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I am Rainbow Mushroom and I am a mtler of Chinese danmei (BL) novels as a hobby on my wordpress. Don’t expect 100% accuracy. My favorite genres would be modern, entertainment and unlimited flow. I tend to like sweet fluff with little angst or adventure/horror novels.

Please don’t copy any novels/chapters to Wattpad, even if you want to keep it for offline reading. I regularly check and report it.

Anyone who wants to translate the novels to another language, my answer is a firm no.


  1. Hello , rainbow mushroom ,
    i wanted to ask can you please translate the novel a lucky coin .
    Its just my request , if not possible no need to pay attention

    1. she literally said (and i’m quoting from the post above) Anyone who wants to translate the novels to another language, my answer is a firm no.’ lol

      1. they asked if RM could translate it… like pick up a new novel. they’re not asking for permission to retranslate

  2. Hi! I wanted to ask can you please translate the novel “Thriller Trainee”? It’s on NU and already has 54 chapters translated at CG but the translators translating this aren’t as consistent and as fast as you are. They’ll likely finish this novel in around 2+ years which is quite normal for an unlimited flow novel but you’re a way faster translator. Plus a lot of UF novel translators or any long novel translator tend to take large hiatuses as the story goes on so I’m scared they will do the same. The novel is a 259 chapter unlimited flow horror romance BL novel and it’s crazy good with amazing romance and characterization. I’d really really appreciate it if you picked it up because I’m a huge fan of all the unlimited flow novels you’ve translated.

    Also idk if you know this, but literally no translator I have ever seen posts as consistently and as quickly paired with very good translation quality as you do for big chapter novels. Hence, why I’m begging you to pick this novel up despite it already having a translator. Please please please do consider picking it up!

    1. I forget to mention this in my comment. I meant can you plz plz join as a CO-TRANSLATOR because the translation team is recruiting one on CG (I think my comment must’ve come off like take the novel from them lol. I worded it poorly). They have 2 translators so far. Plz plz do consider joining the team. You would be a big help and increase the frequency of chapters! The link to the novel and recruitment page is below!


  3. Hey hi! I’m wondering if you will still continue translating ‘I Became a God in a Horror Game’? Will you move it here?

  4. Hey. I’ve loved your tls and I know the recent news has been a pita, but are you going to drop the virtual character or add a password. Also, how can I get the pws for the other novels on here? Thanks in advance

  5. Hi. I was wondering if I could get access to Game Loading? I was reading it but didn’t get a chance to finish it and now it says it is password protected.

  6. Hello. I did not see your email in time, and was not able to join the discord server before the link closed down…
    Is there a way to join now ? Will it open again (even briefly) in the future ?
    Thank you very much in advance for you answer 🙂

    And sorry for the disruption.

    1. Ello, recently just found out how to join the discord. To join you first have to have CG’s discord then just check the pins.

      1. Hi I don’t understand how u join, sorry what does CG mean? and how do you get it? sorry 🙁

      2. CG is referring to Chrysanthemum Garden. Which is another site for BL. Don’t need to be sorry, happy to help.

      3. Hey, when you say pins… hm I’m not sure in what channel’s pins in cg I’m supposed to find it… Thanks if you can help

      4. I checked but there wasn’t anything pinned on CG’s discord

  7. Is there any way to join the discord server at the moment? I stumbled upon the news of the lock down too late. Either way I hope you have a good weekend.

    Thank you for always putting so much time and effort into translating! Wish you the best.

  8. Hi! I was wondering if I could still get access to the discord server. I was also wanting to read My husband is suffering from a terminal illness again. If I could please get the password for that! Sorry circumstances have made you have to password protect your translations! Thank you for all your hard work!!

  9. Hi I was reading the earth is online earlier on this site but stooped for awhile but wanted to continue now but there is a password on the pages and I was just wondering how one is able to get the password? <3

  10. Hi, Rainbow Mushroom, I read translations from you before and I wanted to read Supernatural Movie Actor App, but its password protected, could you send me the password please?

  11. Hello. Is there anyway for me to join your discord? I’m still halfway reading pickup boyfriend from trash ToT when I saw it was suddenly taken down I was shocked as I realize about the whole thing late . Thank you

  12. Hello Rainbow Mushroom,
    I was wondering where I could get the passwords for the novels?

  13. Hello Rainbow Mushroom,
    I don’t know exactly where to start, but I love your translations. I liked Accidental Marking, Little Crybaby Nightmare Cycle, Number 1 Lazy Merchant of the Beast World and a few others.

    Until a while ago, I think it was about a month ago, I was part of your discordserver, but I think I was thrown out when I was hacked back then. In a lot of servers I was part of, and even to the handfull of people I had sent a message to once, someone used my account to post a comment saying something along the lines of “I’m a new programmer, check out my game” or something like that.

    I swear that wasn’t me! I’m a bookkeeper, or an accountant if that’s more familiar. I work on the administrative side for a beer importcompany. I don’t understand anything about computerlanguage. After someone replied saying something to me I didn’t understand, I opened the app and suddenly saw that “I” had said something about a game I had made.
    Afterwards I changed my password, enabled 2-way verification and went through all the servers and all the individual chatrooms to delete that post.

    The reason I’m bringing this up now is that only today I truly became aware that I had been thrown out of the server. Which is why I want to beg you to give me another chance to be on your server. 98% of the time I’m just a silent participant on discord.


  14. Hello Rainbow Mushroom, I am a big fan of BL novels and your work. I’ve read Earth Is Online on this website about 1.5-2 years ago and fell in love with it. Something reminded me of the novel today and I wanted to read it since it’s been a very long time and I felt like I could enjoy it like the first time again. Upon searching I noticed it was gone, thought that maybe the author licensed it in English and did a deeper search, finally figured out that the chapters are now password protected. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to read Earth Is Online again, it is truly one of my favorite novels. Please consider giving me a chance, thank you very much.

  15. Hi! Is there any way to join the discord? Or get the password for ‘I Became a God in a Horror Game’ it’s such a good story and i would love to continu reading it. If not i understand. Also thanks for all your hard translating work!

  16. Hlo, Rainbow mushroom i like your translation of little crybaby nightmare cycle but it requires password for further reading. If its possible plz i really beg u to give a single chance to get in your discord plz….🥺 is it too late now😭

  17. Hello,
    I wanted to read the new chapter VCRMM but it is now password protected too.
    How can I get the passwords for VCRMM and Card Room ? (I don’t know if it’s pertinent but I don’t use discord).
    Thanks in advance !

  18. Is there any way I can get a password for After Little Crybaby Enters the Nightmare Cycle?

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