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CAMP: Chapter 176

The list for the finals was released and the names KING and GH became the focus of attention. The grand final was scheduled for the weekend of next week so there was some time left in the middle for final tactical adjustments for both teams.

Just as in previous years, in this period of time, all the topics discussed were undoubtedly focused on which team could win the championship. The South Korean fans were particularly active during this time.

Obviously in the eyes of Korean netizens, the unknown new team of GH had a lot to deal with compared with the old giants of PAY, Three and LDF. It was already a very good result for a dark horse team to reach the world finals in one go. As for the final trophy, it was up to KING of their division to take it.

KING was a top team that had been famous in the world for many years and it was indeed a near peak existence in the eyes of many global e-sports fans. The foreign media almost unanimously agreed that the championship had been booked in advance but the Chinese division wasn’t depressed at all.

On the contrary, it made them even more full of expectations for the finals. As seeded teams were eliminated one after another, it could be said that the Chinese division had formed an unprecedented unity. In the face of these overwhelming foreign media reports, they just laughed but didn’t say anything.

Was the Go Home team so easy to deal with? Haha, all the teams who previously thought that had been sent home.

In two days, the online prediction of the winning rate came out. The external network might’ve unanimously praised KING but the Chinese division also had a large fan base. The data on both sides was an even 50:50.

During the last few days, the GH team spent almost all day and night in the training hall.

Lin Yan came forward and skipped even a series of officially arranged publicity interviews in order to deal KING a fatal blow in the finals.

Bi Yaohua took advantage of a rare rest time to scan his phone.

He saw the fiery winning percentage prediction result and smiled. “Speaking of which, why do I like this type of counterattack? What did the foreign media say? The fans of our region are too blindly confident? Once in the finals, I will fire a few shots and pierce holes in them.”

Gu Luo had just drunk a mouthful of water. He couldn’t help back and choked up, causing him to cough. “Brother Trash Talk… can you stop teasing me when I’m drinking water?”

Bi Yaohua raised his eyelids and laughed mockingly. “Am I teasing you? I am obviously teasing those who desperately need to be face slapped.”

Gu Luo, “……”

He was just ready to say something when he heard a knock on the rear door.

“Who is it?” Jian Ye responded to the sound. He put down the cup in his hand and walked over to open the door, only to be stunned when he saw the people standing there.

DeMen stood at the door and poked his head inside. “Excuse me.”

Lin Yan looked up, caught a glimpse of the people behind him and laughed. “Yo, we have rare guests!”

The GH members saw the familiar figures coming in one after another and didn’t have time to react. They directly froze up. Gu Luo eventually recovered and hurriedly poured cups of hot water for the visitors.

There were Three’s Wuhoo and Come and PAY’s AI and DeMen. No one would have predicted that the great god-level seniors would suddenly come to the training hall.

Both Three and PAY had finished their journey in the World Competition. In principle, two days had passed and they should’ve been ready to go back. However, there was still GH from the Chinese division. It was a friendly team and they had the same enemy. Thus, they decided to come and see the preparations before leaving.

AI didn’t say anything after coming through the door. Judging from the expression on his face, he was obviously still in a bad mood. The jungler king who never showed too much emotion was visibly slightly depressed at this time.

Jing Yuanzhou and DeMen chatted with each other and the topic landed on their future plans. The question was also very direct. “So when are you going to retire?”

AI was sitting next near them and playing with his phone. He heard this sentence and suddenly frowned in their direction.

“The process is already finished. It will be a few days after returning to China.” As he spoke, DeMen felt the gaze behind him. His fingers rubbed against the table next to him and he slightly smiled. “Still… I have promised. I will continue to stay in PAY after returning. We should be able to meet again next year in the arena.”

His words were passed over to the man who was blatantly eavesdropping on the side. The corners of AI’s mouth lowered slightly. Then he silently moved his eyes away before DeMen looked over.

On the other side, Bi Yaohua had pulled Wuhoo in for a hot chat. The two shooters weren’t extroverts. In two or three sentences, they skipped right past the replay of the previous match and started talking about the unenlightened foreign media.

Relatively speaking, the two people in the support position talked more harmoniously. Listening to Come, he seemed to be inspired by Jian Ye. After returning, he was ready to try the healing type of heroes.

Lin Yan hugged his body and leaned against the wall while looking over there. Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind. He clapped his hands and attracted everyone’s attention. “By the way, since you are all here, are you interested in playing a few games for entertainment?”

It was the last spring before the finals. The team members facing each other weren’t suitable for temporary cramming. In the training content arranged by Lin Yan in the past few days, the main focus was the micro operation of personal ability. Today, it was rare for the great demon kings to get together. He couldn’t let go of such an excellent opportunity for free training.

The top players who came to visit hadn’t expected such an operation and were stunned. Then they thought about it and found it really interesting. The demon king players at the top of China’s competition area were opponents and didn’t have a chance to be teammates. Once they received this proposal, they thought about it and it seemed even more feasible. They were all eager to try it.

Of course, someone didn’t forget his own situation. Wuhoo raised his plastered hand and shook it. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight.”

Listening to his tone, he really regretted not being able to participate in such a group activity.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll arrange the shooter position.” Lin Yan saw the other people’s opinions and smiled while gently elbowing Jing Yuanzhou. “Don’t you have a good relationship with Luni? Can you call him too?”

Jing Yuanzhou responded and took out his phone.

Five minutes later, the ‘retired god’ Luni, who returned home to China and inherited his family business, went online with great excitement after receiving the call.

Lin Yan rubbed his hands together with satisfaction and glanced at the time. “Cub Pa has just arrived today and Ah Mo is picking him up from the airport. They should be almost here. Before he arrives, I will be the shooter and warm up with you! There are many computers here. Take your pick!”

Then he glanced at Jing Yuanzhou and smiled. “This time we are opponents. Be careful of being abused.”

Jing Yuanzhou also smiled. “You can abuse me at any time.”

The whole process went smoothly. It was settled with a few words and the GH team members couldn’t help being a bit flustered. DeMen as the top laner, AI as the jungler, Luni as the mid-laner, Come as the support and the coach as the shooter? F*k, what hell did this devil lineup come out of? It was a gathering of demon kings!

In a flash, Lin Yan helped arrange machines for the others. He looked up and saw the GH members still standing there. He couldn’t help reminding them, “What are you doing? You’ve had a good rest. Be more active and get on the computer quickly!”

The members of GH, “……”

Who wanted to be active about this type of thing?

Seeing the team members squirming, Lin Yan looked down at his phone. “Wait for Cub Pa to take my position when he arrives. Then I will integrate the game data as soon as possible. As for today’s training time… if you don’t have any opinions then it’s best to play five games! It will be hard work. Then I will invite everyone for a late night snack afterwards!”

All the demon king players were very casual about it. “It is fine. It’s just an entertainment game. We can do it.”

The members of GH, “………”

Lin Yan’s time calculation was very accurate. The first game was just ending when Jian Ning, who was picked up to participate in the finals, followed Luo Mo inside. Once he entered the door and clearly saw the situation in the training room, the face of the young boy that was stinky all year round showed a stunned expression.

Before he could even arrange his luggage, he was caught by Lin Yan and pressed down into a gaming chair. “Cub Pa, the timing is just right. The shooter position will be handed over to you!”

Jian Ning, “…”

Lin Yan added, “Hit your brother!”

Jian Ning’s eyes lit up in an instant.

It was a training match but under Lin Yan’s special arrangements, there was no particular targeted ganks or roaming. Everyone stayed firmly on their lanes so the early stage of the game actually resembled a solo competition for each player.

Jing Yuanzhou and DeMen were old rivals and their development was relatively harmonious. Meanwhile, the retired Luni used a strong output and a bloody wind occurred in the other lanes.

This training mode tested the personal operation ability of each player. Apart from the fact that they were facing top players, many of the awareness and micro operations were things that the GH players weren’t exposed to in normal times. Unknowingly, some subtle changes started to take place that they weren’t even aware of.

In this tense atmosphere, the training match lasted until 10 o’clock in the evening.

Lin Yan got his wish and obtained the detailed information he wanted. He happily scanned it with his eyes. Then he smiled at all the team members who had collapsed in their gaming chairs with open eyes and clapped. “The late night dinner has been delivered. Everyone, take a break. You worked hard!”

Wuhoo, who had been watching all night, followed up with a smile. “It is indeed hard work. I was tired just watching.”

Come took the coat from Wuhoo and couldn’t help reminding him, “Your hands aren’t good. Don’t lift heavy things.”

Wuhoo raised his eyebrow. “You are different with other shooters. You only know how to be fierce with me.”

Come, “……”

It wasn’t until the top players left through the door one after another that the GH members moved in an exhausted manner, shaking their fingers and getting up from their chairs.

They might’ve confronted these people in the arena but many details that couldn’t be touched during team battles were deeply felt tonight. It turned out that this was the world of the strong. They obviously still had a long way to go.

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Damn that was powerful!!

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
10 months ago

A long way to go?
You’re in the world finals!