CAMP: Chapter 160

In order to solve Bi Yaohua’s documents problem, Luo Mo ran around outside for two days. In order to praise Luo Mo’s enthusiasm and find a way out for himself, Lin Yan used the excuse of this merit to take back the previous salary deduction.

The other team members stayed in the training hall for training. They occasionally paid attention to the progress but they didn’t look too worried. The reason was naturally because Lin Yan had reassured them in advance.

It was at this time that the players learned their coach had secretly gone to the league headquarters to complete the player registration before going abroad, just to avoid any situations occurring.

To be honest, who in the team hadn’t been abused by Lin Yan? At this time, there was such a strong substitute with them. They were very sorry to Bi Yaohua but they were relaxed enough to let him run around outside. They also urged him to take the opportunity to settle the old grudges well.

It wasn’t known where Roser ran but he knew how to hide very well. The South Korean police searched for two days and only found some traces on the day of the quarter-finals. At the same time, the result of the communication between the league and headquarters was formally released after several meetings and discussions. The requirements raised happened to be the relevant certificates provided by the police.

Therefore, the GH team divided into two groups. Luo Mo and Bi Yaohua went to the police station to follow up while the others got in the business car and headed to the stadium.

On the road, the players looked very excited. After all, today’s opponent was Win. Compared with teams where there were no hatred and grudges, they were naturally more emotional.

The moment he got in the car, Lin Yan noticed that Jing Yuanzhou looked more serious than usual. During the time when the others weren’t paying attention, Lin Yan secretly touched him with an elbow. “What’s going on, Captain Jing? You don’t have a smiling face today.”

“I’m just thinking about things,” Jing Yuanzhou replied. “I am thinking… how can I end today’s match quickly?”

He might’ve been convinced by Lin Yan but now it was so close to the match. It was absolutely impossible for him to not worry about a PTSD outbreak. Lin Yan naturally knew that Jing Yuanzhou was worried about himself and deliberately relaxed his tone. “Why are you thinking so much? Perhaps BB will come back halfway through?”

“You also know that it’s a perhaps.” Jing Yuanzhou looked up. “I really want to be on the same stage as you but I don’t want you to be affected by it.”

“Okay, it’s just a few games. You’re making it seem like an execution ground.” Lin Yan deliberately avoided the topic. He rubbed the blanket in his arms and leaned against Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulder. “I’ll close my eyes for a while. Call me when we get there.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much. “Yes.”

It was the quarter-finals and there was the previous grudge with Win, so the number of people who came to the scene to cheer for them was obviously greater than ever. Luo Mo wasn’t here so Lin Yan took everyone to register before the match.

Since the start of the competition, GH’s performance was obvious to all and they had left a deep impression on foreign e-sports circles. Therefore, the staff member couldn’t help looking up when he saw the list of today’s players. He was obviously very surprised about why the head coach’s name would appear on the list of players.

After completing the registration, Gu Luo couldn’t help laughing. “Did you see the eyes of the staff member? I can imagine how the venue will react after the coach appears on the field.”

Jian Ye also smiled. “Is this the first time the coach has come to play on the field?”

Then he looked around and sighed emotionally. “When will Brother Trash Talk come back? He is usually noisy but I have become accustomed to the noise. Now that he isn’t here, it feels strangely deserted.”

Chen Yushen answered, “He just sent me a message. He said that Roser has been found and is being taken back to the police station.”

“Why didn’t he send me a message?” Jian Ye muttered. Then when he heard that name, his hands instantly clenched into fists. “That basta*d really requires a beating!”

“It will be the match soon. What beating?” Lin Yan leaned against the sofa and reminded them. “Hurry up and adjust your state. Be ready to play. You don’t need to hold back when playing Win. Just beat them to death on the field, you know?”

Everyone responded in unison. “Yes!”

Lin Yan smiled with satisfaction and lowered his head to sort out the lineup arrangements that had been re-adjusted for the current situation in the past two days.

After checking it again, his gaze fell on the newly added game ID in his notebook. A complicated look filled his eyes.

GH.Eternal. It was an ID that came from a dusty past and he thought it would never appear on the field again. He definitely knew that his PTSD situation was terrible for professional players. It was why after encountering Jing Yuanzhou in this way and realizing there was a person who could accompany him to improve his state bit by bit, he cherished it even more.

Along the way, Lin Yan could feel that his degree of improvement had far exceeded his original expectations. There was still a long way to go before full recovery but at least there was hope. It was precisely due to such a tiny trace of hope that when this seemingly passive opportunity emerged, he was very greedy and wanted to firmly grasp it.

He didn’t necessarily have to come back to this arena again. It was enough just to feel the sensation of standing on the field again. He would use his own ID to win another game beautifully.

Then thinking about it again, perhaps it was due to the existence of Jing Yuanzhou, a man he could fight side by side with, that he had this type of strong ambition to try and eagerly strive for victory again.

These thoughts passed through his mind and Lin Yan raised his head to the side. This gaze was too hot and Jing Yuanzhou also looked over. The moment their eyes met, all words didn’t seem so important.

Toward the start of the match, the team members received the notice of the staff and brought their own equipment bags to begin to warm up. The figures of both sides appeared in the venue and screams and cheers swept through the audience.

In this atmosphere, the commentators from each country sat at their own commentator seats and started to conduct the pre-match analysis for the netizens of their various countries.

This match was the second seed GH of the Chinese division against the first seed Win of the South Korean division. Both sides had new and old grievances so compared with the other spectators, those from the two countries were full of expectations about today’s match.

For the Chinese division, the commentators were the old friends Brother Rabbit hat and Cry Cry. They saw the GH team enter the field and quickly got to the topic.

However, before the official introduction of the players started, the two of them couldn’t help freezing when their eyes fell on the GH team. Before they could speak, they could feel the excitement of the spectators turn to a lot of discussion. Obviously, everyone who was following the match started to notice a very strange point.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat finally found his voice. “Uh, is there any delay? Why do I feel like… I don’t see BB in GH’s lineup?”

Commentator Cry Cry was also very puzzled but she didn’t forget to make a joke to liven up the atmosphere. “Surely BB isn’t so nervous at the beginning of the match that he went to the bathroom, right?]

The barrage scrolled quickly at the two people’s interaction.

[Hahaha, can the Trash Talk King be nervous? Stop joking. The end of the world is more likely!]

[Still, BB really isn’t here. What’s going on?]

[He will come later. Otherwise, will GH play four against five]

[I’m laughing at the thought of four against five. Is it because Win isn’t worthy for the Trash Talk King to play?

[A joke is a joke, but where is BB? This is a knock-out match. Nothing can happen!]

[Wait, am I dazzled? BB isn’t here so why do I feel like the number of GH members seems to be the same?]

[You aren’t dazzled. There really is an extra person. However, I haven’t seen this person before. Has GH signed a new player?]

[No, then why was there no arrangement in the previous group stage? Are they training a new player in the knockout quarter-finals?]

[Have you just started watching the matches of the Go Home team? It isn’t as if GH has never used a key match to train their newcomers.]

[Although who says that this person is a new player? He isn’t wearing GH’s uniform!]

[Coach Lin changed into the team uniform today. He looks handsome. Does this mean he wants to express the spirit of the GH team?]

There was a lot of discussion on the Internet but at this time, they were surprised to find that unknowingly, the GH team that messed around every day unknowingly left a strange confidence in their hearts.

The official commentators also paid attention to the barrage during this interaction.

Brother Rabbit Hat paid attention to something mentioned later and took another look before joking, “Speaking of which, GH does have a new face in today’s lineup. Surely it isn’t as netizens guessed? Is this a secret weapon that GH left to welcome Win in today’s quarter-finals?]

[Hahaha, what to say? it absolutely isn’t impossible.]

[Stop it, GH already has the secret weapon called PPA, okay?]

[Don’t say anything else. BB might be silly usually but he is more than enough to win against a team like Win.]

[F*k, don’t mention that idiot. He still hasn’t appeared yet. Will he make it on time?]

The commentators and barrage were conducting various analyses but on the big screen, the GH team obviously wasn’t prepared to wait for someone. They walked to their respective zones under the guidance of the staff. This included the new face that people mentioned.

Commentator Cry Cry was completely stunned. “So… this really is a newcomer of the GH team?”

However, why hadn’t they heard about GH signing a newcomer other than PPA?

Brother Rabbit Hat’s gaze also fell firmly on the strange figure. His complex tone was almost not enough to express his mood at the moment. “He is on the field! GH really did arrange for a newcomer to play! So it is now certain that GH didn’t arrange for BB to play in this round of the match. Yes, BB isn’t playing! Then the identity of this mysterious newcomer is…”

Just then, the player IDs of both sides were announced on the display screen. Brother Rabbit Hat saw the new ID in front of the GH shooter position. “Eternal! The ID of this new shooter in GH is Eternal! IT seems that GH really saved a good hand for today’s match!”

He took a deep breath and calmed down a little bit. “So let’s see what type of performance this newcomer will bring us… f*k!”

After watching GH’s matches for so long, Brother Rabbit thought there would be nothing that could surprise him any longer. Still, he couldn’t hold back from making a loud noise. He knew that such a sentence in the World Competition was enough to deduct a lot of his overtime salary but even so, he wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to money at the moment.

Right now, Brother Rabbit hat was like everyone else in the audience. He stared in a dumbfounded manner as the imaginary ‘new player’ took the signature sheet handed to the coach by the staff member next to him.

On the other side, Lin Yan who was supposed to be in the coaching position was sitting in the seat marked with the shooter ID under everyone’s eyes. The identity of GH. Eternal had emerged.

The people at the scene completely blew up after getting the answer.

Proofreader: Nao

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2 years ago

AAAAAAH LY playing his ID Eternal again has me so emotional, he’s slowly reconciling what happened in the past and his team…

1 year ago

I’m expecting an ACE from LY!!!! This time it would be a wonderful memory and would help him recover from his PTSD 🙏🙏🙏

1 year ago

Iirc shooter was also his main back then, no? Oh this is gonna be something. I am enchanted and terrified.

1 year ago

AAAAHAHHHHH im so excited !!!!

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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