CAMP: Chapter 19 Part 1

Everyone felt it was a bit unbearable to listen to. Only Lin Yan clapped his hands carelessly. “Thank you, Brother Bi. It really helped save us a lot of publicity expenses. Do you see how moved Manager Luo looked?”

Luo Mo was very busy because of public relations matters. He suddenly heard such a sentence and his mouth twitched slightly. “Yes, the publicity effect is really… very amazing.”

He was so moved that he was almost crying!

Bi Yaohua waved his hand very modestly. “Don’t be too polite. We are all from the same club. In the future, Brother Bi’s traffic is everyone’s traffic. Resources should be shared.”

F*k this awesome resource sharing! Luo Mo leaned back on the sofa and endured the urge to beat someone up. He took a deep breath and had a headache as he reconfirmed the edited content. Then he sent it nervously. It was just a matter of suppressing the Trash Talk King’s ‘top traffic’ with this one move!

GH’s official Weibo was gaining popularity at a speed visible to the naked eye. At this time, under the attention of the public, they released their first post.

[@GH Club V:

Thank you, Titans for your trust in the club. You are worth the 35 million yuan transfer fee! #Fresh flowers #Fresh flowers


@BK Club V…]

F*k, Titans’ transfer fee was actually 35 million?! They knew about Titans’ transfer but the specific amount hadn’t been revealed. The moment this news came out, no one cared about Bi Yaohua anymore. The entire network exploded again. After all, before this, the highest record for a transfer fee was Luni’s 28 million three years ago.

Now it had jumped up a level. GH was backed by the Lin Group. It was well-known to have abundant funds but they never expected it to have this much money! What was the concept of 35 million? It was enough to buy an independent club! If someone else’s family was a big club then GH was undoubtedly a ‘rich’ club!

The original dissatisfaction of the old Titans fans disappeared in an instant. At this moment, they couldn’t help crying silently. He might’ve reached the age of 23 and he might be destined for a short career but it was 35 million! Their Titans was always worth it!

Jing Yuanzhou saw the entry of #Titans 35 million# go on the hot search in minutes and he glanced at Lin Yan with a smile.

In fact, he had already guessed it previously. Xiao Lin was already ready to use the signing fee to make a fuss after Jing Yuanzhou was signed. Otherwise, how could the response speed of the various public media be so fast? The articles that popped up in an instant were obviously all prepared in advance. Such a transfer fee might seem like a sky-high price but in terms of the team’s promotional effect alone, the 35 million was completely worth the money.

The transfer amount not only exploded the attention of ordinary netizens who paid attention to the field of e-sports, it also spread quickly among professional players. The top players appeared one after another to repost this Weibo and the scene was very spectacular.

In this situation where there was heated discussion across the entire network, the management of the BK Club saw the frequent forwarding notifications and almost fainted on the spot with their hands covering their chests.

This bandit club GH. Not only did it abduct their pillar player, it also dragged them down into the water for publicity. It was really making them deranged, deranged! At this time, every repost was like a knife stabbed in their chests. Medicine, medicine! Where was their quick-acting heart relief pill?

In any case, everyone’s attention was attracted by Jing Yuanzhou’s transfer fee and the number of sunspots jumping up and down in the comments finally decreased.

Luo Mo had just sighed with relief when he heard Bi Yaohua complaining next to him. “These people are too superficial. How can they be attracted to money like this? Is my BB not talented enough? Am I unworthy to be the Trash Talk King?”

“Bah… deserve it! You deserve it!” Luo Mo endured his urges and squeezed out a smile. Then he glanced at the WeChat message that he had just received and changed the subject very quickly. “Okay, don’t keep looking at it. The car has arrived and is waiting for us at the door. Go quickly! The studio has an appointment time and can’t keep waiting for us.”

In the distance, they could see the business car parked at the door. Taking publicity photos had nothing to do with Coach Lin Yan but after all, he still had the identity of the boss behind the scenes. He also went to take a look.

He got in the car and looked around inside. Chen Yushen was sitting in the front row next to Bi Yaohua, who was still looking at his mobile phone. Jian Ye and Gu Luo sat behind him, leaving only the last row with empty seats. Jing Yuanzhou was sitting by the window and looking at him.

Lin Yan got into the car and sat down. The car started very quickly. There was the patter of rain outside and the air in the car inevitably became a bit sticky. At first, Lin Yan looked down at his phone without paying attention. Then he vaguely noticed something and turned his head to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze.

He didn’t shy away and directly handed the phone to Jing Yuanzhou. “Take a look, how is my content?”

Jing Yuanzhou took a look at the contents of the comment.

[I think that GH’s management is crazy. Spending 35 million to buy Titans? Isn’t it good to use this money to directly buy a club in the professional league? How old is Titans this year? He is a 23 year old veteran player. By the time he enters the professional league, won’t he retire without winning the championship?]

Further down, Lin Yan had sent a reply with a side account.

[I don’t know if Titans will retire but people like you obviously don’t understand life. Does GH care about the professional league performance? They obviously enjoy the process of creating brilliance from the bottom! How good do you think a professional league club is? How many teams will be remembered a few years after disbanding? GH is different. On the field, they will send all their opponents home safely. A team that has never played in the secondary league will go all the way and win the championship of the world finals. Tsk, an existence that will be recorded in history. A strong force, the pen!]

The moment this reply came out, it was immediately followed by cynical comments.

However, Lin Yan didn’t seem to see it. He huddled up close to Jing Yuanzhou and read his reply several times. It seemed the more he looked at his reply, the most satisfied he became. “According to me, people these days are too short of pursuit. They don’t understand the fun of nurturing at all.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed the moment he heard the words.

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow. “What are you laughing at? Did I say something wrong?”

“The words are right. It’s just…”

“What is it?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth twitched unnoticeably. “It is just that I haven’t felt the feeling of being nurtured and I suddenly feel a bit shy. What should I do?”

Lin Yan, “……”

This person had never been nurtured. As for shyness, it was really hard to see.

The two men looked at each other and didn’t even notice that the car had reached the destination.

The others had long gotten off the car. Luo Mo waited a long time without seeing anyone and peeked his head inside the car in a confused manner. “The two people inside, won’t you come down? It is almost too late to shoot. If it is about cultivating feelings, can you leave it to later?”

Lin Yan felt that his assistant’s temper was really becoming bigger after taking over the club.

He muttered as he walked outside, “What are you urging about? Even if I want to cultivate a relationship with Titans, it is still contributing to the internal harmony of the club. Ah Mo, as team manager, you can’t just focus on the appearance in front of you. You have to look a bit further, you know?”

Luo Mo was speechless. “…I was wrong. I was too superficial. Even so, hurry up.”

Lin Yan wanted to say something but Jing Yuanzhou had already left the car. The big umbrella opened and blocked the light rain falling on his head. “Don’t be angry with Manager Luo. There is time later if you want to cultivate our feelings.”

It sounded like something was wrong. Still, Lin Yan pondered on it and felt the same so he nodded. “Yes, there is a lot of time in the future. Let’s take photos first.”

He had taken a few steps toward the studio when he reacted. “No, when was I angry?”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a low laugh. “Yes, you weren’t angry. I got it wrong.”


The studio had long been waiting for their group. There was a professional styling team plus photographers. Added together, there were more than 20. Seeing the GH group finally arrive, they all swarmed up and started ferociously.

Lin Yan had nothing to do so he grabbed a fashion magazine and sat down on a sofa, flipping through it absently. It didn’t take long for the team members to finish the styling and makeup. Lin Yan heard the movement and looked up. Then he gave a thumbs up without hesitation. “Yes, the GH idol group will debut!”

After speaking, his eyes fell on Jing Yuanzhou and he sincerely praised, “Captain Jing is the most handsome.”

Among these people, Bi Yaohua had a colourful hair style and was the showiest one. He originally wanted to stroke his hair flirtatiously and pose. Then he heard Lin Yan praising Jing Yuanzhou and silently opened his mouth. Finally, he turned to Chen Yushen next to him. “Abyss, tell me the truth, am I handsome?”

Chen Yushen had gone to sleep late last night and was forcibly woken up to take the promotional photos today. At this time, he was holding back his sleepiness. He heard this and glanced at Bi Yaohua with blurred vision. “Handsome…”

Bi Yaohua smiled. “So out of all the brothers in the team, who is the most handsome?”

Chen Yushen’s face was expressionless as he tried to support his eyelids that wanted to fall. His mind was sleepy and he didn’t want to think at all. “You…”

Bi Yaohua was satisfied. “Yes Abyss, don’t look at your stinky face normally! You still have vision when it comes to looking at men!”

Chen Yushen watched this person silently, a question mark slowly forming on his face. Why did he seem to be so highly praised for no reason?

On the other side, the photographer had set up the shooting scenes and called them over. The entire shooting process went smoothly. First, everyone took a single photo, a posed photo and finally the group photo. Even so, it was three hours later when the last photo was taken.

Most of the players who played e-sports were night owls. They might not stay up as late as Chen Yushen but they didn’t fall asleep early. After all of this suffering, all the GH players yawned.

The cameraman finally said it was fine and everyone sighed with relief. They were about to retreat when Jing Yuanzhou suddenly called out. “Wait a moment.”

The other four people instinctively looked over. Jing Yuanzhou noticed their inquiring gazes but didn’t speak. He turned around and spoke to the man on the sofa next to him. “Lin Yan, come here.”

Lin Yan had watched the entire shooting process and was considering whether to stay to supervise the selection. Now he stood up from the sofa doubtfully. The moment he approached, Jing Yuanzhou reached out a hand and pulled him over. Before Lin Yan could react, the wide GH uniform fell on him, covering his shoulders.

Due to his daily habit of exercising, Jing Yuanzhou’s figure was better than Lin Yan’s body. At this time, the team uniform with a man’s unique scent on it quietly caged him in.

A low voice gently entered one ear. “Make a pose?”

Lin Yan couldn’t help raising his head at such a tone and happened to see the camera of the photographer facing him. He was surprised for a moment before soon understanding. The corners of his lips curved up slightly. He cocked his head in the direction of Jing Yuanzhou and made a victory sign with a bright smile. Behind them, the other members of GH also gathered.

The photographer captured this scene and pressed the button quickly.

Proofreader: Nao

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Family picture!

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Family Photo!!!

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mom & dad, and their ragtag bunch of kids 🥹

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JYZ calling specifically for a picture with LY, it’s really the mom and dad with their four troublemaking kids 😂
Also, these pairings are so funny. The mid-lane with the support/healer and then the shooter/ADC with the jungler 😂
And, I’ve been meaning to say. In LoL (from what I’ve heard/read) usually the support sticks with the ADC/shooter. So whenever they play and I see the support sticking around the mid-laner or the jungler I’m always a bit intrigued 👀 Wonder what else the author’s changed

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This whole time I’ve reading this story I always thought of LOL but I was kinda confused by the different names like “side laner” and “shooter”.