CAMP: Chapter 3

Lin Yan waited a while and didn’t see a response from the other person, so he sent a message again. [Little brother, do you still want to chat?”

The opposite person finally replied. [Chat.]

Lin Yan stared at this overly concise reply and couldn’t help being silent for a moment. Nowadays, did the treasure of the virtual boyfriend store cherish words like gold? He thought about how he ordered the conversation package and didn’t want to waste time. He asked in a straightforward manner, “Voice call?”

There was no reply from the other side. Then a moment later, a voice call request was sent cooperatively. Lin Yan was satisfied and connected the call. He was just fiddling with his headphones when a man’s voice came from the earpiece. “Hello?”

The voice was deep and magnetic. The slightly lazy feeling added an indescribable charm.

Lin Yan: “!”

He wasn’t a pure voice control but the voice at the other end still made his heart thump. F$ck, this sound was too nice! It was worthy of the treasure of this store. The money spent was worth it!

Lin Yan had never been stingy with praise. In any case, he watched the video of the virtual boyfriends. He was meant to be coquettish and spend his own money. He simply let go of any scruples. “Little brother, my vision is okay. Your voice almost made me pregnant.”

In the BK player’s dormitory, the water glass that Jing Yuanzhou just picked up slightly tilted. “……”

Lin Yan once again heard no sound and couldn’t help laughing. “What’s the matter? Were you scared by my gender?”

The business of virtual boyfriends might’ve become hot lately but most of those placing orders were women. A man’s voice suddenly appeared and it was understandable to be scared.

A moment later, the other person spoke again. “I know.”


“I know your gender.”

It was clearly a tone with no fluctuations but for some reason, a scene appeared in his mind of the person smiling slightly. Lin Yan’s earlobes burned uncontrollably due to the voice.

“That’s good to know.” He praised the store assistant’s professional and cleared his throat to disguise himself. “It’s like this. Some things have happened recently and it isn’t comfortable to talk to the people around me. However, I feel uncomfortable if I don’t say it. Thus, I thought of trying a new service. Little brother, can you chat with me?”

Hearing this, Jing Yuanzhou knew that Lin Yan got the wrong person. It was reasonable to say that he should tell the other person. However, the demons and gods were at work and he just let out a low hum. “What’s the matter?”

After all, this was a matter related to his innocence. Lin Yan thought for a moment before finding a relatively appropriate entry point. “That is, I have a friend…”

Jing Yuanzhou leaned back in his chair and listened while calmly drinking tea.

“That friend accidentally drank too much one night and met a man while he was outside.”

Jing Yuanzhou paused slightly as he held the cup.

“Unexpectedly, this scumbag coveted my friend’s beauty! He actually devised a plan. He took advantage of my friend’s disoriented mind and tricked him into a hotel, opening a room!”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

The more Lin Yan spoke, the angrier he became. “That isn’t the most abominable thing. Do you know what the most hateful thing was?”

“…What was it?”

“The even more hateful thing was that this scumbag didn’t take responsibility afterwards! He only left one jiao to my friend as a separation fee!” Lin Yan hit the bed next to him vigorously. “One jiao! Can you believe that there is someone carrying around a jiao with them these days?!”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

He had to say that this plot was really damn familiar.

Lin Yan noticed there was no sound coming from the other end and asked tentatively, “Little brother, are you still there?”


“Tell me, do you think this scumbag is a special scumbag?”

“Yes, he is a scumbag.”

“Shouldn’t we teach this type of scumbag a lesson?

Jing Yuanzhou’s interest was hooked. “So how do you want to teach him a lesson?”

Lin Yan had already imagined the answer to this question countless times and his answer flowed out quickly like a stream. “Of course, it is to find him, strip him naked and throw him on the bed. Torture him, destroy him, trample him, humiliate him and let him kneel down before me, cough, before my friend, crying and begging for forgiveness!’

He just finished speaking when he heard the other person give a low chuckle. “Very good, I’m cheering for you.”

He might not be able to see the person but such a voice was too seductive. Lin Yan heard this laugh and felt a bit out of control. He recalled the content seen before in the video and didn’t want to waste his money. He eagerly reminded this person, “Little brother, after talking for so long, shouldn’t you change the way you call me?”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised his eyebrow. “Change it to what?”

“Since it is between boyfriends, what do you think of ‘Baby’?”

A strange silence appeared. Lin Yan waited a while with anticipation but never heard from the other side. He was the gold master and was preparing to urge this person when he heard faint movements from the headphones.

A moment later, the magnetic voice was heard close to his ears. “Okay, Baby.”

Lin Yan: “!”

This overly seductive tone made him feel a bit dizzy. It took a long time before he came back to his senses. Lin Yan was about to say something when he inadvertently glanced at his phone and saw the frantic message notifications that were popping up at the top of the screen.

[Customer Service: Hello, are you there?]

[Customer Service: Hello, the store assistant has already applied to be your friend. Please accept it as soon as possible.]

[Customer Service: Do you still need to continue the virtual boyfriend service?]

[Customer Service: If there is no reply within five minutes, I will cancel the order. Please understand.]

[Customer Service: Hello, your virtual boyfriend order has been canceled. Your patronage next time is welcome.]

Lin Yan read these messages several times and then clicked on the friends interface of WeChat to see a friend message that was pending review.

Lin Yan, “……”

Wait a minute! If this was the virtual store assistant he placed the order with in the store, who was he chatting with now? It seemed he was silent for too long. The man on the other end of the call asked in a low voice, “Baby, why aren’t you talking anymore?”

Lin Yan, “……”

F&ck this baby!

Lin Yan stared at the other party’s WeChat profile picture of SpongeBob SquarePants for a long time and tentatively asked, “Little brother, can I ask for your name.”

The man in the BK club smiled slightly. “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. This is Jing Yuanzhou.”

Lin Yan, who was lying on the bed, closed his eyes and fell into a strange silence.

For this type of thing, it was better to close himself off.

Jing Yuanzhou thought the conversation would end here. He didn’t expect that after a while, Lin Yan’s official voice was heard as if he had amnesia. “Ah, Captain Jing. Are you finally willing to contact us? I’m glad that you finally feel the sincerity of our GH. How about it? When do you plan to sign the contract? If it is convenient, I can ask the assistant to send you the transfer contract in an hour. The specific fee can be discussed freely to ensure your satisfaction!”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the time that was approaching 9 o’clock and cooperatively didn’t mention the previous topic. “Forget it today. It is too late.”

“It isn’t too late. This time is more suitable for us to cultivate our feelings.”

This was really the first time Jing Yuanzhou met someone outside the arena who could say flirty things so well. His lips curved up slightly. “Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be waiting for you at the BK Club.”

Lin Yan naturally had no reason to refuse. “No problem. I’ll see you there.”

“Then it’s set. I’m waiting for you, Baby.”

Before the last ‘by’ was heard, the voice cut had been cut off by the expressionless Lin Yan. He fell back heavily on the bed and his eyes stared at the dazzling ceiling above him for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t bear it and secretly cursed. “F&ck?”

At three in the afternoon the next door, a Maserati parked at the entrance of the club as scheduled.

The girl at the front desk was stunned for a moment. Then she saw the person getting out of the car and her face became hot.

Luo Mo wasn’t surprised by this. Once Lin Yan got out of the car, Luo Mo calmly closed the door for him.

Lin Yan’s face was famous in the circle for attracting bees and butterflies. There might be no shortage of handsome men in the e-sports circle but those children couldn’t compare to this temperament. The ‘walking hormone’ recognized in the upper-class circles wasn’t a false nickname.

Lin Yan walked over and leaned forward with a smile. “Little sister, were you waiting here for me?”

This face entered her vision and the front desk girl felt a burst of heat in her head. She stuttered, “Y-Yes! Please follow me!”

Then she turned around and started walking.

Lin Yan had originally wanted to inquire about Jing Yuanzhou. At this time, he was completely blank and he glanced at Luo Mo suspiciously. “Are the reception staff so scatterbrained these days?”

Luo Mo, “……”

He didn’t know about being scatterbrained but at Lin Yan’s distance just now, if it was changed to a man then he would also be impatient!

The BK Club was a well-deserved giant in the league. This entire complex belonged to the base. Lin Yan observed it as he walked. “Ah Mo, remember the scale on this side and then look back at our base decorations. We can’t let others compare.”


The reception room was at the end of the first floor corridor of Building B. After pointing the way, the front desk girl hurriedly ran to the office area to find the team manager. Lin Yan walked to the reception room and looked up at the promotional photos on the walls.

The BK Club had existed since the league was just established and there were countless top players. At this time, the wall had photos of active players. Since there had been many changes in the past two years, there were many young, new faces.

Lin Yan took two more steps forward and stopped near the end. In the photo on the wall, the man had deep eyes. He knew he was shooting a publicity photo but he still had a light and indifferent expression. Just this face was enough to make thousands of fans scream. Titans Jing Yuanzhou was top-notch when it came to personal strength and commercial value.

Lin Yan stood quietly in place for a while. He was in the early stages of his business so looking at this gleaming human-shaped sign, he felt itchy. He couldn’t help reach out a hand to lightly touch this angry face. “Ah, what to do? The more I look, the more I want him.”

He didn’t notice the two men coming down from the stairs in the corner. One of them staggered when he heard the words and almost rolled down the stairs. Ku Tianlu had been gossiping with Jing Yuanzhou about the incident from last time. Due to this sentence, he almost died young.

Once he finally stood firmly, he glanced at the face of the man next to him and his body shook slightly. Where did this guy come from? First, someone took liberties with their captain and now someone else came to the BK base to take liberties?!

Ku Tianlu looked up in a daze, wanting to see who was so bad. As a result, this memorable face entered his vision and he was stunned. “Captain, isn’t this person…”

He felt the temperature around him drop and he fell silent out of a desperate desire to live. However, his mind was full of whistling alpacas. This… the captain’s romantic debt came to the door?!

Jing Yuanzhou wore loose, casual clothing and it made him look a bit lazy. At this moment, he leaned slightly on the railings and wasn’t in a hurry to go downstairs. His eyes fell on the back not far away and his expression was quite intrigued.

Ku Tianlu stood next to him and didn’t dare open his mouth in this atmosphere. He could only wait for Jing Yuanzhou’s order to go and catch the person. As a result, the corners of the cold mouth curved up slightly.

Ku Tianlu was instantly stupefied. Was this a smile? Wasn’t this the most inhumane man in the league? Wtf, what was this situation? Was their captain really not clean?

Ku Tianlu vaguely felt that his brain wasn’t sufficient. Just then, he saw Manager Wang rushing over and leading Lin Yan, who never moved from in front of the promotional photo, into the reception room.

Jing Yuanzhou also finally moved slowly. He walked to the door of the reception room with a calm expression, leaned against the wall and took out a cigarette to start smoking.

Ku Tianlu, “……”

Unexpectedly, there was a day when he would follow his captain to eavesdrop. In addition, what he heard was, um, fairly open.

The window was open so the conversation in the reception room could be heard.

Manager Wang obviously hadn’t expected that Jing Yuanzhou would actually invite these people to the base. He felt panicked when he thought that this great god might really intend to transfer.

He deliberately suppressed the other said and after a few useless, polite sentences, he put on the attitude of a senior in the field talking to the younger generation. “Chief Lin, speaking of your GH Club, it means ‘Go Home’? Go home? This name sounds unlucky.”

“Ah, that meaning is right but it isn’t unlucky. It is because GH means…” Lin Yan raised his eyelashes as he spoke, his mouth curved up in an amused arc.

“It means to make all the opponents go home.”

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