AM: Chapter 5

The next morning, Pei Shaoze woke up and an emotionless mechanical voice was heard in his mind. [The novice mission hasn’t been completed. 50 points are deducted from the player.]

Obviously, System 1022 had given up on Pei Shaoze. Its voice wasn’t as enthusiastic as yesterday.

Pei Shaoze’s expression didn’t change much. He turned over and got out of bed like he hadn’t heard it. The bed was burning hot. He reached out to touch Cheng Xia’s forehead and found that this person really had a fever.

Pei Shaoze got up and poured a cup of warm water. He opened the anti-fever medicine left by Qin Yu and helped feed a pill to Cheng Xia. Then he went to the bathroom to get a clean towel, soaked it in cold water and placed it on Cheng Xia’s forehead to physically cool him down. Due to the anti-fever medicine and cold compress, Cheng Xia’s body temperature did drop a little bit.

At the same time, the assistant Zhang Fan saw the message sent by President Pei after getting up and immediately replied, “Yes, President Pei.”

Canceling the trip? Two less important meals had been arranged for today so it didn’t matter if they were canceled. It was just that Zhang Fan was a bit confused. President Pei rarely asked about company affairs since taking over Tianxuan. Why did he suddenly call to see Zhao Wenxiu? President Pei actually knew that Tianxuan had an agent called Zhao Wenxiu?

Zhang Fan was puzzled but he quickly found Zhao Wenxiu’s contact information. He called and spoke politely, “Hello Mr Zhao, I am Mr Pei’s assistant, Zhang Fan. Mr Pei has said for you to go to Tianxuan headquarters tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock to meet him. I will tell the front desk in advance. Take the VIP elevator to the top floor and I will lead you.”

Zhao Wenxiu’s heart thumped and his tongue almost knotted up. “P-President Pei wants to see me? Did he say the reason?”

Zhang Fan smiled in a good tempered manner. “I don’t know. You can ask him in person.”

Then he hung up.

Zhao Wenxiu’s hands shook and he almost dropped his phone.

Last night, he boldly gave Cheng Xia a pheromones release agent and sent him to President Pei’s villa. In any case, it was normal for a rich second generation like Pei Shaoze to do unspoken rules with unknown stars. He thought that it was fine as long as President Pei completely marked Cheng Xia. An alpha would instinctively develop a desire for protection after completely occupying an omega. Then Cheng Xia just had to whisper in his ear and wouldn’t it be easy to receive some resources from President Pei.

As long as President Pei was willing to support Cheng Xia then he could get the benefits as the agent.

Yet today President Pei suddenly wanted to see him? It was to meet at Tianxuan headquarters?!

Everyone in Tianxuan knew that President Pei rarely came to the company. Zhao Wenxiu didn’t know why they were meeting at the company at this time and if it was a good or bad thing. In order to prevent President Pei from knowing this was his idea and becoming angry, Zhao Wenxiu decided to push this matter onto Cheng Xia and say that Cheng Xia took the initiative.

That’s right, he would do this.

Zhao Wenxiu made up his mind and hurried to find the driver Liu Rui to speak well in advance. He didn’t know that the moment he went out, the assistant Zhang Fan received another message on his mobile phone. “Xiao Zhang, send the information of all the stars and agents of Tianxuan Group to my mailbox as soon as possible.”

Zhang Fan, “???”

What was the situation today? First President Pei wanted to meet Zhang Fan and now he was asking for the information of the company’s artists? Did this young master suddenly have a sense of ambition? Zhang Fan wondered in his heart but he acted swiftly. He immediately turned on the computer to send the information.

Pei Shaoze was worried that Cheng Xia would keep having a high fever so he simply took the laptop to the bedroom and sat on the sofa next to the bed. He guarded Cheng Xia while carefully checking the company’s information.

He might’ve read the original novel Accidental Mark last night but his understanding of the novel world wasn’t comprehensive enough. The main plot of this novel revolved around the protagonist’s emotional abuse and didn’t cover the company’s situation. In the end, it was just written that the Tianxuan Group was taken over by others. The content described by the author was actually just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the entertainment circle.

Now he had personally entered the world of the novel. There were far more characters in this complete world than what Pei Shaoze saw as a reader. Each character had their own circle of life and the author didn’t write these out.

The author didn’t say anything about how Tianxuan Group was seized, how many celebrities and agents Tianxuan had, which projects it invested in, which TV stations it had partnerships with and which endorsements it gave to its artists.

In the original novel, Cheng Xia’s golden fingers were all abroad. He didn’t want Cheng Xia to go abroad and decided to keep Cheng Xia in the country for training. Therefore, the first step he needed to do was to thoroughly understand the current situation of the domestic entertainment industry.


Pei Shaoze spent the entire day looking at the information. It wasn’t until it was dark that Cheng Xia woke up in a confused manner. The light was on in the room. Cheng Xia opened his eyes and saw the man sitting under the light.

The orange light cast down warmly on the man. The man wore a white bathrobe and had deep eyebrows, a high nose, a tough jawline and a sexy Adam’s apple. All of this was visible under the light.

Currently, the man was staring at the laptop screen, tapping the keyboard lightly with his fingers while his expression was serious.

Cheng Xia’s heart jumped. Last night wasn’t a dream?! Before Cheng Xia could withdraw his gaze, Pei Shaoze noticed the movement and suddenly looked at him.

Meeting this man’s deep eyes, Cheng Xia immediately looked away like he had received an electric shock. The scene of him entangled around the other person like an octopus and asking for a kiss when he lost control last night flashed through his mind. Cheng Xia’s face instantly turned red and his head almost fell to his chest.

Pei Shaoze shut the laptop and walked over with his long legs. He whispered, “Are you awake?”

Cheng Xia, “……”

Was there a crack he could drill into? How should he face this alpha boss?

Cheng Xia’s mind was a mess as he thought of last night’s matter.

He remembered that many celebrities came to the company’s annual meeting, many of whom were his idols. Cheng Xia was blinded by the dazzling starlight. As a small unknown star, he was embarrassed to show off on such an occasion and stood silently in a corner eating cakes.

After a while, the agent suddenly spoke in his ear, “President Pei is here.”

Then Cheng Xia saw a tall alpha picking up a microphone on the stage and saying congratulations. Cheng Xia applauded with everyone. Then President Pei seemed to look in his direction. He didn’t know who the other person was looking at but he smiled politely at the boss.

As Cheng Xia ate at the buffet with the agent, the agent kept talking in his ears.

“President Pei is the eldest son of the Pei family. He might’ve taken over the company not long ago but he will definitely have the final say when it comes to Tianxuan.”

“The Pei family’s reach is very extensive. It is said that the director of the movie with a box office of over five billion yuan not long ago is President Pei’s cousin.”

“If you can get his favor then you can definitely fly into the sky.”

The agent was thoughtful at the time. Cheng Xia didn’t think too much and continued to eat pastries quietly. He liked sweets and the desserts at this hotel were very delicious. Cheng Xia’s attention was on eating. Later, the agent left for a while and came back with a glass of orange juice. Cheng Xia drank the juice all at once and then lost consciousness. He woke up on an unfamiliar bed with President Pei next to him…

Cheng Xia’s face turned red as he thought of the vague memories of him begging President Pei to mark him. Was he marked last night? Cheng Xia’s body tensed and he groped around in the bed. There was no obvious discomfort and no strange marks on his body, let alone the feeling of being invaded by an alpha’s pheromones. So… he wasn’t marked last night?

Cheng Xia sighed with relief when he realized this and said, “President Pei, I’m sorry.”

At almost the same time, Pei Shaoze wondered. “Are you still uncomfortable?”

The air was suddenly quiet.

Cheng Xia was embarrassed to speak. He lowered his head and shrank back awkwardly under the covers. Pei Shaoze sat down on the bed with a calm expression. He reached out to touch Cheng Xia’s forehead and whispered, “The fever is gone.”

Then he handed Cheng Xia a glass of water. “Drink some water first. You haven’t eaten anything for a day. I’ll get you something to eat.”

Cheng Xia looked at the glass stuffed into his hand and was stunned. President Pei didn’t scold him?

From President Pei’s perspective, he should be an 18th tier unknown artist who brazenly climbed into his bed and used pheromones to seduce the boss. Normal people would be disgusted with such a method, right? Shouldn’t President Pei be furious? Or was this just the calm before the storm?

Pei Shaoze came back to the bedroom with something to eat and found that Cheng Xia was still holding the glass of water in a daze.

According to the original novel, Pei Shaoze should’ve marked Cheng Xia last night. Now the plot had been revised by Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia’s first statement after waking up was ‘I’m sorry.’ This was also in line with his personality. He must’ve felt that the loss of control of his pheromones last night brought trouble to President Pei so he took the initiative to apologize and ask President Pei to forgive him.

Cheng Xia perceived the alpha coming to his side and returned to his senses. He lowered his head and repeated again, “I’m sorry.”

This serious regret was like a good student being criticized by his teacher after making a mistake.

Pei Shaoze spoke calmly, “There is no need to apologize. I gave you an inhibitor last night and nothing happened between us. You eat first. Everything can wait until you finish eating.”

He handed Cheng Xia a bowl of noodles. It was seemingly simple food but it was actually rich in nutrients. There was a round poached egg in the bowl, lots of fresh green vegetables and several spare ribs. This noodle bowl was in a porcelain bowl instead of a common takeout meal box.

Was it possible that President Pei cooked it himself? Cheng Xia immediately denied this idea. Pei Shaoze was the boss of Tianxuan. How could he cook for himself? It was probably the housekeeper who did it. Cheng Xia hadn’t eaten all day and was really hungry. He saw that President Pei had a gentle attitude and didn’t seem to be angry so he boldly picked up the bowl and ate quickly.

Pei Shaoze went back to the sofa to continue organizing the information. Only the sound of tapping on the keyboard and Cheng Xia chewing on his food was left in the room. Such a quiet atmosphere inevitably made Cheng Xia a bit nervous.

Cheng Xia quickly finished the noodles, placed the bowl on the bedside table and cautiously explained, “President Pei, I don’t know what happened last night. Perhaps someone added a pheromones release agent to my food to make my pheromones go out of control…”

Pei Shaoze looked up at him. “Is it Zhao Wenxiu?”

Cheng Xia knew that this matter was probably done by the agent and there was a problem with that glass of juice. However, the juice was drunk by him and there was nothing left to check for proof. Secondly, Zhao Wenxiu was his agent after all. Even if he said it was done by his agent, President Pei might not necessarily believe it. Maybe he would believe that Cheng Xia colluded with his agent long ago.

After all, an artist and agent were grasshoppers on the same both. The boat capsizing wasn’t good for both of them.

It was hard to explain this matter clearly. The key depended on President Pei’s attitude. If President Pei didn’t mind then it was fine. If he felt sick or offended then Cheng Xia and his agent were likely to meet the same end.

Cheng Xia took a deep breath and glanced at Pei Shaoze nervously. “I’m not sure who it is.”

He had no proof and naturally didn’t dare talk nonsense.

“I’ll investigate it.” Pei Shaoze paused before asking, “Your film academy is about to have the final exams?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes, next week is the final exam.”

“You can prepare for the exam first. Go back and wait for the company’s notice.”

Cheng Xia was stunned. Wait for the notice? Was it to inform him of the termination of the contract?

Did President Pei think he used low-level methods to seduce the boss and was going to kick him out of Tianxuan?

The attitude of the alpha in front of him was unfathomable and Cheng Xia was completely uncertain. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘If President Pei kicks me out of Tianxuan, can I sign with another company? Or will President Pei simply ban me in the entire entertainment circle, blocking my way? If President Pei bans me then will I never have a chance to act in the future?’

This happened just after he entered the film academy. His pheromones went out of control and he lay in the boss’ bed. There was really no defense. No one would believe he was innocent. After all, there were too many artists in the entertainment industry who relied on unspoken rules to win opportunities.

If such a thing spread out then he would immediately lose his reputation. Would his father be angry if he knew?! The words ‘wait for the company’s notice’ seemed to drive him to the execution ground with the knife at his neck. However, he could only be resigned to it…

Cheng Xia’s mind buzzed and his heart was numb for a while. He didn’t know that rows of numbers were constantly flashing in Pei Shaoze’s mind.

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you -1.]

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you -2.]

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you -3.]

Pei Shaoze raised his eyebrow as he looked at the young man on the bed. It was 0 points last night but today it was actually deducted to a negative number? Was he too serious and scared Cheng Xia?

The author has something to say:

Cheng Xia scared himself hahaha.

Proofreader: Cat

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Hahaha! Too much imagination. Thanks for the chapter

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The power imagination of our protangonist

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Akkki 0987
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Quite creative imagination you have there,lol I bet he is the type of person who would overthink to the point that their brain would automatically shut it self down

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