CAMP: Chapter 118

The bottom lane escaped from death while there was an outbreak of heads in the middle lane. DeMen might’ve pulled out at the right time but the GH trio pushed down the middle tower. Anyone who had played this 5V5 game knew how important this defense tower was for an overall view of the map. Once it was broken, the negative impact on PAY was undoubtedly huge.

[F*k, GH was really decisive in this wave! They took down a tower directly and this is giving PAY a run for their money!]

[AI lost. BB must be a roach. He didn’t die after all that. I really believe in his evil!]

[Mainly, it’s because Gloy’s big move was really beautiful!]

[Indeed, he received a head and helped clear the line simultaneously. If that wave of economy hadn’t upgraded him to level 6, BB would’ve probably died.]

[I don’t know what to say. I feel like I haven’t seen AI suffer such grievances while ganking for a long time.]

[Hahaha, indeed. He didn’t kill BB and lost the mid-laner and tower. This is really wronging him.]

After this wave of gains, GH suddenly rose in strength.

It didn’t matter how strong AI was. Without the vision of the middle tower, his rhythm was limited. In addition, Bi Yaohua had reached level 6 and would be even more difficult to gank. Any player with even a small knowledge of the game could realize that the following period of time would be an opportunity for GH to reverse the situation.

In this regard, GH was naturally clearer about it. Lin Yan had repeatedly reminded them when discussing the lineup that they should pay attention to grasping this critical period.

Chen Yushen quickly signaled to the middle and bottom respectively. “AI might go here. Be careful.”

Since Lin Yan opened up his mind, Chen Yushen was never tangled up in the specific problem of where AI might appear. He gave a reminder of all the possible gank locations and rushed to the top lane without hesitation. At the bottom lane, Jian Ye replied, “Understood.” Then he escorted Bi Yaohua, who had run out of mana, back to the town to get equipment.

Before long, AI’s figure did appear in the middle lane. In order to guard against being ganked, Gu Luo cleared the line of soldiers from a long distance and didn’t dare go out too far. It was just that the position where AI appeared was a bit too tricky and it completely blocked Gu Luo’s retreat.

If Gu Luo had been using the assassin type mages he was good at then he might be able to fight back. However, the hero for this game was limited. In this case, he could only release one wave of skills before his health bar emptied.

After forcibly consuming some of AI’s health and mana, he withdrew all the way. Still, he couldn’t avoid the fate of being killed by the tower. AI took a head and jumped back to the upper half of GH’s jungle area, telling DeMen, “Get ready, I’m going up.”

DeMen was about to respond when he saw the exclamation mark flashing above his head. He exclaimed in a low voice, “Don’t come!”

A hint of surprise flashed in AI’s eyes. He looked up and saw two figures suddenly appear out of thin air on the lane that was originally 1V1. Chen Yushen and BB performed a big change. They didn’t give DeMen a chance to react and swarmed to complete the kill.

Jing Yuanzhou took the line of soldiers and pressed forward. “Push the tower.”

[F*k, when did BB run to the top road?]

[So when he returned to town to make up his equipment, he was ready to go to the top road to catch people?]

[I seem to suddenly see the essence of the Go Home team’s lineup…]

[Thinking about it carefully, if these two people approach invisibly at the same time… it is really unstoppable!]

[It is hard to prevent. Once these two are invisible, even AI can’t catch them easily.]

[If you come to catch me, I will be invisible. If you don’t come to catch me, I’ll catch your teammates?]

[F*k, I feel like this lineup is really good and disgusting.]

[That’s right. I think I would collapse if I imagined myself in that position.]

[Hahaha, the people who said that GH isn’t good, come out. Let you feel the magic of Coach Lin!]

[What is the hurry? It hasn’t ended yet!]

[Yo, I’m afraid you’ll cry in the end!]

There was a moment of silence in PAY’s voice channel when DeMen was killed.

“This wave is my fault.” The shooter blamed himself. “I thought BB was just going back to the city to make up his equipment. I didn’t notice he actually went to the top lane.”

DeMen shook his head. “I don’t blame you. I was careless.”

“It was useless to be careful. You couldn’t have run away in that position.” AI stared at the screen and slowly let out a breath. “I’ll get revenge for you.”

The last sentence entered the ears of the PAY players and their expressions gradually became serious. DeMen was slightly taken aback. He realized that AI was really unhappy and couldn’t help laughing a bit. “Okay.

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to feel the resentment from PAY in the air and his voice was heard in GH’s voice channel. “AI is going to start targeting me.”

“Really?” Gu Luo was stunned for a moment before suggesting, “It just so happens that the middle tower has been pushed. Should I go toward the top lane more so it is convenient to support you at any time?”

Jing Yuanzhou shook his head and his fingers on the mouse curved slightly. “No, just save a big skill. Pay attention to the middle tower and don’t let them disrupt the rhythm.”

Gu Luo replied, “Understood!”

The audience had a god’s perspective and quickly noticed the changes to the situation on the field. AI rushed to the top lane with the support while the other players of GH seemed to deliberately avoid him. They left the upper half of the map ahead of time and went straight to the bottom lane.

Soon, the war on the top lane was ignited again. Jing Yuanzhou’s fight against AI was undoubtedly a peak duel. One side had the defense tower as a shelter while the other side had DeMen and PAY’s support to encircle and suppress him. After several confrontations and the use of dazzling skills, the health of both sides was rapidly declining.

DeMen was fighting in front of the tower while AI shot forward like an arrow released from the bowstring. He used the help of a displacement skill and directly reached Jing Yuanzhou’s body. Jing Yuanzhou simply dealt a brief dizziness to AI.

However, PAY’s support in the rear used healing skills in a timely manner to return health to the group. After the dizziness ended, AI simply took away Jing Yuanzhou’s remaining health. The timing of DeMen’s retreat was also just right. Just before the last blow from the defense tower, he withdrew from the attack range and AI shared the last two damages.

In this way, both men with low health and mana safely retreated. The overly tacit cooperation caused a burst of exclamations from the audience, mixed with regretful sighs from many GH fans.

Jing Yuanzhou had shown the absolute extreme skills in this one against three situation but it was inevitable to feel some pity that he didn’t take a head. No one could hear that in GH’s voice chat, JIng Yuanzhou looked at the dim screen and called out indifferently, “Gloy.”

The moment he spoke, a beam of light from the middle lane penetrated the top half of the map without warning. At this angle, the two people who just used all their displacement skills to retreat had no chance to dodge. Gu Luo’s big move took away their remaining health.

[GH.Gloy killed PAY.AI.]

[GH.Gloy killed PAY.DeMen.]

[Double Kill!]

At the same time, two figures emerged from the darkness and abruptly appeared in front of PAY’s shooter. He was killed on the spot. The two stealth heroes caught a solo player with a sneak attack while the mid-laner mage provided ultra long range assistance and support. The GH team’s lineup could be said to be played to the extreme.

Lin Yan sat in the viewing area below. He saw the situation on the field completely reverse and showed a satisfied smile. “Everyone, good work!”

On PAY’s side, AI’s economy was still the highest among the players.

However, GH’s combat mode meant two players had stealth skills. Add the fact that the tower in the middle was destroyed and forget trying to find opportunities to drive the rhythm. They simply intended not to play with AI at all!

Once Chen Yushen and Bi Yaohua started to move simultaneously with their stealth skills, they were like ticking time bombs that could explode at any time. No one knew when they would appear, let alone where they would appear.

They arrived quietly and left quietly. They did several ganks in quick succession without a trace. This completely disrupted the early and mid stage rhythm that should’ve been most beneficial to PAY.

In this situation, PAY had to start the team battles early. However, this was the most prosperous period for the moon shadow guard Horace, a side-lane hero. He stood in front of the team as a strong shield and directly cut a bloody path of victory for his team.

In the dark place next to him, two figures might appear at any time or any place, using blood-stained blades and arrows to completely pierce the enemy’s throat. In the last wave of team battle, Jing Yuanzhou cut in perfectly and firmly circled in front of the three players of PAY.

DeMen’s retreat was once again stopped. AI moved in but he still failed to stop the big skill Gu Luo let out before he died. This beam accurately hit and dealt a huge range of damage to everyone in PAY. All of them lost nearly half of their health.

Chen Yushen and Bi Yaohua saw the opportunity to enter the field for a harvest and immediately killed PAY’s shooter. Jian Ye tried hard to raise the team’s health in the rear but failed to stop AI’s blood-stained dagger. Bi Yaohua was targeted and he was almost instantly killed on the spot.

Jing Yuanzhou took DeMen’s head and then aimed at PAY’s mid-laner. After completing the kill, a notification popped up. At the same time, Chen Yushen in the rear exchanged his life to kill AI. The system prompted that AI was killed and PAY finally had only one support remaining.

Jing Yuanzhou’s health and mana was filled up by Jian Ye and he pushed to PAY’s high ground with the soldiers.


In the last match of the regular season, the GH team held off PAY to take the final victory! The entire venue was boiling over!

Proofreader: Nao

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But tbh, I thought the key players here are Gloy and Abyss as it was mentioned before that they trained together for the match—or did my memory fail again and it was mentioned way, way back? Hmmm… NVM. HAHAHA! CONGRATS OMG, ONE LOSE!

11 months ago

i think that’s the original plan but since gloy’s first choice of hero (the one he used against luni) was banned, coach lin adjusted the lineup and tactics

the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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yaayyyyyyyyyy \^o^/