AM: Chapter 3

According to the novel’s setting, the influence of an omega’s pheromones on an alpha was difficult to resist. Pei Shaoze naturally marked Cheng Xia so as to develop the subsequent dog blood plots of imprisonment, heart abuse and revenge. However, the current owner of the body wasn’t Pei Shaoze in the original novel. It was Pei Shaoze who transmigrated into the novel.

Mark? It should mean possessing the other person but the original book didn’t have a detailed description of how to do it. Pei Shaoze was still in the dark about the ABO setting. He didn’t understand why omega men and women could have children in this world, let alone why the ‘pheromones’ made a person go out of control.

The help of the omega pheromones made Pei Shaoze feel for the first time what it was like to have his self-control on the verge of collapsing. There was an impulse in his mind urging him to take over Cheng Xia as soon as possible, but he suppressed this instinct with reason.

He thought of the plot in the original novel where Cheng Xia stabbed Pei Shaoze to death. The young man in front of him seemed easy to bully but when it came to love and hate, he was extremely strong. In the end, he killed all the people who injured him and harmed him. Could such a protagonist be casually marked?

Besides, Pei Shaoze hated the feeling of losing control of his body. The so-called physiological response caused by the influence of pheromones only made him feel extremely disgusted. He didn’t like his fate being in someone else’s hands and he didn’t like his body being at the mercy of ‘pheromones.’

The novel plot or original setting wasn’t important in his eyes. Now that he had come to this world, he should control the next plot.

[System 1022: Cheng Xia’s pheromones data is about to reach the peak. Please mark Cheng Xia as soon as possible. If you don’t mark him then Cheng Xia won’t be satisfied and will hurt himself crazily.]

[System 1022: It is recommended that you be gentle with him. It will be much easier later.]

Not marking would make him hurt himself crazily?

Pei Shaoze simply got up and opened the quilt. Cheng Xia’s body was completely revealed before his eyes. The young man didn’t have any trace of fat on his body. His legs were straight and long and his body was good enough to be a model. His skin was covered with a layer of redness and his wet eyes were blurry.

This was truly the protagonist of a novel. He had a good appearance and good figure. His figure that lay in bed was really attractive. Due to his pheromones going out of control and not being satisfied, Cheng Xia’s hands were scratching everywhere and making a lot of red marks on his body.

Pei Shaoze glanced at him before turning around to find two ties from the closet drawer. Then he quietly tied Cheng Xia’s hands to the head of the bed.

[System 1022: …Playing bondage for the first time? Isn’t this too exciting?]

Pei Shaoze ignored the noisy mechanical voice and headed to the bathroom, turning on the cold water. The cold water of the shower fell down and the door of the bathroom cut off the smell of Cheng Xia’s pheromones. The cold water gradually extinguished his body’s heat and the man’s deep eyes finally returned to its usual indifference.

[System: ……]

Tying up the cute omega in the susceptible period and taking a cold shower by himself? This player! No! You are doing it wrong!

Pei Shaoze quickly took a shower before picking up his mobile phone. He found a number in the contacts and called it. The doctor who was woken up at 2 o’clock in the morning was in a daze. He yawned and complained, “President Pei, you better have a reason I can accept for making me wake up in the middle of the night.”

The doctor’s name was Qin Yu and he was a small, nagging beta male.

In the novel, Cheng Xia was later imprisoned, tortured, seriously injured and hospitalized. He escaped from the hospital with the help of Doctor Qin Yu and was also the one to notify Cheng Xia when his father was taken to the hospital due to a heart attack. Qin Yu might be Pei Shaoze’s good friend but he couldn’t understand Pei Shaoze’s abuse of Cheng Xia. He felt sorry for Cheng Xia and secretly helped out a lot.

This person should be trustworthy.

Pei Shaoze spoke as briefly as possible, “Qin Yu, immediately come to my place with a box of strong inhibitors. There is an omega in his susceptible period and I don’t want to mark him, understood?”

The voice that entered his ears was low but very decisive.

Qin Yu was stunned for a few seconds before realizing what was going on. He immediately picked up the clothes next to the bed and complained while wearing them, “F*k! An omega who is in his susceptible period climbed into your bed. Is this trying to rise higher through you?”

“Hurry up, he is about to lose control.”

“Yes, I’ll be right there!”

Qin Yu was a doctor and naturally knew the consequences of an omega’s pheromones going out of control. He hurriedly grabbed a medicine box, brought a powerful inhibitor and drove to the Pei Shaoze’s house.

Pei Shaoze came out of the bathroom with a bathrobe.

Cheng Xia was desperately struggling on the bed, his wrists bruised by the ties. It was probably so uncomfortable that he actually hit the wall with his head, causing blood to drip down his forehead.

The sight of the blood made Pei Shaoze’s eyes sink. He strode forward and quickly undid the ties binding Cheng Xia’s hands. Using his left hand, he brought Cheng Xia into his arms to control him while the right hand covered the young man’s body with the clean bathrobe.

Cheng Xia perceived the approach of alpha pheromones and immediately wrapped his arms and legs around this person. He leaned forward to ask for a kiss and accidentally kissed the corner of Pei Shaoze’s lips.

The soft touch on the corner of Pei Shaoze’s lips made him stiffen. He pushed Cheng Xia back onto the bed and kept the other party from moving. He quickly wrapped Cheng Xia into zongzi (sticky rice dumpling) with the bathrobe, tying the bathrobe twice with a belt to secure it. Cheng Xia was soon tied so that only his head was exposed.

Cheng Xia was in a daze and his consciousness was almost pulled from his mind. He felt like a fish thrown on the shore, about to dry up and die…

Just then, a glass of warm water reached his lips.

Cheng Xia was fed water and his throat felt a bit better. However, the inside of his body was still terribly uncomfortable. He wanted to hug the alpha in front of him but unfortunately, he was bound so tightly that there was no way to break free.

Pei Shaoze used one arm and two legs to control Cheng Xia’s body so that he couldn’t move at all. Then Pei Shaoze held the cup in his other hand and slowly fed Cheng Xia water.

An omega sweated too much in the susceptible period and it was easy to collapse. Water needed to be replenished in time. Perhaps the water was of some use. Cheng Xia gradually struggled less but his body was still constantly shaking.

Pei Shaoze thought of Cheng Xia’s experience of being violently marked and having his body torn in the novel and couldn’t help reaching out a hand to gently touch the young man’s sweat-soaked hair. He whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

The original owner of this body was stupid and a scumbag. He tortured such a sunny boy and blackened him to the point of revenge, eventually being stabbed to death. Pei Shaoze didn’t want to be a scumbag with a low IQ. Starting from tonight, all the plots would change completely.


After a while, the voice of System 1022 rang again in his mind. [Hey, are you sure you don’t want to mark him? If you do this, the story plot can’t be completed!]

Pei Shaoze asked indifferently, “What will happen if it isn’t completed?”

[System 1022: Points will be deducted! If you reach 0 points, you will be obliterated by the novel world! You now have only 100 points. If Cheng Xia isn’t marked by dawn then you will have 50 points deducted!]

[System 1022: The novel is called Accidental Mark and the subsequent plots are all because of this accidental marking. How can you continue the strategy with the protagonist without marking Cheng Xia? How can you improve his good impression of you?]

Pei Shaoze’s voice was cold. “You are too noisy. Your buzzing in my brain is giving me a headache. Can you change systems for me?”

[System 1022: ???]

It wanted to change to another player! Completely ignoring the system guidelines and failing the first task. Then what about all subsequent tasks?!


Qin Yu hurriedly arrived and found Pei Shaoze had tightly wrapped a person in a bathrobe so that only their head was revealed. Pei Shaoze held the person with no expression on his face, vigorously controlling the other person. This person couldn’t struggle under his control and hung his head as if he had lost consciousness.

The strong pheromones smell inside the house could even be smelled clearly by Qin Yu, a beta. He had to say that the purity of this omega’s pheromones was too high. It was hard to believe that Pei Shaoze could actually control it.

Qin Yu joked while quickly moving with the medicine box, “You can actually resist not marking him despite such rich pheromones. This self-control is too awesome. It is enough to brag in front of our brothers for a year.”

In fact, Pei Shaoze had been enduring it and his sense of reason was on the verge of collapsing. Seeing Qin Yu’s arrival, he immediately let go of Cheng Xia, his hoarse voice clearly suppressing something. “Hurry up and give him an inhibitor. I’m going to take a shower.”

Then he disappeared in front of Qin Yu like lightning.

Qin Yu, “……”

He seemed to be suffocated by something. His footsteps were a bit unstable when he rushed to the bathroom just now.

Who would dare to seduce President Pei? Qin Yu walked to the bed and glanced curiously at the guy who was like a zongzi. He was actually a boy around 18 years old with beautiful eyes and good looks! Pei Shaoze didn’t mark him? Was it unappetizing?

Qin Yu thought of this as he took out a powerful inhibitor from the medicine box, undid the bathrobe and pierced a vein of the boy’s arm with a needle. This powerful inhibitor was designed to deal with an omega suddenly going out of control.

By the time Pei Shaoze finished washing with cold water, Qin Yu had already completed the injection. Pei Shaoze glanced at the bed and was finally relieved when he saw Cheng Xia sleeping quietly on the bed. He wiped his hair and asked as he came over, “How is it? Under control?”

Qin Yu got up and answered, “Relax, the powerful inhibitors work very quickly. He is already asleep. However, the pheromones in his body are forcibly suppressed. He might have a high fever tomorrow. I also brought a box of anti-fever medicine. If his fever doesn’t go away, feed him one tablet in the morning, at noon and at night.”

Pei Shaoze took the anti-fever medicine and placed it on the bedside table. “Thank you. By the way, leave me a few inhibitors. If I encounter this situation in the future then I don’t need to trouble you in the middle of the night.”

Qin Yu left a box of inhibitors and stared curiously at Cheng Xia. After a moment, he couldn’t help asking, “This omega should be an artist of your company? He actually used a pheromones release agent to seduce you… what are you going to do with him?”

Pei Shaoze followed Qin Yu’s gaze and watched the young man on the bed.

The sleeping Cheng Xia was very quiet. His face was extremely pale, there were blood stains on his forehead, his lip was bitten by his teeth and a trace of blood seeped out. He looked pitiful…

Pei Shaoze couldn’t help his voice softening. “What do you think I should do with him?”

Qin Yu made a guess. “An artist with this type of mind isn’t correct. An artist who wants to sleep with the boss to take shortcuts, isn’t it better to simply block it to the end?”

Pei Shaoze spoke lightly. “First of all, he is an unknown newcomer. It is impossible for him to know my exact itinerary and where I am staying tonight. Secondly, even if he found a way to discover my place, he is a small star. It is impossible for him to hide from everyone around me and suddenly appear in my bed.”

Qin Yu was stunned and unknowingly nodded. “That’s right. If your bed was so easy to climb into then all the omega entertainers in the entertainment circle would’ve crossed the threshold of your house.”

“……” Pei Shaoze ignored this joke and walked to the table. He picked up the cup and took a sip of cold water. “Cheng Xia’s agent is Zhao Wenxiu. He has been working at Tianxuan Entertainment for five years and failed to make any celebrity popular. His cousin Liu Rui became my driver not long ago. I went to the party tonight and drank some wine. The driver sent me home.”

Qin Yu’s eyes widened. “You mean, the agent and the driver joined forces to send this omega artist to your bed? Isn’t this little guy in your bed the mastermind?”

Cheng Xia was definitely not the mastermind. It was impossible for him to climb the boss’ bed even if he borrowed the courage of 10 people. How stupid was the original owner in the novel to believe that Cheng Xia designed all of this? Did his IQ drop?

Pei Shaoze picked up his mobile phone with a blank face and sent a voice message to his assistant. “I have a personal matter. Tomorrow’s trip is canceled. At 8 o’clock the day after tomorrow, have agent Zhao Wenxiu come to Tianxuan headquarters to see me.”

System 1022 that was about to sleep woke up suddenly. [What are you going to do?]

Pei Shaoze inwardly said, “Isn’t the mission goal to make the protagonist’s good impression of me reach 100 points? I have my own way.”

Taking advantage of the pheromones going out of control to sleep with the protagonist and treating him gently and considerately…

This might make Cheng Xia’s good impression of him increase rapidly. However, Pei Shaoze believed that being really good to a person wasn’t just taking care of his life. It was supporting him, respecting him and helping him achieve his dreams.

According to the original setting, Pei Shaoze was 26 years old and Cheng Xia had just turned 18. In the real world, his sister Pei Xueqing was exactly 8 years younger than him. As an older brother, he was used to protecting his sister. He might’ve transmigrated into a book but he couldn’t bear to hurt a young man so much younger than himself. Rather than simply and rudely occupying Cheng Xia’s body, it was better to protect Cheng Xia and lead him onto the right path.

He didn’t want such a simple teenager to become the boss’ exclusive property at a young age, being violated and involuntarily marked. Cheng Xia should have a wider world. A physical relationship was too fragile. Mutual recognition of the heart was the key to making a person’s good impression reach full marks.

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