CAMP: Chapter 187

Lin Yan hadn’t expected that Jing Yuanzhou would suddenly offer to take him back to Shicheng.

To be honest, based on the information he learned before, he didn’t have good feelings for his boyfriend’s parents. He thought about how Jing Yuanzhou had run away from home for so long and couldn’t help feeling distressed.

On the other hand, he knew that blood kinship was very subtle in itself. Thus, he didn’t hesitate too much and agreed very simply.

On the day of the visit, the two of them bought some gifts in advance, came to the community where Yin Zhi now lived and pressed the doorbell.

Yin Zhi’s emotions surged seeing Jing Yuanzhou after so long. Her eyes moved back and forth between the two people before she remembered to allow them into the house. Yin Zhi had married a high school teacher. He wore metal-framed glasses and looked good-tempered as he greeted them enthusiastically. It was the first time Jing Yuanzhou had made such a formal visit after their marriage. Yin Zhi greeted them before going into the kitchen, leaving only her busy back.

This scene fell into his eyes and he couldn’t help being stunned. There was some complexity in his mood before it gradually softened. In his memories, Yin Zhi had never smiled when she was with Jing Ming. The warm atmosphere in front of him suddenly made him feel this was actually very good.

Yin Zhi knew Jing Yuanzhou was coming today and had specially prepared a large table of good dishes. Lin Yan could be said to be very good at selling Jing Yuanzhou’s face. In the process of eating, he called out ‘Auntie’ so sweetly that the corners of Yin Zhi’s mouth never lowered.

After eating, Jing Yuanzhou still instinctively didn’t want to stay any longer. He saw it was almost time for a nap and said goodbye and left.

Yin Zhi followed them all the way to the gate of the community. As they left, her eyes remained stuck on Lin Yan’s body for a long time and she reluctantly said, “Xiao Yan, Jing Jing usually has thin skin. As his male… cough, colleague, sometimes you should try to persuade him more. Auntie likes you. In the future, if you are free, come to Aunt’s house again any time.”

Lin Yan heard the words ‘thin skin’ and almost couldn’t hold his tongue. He glanced at this man who was recognized as a ‘stinky, shameless’ man in the league and said, “I know Auntie. You should go back. We will come and visit you next time.”

Lin Yan got into the taxi after bidding farewell to Yin Zhi and couldn’t help laughing loudly. “What should I do? I think Auntie really likes me.”

JIng Yuanzhou saw his somewhat proud look and couldn’t help laughing. “Isn’t this good?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “It’s pretty good?”

There was still some distance to the railway station. Lin Yan was lowering his head to play with his phone when he noticed that Jing Yuanzhou seemed distracted while looking out the window. He blurted out, “What’s wrong? Our relationship is recognized by our parents so what are you worried about?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced over after hearing the sound. He thought about it before saying, “It isn’t about this matter.”

He paused a bit before lowering his voice. “If I say… I kind of want to retire, what do you think?”

Lin Yan stared at Jing Yuanzhou and answered after a moment, “How can I feel? It’s naturally up to you. In any case, anything you want to do is definitely good.”

“You are my boss and my boyfriend. I naturally need to ask your opinion.” Jing Yuanzhou had been considering this matter for the past few days. It should’ve been based on his own wishes but he thought about the high transfer fee when Lin Yan signed him and the momentum just after winning the championship and he inevitably hesitated. “In this way, the position of side-laner in the team will be empty. Jian Ning is still young and it doesn’t correspond to the position he is good at. He obviously isn’t suitable. If you can’t find the right person for a while then you can temporarily make me the substitute. It isn’t too much before retirement.”

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected Jing Yuanzhou’s hesitation to be about the side-lane candidates and he couldn’t help ridiculing this person. “Titans as a substitute? Do you want your fans to come to the club with knives?”

Jing Yuanzhou was amused. “Aren’t you also a substitute? GH’s ‘substitute double stars’. Doesn’t this sound pretty good?”

“It is pretty good.” Lin Yan casually heard this but he really liked it. Still, retirement was a big event after all so he brought the topic back. “In any case, if you want to retire then just think about yourself. Don’t think about other things. As for the position of side-laner, if I really want to find it… it isn’t that there are no suitable candidates.”


Retirement was a topic that couldn’t be avoided after the end of the annual World Competition. After Luni of LDF and DeMen of PAY, no one thought that the new place to break the news would be the GH Club that just won the World Competition.

Jing Yuanzhou’s performance in the entire World Competition was obvious to all. Fans had still been singing about their parents’ love only to be confused by the newly released Weibo post.

They were definitely reluctant. Then they thought about Wuhoo who was injured and DeMen who suffered from his strength decreasing and fans felt that such a choice seemed easier to accept. This side-lane demon king who shone brightly since he first entered the league and whom they had always looked up to deserved to end his perfect career on this most glorious note.

The PR department of the GH Club seemed to be very considerate of the mood of the fans. After announcing the news of his retirement, they didn’t forget to repeatedly emphasize that JIng Yuanzhou would continue to stay in the GH Club and be the side-laner until the new side-lane officially joined the team. In addition, they didn’t forget to add that after the official termination of the contract, he would stay in the club as a team coach and he would meet everyone in the future professional arena in another capacity.

[The tears stimulated by the retirement were stopped abruptly. I suddenly seem to see the appearance of love.]

[Who says no? Behind the scenes is Coach Lin. This isn’t… hehe.]

[If there is a picture then there is a picture. This is probably a double harvest of love and career.]

[Haha, they are deceiving all your brainless fans. I said that Titans’ state isn’t good but you don’t believe it. It is smart to add it!]

[Sunspot, get out. You can say that the status of the world champion isn’t good? I don’t think you have any brains.]

[In any case, I still can’t bear it. It is really hard to accept that Titans is retiring. My youth is over!!!!]

[Every year at this time, I am super teary. Why are they retiring one by one? F*k!]

[I suddenly feel a bit lucky that Titans was able to come to GH. This type of ending is actually very good. This old fan is in tears but I will continue to cheer for you.]

[This year, I can’t even read a retirement announcement without being stuffed with dog food. It’s amazing.]

[There is nothing to say. Just bless you. I hope that your coaching career will be as smooth as possible. By the way, I wish that you will be happy forever with Coach Lin.]

Fans came one after another to GH’s official Weibo and their two private Weibos to leave messages and blessings. On the other hand, the announcement of this news focused the attention of the Internet on the next transfer period.

Players from all major teams had retired one after another and they naturally needed new blood. Everyone was eagerly looking forward to what type of big shuffle would occur in the entire league after the transfer window opened.

There were hot discussions on the Internet and fans of the team put forward various personnel transfer plans under the official Weibo. Every time a strong player was listed, the private messages of the major clubs would be filled for a while in case their team accidentally missed the opportunity.

GH’s official Weibo inevitably fell. Yet the more anxious the fans became, the more that found that the official GH Weibo seemed to have closed down since the news that Jing Yuanzhou was going to retire. No matter how bloody the outside world was fighting over players, they remained unmoved.

[GH isn’t acting yet? All the players are going to be robbed. Are they going to quit after last year’s ticket?]

[No, please, let the management quickly do something. They haven’t forgotten about the transfer period, right?]

[Why so anxious? Isn’t the management just Coah Lin? Now he hasn’t said a word. Perhaps he is holding back some big move!]

[Yes, isn’t the transfer window still open? What is the hurry?!]

[I’m not worried at all. Isn’t it okay if a side-lane player doesn’t join? Then Titans simply won’t retire, hahaha.]

The transfer period passed day by day amidst the standoff between the eager group and the steady group.

One week, three days, one day…

As a result, the GH Club remained motionless and didn’t reveal any news as the transfer period closed. The netizens were stunned silly. What was this situation? GH wasn’t planning to recruit from the existing professional players? Were they planning to go to the youth training team to dig out people?

As discussion on the Internet was boiling over, Coach Lin whom netizens were frantically mentioning quietly appeared at the pick-up gate of Ningcheng Airport. A flight from North America had just arrived and all types of people poured out from the passage. The scene was very chaotic for a while.

Lin Yan glanced down at the time on the phone before looking up at the crowd. Then he saw one of the figures with a cap and his eyes lit up slightly. He raised the pick up sign in his hand. On the sign, the logo of the GH Club stood out.

The visitor apparently saw it too and dragged his luggage through the door. It was a young man who was 17 or 18 years old with black studs in his earlobes. He went to Lin Yan and looked at him curiously. “Are you the Coach Lin who contacted me a while ago?”

“It’s me.” Lin Yan looked at the teenager, the protagonist who was destined to shine brightly in the original novel and reached out his hand with a smile. “Spear, we are meeting for the first time. Welcome to GH.”

Spear almost smiled. “I don’t know how you found me but please take care of me in the future.”

The sunlight coming through the window shone on the hands of the two men.

At this point, it had been exactly a full year since Lin Yan entered the parallel world of the book. The future of the plot had become unknown with his arrival but the moment they shook hands, a new chapter belonging to a whole new dynasty was destined to start.

The main story has ended! There are still the extras left so stick around! :blobaww:

Proofreader: Nao

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2 years ago

Awwwww, so LY really did end up recruiting Spear, the protagonist, that’s cute! It’s cool that Spear would end up working with teammates who would’ve been his opponents in another life, and JY got to retire on a happy note and working alongside LY.

1 year ago

Ahhhh it all makes sense. It’s beautiful! Thank you for the translation!

1 year ago

Ahh I was hoping for one last championship (world or seasonal) from Titans, just to give a punctuating final slap to everyone who was baffled by his transfer and speculating about his longevity (and also to further avenge his years of restraint and the og Titans who would’ve languished and gone out like a campfire instead of the star he is), but this behind the scenes position that shines brighter than many of those on stage is also quite satisfactory 😏

I guess it’s just after subjecting himself to the will and rhythm of others for so long, and escaping being put on the (disgraceful) back-burner by the skin of his teeth, he’s decided to be thoroughly selfish. He’s served his mans well in any case, and gave his younger self justice, so good for him!

Lin Yan is the GOAT tho. Transmigrating, immediately creating his dream team, getting to play with and against several bosses, resolving his own issues, roundhouse kicking several faces, then snatching up the protagonist. And locking down one of the bosses on top of all that. He’s terrible I love him so much.

I wonder how well he would have done without the boost of wealth. I don’t even want to imagine.

1 year ago

Ah I love this story so much thanks for making it available to us!

1 year ago

awwww this is simply LY transmigrating to give these kids a better ending

  • finding love along the way
11 months ago

I really want 1 more world championship for Jing Yuanzhou🥲. He just unleash his true full potential.

But now they got the protagonist, GH is still unstoppable.

Last edited 11 months ago by tin
10 months ago

i think jing yuanzhou’s timing of retiring is just right. he already won the championship without any restraints and i think he mainly just wants to live happily and peacefully with lin yan which i fully support. his retirement also coincides with spear’s appearance in the book so all’s well that ends well~