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CAMP: Chapter 2

His assistant Luo Mo hurried over after receiving the call. He arrived at the hotel and found Lin Yan lying lazily on the sofa, rubbing his temples with slender fingers and looking tired.

Luo Mo poured a glass of cold water, handed it over and blamed himself. “It is my fault. I wouldn’t have left yesterday if I knew it would be like this.”

Yesterday, the group of young masters in the east of the city gathered in the bar street and called Lin Yan on a whim.

It was just that Lin Yan was used to participating in social gatherings and knew he was poor in drinking. He would often be able to avoid drinking. It was for this reason that Lin Yan had left without worrying after receiving a temporary notice.

He never thought that the young master would be carried away by a whim to drink. The fire of gossip might be burning in Luo Mo’s heart but he didn’t ask much about what happened last night. He didn’t dare ask.

Lin Yan read many emotions from the assistant’s extremely complicated gaze. Then he remembered what happened last night and he felt the vein on his forehead to bulge. He really hadn’t expected ‘his’ drinking capacity to be so poor or he wouldn’t have drunk half a glass of wine to give Cheng Lexin some face.

Luo Mo paid attention to Lin Yan’s mental state and suggested, “You aren’t busy today. Why don’t you go back and rest first?”

“How can I do that?” Lin Yan didn’t think much and shook his head in refusal. “Why do you think I dealt with Cheng Lexin’s group for so long yesterday if it wasn’t for their resources? Once the club is established, there will be no need to worry about a publicity channel with their help. How can I be worthy of my sacrifice if I rest instead of getting things done in a hurry?”

Luo Mo was stunned. He obviously hadn’t expected last night’s drinking party to have such intentions. “So we have to go to BK again?”

Adding the feedback they received two days ago, the BK Club had rejected the transfer of Jing Yuanzhou three times already.

To be honest, most people in this situation would’ve given up but Lin Yan wasn’t affected in the slightest. “OF course! Have you ever heard of the saying ‘a good woman is afraid of a pestering man’? As long as we work hard, I don’t believe that Jing Yuanzhou will be able to keep resisting.”

Luo Mo, “……”

This was the truth. So why didn’t it sound right? Luo Mo had been with Lin Yan for three years. To be honest, he hadn’t figured out how this young master had suddenly become interested in the field of e-sports.

Anyone who had been in contact with the e-sports circle knew that Ying Yangzhou was the core existence of the powerful BK team. Many clubs had been greedy for influence that could be brought by the name ‘Titans’ alone but none of them had been able to pry him away from BK.

Even the well-established giant clubs hadn’t been able to catch God Jing’s eye. The empty club like Lin Yan’s that just completed the registration obviously wasn’t enough. Forget agreeing to the transfer. BK being patient enough to politely refuse was enough to give face to the Lin family.

However, Lin Yan didn’t pay attention to the triple refusal.

His fingers tapped on the tap as he told his assistant the key point. “In short, I must get my hands on the man I like.”

Luo Mo, “……”

He recalled how Lin Yan spent three days and three nights sitting in front of a computer to watch Jing Yuanzhou’s matches and almost suspected that his boss was greedy for the other person’s body.

Lin Yan saw that Luo Mo wasn’t responding and looked up at him. “What are you still doing here? Continue to contact BK and find a way to test their bottom line.”

Luo Mo frowned. “Isn’t this giving them a chance to raise their price?”

To tell the truth, Lin Yan’s current transfer fee offer was already one of the highest in the industry. If it went up…

Lin Yan was particularly proud. “Raise! Raise it! I can understand even if they open their mouths in a big way. After all, this is Jing Yuanzhou’s life-long event. If I don’t let them see my sincerity, how can they be willing to give this person to me?”

Luo Mo, “……” In the end, was this to sign someone or was it to propose marriage?

Luo Mo always implemented the things that Lin Yan ordered so he immediately went to contact BK. Lin Yan rubbed his hair and got up from the sofa. He opened the refrigerator and took out a can of Coke.

The moment he opened it, he heard a fizzing sound as the bubbles inside instantly became agitated. The coolness that poured into his body made Lin Yan let out a long sigh. Looking up, he saw the person reflected on the wall-mounted TV screen.

He had to admit that this body was incomparably beautiful no matter the point of view. In particular, there was the pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes from where it was easy to see his original shadow.

Even after all this, Lin Yan still had an unrealistic feeling.

The world’s hottest MOBA game ‘Burn the War (BTW). The Chinese translation was ‘Burning Hot’. Unwittingly, it had become the mainstream game in today’s e-sports field.

A month ago, he was still the famous chief tactical analyst of the Burning Hot e-sports league. He didn’t expect that he would actually get stuck in an official derivative novel of this game and become a character with the same name, who had never appeared.

It was now a full year away from the timeline of the novel.

Lin Yan didn’t struggle over this unbelievable event for too long. He took a month to accept his current identity and then made the decision to re-enter the e-sports circle.

The Coke can in his hand was empty in the blink of an eye. He tossed it and it flew in a sharp arc through the air and accurately fell into the trash can.

One thing was certain. God Jing in the league wasn’t a man who could be coaxed casually with a few words. A lot of effort was needed if he wanted this person to willingly follow him.


The WTG finals were officially over and the heat hadn’t dissipated. Most of the industry’s attention had shifted to the upcoming transfer period.

BK might’ve failed to win the championship but they were still a top giant in China. Any player inside it could be a signboard existence. Since they knew the importance of Jing Yuanzhou to the BK team, other clubs hadn’t come to inquire about signing him over the past few years. However, this year, it was unknown where they got the news but in just a few days, the senior management had received several transfer offers.

Of these probing clubs, GH was the most unexpected.

It had to be admitted that the price given by the other party was indeed high. However, Manager Wang of the BK Club saw the information where it said the number of team members was ‘0’ and felt a pain in his head. “What do you think the rich second generation are going now? Do they really think that e-sports is easy to spend money in to play around? This is really persistent. They contacted me again today and said that if we aren’t satisfied with the price, we can fill it in at will. What is this wealthy look? Do they really think you will be willing to go to their third-rate team? A new club with no members and no ratings? Dignified God Jing, do you want to go and help them in a few Internet cafe challengers?”

Jing Yuanzhou raised the coffee cup to his lips and took a sip. “In fact, it isn’t impossible if the price is in place.”

Manager Wang’s endless words suddenly stopped and his gaze that fell on Jing Yuanzhou was a bit complicated. “Don’t say that. I know that the club wronged you but you can’t abandon yourself!”

“I don’t think this is abandoning myself.” Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth twitched. “At my age, it is almost time to retire. What’s wrong with making a final profit before leaving? At least, compared to other clubs, GH’s attitude is quite conscientious.”

The mention of the other clubs made Manager Wang feel more and more like he was going to have a heart attack.

As a competitor in the circle, Jing Yuanzhou was recognized for his strength. However, from the perspective of his age, he was likely to retire in one or two years.

Obviously, these clubs were eager to improve their team’s ability. On the other hand, they were reluctant to spend too many unnecessary funds on such a ‘short-term’ player. They were basically stuck with a one or two year contract. The offers made by them really weren’t high compared to the rich and generous GH.

Manager Wang had to say that the sincerity of the GH Club was indeed very high but the qualifications weren’t there at all. Forget the Titans fans, even Manager Wang couldn’t help feeling aggrieved the moment he thought of Jing Yuanzhou leaving the professional league to participate in these untrustworthy Internet cafe competitions.

In addition, if he had to say something without a conscience, the seniors of the BK Club might feel sorry for Jing Yuanzhou but out of selfishness, they didn’t want Titans to transfer to another club.

The awkward situation at this time gave them room to maneuver.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t expose Manager Wang’s calculations and continued to stab a knife in this person’s chest. “Don’t underestimate the Internet cafe competitions. It is really interesting. In the beginning, wasn’t BK also playing from an Internet cafe? Perhaps if I bring GH to the professional league, I might be able to meet my old teammates from BK on the field in the future?”

Manager Wang almost cried. “Captain Jing, don’t say that!”

The grand occasion where Jing Yuanzhou led the team from a third-rate league all the way to the league was still talked about until now. As a result, for the development of the team, the club management wanted him to give way to a new player in advance. It was due to Manager Wang’s guilty conscience that he felt more stressed when he heard about the past.

“Okay, I’m just teasing you.” Jing Yuanzhou put the coffee down on the table and looked disinterested. “I didn’t say that I was ready to be listed. The matter about transferring, let’s talk about it again.”

Manager Wang sighed with relief. “Yes, then I won’t reply immediately to GH’s side. After all, it is the prince of the Lin Group. I should leave him some face.”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised an eyebrow. “Lin?”

Manager Wang saw Jing Yuanzhou’s interest and spoke casually. “Didn’t I tell you before? The owner of this GH Club is the Lin Group’s prince, Lin Yan. Otherwise, how could an ordinary rich second generation family member stand to splurge like this?”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment after hearing the name. “Do you have the contact information? Please send me a copy.”

Manager Wang’s words stopped abruptly. He had finally calmed down only to feel his blood pressure shoot up to the top of his head in an instant.

What did this mean? Was he really planning to sign to GH?


This was the fourth contact with BK but there was no response from the other side for a long time.

Lin Yan didn’t receive any news all day. He lay on the bed in his bedroom and looked at his phone. He clicked randomly on an online shopping website [tn content=”Bao”]based on the big Chinese online shopping website, Taobao[/tn] and was a bit absent-minded.

How great would it be if he could buy Jing Yuanzhou directly on the Internet. Unfortunately, there was no such ‘if.’ Putting aside other things, bad luck was really bad luck when it came to the matter of establishing the GH Club.

Things had progressed to the present. Not only did he fail to get the man he admired, but he also accidentally got drunk and asked another wild man to take advantage.

The one jiao coin on the bedside table of the hotel suddenly came to his mind, shining brightly. Lin Yan couldn’t help cursing in his heart. He was in a frustrated mood and was about to place his phone to the side when he received a short video push from a video software.

His actions paused and his gaze fell on the title of the push: Virtual Boyfriend. What is the experience of blushing because of a virtual boyfriend?

Lin Yan was suffering from having nowhere to vent his black mood. Now his eyes lit up. Oh?  This was a little interesting! Lin Yan had heard a bit about the recently popular ‘virtual boyfriend’ service. He hadn’t paid attention but in this situation, it seemed tailor-made for him.

Some things were inconvenient to say to people like Luo Mo. It seemed like a pretty good choice to find a stranger on the Internet to change his mood.

Lin Yan spent a few minutes watching the video and was suddenly intrigued. He quickly found a virtual shop on a certain online shopping website and didn’t hesitate to order the most expensive one from ‘Zhendian Bao.’

The order was completed and the customer service sister sent him a message. [Thank you for your patronage. Our store assistant little brother is busy right now. Please wait a moment and we will soon add you on WeChat!”

Lin Yan glanced at it and wasn’t in a hurry. He casually lay on the bed and waited to enjoy the service. After a few moments, the phone screen lit up again.

[’Z’ has applied to add friends. Note: Chat.]

Lin Yan passed the application without hesitation. Then he sent a message. [Little brother, you made me wait so anxiously! (Shy.jpg).]

At the same time, BK Club’s player dormitory.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell on the very shy little person in the expression pack and Lin Yan’s face appeared in his mind. Such an opening statement was worthy of this person.

The author has something to say:

Lin Yan: Shy.


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this is the fourth time im reading this but I still get second hand embarrassment (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

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Puahahaha oh man… this is gonna be the worst misunderstanding ever.l.

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Ayo, sometimes the translator notes confuse me so bad 😂 I have to read the whole thing (the original sentence + the tn) like twice to completely understand