AM: Chapter 82

November 22nd was Monday, a normal working day.

The moment the employees of Tianxuan went to work, a group of people in uniform suddenly entered the company and took the elevator directly to the top floor of Tianxuan to find Cui Jue. Some employees recognized these people and murmured in private, “Aren’t they from the Economic Investigation Division?”

“Did Vice President Cui do something?”

Cui Jue’s expression was extremely ugly when he saw the people entering his office. “What are you doing? Who allowed you to come up here?!”

The leader showed Cui Jue his credentials and declared coldly, “Vice President Cui, someone has accused you of embezzling company money, making false accounts, and evading taxes. The amount involved is huge. An investigation has been opened so please cooperate.”

Cui Jue’s heart trembled but he pretended to be calm on the surface. “Nonsense. How can I do such a thing?”

He already guessed who was trying to clean him up but he didn’t believe Pei Shaoze had the power to make him step down. He thought that he hadn’t revealed anything and the accounts were flawless on the surface. Chairman Pei Sheng had long been unable to control Tianxuan. How could Pei Shaoze, a man who just joined the company for one year, bring him down? This person was dreaming!

Cui Jue sneered. He wanted to see what Pei Shaoze could discover!

At this time, Pei Shaoze was in contact with the Economic Investigation Division to provide evidence.

Cui Jue was cunning and was very cautious when secretly taking away the company’s funds in recent years. However, Pei Shaoze was ‘experienced’ dealing with this type of company basta*d. Besides, he had read the original novel and knew who Cui Jue’s insider in the company was. He could quickly find the empty shell company they opened to transfer the funds into.

First, transfer the investment to this shell company. Then transfer away the funds in the name of a loss and it would be unnoticed. Unfortunately, Cui Jue never paid attention to Pei Shaoze so the money he embezzled hadn’t been transferred overseas.

It was really grabbed.

Pei Shaoze didn’t act rashly. Once he acted then he was certain to uproot Cui Jue and the team behind him!

The moment the tax bureau and other departments carried out a comprehensive investigation of Cui Jue, all of Tianxuan Group was in a panic. Everyone knew that the company was going to change. They guessed that the new boss Pei Shaoze wanted to pull out Vice President Cui. The other Vice President, Yang Mingwei was a wallflower. Once he found that Pei Shaoze’s ability was better than Cui Jue, he immediately made friends with Pei Shaoze and invited Pei Shaoze for a meal. He called out ‘President Pei’ in a very close manner.

Cui Jue was suspended and the artists and agents of Group A were worried they would be implicated as well. They showed their loyalty to Pei Shaoze one after another.

Pei Shaoze’s birthday party became everyone’s best chance to show loyalty.

On November 22nd, the entire company received an e-mail from the chairman’s office. [In order to celebrate the 27th birthday of Pei Shaoze, president of the Tianxuan Group, a party will be held in the banquet all on the third floor of the Tianxuan Group at 8:00 p.m. on November 23rd. We hope everyone will actively participate. Note: President Pei has made it clear that he won’t accept any gifts so please don’t bring any gifts to the scene.]

It was Pei Shaoze’s request not to accept gifts. Tianxuan had many contracted artists. He didn’t want the entire company to form the unhealthy trend of ‘throwing money and giving gifts to please the boss.’ He simply stated publicly that he wouldn’t accept any gifts to avoid the embarrassment of first-tier stars giving him gifts worth millions while the second and third-tier stars had a hard time.

This year, he was busy with Cheng Xia. Now Cheng Xia had won the Newcomer Award and his development was good. Next, Pei Shaoze would pay more attention to the other artists in the company and strive for more resources for artists. This was also his responsibility as the boss.

The artists were very worried after receiving the e-mail and discussed it with their agents. “Is President Pei really not accepting gifts? Should we send something in private?”

“Isn’t refusing to accept gifts just a superficial statement? We should still send it, right?”

Many artists were wondering what gifts to buy. The problem was that President Pei’s birthday was on the 23rd and the e-mail was only sent on the 22nd. It was too late to send something special. Everyone was worried but Cheng Xia was in a good mood. He knew that Brother Pei never spoke empty words. If he said he wouldn’t accept gifts then he wouldn’t accept them. The company’s artists rushing to buy things was just a waste of effort.

He was different. His gift to Pei Shaoze wasn’t from an artist to the boss. It was from an omega to his alpha boyfriend. A boyfriend’s gift would always be accepted, right? Cheng Xia wasn’t worried about giving his gift.


November 23rd, the third floor of the Tianxuan Group.

This was originally a place for employees to have fun and rest but today there were flowers and balloons everywhere. The venue of the birthday party was prepared by a design company Pei Shaoze’s mother found. It was very warm and dreamy which was different from Pei Shaoze’s ‘abstinent’ style.

Pei Shaoze didn’t mind. In any case, his birthday party was merely a formality. He didn’t like this type of lively occasion.

At 7:30 p.m., the stars of Tianxuan arrived one after another.

Some of the artists who were filming took time off to come back for the birthday party. They had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and the news of Vice President Cui being suspended made a lot of noise. If they didn’t come to show their loyalty to President Pei then they wouldn’t be able to stay in Tianxuan.

Tonight’s party at Tianxuan was livelier than last year’s annual meeting. Cheng Xia saw a lot of popular first-tier stars from Group A and Group B. Everyone was all dressed up. The female stars were wearing evening dresses and carrying famous brand bags while the male stars were in suits and ties. This was no worse than the online drama awards ceremony two days ago!

Tianxuan was one of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry. Tianxuan’s boss was celebrating his birthday and almost half the stars in the industry were present to congratulate him. The birthday greets on Weibo were also crazy.

The topic of #President Pei’s birthday# was forwarded by Tianxuan’s artist and made it to the hot search.

Cheng Xia might’ve won the Best Newcomer Award but he was still a ‘newcomer.’ He was insignificant compared to these seniors. Even so, he had a great reputation compared to when he was unknown at last year’s annual meeting. Everyone knew him and many senior stars greeted him and exchanged WeChat ID’s with him.

The dinner hadn’t started yet and Pei Shaoze wasn’t present. There were many people whispering together. “I took the gift to Assistant Zhang and it was returned. Assistant Zhang said that President Pei really isn’t accepting it.”

“I asked Sister Yijun. She gave President Pei a limited edition tie of the H Brand. It was super hard to buy but she was rejected…”

“It seems that President Pei wasn’t being glib. He doesn’t want the company to form a gift-giving atmosphere.”

The artists couldn’t guess what was on Pei Shaoze’s mind.

At 8 o’clock, Pei Shaoze came to the banquet hall with Pei Sheng, Lu Manjing, and his younger brother Pei Shaoyan. The beauty of this family was really amazing!

Pei Sheng was very handsome when he was young. He was now in his 50s but he looked very good recently. As the chairman of Tianxuan, he walked in an upright and dignified manner. His wife Lu Manjing was from the Lu family. She was around 50 years old but she looked like she was 35 years old. She walked with Pei Shaoze and looked more like a brother and sister than mother and son!

Cheng Xia was shocked. He was already prepared to meet Pei Shaoze’s parents today but Pei Sheng’s calm demeanor and his wife’s elegance made him feel a lot of pressure out of fear that Brother Pei’s parents wouldn’t like him.

Then Pei Shaoyan saw Cheng Xia in the crowd and smiled, revealing two tiger’s teeth.

Pei Shaoyan was forced by his brother to wear a suit today. Pei Shaoyan had inherited the excellent genes and looked very handsome. Previously, he served tea and poured water into the company and everyone thought he was just a little assistant. Today, they finally learned that Pei Shaoyan was the young master of the Pei family who was caught by his brother and brought to experience the company. Under the influence of Pei Shaoze, the younger brother was improving more and more. Today’s him had long lost the shadow of the naughty student who failed in school.

Today’s main character, Pei Shaoze soon caught the eye of the audience. The younger brother was too immature and the father was too mature. Pei Shaoze was the most handsome man in the Pei family.

The adult alpha had a high nose, deep eyebrows, and sharp facial features. He walked around in a suit and his calm eyes made him look like the king of the jungle patrolling his territory. People around him couldn’t help surrendering to his strong aura.

He was young and did things in a clear and simple manner. His investment returns had increased by tenfold in just a year since he took office and he single-handedly made Cheng Xia popular. Now that Cui Jue was about to be removed from power by him, the future Tianxuan would definitely be in his hands.

Everyone’s acceptance of the new boss reached its peak.

At last year’s annual meeting, few people listened when Pei Shaoze took to the stage. In contrast, the moment Pei Shaoze appeared today, the entire venue was filled with deafening applause and cries of ‘Happy birthday President Pei’ one after another!

Cheng Xia applauded with everyone else in the crowd. He didn’t want to be on the limelight in such a star-studded occasion.

Pei Shaoze went to the stage, picked up the microphone, and talked calmly. “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend my birthday party. In the past year, the Tianxuan Group has carried out some internal reforms. Thank you for supporting my work. From today on, I’m officially 27 years old. I hope we will have a happy cooperation in the upcoming days. As the boss of Tianxuan, I will try to make the company your biggest support.”

It was a simple speech but the applause from below the stage was so warm that it almost overturned the ceiling!

Let Tianxuan become your biggest support—this wasn’t an empty promise. The artists had all seen how he dealt with Cheng Xia’s matter. His maintenance of artists was really touching. He personally did the public relations and hired lawyers. Compared to the bosses who would only get angry and scold them if there was an accident, Pei Shaoze was really the boss who protected them the most in the circle. He made artists feel more secure.

With him, Tianxuan could really become a big tree that artists could rely on. They all believed that.

The birthday cake was pushed over. Pei Shaoze cut the cake and everyone in the room was given a small piece. After that was a relaxed buffet dinner. Many artists went up to President Pei to propose a toast. Pei Shaoze didn’t drink wine but instead replaced it with champagne and normal drinks. Cheng Xia followed his agent to toast, Pei Shaoze took the initiative to make introductions. “This is Cheng Xia who just won the Best Newcomer Award.”

Cheng Xia’s ears were red as he respectfully raised his glass. “Hello, Chairman Pei. Hello, Mrs Pei!”

Lu Manjing smiled. “Cheng Xia, I know you. I have seen Folding Paper several times. Your performance of Qin Nian was very handsome!”

Cheng Xia was flattered. “T-Thank you for the praise!”

Pei Sheng added, “You’re a very talented newcomer. Work hard in the future and it will be bright.”

Cheng Xia nodded like he was smashing garlic. “Chairman Pei, I will definitely work hard!”

Pei Shaoze gazed at Cheng Xia and told him softly, “There are many people tonight. Take care of yourself and eat more.”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes. Happy birthday, President Pei.”

Pei Shaoze’s eyes were gentle as he touched his glass to Cheng Xia’s glass. “Thank you.”

There were other people in the surroundings and Cheng Xia had to move to the side.

Pei Shaoyan followed Cheng Xia and whispered in his ear. “My parents don’t know about the relationship between you and my brother. My brother told me to tell you that it isn’t convenient to meet relatives in public. He is afraid you will be embarrassed. He will bring you home for a formal visit during the Spring Festival.”

Cheng Xia nodded with a red face. “Yes, I’ll listen to his arrangements.”

Due to the unexpected meeting with Pei Shaoze’s parents, Cheng Xia’s mind was a mess. He only woke up once the birthday party was over.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the stars left the company.

Today, the company was surrounded by security guards and no paparazzi could enter. Pei Shaoyan went back with his parents. The moment Pei Shaoze was going to take the elevator downstairs, a WeChat message popped up on his mobile phone. [Where are you going tonight, Brother Pei? Can I send you home?]

Pei Shaoze replied with integrity, [No, there is a driver to take me.]

Cheng Xia, [……]

Seeing his ellipses, Pei Shaoze was confused. [What’s wrong?]

Cheng Xia shamelessly typed a line. [I have a gift to give you privately. Let me send you home.]

Pei Shaoze, [Didn’t I say it in the company e-mail? I won’t accept any birthday gifts this time.]

Cheng Xia, [I want to give my boyfriend a birthday present. Isn’t this okay?]

Pei Shaoze’s heart softened. He took a long time preparing Cheng Xia’s birthday gift. Perhaps Cheng Xia also prepared his birthday gift a long time ago? If he refused then it would be too uncomfortable.

Pei Shaoze, [Okay. Go down the stairs and turn right when you get out of the company. I’ll pick you up at the first intersection.]

In order to avoid the surveillance in the underground garage, Pei Shaoze made an appointment to meet Cheng Xia at another location. Cheng Xia put on a hat and mask and waited at the intersection. Soon, a black car stopped. The door opened and Cheng Xia got in the back.

Pei Shaoze glanced at Cheng Xia and asked curiously, “What gift have you prepared?”

Cheng Xia was red-faced. “I’ll tell you when we get home.”

Pei Shaoze, “?”

He was keeping people in suspense.

Pei Shaoze smiled and rubbed Cheng Xia’s head. “Yes, I’ll wait for you to surprise me.”

He looked forward and told the driver, “Uncle Zhong, send me back to the Binjiang Villa.”

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