CAMP: Chapter 16

In Lin Yan’s words, Bi Yaohua was a person who knew what he wanted. He made a high evaluation of such excellent quality. So the next day, the player who knew how to pursue his dream appeared at the entrance of the GH base with a suitcase. A pair of sunglasses was covering most of his face but the colourful peacock hair and unstoppable arrogance was obvious at first glance.

The thing that surprised Lin Yan the most was that Chen Yushen also arrived at the base despite not being heard from after the home visit. He didn’t say any greetings in advance. He just carried a backpack and appeared in front of everyone without any warning. The boy’s face still contained an indifference to human feelings. His lips were pressed tightly together in the face of the enthusiasm he was met with and he said nothing.

As the team manager appointed by Lin Yan, Luo Mo immediately prepared for the contract signing of the two people.

Lin Yan hugged his body and leaned against the wall as he watched the busy figures in the meeting room with satisfaction. He couldn’t stop smiling once he saw that all the members of the team were finally here.

Bi Yaohua glanced at his signing contract and signed his name with flamboyant characters. It had to be said that he was a very clear person. He knew exactly what he wanted and never refused the opportunities presented to him. This was the case when he previously signed with QOG. Now he joined GH for no other reason. It was purely himself.

In contrast with this Trash Talk King, it was Chen Yushen who was seriously studying the conditions. He sat quietly at the conference table while frowning slightly. The sunlight leaking in from the surrounding area coated him with a shallow edge, making him look pale and pure.

Lin Yan’s eyes fell on such a figure. He recalled the boy’s previous experience and his eyes shook slightly. Unlike others, he had a god’s perspective and he knew very well what happened in the youth training camp. Due to this, he felt more distressed after seeing Chen Yushen.

Chen Yushen was such a thin young man and he experienced so much hardships when facing those people. Chen Yushen vaguely felt Lin Yan’s gaze and raised his head to look over. He mistakenly believed that his future boss was dissatisfied with his hesitant attitude. The corners of his lips lowered slightly and he raised his pen to sign his name.

The contract signing was completed and the last two spots on the team were officially confirmed.

Lin Yan clapped his hands and announced with a smile, “Team GH, all the members are assembled!”

Luo Mo carefully closed the last two contracts and secretly sighed with relief. Recently, the officials of Burning Hot Assembly were urging him to hand over the list of players. They almost arranged a staff member to directly squat in front of the club door.

Now the clouds opened to reveal the moon. He could finally do business and he couldn’t help but have tears forming in his eyes!


The last two players were in place and the whole team finally showed its first appearance.

Although many clubs arranged substitute players, Lin Yan currently had no plans in this regard.

After all, they weren’t a veteran club with a deep history. If he set up a substitute position just after the team was completed, it might bring a sense of distrust and cause the players to think they might be replaced. This would be counterproductive.

Lin Yan gave a day for Chen Yushen and Bi Yaohua to get used to the environment. The next day, he summoned everyone to the training room and briefly explained the next plan and arrangement. “Everyone should know about Burning Hot Assembly so I won’t go into details. If nothing goes wrong, this show will officially start recording in two weeks. In the next few days, I will take everyone to make the team uniforms and also take some promotional photos. Remember to set aside some time in advance. Don’t go wandering outside on those days.”

It wasn’t a secret that GH wanted to participate in the recording of this e-sports variety show. However, when he heard Lin Yan’s suggestion, Gu Luo had the thinnest skin and was a bit nervous. “This type of variety show… is it a reality show? Then we will be on TV?”

Lin Yan sent him a funny glance. “The specific situation will be explained in detail after Manager Luo understands the specific situation. TV might not be available but it will definitely be on the major online TV platforms. If you feel that your idol burden is heavy, take advantage of these days. The general standard is…”

He glanced around and his gaze finally fell on Jing Yuanzhou’s body. He smiled slightly as he said, “It is enough to look almost as good as Titans.”

Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and smiled. “I think I also need to work harder.”

“This type of positive attitude is very desirable. Everyone, you should learn from the captain.” Lin Yan clapped his hands and looked around. “However, I think our team has absolutely no problems in terms of appearance. Even a random shooting will make it an idol promotional film. You don’t have to be too nervous.”

Lin Yan patted the documents in his hands. “The team’s secondary coaches and data analysts will be on duty in the next two days. Apart from the tasks related to the variety show, I will send a training schedule to everyone’s emails. The specific content is different for each person so remember to pay attention to it. The club’s salary for everyone isn’t low but the penalties are also severe. To avoid the situation of selling yourself to compensate for the fines in the future, I advise you to pay more attention.”

He turned to Bi Yaohua with a smile. “In particular, BB. Your mouth might be the club’s main source of income. You should work hard.”

Bi Yaohua was suddenly named and he gathered the colourful bangs touching his forehead. “I know. I’ll try my best and try to converge when I’m live broadcasting. Scolding people without swearing is a technical job but I think I can do it.”

Try his best, converge, live broadcasting and… scolding people without swearing?! The team manager Luo Mo heard this and almost couldn’t breathe. He always felt that he could foresee the dark future of running around for the team…

Lin Yan didn’t continue to say anything else about the specific arrangements. He just lowered his head and glanced at the time. “The formal training will begin the day after tomorrow when the assistant coaches and analysts leave. Before I start training, I want to better understand everyone’s fighting styles. I have briefly discussed it with the captain. Titans and I will lead one team each in a 3v3. It is two wins out of three games. Then let’s divide into groups. Uh…”

He raised his head when speaking and happened to meet Gu Luo’s expectant gaze. His words paused slightly. “Then Gloy, you should go with Titans.”

Gu Luo’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, Coach!”

Bi Yaohua stood behind and raised his hand. “Brother Yan, let me go with you. As long as I’m here, I can definitely help you stabilize the field.”

Lin Yan didn’t even lift his eyelids. “No, you also follow Titans.”

Bi Yaohua froze. “The side lanes and mid-laner are all over here. Combined with me as a shooter, aren’t you afraid of a direct output explosion?!”

Lin Yan looked indifferent. “I’m not afraid.”

“Give me a reason for not wanting me?”

Lin Yan spoke with a blank expression. “You’re too noisy.”

Bi Yaohua struggled hard. “…I can try to control my mouth.”

Lin Yan used an affirmative sentence. “No, you can’t control it.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

Lin Yan didn’t give Bi Yaohua any more chances to force it. He clapped in a business-like manner. “Okay, go pick your commonly used spot and prepare to fight.”

The GH team’s first civil war grouping was decided just like that. Lin Yan saw that the spot opposite Jing Yuanzhou was empty and walked over. He pulled out the chair and sat down. Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “Do you really want to fight like this?”

Lin Yan’s mouth curved up casually. “Fight. It is BO3 and the loser will make today’s dinner.”

He smiled and added, “Make, it, your, self!”

Jing Yuanzhou agreed. “Okay.”

Based on the lineup alone, Jing Yuanzhou had the most important output of the top, middle and bottom lanes. No matter what angle it was analyzed from, Lin Yan didn’t have any advantage with a jungler and support. In addition, Chen Yushen might be a genius jungle but he had been an accompanying player for two years. It was unclear to what extent his strength had fallen.

On the other hand, in addition to Jing Yuanzhou, Bi Yaohua had just retired from the professional league. He was much more experienced when it came to technique.

Even so, Lin Yan’s attitude at this moment was so calm. Jing Yuanzhou was very curious as he wondered what medicine this person was selling.

Lin Yan sighed with relief after pulling everyone into a custom room and arranging the groupings. “Get ready.”

Then he put the headphones around his neck and pressed the start button. Since it was 3V3, they used Frozen Canyon, a map that was narrower than the team terrain. There was no BP link in this mode. The two sides communicated in their respective team voice channels and started to choose heroes.

Lin Yan announced the names of two heroes, and Jian Ye in the support position and Chen Yushen in the jungler position were slightly taken aback. Still, they locked onto it cooperatively.

The moment the character import interface was seen, both sides saw the opponent’s lineup. Bi Yaohua glanced at the heroes on the opposite side and didn’t feel very good. “What lineup is this? Crazy! How do we fight against this lineup?!”

Gu Luo silently lowered his head, looked at the hero he had locked onto and spoke sincerely. “Why do I feel like I can’t kill one by myself?”

Jing Yuanzhou finally understood Lin Yan’s thoughts at this time and couldn’t help smiling without speaking. Compared to the three strong lane fighters on the blue side, the three heroes on Lin Yan’s red side were more biased.

Jian Ye unsurprisingly took his best big breasted healer. Chen Yushen used Eddie, a barbarian who was mocked as a cold bench professional in the league. As for Lin Yan, he used the number one steel tank, Harris the lava demon.

After this game, a very esoteric question could probably be discussed during the replay. Which side was stronger? The sharpest spear or the strongest shield?

In fact, before pushing to the second defensive tower, the strong output blue team wanted to vomit. Forget anything else. This lineup alone was really disgusting!

The barbarian Eddie and lava demon were already hard to beat up. Then there was the big breasted healer like Jian Ye behind them to give them life. On the field, these assassin heroes could be seen advancing and retreating like ghosts. It might look extremely pleasing to the eye but their set of moves barely lowered the opponent’s blood before the opponents received love from Jian Ye and were full of health.

Bi Yaohua finally saw his own crystal being broken by the opponent. No matter how good his mentality, he couldn’t help wanting to throw the keyboard. “Wow, this routine is so dirty! It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone dirtier than me!”

Gu Luo silently glanced at him, mouth twitching slightly. He didn’t expect that the Trash Talk King would even scold himself.

After the game, Lin Yan took off his headphones and touched the thin sweat on his cheeks. “If you’re ready then continue.”

Jing Yuanzhou had lost to such a routine but he was in a surprisingly good mood. He leaned away from his computer to take a look. “Coach Lin, are you still planning to use this lineup in the next game?”

He thought that Lin Yan would reply with ‘guess’ but there was only a brief silence. It was unknown what Lin Yan was thinking but his face didn’t show any joy from winning. Rather, he seemed a bit absent-minded. He only reacted after a long time by casually replying, “You will know when you see it.”

Such a state obviously wasn’t like him. Jing Yuanzhou had a vaguely strange feeling. He frowned and was about to say something when Bi Yaohua next to him called out. “Titans, we’ve chosen the heroes.”

Lin Yan lowered his head and entered the team voice channel to do the lineup arrangement for this round. Jian Ye glanced at it and couldn’t help praising. “Wonderful!”

Then he noticed that Lin Yan hadn’t put on his headphones. He was surprised for a moment before realizing. Then he started typing. [Brother Yan is witty. We can communicate like this and they won’t hear our lineup arrangement!]

Lin Yan’s mouth curved slightly and he didn’t deny it. He just sent a smiling expression to the chat channel.

It was only when the two sides finished importing the map and the characters refreshed that he picked up the headphones and put them on. He pulled the microphone over and spoke in a calm tone. “If we win this game then our dinner will be stable. If someone makes a mistake and we have to play the third game… hehe…”

The low laughter that came from the voice channel sent chills down Jian Ye and Chen Yushen’s spines.

On the blue side, Jing Yuanzhou had discovered the obvious restraint relationship between the two sides’ lineup at first glance.

Apart from anything else, Lin Yan always seemed able to predict the tactical arrangement. It might only be a fight between team members with an entertainment nature but the two short games could capture the weakness of their lineup very accurately.

It was also in the case of a completely blind selection. This was terribly sharp. The only problem was that in this game, Abyss didn’t use the jungler he was good at. He used the blood singer Sherian who was often used on the side lanes.

Meanwhile, Jing Yuanzhou was the strongest side lane player in the league. The lineup might be perfectly suppressed but this game was more anxious than the previous one. The two sides took turns to destroy each other. Once it reached 18 minutes, the last wave of kills was over and only two figures remained on the map.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou were sitting in opposite positions while the two figures on the screen were also facing each other. Without warning, the dark blue figure suddenly moved forward and officially launched an attack.

Lin Yan frowned slightly and he started tapping on his keyboard.

The health bars on both sides were falling rapidly.

Jian Ye stared at the interface nervously and subconsciously glanced at the time. His instinct as a support made him give a reminder, “Six seconds! Brother Yan, be careful! His flash will be available in six seconds!”

Such a voice was particularly abrupt in the silent background. There was a thin layer of sweat on Lin Yan’s back and a tingling sensation spread over his body, causing Lin Yan’s control of the Menya elf to pause for a moment.

This was an extremely small detail but at such an overly critical moment, it was a mistake that couldn’t be ignored. By the time Lin Yan’s mind returned, the flaws had inevitably been exposed. There might be a chance to recover if the person in front of him was Gu Luo or Bi Yaohua. However, the person facing him on the battlefield was Jing Yuanzhou.

The outcome had probably been decided.

Lin Yan sighed inwardly but didn’t give up the chance to try and save it. He quickly had his character complete an S-shaped walk. Just as he was preparing to meet the opponent’s pursuit, he found that Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t seemed to notice this mistake. He still kept the same operation and rushed up.

The moment the two characters collided, a health bar was completely emptied. The dark blue figure fell heavily in the canyon.

Bi Yaohua sighed with regret. “Oh, what a pity. Almost!”

Gu Luo seemed a bit unwilling. “Are we going to cook…”

Lin Yan pulled off the headphones and threw it aside. He silently operated the character to smash the crystal.

Lin Yan stared at the victory sign on his screen for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. He stood up and said, “You can tell Luo Mo in advance the ingredients needed for tonight and have him prepare them. I… will go and smoke a cigarette.”

Then he turned and walked out without looking back.

Jing Yuanzhou stood up at almost the same time. “I’ll go out too.”

Proofreader: Nao

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This is super random, but the way these people come and go from the base, I feel like I’m back to 2005 and playing Sims 1 on my computer. Back then the houses, buildings, etc, just had a simple street in front of them, spanning the length of the house, and then it cut off. So characters would randomly pop up on the edge of your street and walk over to you house, same for cars. That’s how I feel this base is, people just pop up walking towards it, and you don’t know if they walked the whole way, or took a taxi, or what 😂
Not trash talking the novel or anything, I don’t really mind it, and in fact find it funny 💖

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