AM: Chapter 13

Pei Shaoze didn’t directly decide that the protagonist would be played by Cheng Xia. After all, Cheng Xia currently didn’t have any movie and television works. It was bound to arouse doubts among the agents and other artists. He was very clear about the principle of ‘too far is as bad as not enough.’ He was now the boss of the company and the leader of Group C. It wouldn’t be a good thing if he left the impression that he was ‘favoring Cheng Xia’ from the beginning.

This was why he left the opportunity to all newcomers. Newcomers in his group could participate in the audition. As for who would play the protagonist, it depended on strength.

Pei Shaoze believed that since Cheng Xia could become an international superstar in the later stages of the original novel, his talent in acting couldn’t be inexplicably worsened. The opportunity was before him and Cheng Xia should know how to fight for it.

Pei Shaoze glanced at Zhou Yan and told her, “I have asked the logistics department for a few artist apartments. You can grab the keys and let the newcomers move to the artist apartments as soon as possible. In addition, there should be an assistant with the newcomers. Make arrangements for it.”

Zhou Yan quickly nodded. “Rest assured that I will arrange it as soon as possible.”

There was a knock on the door. Pei Shaoze told the person to come in and Zhang Fan walked into the office with Cheng Xia’s contract, placing the documents on the table. “President Pei, the contract has been stamped.”

Pei Shaoze took a copy and handed it to Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia immediately extended his hands and took it respectfully. Just then, there was another knock on the door and two women opened the door.

The person walking in front wore a pair of sunglasses, a bright yellow coat and red lipstick. She had chestnut colored curly hair and she walked with her chin raised slightly. The woman next to her wore black trousers and a white shirt. Her ponytail made her look very capable and she held a briefcase in her hand as she looked calm.

Pei Shaoze raised his eyes to look at the two people and asked in a low voice, “Chen Yijun?”

This character wasn’t mentioned in the original novel, Accidental Mark. After all, most of the original novel was devoted to the love-hate entanglement of the protagonist and the affairs of the company were barely covered. However, Chen Yijun was indeed a contracted artist of Tianxuan Entertainment. Pei Shaoze had carefully read the details of Tianxuan after entering the book and recognized her with one glance.

The woman took off her sunglasses, walked to the desk and simply said, “President Pei, I am here today to talk to you about the termination of the contract. As for the liquidation damages, I will pay it according to the contract.”

The agent with the ponytail placed a contract on the desk and spoke calmly, “Please sign it.”

Chen Yijun was a first-tier singer. She had solid signing abilities and a changeable style. She could easily control various styles of rock and pop. She could also write her own original songs, attracting countless fans. Every single would go into the top three sales list the moment it was released. She had long wanted to terminate the contract so it was no wonder why Vice-presidents Cui and Yang assigned the most difficult star to Pei Shaoze when deciding the groups.

She might be a beta but she was called ‘Queen’ by her fans due to her excellent appearance and strong aura.

Pei Shaoze raised his head and stared sharply into her eyes. “The contract hasn’t expired  yet. Why do you want to cancel the contract early? Are you unhappy with Tianxuan?”

His words were calm but it gave Chen Yijun the chills. This feeling became even more intense when she met Pei Shaoze’s eyes. Chen Yijun realized that the man in front of her wasn’t as stupid as the rumors and immediately explained with a smile, “I think there will be a better development space after leaving Tianxuan. I am going to set up my own studio, cultivate a few newcomers talented in music and form a team by myself. President Pei, surely you don’t want to ban me in the industry and make me unable to hold on?”

Pei Shaoze spoke indifferently, “That won’t happen. You haven’t done anything to Tianxuan and I won’t be so narrow-minded as to block Tianxuan’s former artist. However. you should read this document first before making a decision on whether you want to go or stay.”

He gave a folder to the agent. The agent opened it and her expression changed slightly. “The profit share has been increased to 80% and a resident spot in Idol Singer?”

Idol Singer was CNTV’s most popular talent show and the guests were all big names in the industry. Chen Yijun might’ve debuted for many years but she hadn’t been a guest of this variety show. She was stunned and she stared at Pei Shaoze with slightly wide eyes. “CNTV has never cooperated with Tianxuan. The previous sponsor was always Star Media?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “There was no before but that doesn’t mean there will be no cooperation in the future.”

Chen Yijun quickly calmed down. “President Pei, are you serious?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Miss Chen is the most popular singer in Tianxuan and Tianxuan is very sincere about keeping you. First, re-sign the contract to increase the profit share ratio. Second, give you more resources. The resident guest spot of this variety show is just an appetizer. After the Spring Festival, I will immediately prepare a new album for you. In the second half of the year, I will hold a national tour for you to commemorate the eighth anniversary of your debut. How about it?”

Chen Yijun, “!!!”

A profit share of 8:2 and national concerts—such good conditions?! Chen Yijun couldn’t believe it. “President Pei is suddenly treating me so preferentially… can I ask the reason?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “Tianxuan’s influence in the music scene is becoming smaller. There must be one or two good singers. The company has recently signed some newcomers, some of whom can sing well. You can look after them in the future.”

Chen Yijun understood. Keep her and use her to stay in the music scene while letting her look after the company’s newcomers. Pei Shaoze gave her such generous signing conditions and naturally he would want her to help the company.

The first reason she wanted to terminate the contract with Tianxuan was because the profit split was too low. She felt that most of the money she made was taken by the company. Secondly, the company didn’t pay enough attention to her. She thought it would be better to leave Tianxuan to develop alone.

Now Pei Shaoze helped her solve two problems. She naturally had no reason to refuse such good conditions.

[Chen Yijun’s good impression of you +10.]

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you +5.]

It was normal for Chen Yijun to increase her good impression of him. Then what was going on with Cheng Xia?

Just standing by and watching the show could increase his good impression? Pei Shaoze glanced at Cheng Xia who was giving him a shy smile.

Pei Shaoze, “……”

He didn’t know what Cheng Xia was thinking again. Did he think that Pei Shaoze did things well as the boss? Pei Shaoze was in a good mood. He looked away from Cheng Xia and asked Chen Yijun in a low voice, “Then do you want to consider renewing the contract with Tianxuan?”

Chen Yijun and her agent exchanged looks and the latter immediately said, “President Pei, Yijun wanted to break the contract because she felt that the company ignored her and she impulsively wanted to go solo. Now that you have personally pledged to focus on her training and re-sign the contract, we will go back and think it over.”

“Yes, I’ve already mentioned Miss Chen to the legal department and drafted a brand new contract. You can find a professional lawyer to review the terms of the contract. If you have any questions then come to me.” Pei Shaoze paused and suddenly looked at Chen Yijun. “Right, the MV for your latest single hasn’t been filmed yet?”

Chen Yijun was stunned. Unexpectedly, President Pei knew so much about the situation of the artists. She bluntly replied, “Yes, I have recorded the new song but the MV is still being prepared.”

Pei Shaoze suggested, “Look at the information of the company’s newcomers. If there is someone suitable then you can let them participate.”

Unlike TV dramas that required actors and actresses to drive popularity, the audience of the MV were fans of Chen Yijun. The protagonist of the MV didn’t need to be famous. Being good-looking was enough. Beside, Pei Shaoze didn’t force a newcomer on her. He just let her look at them. Chen Yijun didn’t find it easy to refuse and she quickly took the information handed over by President Pei.

This was when she noticed the two people who had been sitting quietly in the room. She had met Zhou Yan before and knew this was an agent of Tianxuan. The young man looked very fresh and he was in President Pei’s office. Was he a newly signed artist of the company?

The young man wasn’t tall. Through visual observation, he seemed to be around 1.78 meters. This height was considered average in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, he was slender, well-proportioned and his overall look was very coordinated. He wore black skinny jeans and his legs looked straight and long. His upper body was covered with a camel cashmere sweater. His simple and refreshing outfit made him full of vitality and his face had a youthful vigor.

Seeing Chen Yijun look over, the young man smiled at her. Chen Yijun’s heart abruptly jumped. His smile really made her old sister’s heart melt! She couldn’t help asking, “Are you a new artist of the company?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Hello, my name is Cheng Xia. I am your fan and I often listen to your songs.”

Chen Yijun heard the other person say he was her fan and her original good impression of 70 points instantly rose to 90 points. She showed a kind smile and asked, “Cheng Xia, are you interested in shooting an MV?”

Cheng Xia was taken aback. “Me?”

Chen Yijun was excited. She walked over and looked him up and down. “I am recently preparing an MV for my single and the protagonist hasn’t been found. Didn’t President Pei just ask me to pick from the newcomers? I think your image and temperament are particularly suitable! I have decided on you!”

Her agent coughed as a reminder for her to look again. Chen Yijun ignored the other person and smiled at Cheng Xia. “The MV is very short and doesn’t have a complicated plot. You just need to show your face. How about it? Would you like to do it?”

Cheng Xia looked at his agent Zhou Yan. The latter was also a bit dazed. What was this situation? Was Chen Yijun so casual? They just met once and she decided that Cheng Xia would play the actor in her MV?

Just then, Pei Shaoze called out in a low voice. “Cheng Xia.”

Everyone turned their heads. They saw President Pei’s calm expression and his gentle smile toward Cheng Xia. “An MV shooting is simpler than a TV series. Many singers look for new people to star in their MV. You don’t have to feel pressured. Yijun is actively inviting you so you should give it a try and perform well.”

Cheng Xia was flattered and his voice trembled. “T-Thank you President Pei! Thank you Sister Jun for giving me this opportunity!”

Chen Yijun immediately took out her mobile phone. “Come and add me as a friend. My song is going to be released on Valentine’s Day. The MV shooting time is relatively tight. If nothing happens, it will be scheduled for next week. You can go back and prepare for it. Let the agents on both sides talk about the specific details.”

Cheng Xia added Chen Yijun and the agents also added each other as friends. Chen Yijun smiled and waved to Cheng Xia. She said goodbye to Pei Shaoze and turned to leave the office.

Cheng Xia gripped the contract and stood there, feeling so good that he was about to soar into the sky. He didn’t expect that while meeting President Pei today, he would get the opportunity to appear in the MV of the famous singer Chen Yijun’s new song. President Pei also gave him the novel information of a new drama and he could participate in the audition for the cast.

As a newcomer, Cheng Xia felt like he had won the lottery.

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you +5.]

Pei Shaoze looked at the excited young man and spoke in a low voice. “Okay, go back and prepare to move as soon as possible. Tianxuan’s artist apartment is in very good condition and there will be an assistant to take care of your daily life in the future. Tell your parents clearly and don’t worry them.”

Cheng Xia nodded energetically. “Yes, I’ll be going first. Thank you President Pei!”

The young man bowed deeply to Pei Shaoze and then turned to leave the office with Zhou Yan. Pei Shaoze turned on the system and took a look.

Good impression: 50

Thanks to the young man’s various wild thoughts, the good impression had finally reached the halfway mark.

Proofreader: Cat

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So cute

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Such a stroke of good fortune. I can’t help but wonder if Boss Pei arranged for Chen Yijun to show up while Cheng Xia was still there