CAMP: Chapter 178

The BP session started and the audience was quiet as they watched the hero portraits scrolling quickly on the screen.

The most important consideration for tactical layout was the coaching team on both sides. Out of the two teams that entered the finals today, there was no need to talk about GH. Lin Yan’s tactics had long been recognized along the way. For KING, they had Song Cheng and his on-site adjustments had always been the best in South Korea. Now the two of them were meeting on such an occasion and the followers of both parties naturally had special expectations.

However, once the lineup of the first game was completely locked, everyone was stunned due to the conventional system arrangement.

“That… as everyone knows, every time Coach Lin takes out a normal system, he should be holding back a big move. If I remember correctly, KING took out a similar lineup arrangement in the first game of the semi-finals. It is really meaningful.” In order to better mobilize the atmosphere, the official commentators for the finals included Brother Rabbit Hat, who knew GH relatively well. Now he looked at the lineup distribution on the big screen and tried to sort out his language. “Putting this aside and judging from the lineup alone, both sides are playing quite conservatively in today’s finals. GH took a conventional lineup in the World Competition while KING’s tactical system is commonly used in their team. Next, let’s see what type of sparks can be produced during the collision.”

Commentator Cry Cry glanced at the stage. “The coaches of both teams have finished the BP and are shaking hands. From this distance, I can still smell the gunpowder!”

The handshake of the head coaches had always been routine on the field. It was usually just a few polite sentences so it usually didn’t attract much attention.

Yet today, KING’s coach Song Cheng was too connected to the Chinese division and the current captain of the GH team was none other than Jing Yuanzhou so it made the finals full of a subtle feeling from start to finish.

Lin Yan usually didn’t say much when shaking hands with rival coaches but once he saw Song Cheng, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrow slightly. He seemed very polite as he reached out his hand but his smile obviously wasn’t very kind. “Coach Song, your tactics are arranged carefully.”

Song Cheng looked at him politely. “You are even more cautious.”

The playful expression in Lin Yan’s eyes grew stronger. “It isn’t necessary to say this. After all, it was your previous tactic. I’m just making good use of it.”

Song Cheng had seen the clues but he never thought Lin Yan would be so direct. The corners of his lips lowered slightly. “Since it is a routine we have used, doesn’t it feel too lacking in new ideas?”

“Not at all. It doesn’t matter if it is new or not. After all, tactics are things that are necessary as long as they are suitable.” Lin Yan lazily raised his eyelashes. “In any case, I have already laid out this path. Coach Song, you should’ve noticed it a long time ago. I just don’t know if you’re going to take this old path or not.”

The last question caused Song Cheng’s expression to subtly change for a moment. Yes, it was an old-fashioned tactical strategy but this didn’t affect the feasibility of it at all. Whether to pick it up or not was a paradox in itself.

Song Cheng didn’t answer directly but Lin Yan got the desired answer from that moment of hesitation. He snorted disapprovingly and didn’t give Song Cheng an extra look as he withdrew his hand and walked off the stage.

It was just like the first game between KING and PAY previously. The more regular the lineup, the easier it was to test the opponent. It was the first time such a regular lineup was put out. Lin Yan used this method to directly tell KING his intention in this game without hiding or avoiding it.

Which team that made it this far to the crucial finals would be simple? From the time that KING chose one of their regular lineups, they made it clear that they wanted to take the first game. It was this unwillingness to let go of any game that made them willingly step into the trap even when they knew it was right in front of them.

‘Appropriate retreat can better help success.’ Song Cheng had to understand this truth but unfortunately, this man wanted KING to win the match too much. The lifetime obsession would cloud judgment.

Back in the player viewing area, Lin Yan sat next to Jian Ning. He took the notebook and placed it in his lap. He gripped the pen with his fingers while staring calmly at the big screen in the center of the field. Since it was said that Song Cheng had the best understanding of Titans, let’s take this opportunity to see how much this man had learned.

The game introduction was over and the first game of the finals officially started. This might be the first confrontation between KING and GH but due to Jing Yuanzhou’s presence, it felt like old rivals encountering each other again.

Unlike their usual route, KING’s opening arrangement was particularly targeted. As for who the target was, it went without saying.

The moment the game started, Brother Rabbit Hat on the commentary stage noticed the special move on KING’s side. “KING is ready… in a way, it can be understood that they are too clear about Titans’s strength and this is why they don’t dare let him go easily, right?”

The moment these words were spoken, the audience remembered KING’s ruthlessness toward the BK team and their expressions were ugly. Titans on the field had always been a difficult existence to target but this didn’t mean he couldn’t be targeted at all.

KING had Song Cheng sitting behind them. His personal understanding of Jing Yuanzhou meant that the arrangements in each game reached the level of extreme targeting. For example, now.

The moment the two sides met, Jing Yuanzhou’s series of moves during level 1 directly knocked out most of the health of KING’s side-laner. He cleared the line of soldiers and got the river crab at the intersection. According to past habits, he should directly start invading the jungle area to the side. Then considering KING’s actual situation, it was a rare occasion when he canceled this idea.

He was just going to turn back when two figures emerged from the grass behind him. It was like his route had been predicted a long time ago. If it was someone else, they would probably die directly under such an ambush.

However, Jing Yuanzhou’s response was still very rapid. He used a strange angled movement and two non-directional control techniques in quick succession. This was followed by a flash and he avoided most of the damage.

At this time, the jungler had just been promoted to level 2. The support didn’t have time to learn the second skill yet. This meant the subsequent damage couldn’t keep up and they had to regretfully watch the first blood slip away. In addition, Jing Yuanzhou had thrown two skills at them so some of their health was consumed.

The gank didn’t succeed and seemed to have a great impact on KING’s jungler rhythm. Yet in contrast, Jing Yuanzhou’s advantage in the early stage of playing the side lane was leveled out and he was forced back to the starting line.

By this time, the game had been going on for five minutes.

Lin Yan watched it for a long time and his eyes couldn’t help sweeping over that figure fighting on the field. Then he lowered his eyes and quickly recorded a few strokes.

The first drop of blood finally broke out in the seventh minute.

Gu Luo crossed the tower to kill the opposite mid-laner and was counter-killed. Although he used ignite to kill the opponent as well, the huge economy of the first blood still fell into the jungler Yan’s pocket.

KING’s jungler Yan was a veteran player who had been to several World Competitions. His style might not be as ruthless and direct as AI but he definitely showed a very strong individual presence on the field.

Now that he had the economy, Yan’s follow up was a lot faster. The thinking of KING’s jungler was actually quite simple. It was to completely suppress the development of Jing Yuanzhou.

This set had been played countless times when they fought against BK and they were extremely familiar with it. The opponent might’ve been changed to GH but the suppression of the side lane was still quite perfect.

As time passed, Jing Yuanzhou’s economy rarely developed due to the too intensive targeting. Still, he tangled up with KING’s side-laner and it was maintained at almost a flat, equal level.

Before he knew it, Lin Yan’s notebook was densely filled.

In the past with the BK Club, the game was basically over once Jing Yuanzhou’s lane failed to open up. However, GH wasn’t BK after all.

Under Chen Yushen’s continuous support, Gu Luo in the middle lane took the lead in pushing down the opposite side’s outer tower. The combination of Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye on the lower lane also withstood the pressure brought by An Seungyeob. During several battles, the exchange of heads was quite beautiful.

In this way, the economy of the top and bottom lanes were basically even. Chen Yushen gave up the economy of the jungle for his teammates’ development and it was slightly lacking compared to KING’s jungler, but Gu Luo gradually entered the strong period of his hero and he was an irresistible force for a moment.

[KING’s obsession with Titans is still too deep. GH isn’t BK. What is the use of crushing Titans alone?]

[Still, if Titans can’t break through KING’s targeting then won’t it be a big hidden danger to the team sooner or later?]

[Don’t say it. How can this game make me so anxious? I’m going to have a heart attack!]

[F*k, I’ve just found that they’ve been playing for over 40 minutes.]

[KING’s routine actually has no problem. GH would be even scarier if they can’t hold Titans down.]

[The other lanes can also play because of Titans. If it wasn’t for KING catching him so comfortably, could the other lanes be so comfortable?]

[Hahaha, I’m laughing to death at the above person. Is that what it means by attracting firepower?]

[One wave, the last wave! It depends on which side can play the team battle!]

The barrage in the live broadcast room moved quickly. Lin Yan glanced at it and turned off his phone.

On the big screen, the light effect of a skill fell on his face but a hidden flame burned between his seemingly thin eyebrows. It was just as he asked Song Cheng when he left the field. Despite knowing that he was deliberately setting the tactical rhythm, would KING fall for this trick?

The game had arrived and the answer was ‘yes.’

Judging from the performance of the other lanes, the players were indeed in a good state today. This included Jing Yuanzhou, who steadily resisted the pressure from all sides. Even so, it still made people feel unhappy. Every step of KING’s tactical arrangement, every targeting made by this man Song Cheng made him… very unhappy.

45 minutes later, the last team battle occurred. KING played a result of four for five and won the first victory in the World Competition in a thrilling manner. As the statistics were displayed on the big screen, Lin Yan slammed shut his notebook and greeted the players who left the field.

They just lost a game. After returning to the lounge, everyone seemed a bit down despite knowing it was a tactical necessity.

Lin Yan handed Jing Yuanzhou a glass of water and spoke a few words about everyone’s mistakes on the field just now. Finally, he didn’t forget to encourage them. “It might be best to win the first victory but this round was originally based on the need for data collection. Don’t worry. The thing that is coming next will be the real show.”

The players heard the coach’s words and their expressions brightened slightly. Still, Gu Luo was a bit angry when thinking about the situation of the game just now. “The rhythm was really uncomfortable.”

“It isn’t surprising. You probably didn’t notice it yourself but in the previous games, you will unconsciously try to expand around the side lane.” Lin Yan stood behind Jing Yuanzhou and gently squeezed this person’s shoulders. “Song Cheng studied your captain and deliberately suppressed the side lane rhythm during the game. It would be strange if you didn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Jing Yuanzhou said, “Sorry, it is my fault.”

“I don’t blame you.” Lin Yan lowered his eyes and slowly let out a breath. “The key now isn’t who is the problem. It is how to break this situation. The reason why I said you finished very well is because as a result of the game, I have received the most basic information I need. The next step is to have fun with KING.”

He glanced back at Jian Ning and asked, “Cub Pa, are you ready?”

Jian Ning had been left alone in China before and couldn’t come to the competition. He had already been suffocating for a long time. The opportunity he waited for finally arrived and he naturally wouldn’t be polite. “I’ve been unable to wait for a long time.”

“Very good.” Lin Yan picked up the team uniform next to him and casually draped it over his shoulders. “Don’t even think about the first game. Just let KING be happy first. After this, they probably won’t be able to smile anymore. In fact, I am also a bit curious. Once KING’s rhythm is completely destroyed, how are they going to play?”

At this point, he couldn’t help letting out a low chuckle. “In the next game, let me and the cub serve as your pathfinder to victory.”

Proofreader: Nao

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