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AM: Chapter 75

It was said that if ‘one opened one’s mouth to start a rumor, one would run away until one’s leg was broken when the rumor was refuted.’ Even though millions of people watched the live broadcast of Cheng Xia’s case and the court announced the verdict, some people still had conspiracy theories or pretended not to see or hear. They continued making sarcastic remarks about Cheng Xia.

Cheng Xia didn’t care about this small group of people. It was impossible for everyone to accept him and believe him. All-stars would have black fans let alone him, a newcomer who just emerged. All he needed was justice.

After being scolded by the entire Internet for three days, Cheng Xia was very satisfied that so many people could accept the explanation and leave a message apologizing to him, even driving up the sales of Folding Paper. As for the future, would someone point this out as a stain on him? He didn’t care at all. He had a clear conscience. It was enough for the fans who liked him to believe him.

That night, Cheng Xia forwarded the audition video and released a statement. [I have wanted to be an actor since I was a child. Folding Paper is my first work. I am very happy to get the recognition of the director and the author. I have a clear conscience about getting the role of Qin Nian. Thank you for your willingness to believe in me. [Heart][Heart]]

The fans immediately left positive messages on this post. Director Liu, Screenwriter Xu, and Author Lemongrass successively forwarded it to support Cheng Xia. Pei Shaoze also forwarded it with a comment, [Rumors stop at the wise.]

Many netizens ran to Pei Shaoze’s Weibo to leave a message. [President Pei is always direct when mocking people.]

[President Pei means that people who believe in rumors are too stupid!]

[When is President Pei going to debut? It’s a waste not to debut with such a face.]

[President Pei, debut and become the first brother of Tianxuan.]

Pei Shaoze, “……?”

Why did so many strange netizens flood into his Weibo and clamor for his debut?

Pei Shaoze didn’t know that due to his appearance at the trial and his words about ‘what is the difference between marking an out of control omega and rape?’, countless netizens were affected by his appearance and aura. They followed his Weibo and became his fans.

Tianxuan’s new boss was so young and handsome. He also came forward personally to defend Tianxuan’s artist! He was really an A and handsome! Handsome enough to make an omega’s legs soft. There were even some love-struck fools who appeared in the messages. [Asking for a mark from President Pei, I’ll give you a monkey.]

[President Pei, I am a beta, can you look at me?]

[What type of omega does President Pei like? I’ll change it according to your preferences. Plastic surgery is okay.]

[Hahaha, President Pei’s Weibo has been captured by omegas. President Pei has become the president with the most followers.]

Pei Shaoze, “……”

This wasn’t his intention. He was used to being behind the scenes and didn’t like to joke with netizens. Besides, he already had Cheng Xia. He couldn’t be bothered taking a look at other omegas.

The verdict of the case combined with the Folding Paper audition video meant that netizens finally believed Cheng Xia was a newcomer with talent who worked hard. The reason why he was maliciously discredited was definitely because his performance in Folding Paper was too good.

Out of sympathy, the netizens flocked to Linghu TV. This school drama was well-made and had an easy-to-watch plot. Most people who watched it rated it 5 stars. Positive reviews were growing and purchases were climbing. Even the actors in the drama such as Shen Kai and Ye Mingqian followed suit and their fans were rising rapidly!

By August 10th, no one on the Internet scolded Cheng Xia any longer. Instead, more people were discussing the sales of Folding Paper. In the highly competitive summer vacation season, other dramas failed due to various reasons and the originally most insignificant Folding Paper killed the competition. It rode to the top, holding the double champion for views and purchase volume for one week in a row!

The boss of Linghu TV personally met with Pei Shaoze to discuss the exclusive broadcasting rights of the next drama, ‘Disappearing Traces’. However, Pei Shaoze declined with the excuse of ‘the drama hasn’t been finished yet.’

In the beginning, he talked with Linghu TV about cooperation and gave the other party a high percentage of the profit. No one was willing to believe him. They thought that Folding Paper would lose money and offered a low price of 3 million to buy it out. Now the achievements of Folding Paper were there and the three platforms that talked with him previously would surely offer better conditions to cooperate with him. This time, he had the initiative and there was no need to worry.

On July 7th, Pei Shaoze returned to the Ya’an Movies and Television Studio with Cheng Xia.

The filming of Disappearing Traces had entered the final stage. Today’s scene was a chase in the rain. After a detailed investigation, the criminal investigations officer Xu Ziyang and the forensic doctor Lin Qi finally found that the murderer was a tenant living in the same community. Xu Ziyang followed him but as a result, the other person noticed him. Using the familiar terrain, the murderer set up a lot of obstacles and slipped away without a trace.

There were heavy rain and quick scene changes. There might not be many lines but there was a lot of action. Many staff members thought that Cheng Xia was likely to be in a depressed mood and unable to film the scene well due to the large-scale abuse on Weibo and the trial.

They didn’t expect that Cheng Xia would get into the act so quickly. The moment he saw the murderer leaving the alley on his bicycle, his eyes suddenly changed. It was a type of hateful gaze that wanted to tear the other person to pieces. He instantly found Xu Ziyang’s emotions when facing the murderer of his family!

Cheng Xia pressed down the brim of his hat and quickly followed.

The crew had borrowed a firetruck to set up a hose nearby, creating a downpour. Heavy rain poured down and the hazy rain and fog made it hard to see more than 10 meters ahead of him. Even so, Cheng Xia stared at the black figure in front of him like a hunter. He carelessly wiped off the rain on his face and quickly followed.

However, a falling bamboo pole broke the silence in the alley. Cheng Xia quickly ducked behind a clothes pole.

The man dressed in black looked behind him with a bad smile on his lips.

The murderer continued to shuttle through the complex terrain like a dog. Xu Ziyang braved the heavy rain to chase all the way, running through several alleys in a row only to find that he had lost the other person. Xu Ziyang slammed a fist against the wall in annoyance and there was a trace of blood on the back of his hand.

Today, it had been a whole month since his uncle’s family of four were killed. He and Professor Lin found the suspect but there was no evidence. There was no evidence!

Hate, self-blame, frustration, and a strong sense of powerlessness caused the young Xu Ziyang’s mind to suffer a severe shock. He leaned against the cold wall of the alley and wiped the watermarks off his face. It wasn’t known if it was rain or tears. It was very difficult to perform without lines.

In the first shooting, Cheng Xia moved a positioning error and was almost hit by the prop group’s bamboo pole. It was an NG. The second time, he chased while paying attention to the route but he didn’t take into account his expression. It was an NG again. The third time, the fourth time…

Over and over again, Cheng Xia’s clothes became wet.

Pei Shaoze sat nearby and couldn’t help feeling distressed. He knew that being an actor wasn’t easy but once he saw Cheng Xia being soaked and running over and over again in the torrential rain, he really wanted to rush to hold Cheng Xia in his arms.

The assistant held a very thick coat. Every time Cheng Xia returned after an NG, she would hand the coat to Cheng Xia and give him hand warmers and hot water. Although the temperature in Ya’an today was 28 degrees Celsius, it was hard to withstand the rain. Cheng Xia’s body was trembling from the cold and gradually became stiff. Once the body stiffened, movements would become unnatural.

Director Zhu shouted, “Cheng Xia, take a 10-minute rest. You performed well this time. We just need the details to be perfected.”

Cheng Xia smiled and nodded. “Yes, Director Zhu!”

He was never afraid of hardships or tiredness. He acted as the director asked him to act and didn’t become impatient when asked to do a running scene repeatedly. The staff couldn’t help sighing that this newcomer really worked hard. He didn’t have the airs of a celebrity or the delicateness of an omega. His script was covered with dense notes and when he was free, he would sit by and read the script. It was rare for him to play with his mobile phone.

How could such a hard-working young man be the type to use his body to seduce his boss? Any actor or crew member who had worked with Cheng Xia believed in Cheng Xia’s character.

The fifth time.

Cheng Xia braved the heavy rain to chase the murderer. This performance was perfect, especially the last scene where the murderer escaped and he felt chagrin, pain, self-blame, and helplessness. The young police officer leaned against the cold wall. He wiped his face again and again but he couldn’t clean the water on his face. Director Zhu knew that tears were constantly pouring from Cheng Xia’s eyes.

Rain and tears mixed together and there were no flaws in the camera’s close-up shots.

Director Zhu took a deep breath and shouted, “Very good. Pass!”

The sprinklers turned off and the rain came to an abrupt end. Cheng Xia leaned against the wall and breathed deeply to adjust his mood.

He had been too into the scene. Every time he thought about how Xu Ziyang’s family was killed but he couldn’t find the murderer, he felt very sad. In today’s scene, he seemed to actually be Xu Ziyang. He watched the murderer slip away from him and felt the same feeling of collapse…

Pei Shaoze went to Cheng Xia. The young man’s entire body was wet causing his clothes to cling to his body, showing the beautiful lines of his body. He had a thin waist without a trace of fat. Pei Shaoze could easily hold him with one arm. The long, straight legs wrapped in wet trousers revealed a sexy temptation. The young man’s fair skin gave off a wet luster and his hair was drenched. rainwater ran down his cheeks and neck, sliding over the delicate and beautiful collarbone into the depths of his clothes.

All around them, people were busy sorting out the tools. Pei Shaoze’s heart jumped and his Adam’s apple moved fiercely. He instinctively took his coat and quickly wrapped Cheng Xia in it, speaking in a husky voice, “Your entire body is soaked. Go change clothes quickly and be careful not to catch a cold.”

Cheng Xia sniffed. “Yes.”

Assistant Rong held clean clothes and took Cheng Xia to the dressing room.

Pei Shaoze clenched his fists and suppressed an inexplicable impulse. The Cheng Xia who was soaked all over made Pei Shaoze wanted to hug him, embrace him warmly, take possession of him and warm him physically.

These thoughts flashed through his mind and Pei Shaoze quickly regained his sanity. He always felt that his mood wasn’t normal, especially when he saw a lot of comments left on Cheng Xia’s Weibo such as, [Xia Xia is my dream O. I dreamed about Xia Xia again last night.]

[After reading Folding Paper, I really like Cheng Xia. How can there be such a lovely O?]

[I hate that I’m not an alpha or else I would steal Cheng Xia from all of you!]

[No no, Cheng Xia is mine. You guys, step aside.]

These types of comments were increasing and Pei Shaoze’s possessive desire for Cheng Xia became more intense.

Cheng Xia was his. Even if one day Cheng Xia had tens of millions of fans, after leaving the spotlights and the cameras, Cheng Xia must belong to him alone.

Today, Cheng Xia who was soaked all over was so sexy that it was simply fatal. Pei Shaoze rubbed his temples and forced himself to calm down. Then he walked over to Director Zhu. “Director Zhu, I will treat everyone well at the finale party.”

Cheng Xia’s performance after returning to the crew was brilliant and he wasn’t affected by the scandal at all. The shooting of the next few scenes went smoothly and on August 15th, Disappearing Traces was officially completed.

The crew took a group photo and Cheng Xia was wearing the same police uniform as when he was filming and he had a bright smile on his face. Once the photo was released, many fans praised it. [There is no sense of contradiction when my Xia Xia is wearing a police uniform!]

[So handsome. Looking forward to your new drama!]

It took two months to shoot just 12 episodes. It could be seen that Director Zhu was filming with ‘movie quality’ as the standard and every frame had to be perfect.

The day of the finale party happened to be Director Zhu’s birthday. The filming of the drama was very difficult and it was finally completed today. The entire crew was very excited and smashed the cakes everywhere. Cheng Xia’s face was covered with a lot of cream. It was just that no one dared to touch Pei Shaoze. After all, Pei Shaoze was too dignified sitting there and no one dared come near.

Pei Shaoze glanced at the young man with cream on his face and smiled. “How did you end up like this?”

Cheng Xia was embarrassed and blinked. “I will clean it after going back or else they will keep adding more!”

The finale party went on until very late and they only dispersed at 11 o’clock. Cheng Xia hurried back to his room to wash his face. He saw himself with cream all over his face in the mirror and couldn’t help thinking, ‘Brother Pei must’ve been laughing at me, right?’

He quickly washed his face, went to the bathroom, and put on clean pajamas.

At the same time, Pei Shaoze took a shower in the bathroom. The strange thing was that the shadow of Cheng Xia kept appearing in his mind. Sometimes it was Cheng Xia who was youthful and sexy after being soaked in the rain that day and sometimes it was Cheng Xia who was smiling, sunny and lovely… the scenes flashed in his mind and his body’s reaction gradually got out of control.

Pei Shaoze rotated the shower tap to the cold waterside. However, the cold water pouring down on his head still couldn’t suppress his thoughts. He rarely lost control. He remembered that the first time he almost lost control of his life was when he just transmigrated to this novel world and was affected by pheromones.

What was going on today? He just drank two glasses of wine at the party and he shouldn’t be like this.

The pheromones in the room were becoming stronger. It was the woody scent that belonged to him. It was like a wild animal that had been bound for a long time only to suddenly break through the cage and spread wildly.

The man clenched his fists. The back of his hands was blue and his eyes gradually became bloodshot. His chest muscles slightly fluctuated and his breathing became more urgent. The temperature in the room rose, his heartbeat wildly and his body’s reaction was so strong that he almost went crazy.

Pei Shaoze turned on the cold water of his shower to the maximum. He had no idea that at this time, he was like a hungry beast frantically eager to find prey.

A moment later, the door suddenly opened. It was Pei Shaoyan. He had a door card to his older brother’s room.

Originally, he had something to discuss with his brother. As a result, he just entered through the door when the aggressive alpha pheromones rushed toward him and almost made his legs go weak. Pei Shaoyan rushed to the bathroom door. “F*k, Brother, are you in your susceptible period? Won’t these pheromones make people faint?!”

Pei Shaoze, “……”

Alphas also had a susceptible period?

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