CAMP: Chapter 4

Ke Tianlu was a bit confused. He had never heard of the GH team but they suddenly visited the base at this time. There must be only one purpose. He instinctively looked at Jing Yuanzhou and was confused by the thoughts in his mind.

In the end, there was only one thought left in his muddled head. ‘This person is really worthy of being a fan of our Captain Jing! He pursued his star all this way! This state was too extravagant!’

Ku Tianlu finally recovered from his shock but before he could say anything, Jing Yuanzhou had put out the cigarette butt and pushed open the door to walk in. Ku Tianlu instinctively followed quickly.

The people in the reception room heard the movement and looked up simultaneously. Lin Yan saw Jing Yuanzhou and his eyes visibly lit up. It was hard to miss him day and night. Now he finally saw the living person!

Manager Wang obviously hadn’t wanted to see Jing Yuanzhou appear here but he could only flatten his lips in a straight line. “Titans, why did you come here?”

“It’s fine, I just came to take a look.” Jing Yuanzhou said and calmly glanced at Lin Yan. He made a simple greeting. “Chief Lin.”

Lin Yan didn’t have the same drunken manner as he did on that night at the bar street. There was a shallow smile in his long and narrow phoenix eyes. His simple suit was in contrast with the formally dressed Manager Wang.

He had such a young face and it was difficult to connect him with the boss behind a club. As Manager Wang had staged before, the GH team looked like it was formed due to the young master of the Lin Group playing around.

Lin Yan stood up and politely held out his hand. “God Jing, this is our first meeting.”

Ku Tianlu stared at the two of them shaking hands. This wasn’t the first time they met! Before he could inwardly finish his complaints, Jing Yuanzhou had taken back his hand and looked at Lin Yan with great interest. “Compared to God Jing, I still prefer to hear you call me ‘little brother’.”

Ku Tianlu, “???”

Lin Yan met Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes directly and he smiled sharply. “What a coincidence. I also prefer ‘Baby’ over ‘Chief Lin’.”

The two people stared at each other for a few seconds. Then they smiled and sat down on the sofa. Ku Tianlu didn’t dare to even lift his head. Their captain called someone ‘baby’? Don’t ask. If he asked then his world view would collapse at an irreparable rate.

The atmosphere in the room became very subtle because of a simple dialogue. After a long time, Manager Wang cleared his throat and tried to make himself ignore the shocking words just now. “Since everyone is here… let’s talk about business.”

What else could be done now? The GH Club was the one who invited Jing Yuanzhou to transfer. Before this, Luo Mo had contacted the BK Club three times on behalf of GH and was rejected. Now that Jing Yuanzhou had directly invited them to the base, the content of the conversation couldn’t be avoided.

“We have previously talked to each other about Titans. Chief Lin, you should know that a transfer isn’t something that can be decided casually.” Manager Wang spoke while frantically glancing at Ku Tianlu next to him.

However, Ku Tianlu had a thick skin and still remembered Jing Yuanzhou’s matter in his heart. Manager Wang’s eyes were shaking like the wind but Ku Tianlu pretended he hadn’t received the signal and stayed where he was.

Manager Wang had no choice but to continue. “After all, God Jing has always been the signboard of our BK Club. The moment BK is mentioned, fans will immediately think of Titans. It might not be uncommon for professional players to transfer but GH… after all, you don’t have the qualification for the professional league. If you rashly sign Titans and the fans make trouble, it might not necessarily bring about a positive value.”

It might be implicit but the implication could be summed up with one sentence: Your small GH temple can’t afford such a big god like Titans. Be careful when acting not to be completely crushed.

Jing Yuanzhou already knew that the club’s senior management didn’t actually want him to go. He wasn’t surprised by Manager Wang’s remarks and just watched Lin Yan with interest, wondering what this person would say.

Lin Yan held the cup of water and rubbed it lightly with his fingers. Then he placed the cup on the table with a clear sound.

He crossed his fingers loosely in front of him and slowly leaned back against the sofa, his mouth still in that faint arc. “There is no need for Manager Wang to worry about the things after the transfer. After all, GH isn’t paying you a salary. I will be sorry if I ask you to take BK’s salary and help us plan for the future.”

Manager Wang desperately hoped that the other person would give up on the idea of digging this person away. As a result, he spoke so many words and the other person threw ‘it’s none of your business’ in his face. His body swayed slightly and he almost fell off the sofa as his expression turned ugly. “So what does Chief Lin mean?”

Lin Yan steadily watched Jing Yuanzhou and asked instead, “Why don’t I ask the intention of the little brother first?”

Jing Yuanzhou heard this name and his eyelashes trembled slightly before he opened his mouth. “The other things aren’t urgent. We can discuss the transfer fee first.”

The other things weren’t urgent? Opening up with the transfer fee, did he really want to sign with them?! Manager Wang almost jumped up from the sofa. Then he took a deep breath and strengthened his heart. “Yes, let’s talk about the transfer fee first.”

Lin Yan didn’t have an opinion. “It is easy to say. My assistant should’ve already talked to you in advance. If you aren’t satisfied with the price previously offered, your club can make a direct offer.”

Manager Wang knew very well that the management didn’t really want Jing Yuanzhou to transfer. He gritted his teeth and directly stated a number. “25 million!”

Jing Yuanzhou heard this and looked over at his manager with a smile.

He was well aware of the offers made to him by other clubs some time ago. Apart from the 18 million that GH offered last time, the highest was UYY’s 15 million.

This was the result of UYY’s management tightening the belt and squeezing out this much. Now 25 million was just the opening price. If it was a few years ago then the ID of Titans was certainly worth this number.

However, Jing Yuanzhou was now 23 years old. Everyone knew what this age meant in the gaming circle. No one was willing to spend too much money on a player destined for a short career. Sure enough, Lin Yan shook his head without hesitation after hearing it. “No.”

Manager Wang heard the expected reply and controlled his mouth that wanted to smile. He forced out a regretful expression. “Then I can only say sorry. According to the thinking of our BK management, we have agreed that…”

Lin Yan interrupted him. “I mean, the price is too low.”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly frowned.

Manager Wang thought he had misheard. “What did you say?”

Lin Yan didn’t mind repeating it. “The price of 25 million yuan is too low for the man I want.”

He didn’t seem to feel Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze as he reported a number without delay. “35 million, I can’t go below this price.”

Manager tilted to the side and almost fell off the sofa. He had helped several ace players come and go but this was the first time he had seen this type of reverse bargaining. It was inevitable that he would stutter. “3-35 million?”

The current league’s record was 28 million for Luni and this price was still a lot higher.

Lin Yan took out the bag of documents prepared early in the morning by Luo Mo and gave it to the other party. “This is the contract we have drawn up in advance and the transfer fee has clearly been filled out. Manager Wang, you can take a look at it. If you feel there are any problems with the specific regulations before the start of the transfer period, you can contact my assistant at any time.”

Manager Wang unthinkingly reached out to take it. It obviously hadn’t been finalized yet but this type of dialogue made him feel the transaction had been completed.

Lin Yan glanced at the time and stood up from the sofa. “Let’s end it here today. I will go back first.”

He knew very well that his actions today seemed a bit whimsical but he had no intention of answering the other person’s shock. Compared with this extra investment of more than 10 million, the additional benefits brought by the words ‘maximum transfer fee’ were far greater for his newly established club.

Promotion and word-of-mouth, he was betting on this.

An imperceptible smile appeared on Lin Yan’s face at the thought. Moreover, he hoped the BK Club’s management could still laugh after reading the terms of his contract.

Jing Yuanzhou saw that Lin Yan was about to leave and stood up immediately. “I’ll send you.”

Ku Tianlu had been acting as an invisible person to the side and he had been shocked by the stunning offer just now.

At this time, he instinctively wanted to follow. Before he could stand up, he was blocked by the look in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “There is still a training match today. It is time to prepare.”

Ku Tianlu suddenly froze in place. “Huh?”


On the way out, no one spoke for a while. Luo Mo smartly followed them from 10 steps away, maintaining a certain distance.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou walked in tandem like this and the shadows of the two people stretched out in the empty corridor. It wasn’t until the entrance was approaching that Jing Yuanzhou suddenly opened his mouth. “Why me?”

35 million wasn’t a small number. It could be imagined the type of uproar it would cause once this came out.

There was no doubt about his strength but there were far more gods than just him in the league. Compared to him, an ‘old player’ who was about to retire, the younger generation in high spirits would obviously be a better choice.

Lin Yan stopped and looked over with a puzzled expression. “Does this still need to be asked?”

His back was to the light so Lin Yan seemed to be coated with layers of soft light. On his shadowed face, the curve of his mouth could clearly be seen and he took a half true and half false attitude. “Of course, it is because you are expensive!”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

Even God Jing never expected such an answer.

However, Lin Yan was obviously very satisfied with his business strategy. “As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There isn’t a good end for those who are greedy and cheap. In any case, the value of God Jing is there. As the most expensive man in the league, almost every cell in my body has awakened its desire.”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent.

What desire? The desire to spend money?

Lin Yan felt there was still something left to do. In the end, he didn’t forget to praise his wisdom in his heart. Tsk, he was really a logical and clever individual! He glanced over at Jing Yuanzhou and gradually controlled his smile. “God Jing, I know you actually don’t want to transfer but I still hope you will seriously consider GH’s invitation.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrow. “How do you know I don’t want to transfer?”

“Everyone knows what you mean to BK but few people have thought about what BK means to you.” Lin Yan spoke indifferently. “Still, listen to my words. As a human, sometimes you shouldn’t be so wronged. The newcomer in your team is indeed very strong. In two years, he might be able to take your place. However, right now, he really isn’t qualified. BK’s management aren’t human and want to wrong you to escort the newcomer as a substitute. Are you really willing to sacrifice the last years of your career to be the man behind the glory of the entire team?”

Jing Yuanzhou had to admit that Lin Yan knew far more about the inside story than he had imagined.

The content just mentioned couldn’t be ignored and his lips curved up with great interest. “What about GH? Chief Lin, as the boss behind GH, what can you give to me beside the signing bonus?”

“Is it enough if I give myself to you?” Lin Yan didn’t blink and his tone was serious. “I can guarantee that GH is definitely different from BK. As long as you want. I will stand behind you, supporting you in fulfilling your ideals on the field. Doesn’t it sound particularly touching?”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment. “You don’t have to say this.”

“Don’t answer in a hurry. Trust me, you will need it.” Lin Yan didn’t mind such a straightforward refusal and he even understood it. “Of course, I know what you are worried about. After all, GH is just a newly established team. It has no members and no league quota. We aren’t eligible to participate even if we want to play in the secondary league. From any point of view, we are indeed not worthy of the identity Titans.”

Jing Yuanzhou listened calmly as this person disparaged his team as worthless. Sure enough, the conversation changed.

“However, I can assure you that GH will obtain the team qualification issued by the league in the shortest possible time and you will stand on the professional league field again. It is estimated that in the next two days, you will know what I’m talking about.”

Lin Yan’s mouth curved up and he held Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulders like a brother. “In any case, God Jing, the door of our GH is open to you at any time. Let that sh*t newcomer go to hell! Creating a brand-new team, isn’t such a condition exciting? You are obviously a tiger. Why shrink and pretend to be a good person in a place like BK? During the transfer period, I am waiting for you!”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell into the hand on his shoulder. The slender fingers were beautiful and delicate.

He lowered his eyes slightly. “If it is as you say then I will think about it carefully.”

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