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CAMP: Chapter 188

Extra One

The corridor in the youth training camp was completely darkened. Far away, a faint light could be seen at the end of the corridor. There was the light sound of tapping on a mechanical keyboard. The tight rhythm was enough to feel the tension in the game.

The training room had long been completely emptied. In order to not attract attention, the people inside had turned off the overhead lights. At first glance, only the bright computer screens were left in the darkness, reflecting the two young faces in front of them.

Chen Yushen didn’t know why he had accepted this solo game. He was obviously a person who didn’t have much interest in irrelevant things during normal times. He didn’t know what happened but he heard this young man’s solo proposal and he actually agreed.

It was jungler VS mid-laner, two wins out of three games.

Right now, the defense tower had shattered and the second round was over.

It was a 1:1 draw.

Chen Yushen moved the joints of his fingers and couldn’t help glancing over. He happened to meet the bright gaze of the person next to him. The other party had looked over at the same time and didn’t conceal the admiration in his expression. “They were right. You are really strong!”

Under the brightness of the screen, this look seemed dazzling at first glance. Chen Yushen frowned and refocused his attention on the computer screen. The screen was showing the combat statistics of this game.

The young man sitting next to him was called Peng He. He had joined this youth training camp a few months later. In fact, at the very beginning, Chen Yushen didn’t know the origin of this person. Then he learned from other trainees that there was a high probability that this person was a young master.

They didn’t have any intersection until the training camp group arrangement was released and they were assigned to a team.

Chen Yushen still remembered the first words that Peng He had said to him with a smile. “Hello, Abyss. I have heard of you. They all say that you are a genius. It seems that my luck is really good!”

Every year during the off season, tens of thousands of teenagers entered the training camp but among these people, only one in 10,000 could stand on the professional arena. The best tests in the camp at each stage were the key criteria for trainees to survive. If they wanted to stay smoothly, the ability to have teammates with good strength would naturally have a great impact. So sometimes ‘luck’ was indeed a very crucial factor.

Chen Yushen had been carrying the title of ‘genius jungler’ since he entered the youth academy. There was talk that he was the most promising newcomer among the many trainees.

He had encountered many people wanting to hug his thighs so he hadn’t paid much attention to Peng He’s opening remark. After the brief introductions, he joined his new teammates in the following training plan.

At that time, he hadn’t expected this young master who came in using his relationship to actually be so amazing.

Peng He and Chen Yushen played a few games with the tacit cooperation between the jungler and mid-laner. Peng He was obviously excited so after the training program was over, he suddenly suggested to play a solo match.

Once Chen Yushen’s fame had spread in the youth academy, he always received all types of invitations to fight. It stood to reason that he should be tired of the solo suggestions and he normally would have rejected it without hesitation.

However, the word ‘no’ wasn’t used. Thinking about it now, it was probably because today’s training match was too exciting. His hot mind made him agree to such a suggestion.

Now that two games were over, Peng He’s interest was obviously up again when he saw the 1:1 draw. He stretched his hands and opened his mouth. “It’s the decisive game. Do you want to bet on something?”

Chen Yushen blurted out, “No need.”

Peng He thought for a moment. “No. If I win, you will let me get two blue buffs in the next training match. If you win, I will give you two lines of soldiers from my middle lane.”

“……” Chen Yushen wanted to refuse but he suddenly swallowed back these words. “Yes.”

He was born as a jungler and he still couldn’t resist the temptation of the soldiers.

Chen Yushen felt that this was probably the first time he was aroused to win in a solo entertainment game. The even stranger thing was that after he won, his mood was strangely good.

Peng He wasn’t angry after losing the third game. He just looked a bit regretful and said, “How can your reaction be so quick? If I knew this, I shouldn’t have flashed back then. Maybe there would’ve still been a chance to turn things around?

Chen Yushen exited the game and pressed the shutdown key. “Don’t think about it. There was no chance.”

Peng He, “…”

Speaking of which, Peng He was really different from the wealthy young masters he had seen before. After making the bed, he didn’t go back on his word and really fulfilled his promise.

In the next training match, Peng He gave Chen Yushen two lines of soldiers and ran to the other side to fight the river crabs. His economy wasn’t too much.

Chen Yushen finished clearing the line comfortably. He glanced at the mid-laner hero used by Peng He and didn’t take advantage of this person. He gave a signal for the blue element monster. “Come and get the blue.”

Peng He had just finished collecting the river crab and obviously hadn’t expected such a good thing. He was stunned before running over with a big smile. “I’m coming.”

In fact, there weren’t too many strong teams in the training camp’s round robin. The opponents they encountered in the past few days were very ordinary. They took round after round and soon entered the second half.

The opponent teams’ strength became higher and the pressure it brought was even greater.

Chen Yushen originally worried that Peng He had come here to play but this thought lasted not even a month. Sometimes this person trained even more than he did. The other members of the team couldn’t keep up with their physical strength and they would often stay alone to line up as a pair.

The tacit cooperation between the middle and the jungle was very important. As the ranking points continued to rise, the two of them gradually became more proficient in many cooperative operations that weren’t possible when they first met.

It had to be admitted that Peng He did have a talent for e-sports. At the very least, he was absolutely top-notch among the mid-laners Chen Yushen had contact with in the past.

They ended training as usual and the entire youth academy had fallen into the shroud of darkness. The corridor from the training room back to their dormitory looked a bit long. The two people walked beside each other. The moonlight leaked through the window and fell on them, faintly creating a long shadow on the ground.

Peng He knew Chen Yushen’s personality and was willing to start the conversation when they were early. He thought about how they would soon face the champion of last year’s round robin and secretly formed fists. “If we don’t practice it well tomorrow, make adjustments? In this way, we can keep some strength when meeting Peng Zun the day after tomorrow. They were the champions yet as a result, everyone else went to various clubs for trial training. Only Peng Zun remains alone in the youth academy. He must be holding his breath and waiting to vent his anger. Both you and him are in the jungler position. You should be careful when the time comes. If you have any problems, give me a signal. I will make sure to support you.”

Chen Yushen agreed. “Yes.”

Peng He was accustomed to Chen Yushen’s non-talkative personality. He originally hadn’t expected a reaction and was content that he got a reply this time. He was about to say something else when unexpectedly, Chen Yushen asked a question. “Have you heard the outside rumors?”

Peng He couldn’t react for a while. “What?”

Chen Yushen stopped and looked at him. “You are different from what they said.”

Perhaps it was due to his family background but Peng He never stopped the private rumors after he entered the youth academy. Even Chen Yushen had heard them despite not being a nosy person. This was enough to guess how exaggerated they were.

There were many versions of such rumors but they all had one thing in common.

Everyone thought that Peng He was a young master following a whim. He entered the youth academy after spending money and walked through the back door. Once he got tired of playing, he would probably go back to happily inherit the family business.

It was really easy to think this when looking at Peng He who wore famous brand names every day. However, Chen Yushen had been training day and night with this person for the past month and knew that the rumors were all fake.

This son of nobility, as people liked to call him, actually worked harder than anyone else.

Peng He was stunned for a while by Chen Yushen’s long words. Then he slowly reacted and let out a laugh. “Why do you care so much about them? Just get used to it.”

“…Used to it?”

“Yes, it is like this. I have long gotten used to it.” Peng He’s mouth twitched and he looked at Chen Yushen. “It isn’t just me. Aren’t you also different from the rumors?”


Peng He imitated the tone these people used when they talked privately. “He is a genius jungler. He has the ability but his heart is definitely different. His attitude is like that when we met. Who is he looking down on…?”

At this point, he couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He saw Chen Yushen’s slightly embarrassed expression and sincerely commented, “You aren’t what they said. You are clearly a warm-hearted person.”

It was the first time Chen Yushen was evaluated as ‘warm-hearted.’ He opened his mouth but in the end, his mood was so complicated he couldn’t say anything.

Peng He suddenly remembered something. “However, one thing that they are saying is correct. Once I finish learning, my family is ready to help me get a professional club. It’s just as well. You are waiting for your chance to be dug up in this training camp. I don’t know when that time will come. I am so strong. Do you want to consider coming to my club? I can guarantee that the position of chief jungler will definitely be yours!”

Chen Yushen hadn’t expected to suddenly receive a professional career invitation. Still, listening to Peng He, he couldn’t help complaining. “Your club… who would describe it like that?”

Peng He waved his hand. “Don’t care about the details. Just answer, are you willing or not?”

The young man’s gaze was full of expectations, making Chen Yushen choke up. He paused before turning away his eyes something impatiently, his voice low. “Wait for you to win this year’s big test and we will talk about it.”

Peng He smiled at the ambiguous answer. “Okay, then you have made an appointment with me!”

Chen Yushen continued to move forward, his lowered eyes hiding the rare softness in them. “It’s late. Let’s hurry back.”

The author has something to say:

First expand on the young people’s friendship. The youth training section will stop here.

Proofreader: Nao


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Peng He this guy…. unfortunately his status came back to bite him. Despite all his good intentions he really messed up. Thank goodness we didn’t linger on this aborted friendship tho.

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