CAMP: Chapter 30 Part 2

Just then, Jing Yuanzhou typed a line in the custom room.

[GH.Titans: The strategies for the mid-season game should’ve been practiced? Take it out for a try?]

[Luuu: This… are you sure?]

[GH.Titans: Yes, it is the third game. It is worth trying.]

[Luuu: Okay!]

The others originally wanted to complain about Lin Yan’s attitude of attacking their enthusiasm. Then they saw this and exchanged looks. They might feel a bit unwilling but they had to admit that BK did hide some things when playing with them in the first two games.

In fact, it could be understood. After all, they weren’t a professional league team yet. The fact that BK promised to accompany them to play a few rounds was already caring for them. Now BK was about to usher in the mid-season of the league and it was normal not to expose too many tactics during a training game.

The GH members thought of this and the playful atmosphere became serious again. Lin Yan noticed the change and smiled silently.

By the time the BP process for the third game was over, it wasn’t difficult to see from the lineup selected by BK that the opposing coach had discovered the key to their loss in the previous game. Lin Yan liked this type of pulling back and forth.

The battle began again. Unsurprisingly, this time BK didn’t give GH any more chances. Ku Tianlu targeted them from the start and directly invaded GH’s jungle. In fact, anyone who had seen the previous professional league matches knew that this was Ku Tianlu’s most normal way of fighting.

Previously, Ku Tianlu considered the capacity of a new time to hold on and still held back. Now that he had heard Jing Yuanzhou’s words, he finally let go. Ku Tianlu did have to admit that the GH team’s guerrilla system was indeed a headache.

Therefore, in this round, the BK team simply held back Captain Jing and pushed the lanes from the beginning, not leaving the other side any chance at all.

Lin Yan stood behind the team members and wrote frantically. He was satisfied with the increasingly disadvantageous situation.

In the early days of the team’s establishment, it wasn’t a bad thing to have these problems exposed. The more it was exposed, the more growth they could have. Judging from the excited expressions of the current players, it was clear that they were extremely satisfied with such a strong opponent. No fear of strength and no fear of failure. This was e-sports!

The players fully engaged in the game didn’t notice the training room’s door being pushed open. Lin Yan looked up and saw Luo Mo sticking his head in. He moved his mouth and asked silently, “What’s the matter?”

Luo Mo’s expression was a bit subtle. He glanced at the people who were still fighting and beckoned to Lin Yan to come out. Lin Yan set up the video system and walked out. He closed the door of the training room and the corridor was quiet.

Lin Yan watched Luo Mo suspiciously. “What is it that you’re acting so mysteriously?”

Luo Mo didn’t say it directly and instead glanced at the phone in his hand. “You will know by looking at Weibo.”

Lin Yan logged into his account in a puzzled manner only to discover that GH’s original super topic with a limited number of fans had completely exploded. At the same time, there were several related topics.

Today’s training match between their team and BK was conducted on an ordinary server. The mode set didn’t allow spectators to watch but netizens could check the game records through official assistants.

For a giant veteran team like BK, the players’ several side accounts were discovered early. So at this time, they might be using private accounts but netizens could still match their accounts. He didn’t know which team’s fans found out that the players were online and went to look at the game records on a whim.

The identities of both sides were discovered and it naturally exploded. Just now, the game that the GH team won was clearly shown there!

Lin Yan glanced at the hot topic. The discussion area under the BK Club’s super topic was basically like this:

[What is the situation? Am I blind? BK actually played a training match with a team like GH?]

[Who knows if they happened to be playing together? Why must it be a training match?]

[Oh, your family is playing BO3? In the second game, GH won. BK, this really isn’t good!]

[Ding! One round-trip mid season ticket is booked!]

[Placing a bet. I think BK will be able to make it through to the second round.]

[Hehe, it is just the second round. I said it for a long time that BK can’t do without Titans.]

[What a joke. The favourite team to win the World Championship lost to a third-rate variety team.]

[Why do I feel like BK is doing charity today? During the offseason, they sold some human feelings for Titans and threw the game to raise GH’s self-confidence!]

Next door, GH’s super topic wasn’t much better:

[They actually won against BK. Great. This is worthy of the team I just became a fan of!]

[F&k, why aren’t I allowed to watch the game? Gloy’s mother fan is the first to express dissatisfaction!]

[Hahaha, are you making trouble? Didn’t you see that the super topic next door has completely blown up?]

[I just came back from next door. F&king dog, why do you my BB dog son can’t win against the opposite side? No matter how terrible my son is, his strength is recognized, okay!]

[Ha, I came here to stop by. Do you GH fans really feel that they won the training game?]

[66666, telling a joke. How can GH’s strength beat BK?]

[The few upstairs people, roll back to where you came from. Those who appear out of nowhere will have broken legs, understood?]

[Yo yo yo, GH is a third-rate team that has no professional experience yet has the professional disease. GH’s fans really have a big temper!]

[BK stinks and his fans’ mouths are even more stinky. Have you come all this way to ask for fatherly love? If you want to talk then Dad will reward you with a few slaps.]

[Hahaha, it is the old black fans of the Trash Talk King.]

Luo Mo waited a while but he didn’t hear Lin Yan respond. He couldn’t help asking, “Boss, looking at this… do we need to respond?”

At present, it was just a heated discussion after fans discovered it. If the club chose to show up then it was obviously another situation. Lin Yan didn’t expect that such a big scene would happen after a training match. In his personal opinion, he was naturally willing to use this opportunity to catch a wave of heat from the BK team.

However, he might have some opinions on BK’s management due to Jing Yuanzhou’s matter but the players of the team were innocent. They kindly accompanied the GH team to play a training match. It was a bit embarrassing to get them involved in such a dispute.

Lin Yan was silent for a moment before saying, “Wait until the last game is over.”

Then he opened the door and returned to the training room. The first thing he saw when he entered through the door was the base’s crystal being smashed on the computer screen. In the first BO3 match against BK, it wasn’t a surprise that they lost to BK.

Despite being abused, everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Bi Yaohua let out a long sigh. “The strength of the BK team is okay! Previously, they always seemed to have an unstable rhythm but now it is tightened! They are different from my teammates. This is a professional team!”

Chen Yushen stared at him blankly.

Bi Yaohua noticed his gaze and cleared his throat. “Ah, I mean my former teammates. I wasn’t talking about you!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled silently before looking back at Lin Yan. “Do you have something to say?”

It might’ve been during the game but he still noticed Lin Yan’s departure.

Lin Yan told him, “Yes, you better talk to the BK team as well.”

He quickly gave a brief explanation of the current situation.

After listening, everyone including Bi Yaohua fell silent. They all knew the level of the BK team. In normal times, a secondary league team might not have the opportunity to play a training match against BK even if they kneeled down three times. As a result, such a team didn’t hesitate to come and practice with them. Everyone knew exactly who they were caring about.

It was absolutely very affectionate and meaningful. Now they actually pitted the BK team because of this training match. Jing Yuanzhou picked up his phone and walked outside. “I’ll call Ku Tianlu.”

Lin Yan told him, “Go.”

The rest of the team waited quietly in the training room with expressions more solemn than when they lost the training match. Lin Yan was amused by the sight and was about to say a few words when Jing Yuanzhou came back.

Jing Yuanzhou felt the gazes of the others and smiled. “What type of expression is this? You care that much?”

Bi Yaohua looked solemn. “No one understands the importance of reputation better than me!”

Jian Ye was also very worried but he couldn’t help complaining.

There was still the word ‘reputation’ in the Trash Talk King’s dictionary?!

“Captain Ku said it isn’t a big deal so don’t worry about it.” Jing Yuanzhou knew what everyone was waiting for and didn’t drag it out. As he spoke, he fiddled with the phone in his hand. His eyes glanced over it and his lips curved up in a smile. “In addition, his side is already dealing with it.”

On Ku Tianlu’s private Weibo, they could see the latest post: [I just learned about what happened online after the training match. Thank you for your concern. The training match was very good and  I won’t give an explanation for the lost game. The new routine is still being practiced. It still isn’t sufficient but we are working hard to improve it. I hope to give you a perfect answer in the midseason. In addition, thank you to everyone in the GH team. You are very strong and I’m looking forward to an official match in the professional league! #pay one’s respect #pay one’s respect]

Then other members of the BK team also logged into Weibo.

BK’s shooter: [Apart from the Trash Talk King’s mouth, his hand speed is also very powerful. It is so cool, I admire it #pay one’s respect #pay one’s respect]

Netizen’s comment: ??? I suspect you’re telling a dirty joke but there is no evidence?

BK’s mid-laner: [Sure enough, it is the world of young people now, sob #pay one’s respect #pay one’s respect]

Netizen’s comment: No, you will always be 18 in my mind!

BK’s support: [Should I try playing with a healer? #pay one’s respect #pay one’s respect]

Netizen’s comment: Playing with a healer sister in this version? I’ll directly be your mother, okay!

The last one to post on Weibo was Lan Min. [Thank you to @GH.Titans for your careful guidance. You will always be my master! #pay one’s respect #pay one’s respect!]

Before the comments area was filled with netizens, Lan Min quickly posted another one.

[@BK.Mini: @GH Club V, I am waiting for you in the professional league!]

Proofreader: Nao 

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