CAMP: Chapter 119

[F*k, that last wave of team battle was simply explosive!]

[I can’t say that PAY had a problem when playing. It is mainly that GH’s lineup restrained them too much.]

[BO1 is good at this. It doesn’t give the other side a chance to react at all.]

[Isn’t GH just full of tricks?]

[Oh, the sunspot in front should rest okay. Why don’t you say that other teams are full of tricks when they win?]

[Yes, winning is winning. Don’t look for other reasons to hurt. I just want to ask if your face hurts!]

[First they won against LDF and now PAY. GH wants to directly reach the top this season!]

[They should be the strongest dark horse in history. No one should have an opinion of this, right?]

[The Go Home team is really awesome! Really awesome! From the players to the coach, they are awesome in every sense!]

[Previously, I didn’t quite understand the meaning of a coach to the team. Now I feel that Coach Lin’s tactical system is simply superb…]

[Wait, the regular season is over with this match, right? What is GH’s final ranking? I think it should be second?]

[I really f*king can’t help it! I want milk even if it is poisonous milk! The Milk Home team will set up a new dynasty!]

The barrage of the live broadcast room scrolled frantically. It was hard to see the specific content of the screen unless they blocked it.

On camera, the players of both teams stood up after finishing the match.

At first, the soundproof headphones meant they didn’t notice the atmosphere in the venue. Once they were taken off, everyone in GH couldn’t help being shocked by the neat and unified cheers of the audience.

Bi Yaohua was the first to get his voice back. “Um… I remember we should’ve just finished the regular season, right? Why is the audience so excited?”

Jian Ye agreed with this. “Fu*k, I almost wondered if we were playing the finals.”

Jing Yuanzhou pushed back his gaming chair. He was obviously in a good mood from the tone of his voice. “No, this win is more meaningful than the finals.”

Everyone in GH glanced over doubtfully. “Huh?”

“Nothing.” Jing Yuanzhou glanced in the direction of the audience in an expressionless manner before turning around. “Let’s go and shake hands with PAY.”

As the loser, PAY was much quieter than the GH team. There was nothing to say during the entire handshake process. Both sides ended the process very politely and with great restraint.

The MVP of this match was finally given to Jing Yuanzhou. Chen Yushen and Bi Yaohua’s roaming did bring about a good rhythm in the later stages but Jing Yuanzhou had played an indispensable pillar role in the team, whether it was the early laning process or the subsequent team battle.

The interview process was very simple. He briefly reviewed the course of the regular season and looked forward to the performance in the subsequent playoffs. Then the host asked the customary final question before the official conclusion. “Then Titans, is there anything you want to say to the audience?”

“Thank you very much for your support of GH along the way. I am very happy that our performance can be worthy of this heavy support. In the subsequent playoffs, we will try to do our best.” Jing Yuanzhou looked up at the camera. “I have nothing else in particular that I want to say. However, I want to take this rare opportunity to talk about a private matter.”

The host was a bit curious. “What private matter?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “It isn’t very important. I just want to remind someone not to forget about what he promised before.”

This expression and tone spread to everyone through the live camera. It wasn’t just the spectators at the venue. The entire barrage went completely crazy. [F*k f*k f*k f*k, what is this situation?]

In the lounge, Lin Yan had just cleaned up the table when the words entered his ears. He paused slightly as he picked up the thermos. He slightly raised his eyes and his gaze fell on the man’s meaningful look on the TV screen.

Lin Yan only reacted at this time. It was no wonder why he felt like there was something wrong with Jing Yuanzhou’s expression after he came back from playing the game. He hadn’t thought much about it but now it turned out that Jing Yuanzhou had been thinking about this the entire time?!

His eyelashes shook slightly. Although no one else knew about his agreement with Jing Yuanzhou and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, the tips of his ears still inevitably turned red.

“Coach, did the captain make a bet with Luni or someone?” Bi Yaohua looked back at this moment, his expression full of curiosity and the desire for gossip. “What did he bet on that is worth letting the captain use the interview session to remind the person so deliberately?”

Lin Yan retracted his gaze from the screen, looked down and cleared his throat. “I don’t know. I’m also very curious about this.”

“Even you don’t know?” Bi Yaohua was somewhat disappointed when he heard this and he couldn’t help muttering quietly, “So mysterious…”

Moments later, the MVP Jing Yuanzhou returned from the interview. The first thing he did when walking into the lounge was to glance in Lin Yan’s direction. The thing that entered his vision was the silhouette of a person carefully putting his equipment in his bag.

His eyes skimmed the redness of the man’s ears and a smile flashed in them. Then Jing Yuanzhou withdrew his gaze. Subsequently, he walked forward slowly.

Lin Yan had actually heard the sound of the lounge door being pushed open and knew who had entered without looking. It was just that he remembered the obvious meaning of this person’s words in the interview and deliberately didn’t raise his head.

However, once he lowered his head, he could see the light in his field of view suddenly darken. Jing Yuanzhou had come over at some point. He leaned over and took the equipment bag Lin Yan was holding in his head. “Thank you for the hard work. I’ll do it myself.”

These words almost rubbed against his ears and the moment their fingers touched, it felt like he burst into flames due to the ambiguous content in the interview just now. Lin Yan instinctively withdrew his hand and looked sideways with a meaningful smile. “You just finished the interview. Captain Jing worked even harder.”

Jing Yuanzhou keenly heard the subtlety in this voice and he couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes. He glanced at Lin Yan’s expression and while the others weren’t paying attention, he approached slightly and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear. “The interview isn’t hard. It’s harder… to endure.”

These low-pitched words knocked softly at his heart.

Lin Yan’s throat slightly moved. It was harder to endure. Who didn’t feel this way?

Lin Yan’s breathing slowed for a moment. Just as he was about to say something, the door of the lounge was pushed open again. Luo Mo half poked his body inside and wondered, “Why are you still here? The place for the celebration party has already been arranged. In any case, there won’t be a competition match for a while. Today, everyone can relax and stay up all night or something.”

There was a burst of cheers in the lounge.

Lin Yan’s movements stiffened for a moment before he turned sideways and stood beside Jing Yuanzhou. He felt excessive heat and it was natural to loosen the buttons of his neckline. “It isn’t bad to relax occasionally. Are you all packed? Let’s go.”

Everyone had devoted themselves to the competition since the start of the autumn season. Now there was an opportunity to relax and they sighed with relief. The group went to the parking lot in a lively manner.

Lin Yan could feel that sticky gaze that was always on him as if waiting for something. Jing Yuanzhou was always human-like but he sometimes silently acted spoiled and it really teased people!

Lin Yan took a few deep breaths to relax and controlled his expression. He deliberately ignored Jing Yuanzhou next to him as he sat in the back seat and looked at his phone. The last match of the regular season had ended. In addition to their team’s absolutely brilliant performance on the field, the attention of the Internet was on the final ranking results. The Burning Hot officials obviously understood the feelings of netizens and the follow-up work was very active.

Before arriving at the hotel for dinner, Bi Yaohua held up his phone and shouted, “The results of the regular season have been announced!”

Everyone immediately took out their phones. The top eight of the playoffs had been decided. According to the ranking, they were: Three, GH, PAY, LDF, BK, SUU, UL and PILL.

Beyond that, the other teams were destined to miss the subsequent matches.

The officials hadn’t officially announced the grouping of the playoffs but netizens used the past rules to quickly calculate the grouping situation. The second ranked GH would be in Group B with the third ranked PAY, the sixth ranked SUU and the seventh ranked UL while the other teams were placed in Group A.

The format of the playoffs was that the two lower ranked teams would fight each other first in a BO3 elimination match. The winner would start the second round match with the second highest ranked team in the group. Only the winner of this match could compete with the highest ranked team in the group for admission to the finals.

Thus, in Group B, the final opponent of the GH team would be between Ul, SUU and PAY.

The emergence of this news caused the joy of winning against PAY to instantly disappear. Everyone felt cold water being poured on them and they suddenly calmed down. The corners of Chen Yushen’s lips lowered. “So if there are no surprises, we will have to play a BO3 against PAY in the playoffs?”

Bi Yaohua thought about his experience today and in a rare moment, his mentality collapsed. “A team like PAY is really unfriendly to the position of shooter!”

Gu Luo hesitated. “Putting it another way, maybe SUU or UL can really beat PAY?”

Jian Ye thought about it and chose to directly block this hypothesis. “…So next time, can we still use today’s double stealth lineup?”

Gu Luo was silent for a moment before finally sighing. “To be honest, I would rather play LDF compared to PAY.”

Lin Yan had gone to the Burning Hot official Weibo in the blink of an eye. Now he heard this conversation and felt angry and amused. “If you can win the first time then you can definitely win against PAY the second time. It is just after finishing the regular season and you are already starting to think about the playoffs? Isn’t this a bit too far ahead?”

He saw that they had arrived at the hotel’s parking lot and he put his phone in his trouser pockets. “Don’t think too much. Let’s go and celebrate tonight!”

TL: So this is the situation of GH’s Group B.

First match = SUU vs UL.

Second match = Winner of the first match vs PAY.

Third match = Winner of the second match vs GH.

The advantage of getting second place is that they will only have to play one match compared to PAY, who would have to play two matches to get to the finals.

Proofreader: Nao

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