have time tomorrow to accompany me to watch a match in person?”

Jing Yuanzhou was startled for a moment. “Tomorrow afternoon?”

It was BK’s first match of the season.

Lin Yan shook his mobile phone. “I’ve already spoken to the program and said you won’t participate in this live broadcast. In fact, I planned to watch the match online but I felt that it has been a long time since I’ve experienced the atmosphere at the scene. Therefore, I asked Luo Mo to help me get two tickets. It’s the inner area in a good location. Do you want to go?”

Jing Yuanzhou remembered the call from Ku Tianlu during the training period that night and couldn’t help smiling slightly. “Of course.”

During the call, Ku Tianlu had said that Lan Min’s condition had been maintained very well since the last time he visited the GH base. Still, this was the first time fighting for the BK team. Ku Tianlu hoped the former god would come to watch to bless the team’s stable performance.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t think he had this type of blessing function but previously, he had never imagined that there would be a time when he felt worried like an old father. He received the call from Ku Tianlu and the two of them unknowingly chatted a bit longer.

In the process, Lin Yan had gone out twice to the corridor to smoke. Now it seemed he had overheard. Not only did he hear it but he also took it to heart. Thinking of this, Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help glancing at the person in front of him who had just come out of the shower.

Lin Yan got the answer he had wanted and was obviously satisfied. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow. Go to bed early.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze crossed the gap beside him and landed on the open laptop screen on the desk. He gave a reminder. “You should also go to bed early.”

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