AM: Chapter 85

This year’s Spring Festival was in mid-January. Not long after the new year, everyone started to prepare for the Spring Festival. Cheng Xia also applied to his agent for a week’s annual leave to accompany his parents. The house he bought in the suburbs had finished the formalities. Cheng Xia thought that he could help his parents move in before the Spring Festival so that they could spend it in the new house.

After being thoroughly marked by Pei Shaoze, Cheng Xia sprayed a lot of masking agents on his body every time he went out as well as orange-scented perfume. This way, he barely suppressed Pei Shaoze’s pheromones smell and concealed it from people’s eyes. Otherwise, the woody scent had melted into his bones, and people familiar with him would know that something was wrong.

Perhaps he sprayed too much orange perfume but his parents didn’t notice anything wrong after he came home. Cheng Xia felt very guilty and quickly shifted the topic to ‘moving.’ He urged his parents to pack up as soon as possible.

The furniture was all new and they just needed to pack their clothing and bedding. The three people spent a day cleaning up. Early the next morning, Cheng Yiming called the moving company and moved a large truckload of things to the new house.

The environment of the community where the new house was located was very good. Cheng Yiming especially liked the lake beside the community. Later, he could go for a walk or go fishing by the lake. However, it was currently winter and the temperature was too low. Some children were skating on it.

Jiang Qiong stood in front of the French window and looked at the lake in the distance, her mood complicated. “I didn’t expect that Xia Xia would be able to buy a house with full payment.”

Cheng Yiming said, “Our son is star material! The moment he started his career, he made tens of millions of yuan. My salary for my entire career in movies isn’t as good as Xia Xia’s income for one year.”

Cheng Xia walked up to his parents and smiled. “I was able to make a name for myself so quickly thanks to Brother Pei. Both of his dramas were a hit. He’s really the most discerning investor in the circle.”

Cheng Yiming and Jiang Qiong glanced at each other. Why was their son boasting about Pei Shaoze again?

Jiang Qiong asked softly, “Xia Xia, how are you and President Pei?”

“Our relationship is very good. Brother Pei said he will come for a formal visit to this new house during the Spring Festival.”

Cheng Yiming still wasn’t very assured. “He’s the boss of Tianxuan after all. Can you be with him for a long time?”

Cheng Xia smiled. “Dad, not all bosses are fickle and not all of them like to do unspoken rules with stars. Don’t look at him with colored glasses. Brother Pei is a very good person. Don’t you believe in your son’s eyes?”

Cheng Yiming still wanted to give a lecture but at this time, someone suddenly pressed the doorbell. Cheng Yiming turned to open the door and found it was an express delivery. The express delivery man smiled. “Are you Mr Cheng Yiming? Please check your express delivery.”

Cheng Yiming saw the green plants in front of him and looked puzzled. “I didn’t buy any plants?”

The courier brother replied, “It was sent by a gentleman called Pei Shaoze.”

Cheng Yiming frowned and looked carefully. As expected, a greeting card was written on the tree. “Congratulations to Uncle Cheng and Aunt Jiang for the housewarming.”

Cheng Xia ran over in an excited manner. “Dad, this is what Brother Pei bought for us. Accept it quickly.”

Before moving, Cheng Xia had only bought furniture and forgot to buy greenery for decorations. The entire house really lacked vitality. Some time ago, he did a video call with Pei Shaoze to show Brother Pei the environment of his new house. Pei Shaoze obviously noticed this detail so he personally picked out plants and delivered them on the day of the move.

A peace tree, a happiness tree… they were all plants that had good meaning and the size was suitable to be placed in the living room. In addition, there was a large bouquet of newly picked lilies that were full of flower buds. Once put in a delicate vase, they were just right for the dining room.

Cheng Yiming didn’t say anything but he was quite satisfied. The pots of plants did indeed make the atmosphere of the house much more comfortable. He thought that Pei Shaoze was quite careful. It shouldn’t be necessary to do this level of acting? Then did Pei Shaoze really like his son?

Cheng Yiming walked up to Jiang Qiong and whispered, “Is this Pei Shaoze serious?”

Jiang Qiong smiled. “I think so. If he just wants to play then there is no need to spend so much energy reaching out to Xia Xia’s parents, right?”

Cheng Yiming touched his chin. “It makes sense. Then is he really in love with Xia Xia?”

Jiang Qiong hesitated. She actually found that Cheng Xia’s pheromones weren’t right but she eventually decided not to speak. She thought that if her son really liked Pei Shaoze and the other person was serious… perhaps the two of them should back off.


There weren’t many relatives in the Cheng family so the Spring Festival wasn’t a lively one. Still, Cheng Xia was busy all year and rarely went home. The family got together for the New Year’s Eve dinner and his parents were very happy. The three of them watched the Spring Festival Gala together until late at night.

At midnight, Cheng Xia sent a message to Pei Shaoze. [Brother Pei, Happy new year! Great luck and great profit!]

During the Spring Festival last year, Cheng Xia also sent a message at midnight as well as a red envelope containing 66.66. Pei Shaoze had returned it with 88.88. At that time, Cheng Xia hadn’t fallen in love with Pei Shaoze and the two of them just had the relationship of a boss and an artist.

This year was different. Pei Shaoze was also waiting for midnight to send a blessing to Cheng Xia. [Happy new year to you and your family. May you have a smooth and prosperous new year.]

The blessing messages popped up on the two phones, both at midnight.

Once again, the tacit connection between them made the two men smile as they picked up their phones. Cheng Xia boldly sent Pei Shaoze a red envelope. it was no longer an auspicious figure like 66 or 88. Instead, it was 520 yuan.

Pei Shaoze knowingly asked, [What do you mean?]

Cheng Xia blushed as he typed out, [It means I love you.]

Pei Shaoze smiled and sent Cheng Xia 521 yuan in return. [I love you too.]

From the red envelopes of 66 and 88 to 520 and 521, the relationship between the two of them had made such rapid progress between Spring Festivals. Thanks to Cheng Xia’s imagination and initiative, Pei Shaoze found out his heart.

Pei Shaoze looked at the profile picture of Cheng Xia placed on top of his WeChat with mixed feelings. He remembered that during the Spring Festival last year, he didn’t see Cheng Xia’s blessing so he placed the chat log on top. Unexpectedly, this placement put Cheng Xia in the most important position in his heart.

It had been a whole year. It was another Spring Festival. He might miss his mother and sister in the real world but provided that the real world wasn’t affected, let him stay longer in this novel world.

He wanted to accompany Cheng Xia for the rest of his life. They would spend every Spring Festival and birthday together from now on until they were old.


On the first day of the new year, Pei Shaoze woke up early in the morning, packed his things, and went to visit Cheng Xia’s house. He drove the black sports car with the license plate P1123 that Cheng Xia had given him and brought a lot of gifts.

Cheng Xia’s family had just eaten breakfast when the doorbell rang. Cheng Xia got up and opened the door. Once he saw Pei Shaoze, his eyes lit up and he immediately led his alpha inside as he told his parents, “Brother Pei is here!”

Cheng Yiming’s tone was distant and polite. “President Pei, you came so early in the new year?”

Jiang Qiong’s voice was gentle. “President Pei, bringing so many gifts is too much…”

Pei Shaoze handed the gifts to Jiang Qiong and spoke politely, “Uncle, Aunt, Happy new year. You can just call me Shaoze. There is no need to be too formal.”

He bought Jiang Qiong a set of precious jewelry that matched her gentle temperament. For Cheng Yiming, he bought a set of fishing rods and a chessboard. In addition, there was a massager for the neck and waist and two bottles of wine that had been kept for many years.

Once Cheng Yiming saw these gifts, his perception of Pei Shaoze improved a lot. These gifts were prepared with great care and weren’t perfunctory at all. He even knew that Cheng Yiming liked fishing the most. This automatic fishing rod wasn’t cheap!

Cheng Yiming accepted the gifts and finally showed a small smile on his serious face. “I didn’t expect you to come to pay us New Year’s greetings. Cough, come in and sit…”

Cheng Xia pulled Pei Shaoze into the living room and they sat down. Then he leaned over and whispered, “The plants you bought are growing well these days. They have germinated while the lilies on the dining table are all blooming. The house smells of flowers!”

His father was busy putting things away while his mother was preparing tea. There were only the two of them in the living room for the time being. Pei Shaoze rubbed Cheng Xia’s head affectionately. “It’s good if you like them. Keeping plants at home can purify the air.”

Jiang Qiong poured tea. The four of them sat in the living room and didn’t know what to talk about for a while.

Pei Shaoze took the initiative to break the silence. “Uncle, Aunt, today I came here for another reason apart from the New Year’s greetings. I want to get your permission.” He glanced at Cheng Xia. “I have proposed to Cheng Xia. I hope you can agree to let me be with Cheng Xia.”

Cheng Xia’s ears instantly turned red and he lowered his head in an embarrassed manner.

Jiang Qiong and Cheng Yiming exchanged looks. Proposed? Wasn’t this too fast? The corners of Cheng Yiming’s mouth twitched. “Cheng Xia, did you agree?”

Cheng Xia whispered, “I’ve received the ring.”

Cheng Yiming, “……”

Sure enough, his cabbage had long legs and needed to run into Pei Shaoze’s arms! Even the ring was accepted. Was it useful for his parents to object? He guessed that if they did object, Cheng Xia would still actively run toward the wedding venue.

Jiang Qiong was worried. “Cheng Xia, you’re less than 20 years old. Isn’t it too early for you to get married so soon? Don’t you want to think about it again?”

Pei Shaoze softly told her, “Auntie, I’m serious about Cheng Xia. I don’t want anyone else except for him in this life so there is no difference between getting married early and getting married late. The legal age for marriage for an omega is 20 years old. Once Cheng Xia celebrates his birthday this year, he will be 20 years old. I want to get the certificate with him first to confirm the marriage. In this way, both you and Cheng Xia can feel more reassured about me.”

Jiang Qiong and Cheng Yiming looked at each other. Getting the certificate wasn’t a trifling matter. They had always been worried that Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia wouldn’t last long. Now that it had reached the level of obtaining the certificate, were they still playing around? It was obvious that they had to be serious about each other!

Cheng Yiming seriously looked at Cheng Xia. “Cheng Xia, what do you say?”

Cheng Xia’s heart warmed and he replied earnestly, “I am willing to first get a certificate to determine the marriage relationship.”

Jiang Qiong felt helpless. “Have you really thought about it clearly?”

Cheng Xia nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. “I won’t marry any alpha except for Brother Pei.”

His parents, “……”

What could they do? Their cabbage only had Brother Pei on his brain and they couldn’t stop him!

Cheng Yiming sighed. “Since you’re willing, we have no reason to stop you.” He gazed at Pei Shaoze and said solemnly, “Shaoze, I will give you my son. I hope you can treat him well and don’t let him down. Our Cheng Xia has quite a lot of problems. He is young and might not be very sensible. You should be more tolerant.”

Pei Shaoze nodded carefully. “Uncle, rest assured. I will protect him.”

Cheng Xia happily asked, “When will the wedding be held?”

The three people, “……”

You’re so positive!

Cheng Xia was also aware that he was too active and he couldn’t help his ears reddening slightly. After all, he had been married to Pei Shaoze many times in his dreams and he was looking forward to the real wedding.

Pei Shaoze asked with a chuckle, “When do you want to do it?”

Cheng Xia glanced at his parents with a guilty conscience and answered, “I will listen to your arrangements…”

Pei Shaoze thought about it for a moment. “Cheng Xia’s career has just begun and announcing a marriage so early isn’t good for him. My idea is to get the certificate first, wait for the right timing to go public, and then hold a wedding where we will invite all our friends in the circle to attend. I’ll give Cheng Xia the grandest wedding and prepare well. It can’t be too hasty. What do you think?”

Cheng Yiming saw Pei Shaoze’s serious and calm gaze and noticed this man’s respect and sincerity for his son. He thought about it before replying, “Okay. The wedding really can’t be too hasty. You should discuss it with your parents. Cheng Xia’s career has just started. Shouldn’t he get a firm foothold in the entertainment industry before getting married publicly?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes, this makes sense. We will get the certificate first and then the wedding can be done slowly.”

Jiang Qiong softly wondered, “Do your parents know that you want to marry Cheng Xia? Do they have any comments?”

“Auntie, rest assured. I have told them. In a few days, I’ll take Cheng Xia home to see my parents. My mother has seen Folding Paper many times and really likes Cheng Xia. She was happy after hearing Cheng Xia is my boyfriend.”

Cheng Xia was originally in a state of anxiety out of fear that Pei Shaoze’s parents wouldn’t like him. Now listening to Pei Shaoze’s words, he let go of his worries. Pei Shaoze was indeed a reliable alpha and wouldn’t embarrass him. Before taking him home, Pei Shaoze had obviously prepared his family. In comparison, Cheng Xia felt like he hadn’t done well enough.

He wasn’t as considerate and meticulous as Pei Shaoze. He should learn more from Brother Pei in the future.

Pei Shaoze stayed at Cheng Xia’s house for the day and accompanied Cheng Yiming to play a few rounds of chess. Cheng Yiming found that this young man was also good at chess and liked Pei Shaoze even more.

Pei Shaoze cared about him. “Uncle, I heard from Cheng Xia that you have a heart disease. I consulted with a doctor. You must pay attention to your emotions and not become too agitated. This community has a club to play chess and in summer, you can fish at the nearby lake. You can take part in more leisurely activities to relax. Cheng Xia has me to care for him and I don’t want him to suffer any grievances.”

Cheng Yiming laughed. “It’s an old problem. I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

In the original book, Cheng Yiming was so angry that he died from a heart attack. Now the plot had gone completely off-track. There were no netizens who would send Cheng Yiming a dead mouse and Cheng Xia’s indecent photos weren’t spread across the Internet.

However, Cheng Yiming’s illness and his father Pei Sheng’s illness required special attention.

Pei Shaoze didn’t only want to protect Cheng Xia. He also hoped that both their parents could enjoy their old age.

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