CAMP: Chapter 39

Chen Yushen didn’t know what Bi Yaohua was going to do. He saw that the team had been formed and they had already entered the queue so he didn’t ask much. Then he heard Bi Yaohua asking in the voice chat, “Do you mind if I go to your live broadcast room?”

Chen Yushen was even more bewildered and blurted out, “I don’t mind.”

Therefore, the sunspots in Chen Yushen’s live broadcast room looked up between the scolding to see a golden system prompt.

In order to make it more convenient for the GH team members to visit each other, Lin Yan used the team money to raise their gift rankings in the respective live broadcast rooms. This gave them extremely striking appearance banners.

The sunspots were still slandering Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen for teaming up. They saw that the other person actually took the initiative to send himself to the door and there was no need for them to go to the next-door live broadcast room. They quickly sent barrage messages and it wasn’t surprising that there was another burst of cynicism.

In addition, the black fans on Bi Yaohua’s side discovered the situation of them teaming up. The barrage in the two live broadcast rooms directly opened the linkage mode and the scene was very spectacular.

Just then, Bi Yaohua fiddled with the headset with a blank expression before asking, “How is it? Can you hear me?”

The two of them were now grouped together in a voice communication. Chen Yushen’s live broadcast room also heard his voice.

Chen Yushen replied, “I hear you.”

Bi Yaohua gave a low laugh. “I wasn’t asking you.”

Chen Yushen, “?”

At this time, the queue was successful and the two people entered the BP link. Once it was Bi Yaohua’s turn, he directly locked onto a shooter and smiled while looking up. “I was asking those people cursing if they could hear me.”

Chen Yushen, “……”

He glanced at his live broadcast room and saw that all of the barrage had paused for a moment. Then it was completely agitated by the extremely arrogant tone.

[Damn, is this a blatant provocation?]

[Why pretend to trash talk day and night. Do you really think you are the Trash Talk King?]

[Two toxic people are together, 666666.]

[Hey, let me call you my son. Do you dare to agree?]

Bi Yaohua was unmoved in the face of such a huge battle.

At the beginning of the first round of the doubles match, he bought his outfit and walked in his lane while manipulating his character, his tone calm as if he were talking about everyday life. “I just heard that you asked someone to get out of the gaming circle? Are you eligible to say this? Why don’t you think about getting out of the live broadcast room first? You just need to touch your upper and lower lips together to speak. It’s better to show you how to roll and get lost. After all, normal people use walking which is too difficult to learn. Of course, some people speak too much and their legs get broken. They can’t walk and can only roll.”

He easily took away the first wave of soldiers while dealing a few attacks to the other shooter, forcing them directly back under the tower.

Then he glanced at Chen Yushen’s position and started walking to the opposite jungle in an extremely calm manner. “The housekeepers on both sides are here right? You can block those who are violent and curse. In addition, remember to submit a report. The mute package is for a week so you’re welcome.”

The two men met in the jungle and took away the head of the opposite jungler.

Bi Yaohua gave all the economy to Chen Yushen and continued to return to his bottom lane to develop, not forgetting to continue interacting with the barrage. “I’m not qualified to say that others have a bad mouth? Oh, I like to scold people but I’m also civilized. For example, I never curse other people’s parents as soon as I go out. I don’t have parents at home. If you really lack love then you can tell me directly. I can’t give you maternal love but I can barely work hard to give you a father’s laugh. Although I have never easily recognized a fool as a son, it is the responsibility of everyone to call the mentally disabled. If you squeeze then love will still be lost.”

The other side’s shooter noticed that Bi Yaohua wasn’t easy to fight and called the jungler and support for help.

Bi Yaohua glimpsed the figure sneaking around and signaled to Chen Yushen. “Abyss, come here for a while.”

Then he glanced at the barrage on the live broadcast room. “Oh, you are shameless enough to say you are a passerby? Thank you, I was laughed at. How old are you? Let’s not mention the passersby who aren’t passersby. These days, the average person on the Internet is a sunspot. Brother Trash Talk will send you a sentence. The front leads the way while the back goes straight to the grave. Is this enough rhyme? Is it freestyle, please look.”

Seeing the enemy jungler and support rushing out from the grass beside him, Bi Yaohua decisively used Flash and withdrew under the defense tower.

Chen Yushen arrived and directly won a wave of double kills. Bi Yaohua returned to the city to update his equipment and the corners of his mouth rose contemptuously. “Okay, Brother Trash Talk feels good today so I will give you more guidance.”

“Hey, you feel sick listening to me? You feel sick yet you are rushing forward. Are you afraid the entire world doesn’t know you are cheap? Leave your ID number here. I can help publicize it for you at no charge. After all, there are many similar stenches in this live broadcast room. I can understand the feeling of taking a breath after being underground for so long. I just have to bother you to close your bad mouth for a bit. Those who have stayed underground in the underworld for too long have bad breath.”

“You want to force the officials to ban me? Okay, if you can really make the officials obey you then that is your ability. Otherwise, your mouth isn’t as good as mine. At least I do what I say. For example, if you say forbidden words… housekeeper, ban all the slippery ones.”

“Yes, I’m giving heads to Abyss. You can see it. Should I praise you for finally developing a brain? Just because I’m speaking so arrogantly doesn’t mean that I’m bullying people. Then why come to my live broadcast room if I’m so arrogant? Don’t talk about me. I can make a son cry if they come out. Do you believe it or not?”

“Abyss is an impressive person. He isn’t lowering himself to your level but I’m not as good. After all, you know that the Internet is too developed now. No one knows if there is a man or a dog sitting on the opposite screen. If you are a person then I can still talk politely. However, I can’t ask animals to understand the human language. Right?”

“It is justified to commit violence? I didn’t say that. If there is evidence then upload the image. If there is no evidence then it is called slander. Don’t think we can’t find you across the Internet. Our GH team has its own information department that can check IPs. Do you dare come to the base for a face to face confrontation? Come and say things a few more times. The judicial process of taking screenshots and keeping evidence will start?

“Don’t say I’m threatening you. Society is ruled by laws and you need evidence for everything you say. Who told you to say such things? I didn’t tell you to speak such nonsense.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or not. For the time being, all those present are people. This is something people shouldn’t do. Don’t stand on the high moral ground and pretend to be generous when speaking.”

“Isn’t the entire thing clear? If you’re not sure then it’s better to go back and ask your mother about the reason for your lack of IQ. For example, did she drink too much when she was pregnant? I don’t blame you if this is the case. After all, a brain is a good thing but unfortunately, not everyone has one.”

“Yes, I’ve been dragging everyone. Do you know? I’m doing this because I have the capital. Abyss can stay in our team because of his strength. At least it’s all based on ability. What? There are still many people dissatisfied with the current result. Sorry, if you’re dissatisfied then hold it back. Oh, don’t mention it. I like the way you are looking at me but can’t kill me. Don’t talk about anything else. Just ask how many people are being frugal and went to an Internet cafe to scold me. It is really moving that they’re so determined despite being physically disabled.”

Bi Yaohua talked endlessly. In the blink of an eye, those cursing and scolding on the barrage were completely driven crazy. The Trash Talk King’s mouth had been through a hundred battles. There was a madness on his side while on the other side, his ranking didn’t fall in the slightest.

The first doubles game ended with the crushing of the enemy’s crystal. After exiting, Bi Yaohua continued to pull Chen Yushen with a calm expression to line up.

By this time, it was impossible for Chen Yushen not to know that Bi Yaohua was coming out for him. He glanced at the barrage that was about to be blown up and finally couldn’t control his mouth from curving up. He knew that this wasn’t very appropriate from his position but to be honest, watching those keyboard warriors jumping wildly while about to vomit up blood was really… great.

Just then, two more striking banners popped up in the center of the screen. Gu Luo and Jian Ye had just finished a doubles game and also entered his live broadcast room one after another.

Chen Yushen was taken aback for a moment and looked up to see the two of them smiling and gesturing at him. Then they didn’t continue to play the rankings at all. They switched directly to the online broadcast perspective and started to show Bi Yaohua’s talk show special.

Due to their relatively pleasing attributes, Gu Luo and Jian Ye had accumulated a lot of supporters during this period of time. Now these fans were watching them rank. Seeing the sudden change in the style of the live broadcast room and then hearing Bi Yaohua’s voice, they instantly understood what was going on.

In fact, for most people, the violence incident was undesirable. However, there were reasons for it and they could still be sympathetic. It was just that due to the law of the ‘silent majority’, these people didn’t have the aggressiveness of those scolding and often chose to be onlookers. They might have disagreed with those views but their combat effectiveness wasn’t equal. After being buried several times, those who spoke objectively would no longer speak. It wasn’t until Bi Yaohua took the lead in fighting that they came out again and showed their faces, expressing their positions.

Soon, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room soared and the original one-sided wind was no longer there. Due to the arguments of different opinions, the barrage completely collapsed.

In fact, some people were so embarrassed that they long sought out the platform to report Bi Yaohua privately. Unfortunately for them, the Trash Talk King had survived for many years in this field and was too clear about the rules of live broadcasting. He knew what could be said and what couldn’t be said. His popularity was overwhelming but he hadn’t said anything that had crossed the line. Therefore, the senior manager sat in the room for a long time and found that there was no way to deal with it. He had to retreat without a word.

As a result, those scolding Bi Yaohua were even angrier. Things were becoming bigger and bigger and a method was needed to end it. The live broadcast platform’s staff member and the staff of the program couldn’t control the netizens and eventually had to find Lin Yan in great anxiety.

Bi Yaohua was extremely confident today. A large part of the reason was that he had already sought Lin Yan’s consent. However, Lin Yan definitely couldn’t show any knowledge of this when facing the partners who were about to cry.

He made a slightly distressed expression and fell into contemplation. “As you know, BB himself isn’t a person easy to control. This time, our team member was being bullied and now they are all angry. I’m afraid they won’t listen to me.”

The live broadcasting platform staff saw the popularity of the live broadcast room soaring in a straight line and exclaimed, “Quickly think of a way!”

The program’s staff obviously hadn’t expected the daily live broadcast to turn into an online scolding war and wanted to cry. “If this continues then I’m afraid it will be on the hot search soon!”

From the perspective of a variety show, positive traffic was naturally extremely welcome. However, if they got this type of reverse hot search then they were afraid they would really have to fight again.

Lin Yan was actually waiting for this moment. He tried to suppress his smile and pretended to nod cautiously. “Wait a minute, I’ll ask Captain Jing if he is willing to help.”

Then he lowered his head and opened WeChat. He sent a message to Jing Yuanzhou: [It’s almost time. Be ready to open it.]

Before long, the partners were pleasantly surprised to find that the popularity of Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen’s live broadcast rooms were starting to decline rapidly. Then they finally realized—Titans had started broadcasting!

This was the first public broadcast by Jing Yuanzhou since his move. Originally, many people had paid attention to the GH Club because of him. God Jing finally showed his face so they naturally jumped over without any hesitation.

In just a few minutes, the popularity of Titans’ live broadcast room broke through tens of millions. After a few minutes, they could see Jing Yuanzhou turning on the camera. The fans of Titans felt an unprecedented satisfaction. [Ahhhhh, you are finally broadcasting!]

Of course, there were some irritated sunspots who tried to stir up things about Chen Yushen. [You can actually stay with the toxic GH team. Aren’t you ashamed when speaking? Haha.]

However, everyone here were diehard fans who had been with Jing Yuanzhou for many years. They could remain silent when it had nothing to do with their own player but seeing these people actually jump to Titans’ live broadcast room, the barrage suddenly went crazy.

The sunspots were scolded until they were bleeding and they could only desperately close it.

Jing Yuanzhou opened his microphone and glanced at the quiet live broadcast room. “Hey, can you hear me?”

[Ahhh, I was waiting for  you! I can finally see you!]

[Why are you only broadcasting live now, you black-hearted man!]

[Every time I can only look at you secretly from other rooms. It is so bitter.]

[The GH team seems to be in a mess recently. Be careful not to be affected.]

[Wu wu wu, it is the voice of my long-lost husband.]

There were thousands of scrolling barrages. Jing Yuanzhou smiled faintly and opened his mouth to respond to the internal situation of the GH team. “Don’t worry, everything is fine with the team. Children are easily impulsive when they are young. He accidentally made a mistake and already received the punishment he deserves. I hope everyone can be more tolerant. He is a good boy and knows he was wrong. I believe he won’t do it again in the future.”

This was the first time Jing Yuanzhou had spoken out about Chen Yushen’s incident. It was naturally after careful consideration that he chose this time to express his position. Fans had been worried that their player would encounter problems in the team and were completely relieved after hearing this. They could disbelieve what others said but if Titans called him a good boy then Abyss must be a good boy.

Many fans had been silently watching the scolding war in the other live broadcasts. At this time, they also expressed their opinions.

[Ignore those people. They are just little cyber policemen standing on the moral high ground.]

[Okay, we will take care of him.]

[A keyboard warrior has no brains. Rest assured, we have a sense of measure and won’t be affected.]

[Uhuh, your child is our child and we must protect him.]

[The team isn’t simple but you have to promise us to live broadcast more in the future.]

[Hurry up, hurry up. I haven’t seen you in so long. What are you doing today?]

“Wait a minute, it will be ready soon.”  Jing Yuanzhou might’ve turned on the live broadcast but he didn’t queue up alone. At this time, his screen was stuck on the lobby interface. Then he suddenly turned around and asked, “Do you really want to do doubles together?”

A man’s voice passed gently through the headset. “Yes, I want to increase my ranking. Take me with you. I’m logging in so don’t rush it.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Okay, I’m not in a hurry. Take your time.”

There was a faint pause on the livestream’s barrage: ???

Who could get Titans to help take him in the game?

At this time, the audience with the live broadcast perspective of the program group had already seen the figure sitting next to Jing Yuanzhou.

He wore a simple white shirt with the neckline opened a bit casually. One hand was raising a coffee cup to his mouth to take a sip while the other hand was operating the mouse to adjust his equipment.

It was Lin Yan, the head coach of the GH team.

Proofreader: Nao 

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