CAMP: Chapter 30 Part 1

BK won the first training game but the atmosphere wasn’t as relaxed as expected.

BK’s shooter recalled the situation of being crushed in the bottom lane just now and wiped his sweat with some lingering fear. “I’ve never fought with BB before and didn’t expect him to be so fierce. No wonder why people on the Internet say he is like a mad dog. It isn’t just his mouth that is crazy. His operation is crazy as well.”

The mid-laner spoke coldly, “Is it only their shooter that is crazy? Did you see that mid-laner? His stabs are so fast and he was almost flying! I went to the granny grey-haired person’s live broadcast room last time. Wasn’t he soft and well-behaved? Why does his style change so much when playing?”

Lan Min heard these words and couldn’t help thinking of what he had suffered at the GH base. He muttered in a low voice, “How is he good? Nonsense!”

Ku Tianlu’s road in the jungle wasn’t smooth. Every time he returned to his own wild area from ganking, it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as ‘not a single grass is growing’ as all the mobs were gone. “Don’t say it. The jungle also isn’t easy to fight. It is worthy of being the genius rookie from the training camp! At that time, the opportunity was grasped, tut! Thanks to Captain Jing dragging out the rhythm, he almost took our jungle as his home!”

The support felt doubtful. “What genius rookie?”

Ku Tianlu cleared his throat. “Nothing. After this round, you must’ve found that GH’s strength isn’t something that you can handle casually. Raise your energy and prepare for the next round!”

Some of their strategies weren’t intended to be used in this type of training match but it was obvious that they must play with the serious attitude of dealing with professional league teams.

Lan Min stretched his body for a while and asked objectively, “I still struggle to face Master. Captain, do you think…”

Ku Tianlu knew what this person wanted to ask. He nodded and said, “Yes.”

They officially entered the BP link for the second game.

Lin Yan glanced at the other team’s row of IDs and his tone was calm and firm. “They are ready to switch lanes.”

The so-called change in lanes meant switching the side lane player and the shooter’s positions.

After all, the person currently playing the side lane was the former captain of BK, Jing Yuanzhou. In a situation where all their routines were already known, changing lanes was indeed a wise choice. In this way, it meant Bi Yaohua would face Lan Min while Jing Yuanzhou would deal with BK’s shooter and support combination.

This statement was entirely based on personal inference but the GH members trusted the coach and had no doubts.

Bi Yaohua smiled. “It’s switched and I will meet that Lan rabbit?”

Jing Yuanzhou was very clear about what BK would be like after the lane switch and declared, “It isn’t a good thing. It will definitely affect your economy.”

The shooter was the main output of the team. If the early development was lagging then it would have a great impact on the entire team. Lin Yan pondered on it for a bit. He felt it wasn’t very cost-effective for them and made a quick decision. “We will switch it.”

He had this in mind while guiding everyone to make hero changes. He adjusted the strategy in response to the problems in the previous game.

Among the several plans that had been prepared, the BB system with the shooter as the core lane had been tried. Now he needed to collect data feedback on the other tactics. “For this one, Gun Zai will go with Abyss to invade the opposite side’s jungle. Harvest a wave of mobs and then start to preserve Gloy’s development.”

Jian Ye replied, “Okay, got it!”

In the current version of Burning Hot, the support profession was a building block. It could be moved wherever it was needed. In this regard, Jian Ye had always been very professional.

Lin Yan glanced at the lineup on both sides and finally added with a smile, “Remember, we won’t play team battles in this round.”

The second training game officially began.

Lan Min refreshed at the resurrection point and bought the equipment. Then he went out and ran down the road. As he ran, he said, “Rest assured and leave the shooter on the opposite side to me. I will surely hold him down. When that happens… f&k!”

The moment Titans’ ID appeared in his field of view, his hand on the keyboard trembled slightly and he almost used up his flash on the spot.

Ku Tianlu had come to the wild area. He saw the two side laners meet each other and instantly understood. “GH guessed that we switched lanes.”

The shooter asked while killing the soldiers, “What should I do? Do you want to switch the lanes back when returning to the city for supplies?”

“I’ll see at that time.” Ku Tianlu was preparing to kill the monster in front of him when he suddenly saw two figures emerge from the grass and his heart jumped. “They have come to the jungle. Mid-laner, come here to help!”

BK’s mid-laner reacted quickly but Gu Luo was obviously prepared. He directly threw out a continuous damage skill that blocked the way. Chen Yushen was backed by Jian Ye’s milk and his actions were more radical than the previous game. He stole Ku Tianlu’s monsters and immediately learned two skills after leveling up. A set of skills directly emptied Ku Tianlu’s remaining health and he harvested the first head.

[First Blood!]

Ku Tianlu watched the two bandit-like figures running around on the dark screen and gritted his teeth. He gave a reminder, “The shooter on the road should be careful. The support is coming back.”

BK’s shooter replied, “Noted.”

15 seconds later, the second head appeared in the middle lane. The slain mid-laner laid on the ground and cursed ‘f&k’ one after another. Ku Tianlu stared at the two people occupying the middle lane and was stunned. Based on the first training game, wasn’t GH taking the route with the bottom lane as the core? Then how did this one suddenly become the main force?

However, there wasn’t much time for him to think too much. The moment Gu Luo had free reign of the middle, he used a set of skills to quickly clear the line of soldiers. This freed up enough time for him to provide support to others.

In the top and bottom lanes, Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua were originally professional players with sufficient strength and BK couldn’t take advantage of them. Combined with the frequent loss of vision in the middle, BK’s mid-laner would quickly signal to his teammates on both sides whenever Gu Luo and Jian Ye disappeared. This inevitably disrupted their original rhythm.

During this period, Ku Tianlu also tried to carry out the double teaming tactics. It was just that due to Lin Yan’s warning not to fight a team battle, GH avoided it to the end. Every time the number of enemies exceeded three, GH’s team members would turn around and leave without looking back.

They were full of desires when they came here but there was no nostalgia when they left.

There might be occasions when someone slowed down. The teammates didn’t hesitate to throw the person into the location of the BK team battle, selling their teammate. It was said that there was no burden at all. It was cruel and ruthless.

The BK team tried several times to start a team battle but completely failed. They could only occasionally pick a few people who were alone to vent their anger. It felt like they would cough up blood at any time.

However, the heroes chosen by the GH team in this round had high flowing movements and none of them were easy to catch. The Gu Luo mid-laner and Chen Yushen jungle duo even directly played the double assassins linkage and carried out guerrilla warfare.

After some time, everyone in BK sighed with relief. In the middle and later stages of the game, there were difficulties and danger but they had finally grabbed an opportunity. However, they only saw one Jing Yuanzhou within their field of vision. There was the sexy healer Jian Ye escorting him in the rear. BK wasted most of their strength to kill him and also lost their support.

It wasn’t over yet. BK immediately enjoyed the treatment of their backyard being on fire. Gu Luo and Chen Yushen appeared on both sides and BK’s mid-laner and shooter were killed.

In this wave of team battle, four of the BK team were killed in exchange for two hands. Finally, only Ku Tianlu remained with a small amount of health left. He killed Bi Yaohua and evacuated hastily.

Based on the overall situation, the BK team clearly had a long way to go. Currently, there were only three people with residual health on GH”s side. Returning to the spring to restore their status was obviously the safest approach. However, looking at their line of soldiers that had already reached BK’s high ground…

Gu Luo asked, “Captain, forcefully push it?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t answer directly. “Look at it yourself.”

Gu Luo hadn’t expected the decision to be placed in their own hands. Before he had time to think, his body had manipulated his character to run to BK’s base. He was stunned for a moment before reacting. “Then… push it?”

Chen Yushen was more concise. “Push!”

Jian Ye’s mana was already low. He directly used his last few skills to restore their state and followed them all the way to BK’s base. He stepped in front of them with a sacrificial spirit, acting as the last protective barrier for his teammates.

There was only Ku Tianlu alive on BK’s side. The others still had some time remaining until they could resurrect. At this time, Ku Tianlu faced three opponents who were in poor condition but didn’t choose to passively defend the tower.

Jian Ye’s health and mana were depleted and he fell first under Ku Tianlu’s sudden attack. Gu Luo and Chen Yushen reacted very quickly and rushed forward.

Ku Tianlu had obviously calculated all the offensive processes and retreats. He didn’t linger after taking a head and didn’t give the two of them a chance to besiege him. He simply returned to the defense tower.

The one against three situation turned into two against one in an instant. However, before anyone in the BK team had time to shout ‘666’ at their captain, they saw a flash on the screen. Chen Yushen had been maintaining a certain distance but now he unexpectedly used flash to close the distance. After a flying kick, he released a burst of damage to reduce Ku Tianlu’s health to the lowest level. Then he detonated all of his health value. As his health gauge on the screen lowered, Ku Tianlu’s health was emptied.

Chen Yushen self-detonated and only had one drop of blood remaining. It was also too late to retreat from his current position. In this way, the defense tower took away his life. The kill was undoubtedly counted as Ku Tianlu’s kill and a double kill prompt appeared on the screen.

However, BK’s members couldn’t laugh. At this time, Gu Luo was still standing! Chen Yushen’s decisive and neat set of suicide actions successfully made Gu Luo the only survivor on the field! Then a new wave of soldiers arrived. Gu Luo didn’t have time to think about it. He took the soldiers with him and crushed the crystal of the BK team’s base.

In the last wave, Bi Yaohua was completely convinced. “I didn’t see it. Abyss, you are usually dull and silent but you are actually the more ruthless one! This wave of killing is 666. Brother Trash Talk will unilaterally announce that this MVP will be awarded to you!”

Chen Yushen shook his head. “The previous rhythm was basically due to Gloy. I couldn’t win without him.”

Gu Luo just finished pushing to the crystal and there was a thin layer of sweat on his hands. He heard these words and said, “No, I wouldn’t be so relieved without Brother Gun following me as support.”

Jian Ye followed the trend and expressed humility. “I am just a blood filling tool that has no feelings. Just ignore me. Still, I have to say that Captain’s overall control is absolutely perfect. He stopped on this road and the jungler on the opposite side didn’t dare leave this lane’s field area.”

Jing Yuanzhou gently moved the joints of his fingers. “Okay, you are all MVPs.”

They finally won a game from BK. Although tactical reasons and luck couldn’t be ruled out, it was still enough to boost morale.

Lin Yan finished writing the last stroke and when he raised his head, he happened to meet a row of expectant eyes. “…Why? Do you want praise?”

No one answered but it was basically the default. Lin Yan thought for a moment and felt it was something necessary to give some encouragement. As a result, his tone became a bit sincere. “The ‘one’ in the slogan has been secured. Try to win the second game. I believe you can do it! Um… probably.”

The members of GH, “……”

His expression didn’t look like he thought they could do it!

Proofreader: Nao 

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1 year ago

Lol oh man, it’s tough to earn his praise! Thanks for the translation!

4 months ago

LY to JYZ: Handsome! Awesome! Full MVP!

LY to the rest of GH: You’ve already won once, you can win another one………. Maybe? Probably?