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AM: Chapter 4

There were tens of millions of players who transmigrated into novels. Most of the players bound by System 1022 would follow the plot guidance to complete the task. Meanwhile, this Pei Shaoze wanted to work against it. A player only had 100 points in total. If 50 points were deducted instantly then wouldn’t his expression change?

System 1022 couldn’t help saying, [As a responsible system, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you fail to complete the designated task and your points fall to 0 then you will be wiped out.] It emphasized. [Wiped out means your personal consciousness will completely disappear from this world and you can’t be resurrected in your original world. Understood?]

“I understand. 50 points getting deducted isn’t light.” Pei Shaoze spoke calmly. “I don’t like having a voice in my head speaking all the time and interfering with my thinking. If it isn’t necessary then you don’t have to show up.”

System 1022, [……]

Actually despising it! System 1022 was depressed and put itself in a dormant state.

In the bedroom.

Seeing this man’s calm face, Qin Yu felt that something was wrong. He and Pei Shaoze had grown up together and he was well aware of his friend’s temper. It stood to reason that Pei Shaoze shouldn’t be able to bear the situation tonight. The pheromones concentration in the room had reached its peak when he opened the door just now. How could Pei Shaoze have such strong self-control that he didn’t touch this omega at all?

Qin Yu scratched his head suspiciously before a thought suddenly came to mind. Perhaps Pei Shaoze was so affectionate for Lin Qianshu that he could calmly hold back in the face of other omega’s temptations? Qin Yu couldn’t help looking at his friend with admiration. “Shaoze, you are really too infatuated.”

Pei Shaoze, “?”

He quickly understood Qin Yu’s gaze. Qin Yu was one of the few in the original novel who knew that ‘Pei Shaoze had a crush on Lin Qianshu.’ He advised Pei Shaoze many times not to be too persistent.

Now Pei Shaoze of the original novel was no longer here. The President Pei who passed through had no affection for Lin Qianshu. He calmly asked, “You think I didn’t touch this omega because of Lin Qianshu?”

Qin Yu looked sympathetic. “Isn’t it? I can understand your infatuation with Qianshu. After all, you grew up together and Qianshu is so excellent. If the Lin and Lu families didn’t have a long-term marriage contract then you and Qianshu would actually be an enviable couple.”

Pei Shaoze frowned and said nothing.

Qin Yu nagged bitterly, “However, I want to persuade you. Qianshu and Lu Xuan are now engaged. You should let him go even if it is just because you care about your relationship with Lu Xuan. Your conditions are so good. What type of omega can’t be found. Why should you be so stuck on him?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “You are right.

Qin Yu, “???”

He tried to persuade this person many times but Pei Shaoze always put on an ‘I won’t listen’ attitude. Yet today, he actually listened to his advice? Qin Yu stared at the other person and thought he was hallucinating.

“Lin Qianshu and Lu Xuan are engaged. Once they leave the country, I will completely cut off contact with Lin Qianshu so as to not make things difficult for Lu Xuan.” Pei Shaoze’s face was cold and his voice was flat. He didn’t seem to be joking.

Qin Yu couldn’t believe this was something Pei Shaoze would say. He instinctively reached to touch his friend’s forehead and muttered in a low voice, “How come you suddenly figured this out?”

Pei Shaoze thought in his heart, ‘It is because this body has been replaced.’

The original Pei Shaoze grew up spoiled by his parents. He was pampered since childhood and his parents gave him anything he wanted. It was too easy for him to get Cheng Xia so he treated Cheng Xia as a plaything he could throw away at any time. Meanwhile, he had never been able to get Lin Qianshu so he had a deep obsession with Lin Qianshu. It wasn’t actually love.

In the novel, Pei Shaoze was actually a spoiled ‘giant baby’ and couldn’t figure out his feelings. Once he realized that Cheng Xia was very important to him, he didn’t cherish Cheng Xia and instead used the kindergarten children’s method of ‘bullying the person they liked.’ However, he used whips and items, locking up Cheng Xia in the basement and abusing him for half a year.

Today’s Pei Shaoze was completely different from the one in the novel. When his father handed the Pei family to him before death, the Pei family was at its lowest point. He had to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the entire family at a young age.

It took him eight years to stabilize the Pei family’s position in the entertainment industry. Everything he owned came from his own hand and every step was extremely practical. He was mature in thought and calm when working. Naturally, he couldn’t be as stupid as the original scumbag gong whose company was taken away by others and he was finally killed by Cheng Xia.

Pei Shaoze wanted to complete the task as soon as possible and return to reality. After all, there was still his mother and sister who needed him to take care of them in the real world and a huge company to manage. However, completing the task required Cheng Xia’s good impression of him reaching 100 points. It wasn’t so simple.

100 degrees of good impression meant that Cheng Xia must trust him completely. Now that he decided to abandon the ‘body’ strategy route, he had to start with Cheng Xia’s mind.

As the biggest villain in the original novel, Lin Qianshu used vicious methods. Most of Cheng Xia’s later bad encounters were due to his secret actions. It would be troublesome to keep a relationship with such a person. Pei Shaoze already had some ideas on how to deal with this villain. First, he would take advantage of Qin Yu’s persuasion to say that he completely let go of Lin Qianshu.

Qin Yu was very happy with his friend’s decision and patted Pei Shaoze on the shoulder excitedly. “It should be this way! In the past few years, you’ve been worrying about Qianshu’s engagement and have been depressed all day. I’ve been worried about you. Why give up a whole forest for a tree? What type of omega wouldn’t want you with just one word?”

At this point, Qin Yu glanced at Cheng Xia on the bed. Then he whispered in his friend’s ear with a meaningful smile. “This omega is good. His appearance is excellent and he has taken the initiative to send himself to your door. It is better to simply accept him…”

Pei Shaoze interrupted the other person. “You can go back now. I’m sorry to trouble you so late.”

Qin Yu pointed to Cheng Xia on the bed. “Then he…”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Qin Yu didn’t say anything more. He picked up the medicine box and prepared to leave. As he was walking to the door, he heard the man’s low voice behind him. “Tonight’s matter, please help keep it a secret.”

Qin Yu was startled before promising with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m not a talkative person.” He gave Pei Shaoze a reassuring look before leaving the villa.

The room quieted down instantly.

Pei Shaoze closed his eyes and thought of the menu that had been opened by the system just now. In addition to the ‘book’ icon that represented the original novel, there were several options in the menu.

[Pei Shaoze]

Height: 190cm

Weight: 75kg

Age: 26 years old

Identity: Son of the Pei family, current president of Tianxuan Entertainment

Player points: 100 points

Task progress: 0%

[Cheng Xia]

Height: 178cm

Weight: 60kg

Age: 18 years old

Identity: Freshman at a film academy

Good impression: 0

Popularity: 0

Agent: Zhao Wenxiu

Signed company: Tianxuan Entertainment

Movies: None

Variety shows: None

Current relationship: Unfamiliar

Then he opened the other options and some familiar names appeared on the list.

[Qin Yu] Good impression: 70/ Current relationship: Friends

[Qin Rong] Good impression: 70/ Current relationship: Friends

[Lin Qianshu] Good impression: 75/ Current relationship: Crush

[Lu Xuan] Good impression: 30/ Current relationship: Rival

[Zhang Fan] Good impression: 60/ Current relationship: Personal assistant

[Zhao Wenxiu] Good impression: 60/ Current relationship: Subordinate

[Lin Rui] Good impression: 60/ Current relationship: Driver


There were many questions below representing information that hadn’t been unlocked yet. Pei Shaoze calmly sorted out the relationship network of the characters in the book.

The protagonist of the novel, Cheng Xia felt infatuation in the early stages but after the insults and abuse from the scumbag, he blackened and killed Lin Qianshu and Pei Shaoze. All the plots revolved around him and he was naturally the target Pei Shaoze needed to focus on.

Qin Yu, Qin Rong, Lu Xuan and Lin Qianshu grew up with Pei Shaoze.

Qin Yu was the beta doctor who was just here. Qin Rong was his alpha brother and the current president of Ronghua Movies and Television. He had a close relationship with the Pei family. Since they grew up together, the two brothers reached 70 points of good impression regarding Pei Shaoze.

Lu Xuan and Lin Qianshu were engaged but the original Pei Shaoze felt a secret love for Lin Qianshu. Lu Xuan might’ve noticed this and only had 30 points. This was just maintaining an apparent brotherhood.

Lin Qianshu was the only omega in the group and obviously moved left and right emotionally. His good impression of Pei Shaoze reached 75 points, which was higher than the brothers Qin Yu and Qin Rong. He was engaged to Lu Xuan but he realized that Pei Shaoze was secretly in love with him. Therefore, he couldn’t let go of Pei Shaoze. This was the typical ‘not content with what one already has.’

The remaining assistant Zhang Fan, agent Zhao Wenxiu and driver Lin Rui had no conflicts of interest with Pei Shaoze. They were all a ‘subordinate and superior’ relationship. Their good impression was 60 and it was just after the passing score.

Pei Shaoze turned off the system menu. He walked to the bed and sat down, looking carefully at the sleeping protagonist.

The original book described Cheng Xia’s appearance many times but looking closely, Pei Shaoze still felt that Cheng Xia’s true temperament was difficult to describe clearly in words. He had been in the entertainment industry for eight years and had seen countless handsome men and beautiful women. Many celebrities weren’t so good-looking without the blessing of the light filters. Meanwhile, Cheng Xia had a type of appearance that could instantly attract passersby even without makeup.

His skin was very good. His eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips were all carefully carved by the creator. He was still young and a bit immature. Once he grew up, he would be a handsome, sunny young man. His facial features had no blind spots. There were no flaws even if it was magnified by the giant screen of the movie theater.

Cheng Xia’s appearance was very good, recognizable and easy to be remembered by the audience. His acting skills just needed to be strengthened and along with Pei Shaoze’s vision, Cheng Xia would definitely become a top star in the entertainment industry.

In the original novel, Cheng Xia became famous abroad. In addition to the bonus of his appearance, his own hard work, his talent in acting and his hard-working and flexible personality were all indispensable factors.

Of course, the biggest factors were the golden fingers the author gave the protagonist. Cheng Xia had good luck in the latter period.

He met a foreign director who helped him a lot and learned a lot of knowledge by working as an assistant for the director. He accidentally saved a rich female omega and they became good friends. The young lady invested in movies for him and Cheng Xia became a big hit at the box office. He also met a well-known lawyer who studied abroad. This lawyer was a key person who later returned to China to defend Cheng Xia and acquit him.

The ‘foreign experiences’ golden finger that the author gave Cheng Xia was very powerful. However, now Cheng Xia hadn’t left the country alone and frustrated after the death of his parents. He hadn’t been marked, abused or insulted so his character retained the original settings of the novel.

His parents were alive and his family was happy. He was cheerful, warm and straightforward. He was an 18 year old unknown, film academy freshman with no acting experience. His biggest dream was to be a good actor. The young man in front of Pei Shaoze was like an unpolished jade.

Pei Shaoze decided to ignore the golden finger of the original novel and personally grow Cheng Xia himself from the seedling stage. He had created many celebrities in the real world, let alone Cheng Xia who was a promising newcomer.

Letting Cheng Xia become popular and have a wide star path? There was no need to open up so many cheats. Just having him there was enough.

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