CAMP: Chapter 40

Jing Yuanzhou said he wasn’t in a hurry and he really wasn’t anxious at all. He just started to organize his desktop slowly.

He took advantage of his first broadcast in the GH team to control the rhythm regarding Chen Yushen’s matter. Now the barrage was scrolling but he didn’t pay much attention to it. After finishing tidying up the desktop icons, he glanced at it and found that the content of the discussion had changed.

[Titans, are you going to do a doubles game with the person sitting next to you?]

[Does GH’s coach usually have to train?]

[Ahh, the parent combination is online for business! AWSL!]

[What parent combination?]

[Didn’t you pay attention to the Burning Hot Assembly’s official Weibo? The photos will show you a whole new world.

[Taking someone in a doubles game as soon as the broadcast starts? Can’t you give priority to the feelings of the technique fans?]

[Even if he shows it, can you learn Titans’ technique?]

[Is it really appropriate for the coach to drag players to gain points? GH is worthy of being GH. They don’t bother hiding the unspoken rules at all.]

[F&k, the mention of unspoken rules killed me! Why did I suddenly make up all types of forced play scenes?]

Jing Yuanzhou usually shielded the barrage during the live broadcasts. However, after seeing it for a while today, he suddenly felt it was a bit pleasing to the eye. He didn’t shield it.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan had finished preparing his equipment. “It’s fine now.”

Jing Yuanzhou sent a team invitation and spoke casually. “You can sit in this position in the future or you will need to re-adjust every time. It’s troublesome.”

The position of the official players in the training room was always fixed. Since Lin Yan was a coach, he always used any computer and had never been concerned about where to sit. Now he heard this sentence and felt that it was true. He nodded. “Okay, I will sit next to you.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Very good.”

The entered the queue and the matching was soon completed. The two of them entered the game.

Jing Yuanzhou was wearing soundproof headphones. In order to make it easier for him to hear, Lin Yan moved the microphone hanging around his neck to his mouth when speaking. “What position am I playing?”

Jing Yuanzhou casually banned a hero. “Anything is fine.”

Lin Yan let out a sound of agreement and started typing in the chat box.

[Hot Summoner Three: I will fill in any position.]

Once the words ‘Hot Summoner’ appeared in the chat channel, those in the live broadcast room found that the IDs of the two sides were all hidden, leaving only the unified system name.

This was obviously the display method of the Ladder Glory tournament.

The so-called ‘Ladder Glory Tournament’ was a mode that distinguished itself from ordinary rankings because it didn’t display the game ID. It was especially popular with professional players and well-known anchors.

In addition, only the top 200 accounts in the rankings were eligible to participate in the Ladder Glory Tournament so compared to ranking mode, the Ladder Glory Tournament could be called a must for players in the national server. The final ranking would often be used to assess personal strength and it was one of the most hard-core indicators.

Even many professional players didn’t dare be so blindly confident in this tournament. Therefore, as soon as Lin Yan’s words came out, the fans instinctively felt that he was ready to lie down completely and the barrage scrolled.

[Is he ready to lie down and win using Titans?]

[Taking someone to gain points in the glory tournament? It has been a long time!]

[Did the coach come to pit Titans? Sisters, do any of you remember if Titans was using his main account or side account just now?]

[The upstairs person, the one displayed on the game lobby just now seemed to be… his main account.]

[F&k! Don’t drop the ranking of the main account. Titans, blink if you’ve been kidnapped!]

[How can you play any position?  If you are finding someone to help you then shouldn’t you be obedient and play support? Then the danger can be minimized.]

[Oh my god, don’t pit our Titans for glory. Please, other big brothers and sisters, leave him the support position.]

[Spirit of heaven and earth, spirit of all gods!]

As if hearing the prayers of the fans, the other teammates marked the positions they were good at and finally left Lin Yan as the jungler. There was a series of ellipsis in the live broadcast room.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the barrage and remembered that the third episode of the variety show wouldn’t be shown until next week. Fans hadn’t yet seen Lin Yan’s jungler skills. He couldn’t help smiling as he comforted them, “Don’t worry, we can carry.”

Lin Yan wasn’t watching Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room and didn’t know the situation of the barrage.

The BP section ended and the game officially started. He finally put on the headphones hanging around his neck and spoke casually when he heard those words. “Yes, jiayou.”

The fans subjectively ignored the ‘we’ in Jing Yuanzhou’s words and vomited up blood again.

[5555. Of course I know that you can carry. I am mainly afraid that your teammate is too bad!]

[I’m closed up. What about the most ruthless man? Titans, are you so good-tempered when taking people with you?]

[I didn’t take it seriously when people mentioned the parent combination previously but why do I feel like it is true now? Whatever my partner says is correct?]

[I also want to be taken by Titans. I want to lie down and score points.]

[Person above, I think you want to eat more farts.]

[I want to scold people but when hearing Titans tone, why is there such affection? I want to cry.]

[Yes, jiayou. Why do I feel so irritated when hearing this? It is as if Titans is responsible for all the scores. Don’t deliver your head to the other side!]

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the barrage but no longer spoke. He bought the equipment and followed Lin Yan out of the highlands. He headed directly to the lane while Lin Yan circled the map and quietly entered the other side’s jungle. The nickname on the other side was also a system nickname and the specific identity was unknown.

However, the fact that they could be matched in this tournament meant they obviously weren’t weak. After a simple test, the opponent  knew Jing Yuanzhou’s depth. They kept their half-remaining health and started to develop in a wretched manner behind the soldiers.

Due to the words at the beginning of the game, the fans thought that Jing Yuanzhou would be very cruel to carry the whole game. Unexpectedly, he actually developed peacefully with the other person.

Time passed in the blink of an eye. Two minutes later, fans thought about the teammate dragging things down and were anxious. Then they abruptly saw a kill prompt on the screen.

[First Blood!]

The first head in the game appeared and it was done by Lin Yan who the fans thought would ‘drag’ the team down.

All the fans worried about Titans on the barrage were instantly: !!!

Just then, the silent Jing Yuanzhou opened his mouth. “Come to the lane and help me?”

Lin Yan hummed with agreement. “I’m coming.”

Half a minute later, the opposite player died under the siege of the two men. In fact, the opponent’s reaction speed was already fast but Lin Yan’s ganking angle was really tricky. The back road was completely blocked and there was no chance of escape.

Jing Yuanzhou also deliberately paused with the last skill and quietly gave the head to Lin Yan. Just then, the shadow black dragon refreshed on the map. Lin Yan ran to the canyon without hesitation after taking away the head. He saw that Jing Yuanzhou also followed him to fight the dragon and couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you going back to the city to restore your state?”

There might still be a small amount of health remaining but the opposite side had resurrected in a full state. Jing Yuanzhou would inevitably suffer when the health volume was uneven.

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “You helped me kill someone so I should help you fight the dragon.”

He paused before continuing, “If I can’t beat the opponent later, I will call you. Come and help me catch another wave.”

It seemed reasonable but Lin Yan couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He directly asked, “Titans, can you really not fight them or do you simply want to squeeze out my labor?”

In the wave when he caught the opponent just now, he could see that the other person truly wasn’t weak. It was just that they weren’t on Jing Yuanzhou’s level.

He really didn’t believe that Jing Yuanzhou was a person who couldn’t complete a single kill.

Jing Yuanzhou helped Lin Yan fight the dragon and returned to his lane. He cleared the line of soldiers and spoke without any psychological burden. “I didn’t say that I couldn’t fight. I just feel more secure when you are there.”

There was a moment of silence in the voice channel before all the fans heard a low laugh from someone. The sound might be heard across the screen but it felt like a hand was touching their hearts. The barrage went crazy.

[Ahhhhh, these two people are real!!!]

[F&k f&k f&k. Coach Lin killed me! I really can’t stand it!]

[No, I was clearly watching a doubles game before. What is this weird teasing sensation?]

[I was wrong. The coach is mighty. Coach, protect Titans!]

[This damn old husband and wife have a sense of vision…]

[Why isn’t there the coach’s perspective? The laugh just now made me feel a bit weak.]

[F&k, this is just the beginning. I doubt I can carry it until the end of the live broadcast.]

[Titans: I’m weak, I’m helpless, I need protection.]

[??? Why can you say such a thing?]

Of course, there were occasional technique fans who focused on other issues.

[Did GH’s coach use to be a jungler? This rhythm is very slippery!]

[Why become a coach with this strength?]

[This awareness is really great. I would be completely shut down if I was the opposite jungler.]

[He doesn’t give a chance at all.]

[Hahaha, why do I think that Coach Lin is the one taking Titans to gain points?]

Lin Yan had a really good rhythm. His long-term behind the scenes analysis experience let him control the entire field to the point of perfection.

After helping Jing Yuanzhou, he ruled the jungle on the opposite side of the map. In addition, every time he passed the middle lane, he would assist the mid-laner in gaining a head. The development of the opposite side was squeezed to such a great extent and the shooter in the bottom lane also won a lot of room to develop.

At the end of the game, the MVP undoubtedly went to Lin Yan. He took off the headphones and let out a sigh. It was as he said before. He really felt good about Jing Yuanzhou’s voice. At least, there was no obvious rejection after one round. He had to admit that the man’s voice simply satisfied all his preferences.

The game just now completely aroused the emotions of the fans. They obviously hadn’t expected the coach of the team to be so strong. They were waiting for it to continue only to see Jing Yuanzhou suddenly stand up.

After a while, a figure holding a cup passed by the camera. His distant voice was heard through the microphone that wasn’t closed. “Thank you. Take me to play two more games?”

Then they heard Lin Yan laugh. “Okay, I will satisfy you.”

The live broadcast: Cough cough cough…

Satisfy what? Who was he satisfying? Tell them clearly! They were afraid the two people were going the wrong way!

Jing Yuanzhou sat back in position and the double games continued. In the second game, everyone expected Lin Yan to continue playing the jungler but he instead got the position of support. The barrage was once again filled with a series of ellipses. Don’t ask, asking was just wanting to be hit with the truth.

As a support, Lin Yan chose the safest method and ran to follow the shooter in the bottom lane. In this way, there was no one to care about Jing Yuanzhou and he had to take on the heavy responsibility of the carry. He quickly pushed the lane and led the team to win another round.

In the third game, Lin Yan played as the shooter. This time, the top and bottom lanes were both pushed. After the two lanes blossomed, the middle lane also rose to the sky. Three games in a row and three different positions. Just as the fans were waiting to see more surprises, they found that Lin Yan didn’t continue and instead quit the team channel.

On the camera, Jing Yuanzhou glanced sideways. “Tired?”

Lin Yan’s lazy voice came through the headset with a slightly sleepy, nasal tone. “Yes, I don’t want to play anymore.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have to ask to know that this person must’ve stayed up late yesterday. “Then don’t play.”

The fans were thrilled when they heard it. They felt these words were full of pampering.

Screams filled the barrage until… after Jing Yuanzhou finished speaking, he didn’t hesitate to quit the game. “I will end the live broadcast here. See you next time.”

His operation was so skillful that it was too late to catch him. The screen instantly went dark.

There was only the barrage that didn’t have time to react and was still filled with countless screams. Many people were still on the topic of guessing the next position that Coach Lin would play in the game.

They had only watched a few games but they somehow got the feeling that Coach Lin had the label of an all-rounder. Of course, the most important thing was that the atmosphere between the two men in the doubles game was really great.

There might have only been a few interactions but there had always been the feeling of something unclear, making people’s hearts itch. All the enthusiasm of the fans was mobilized but once the screen of the live broadcast room turned dark, only question marks remained.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to call it a bolt from the blue. Who would’ve thought Titans would really be so callous! Had he considered the feelings of his fans???

The author has something to say:

Jing Yuanzhou: You don’t understand. This is called following Coach Lin.

Proofreader: Nao 

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2 years ago

It’s so sweet of JY to accompany LY in playing doubles so that he can slowly work with his PTSD. I love all the chat comments who all feel like they’re eating dog food XD

Last edited 2 years ago by rainbowhearthome
Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

They’re feeding their fans so well while getting Lin Yan acclimated

1 year ago

so much sugar!!! such pampering

4 months ago

This little jiao coin has something to say: You don’t understand. This is called following the wife.
Also, huhu I knew that LY would eventually accept this handsome cabbage that took the initiative to sell himself 😌