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I am Rainbow Mushroom and I am a mtler of Chinese danmei (BL) novels as a hobby on my wordpress. Donโ€™t expect 100% accuracy. My favorite genres would be modern, entertainment and unlimited flow. I tend to like sweet fluff with little angst or adventure/horror novels.

Please don’t copy any novels/chapters to Wattpad, even if you want to keep it for offline reading. I regularly check and report it.

Anyone who wants to translate the novels to another language, my answer is a firm no.

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i just want to say thank you for your hard work and wish that you can keep doing it that well because it is translated on a wonderfull way and i am extremely happy for this site because i to like ark very much


I know they are only machine translations, and perhaps you aren’t licensed to make money on the software…

But setting up a donation page like http://www.wuxiaworld.com/cdindex-html/ , is currently doing for ‘Coiling Dragon’ has been working out great. He will translate no matter what, but he will do an extra translation each day for every $80 that he gets donated. What I’m saying is if I could donate to speed along the process…


While I appreciate the thought and willingness to donate, I wouldn’t feel right earning money especially since my translating process only takes time not money.
Plus, the chapters are already long so I don’t think I could speed up the process any more than I already have,
But thanks for the thought.


Well, thank you for your work! You are already going at an abnormally fast pace. You have my genuine appreciation! Thanks again!


Darn, You’re fast anyway. I’m sure there are many who would donate just to be kind because of the speed and accuracy of your translations.


really… u are so cool turtle!!


I always thought that you were a BOY, turtle. I have just checked ‘about me’ at your website and found out that you are a GIRL.

I am really sorry.

Thanks for the translation, I really love it. Keep the wonderful work and take care your healthy.


Thank you so much for your hard work. Ark is one of my most favorite LN as well. Thank you again for translating it. BTW I want to ask something. why don’t you lend japtem a hand??? Even though you are machine translator your translation is good. The problem is not many people know about this so a lot of fans like me can’t read it. Today I accidently found this place but what about others??? Plus if you host your chapters in japtem, you will find people who will help you in this. In that way you will have less work as well.
Finally, THANK YOU so-so-so much again for this. I really wish there are some more awesome people like you out there since there are awesome light novel like “Overlord” out there which lacks people to translate.


Yeah I kept watching japtem for updates for like a month and googled, and found this site through bakatsuki a few days ago. i was so surprised and excited.


thank you very much
you’re the best


Thanks a lot for the chapters.

I wanted to know how you translate the chapters. You said that you are machine translating. What does this mean exactly??

I was thinking that maybe if this process is doable by machines and requires minimal human intervention, that is I don’t need to know Korean, then I would want to help translate them as well. This might help speed up the process.



Thanks for all your comments. I’ve always thought about machine translation as not knowing any korean and relying on programs to translate.
Most of the machine translations use google or bing and completely convert the document into slightly readable english which they might edit as well. My process is different.
I use a program to split the korean raws into individual sentences with an option for english next to it. Then individually translate each sentence using Lingoes which has several different translators in one place such as google, microsoft and systran and copy the sentence into it. I compare the different translations and determine the best sentence by combining the translations.
Therefore it requires quite a bit of human intervention so its a lot easier for me to just do it myself as I’m used to the process. But thanks for the thought.


Ah. Nice. I will try to get some work like this done. If it is readable/makes some sense. I’ll send it to you :D. Lets see. I am a bit busy with my Ph.D. so if I get time I’ll keep sending you some.
If not please spare this pathetic excuse of a human.

Jin Mori

Just wondering, but what program do you use to split the draws into separate individual sentences?



Thanks for the translations!
Here’s the text missing (I purchased the e-book and took some screenshots).


Might not work with the way you translate though :/


Darn, guess he missed this.

Nam Nguyen

The quality and speed of your translations are truly awe-inspiring. I read in your earlier comment that you used Lingoes, but what is the program you are using that can split the raws into individual sentences? I’m asking because I’ve recently got into Arifureta, a Japanese web novel also hosted on the Japtem site. If possible I’d like to try machine translating that in the same way. Anyways, thank you so very much for your hard work translating Ark.


I use Memsource, Just select the free option since the only restriction is that it only allows 2 documents to be translated at a time.

Nam Nguyen

Thanks for the quick reply, and amazing job putting up another chapter so soon. By the way, with the Lingoes program is there is way to have multiple text translation boxes open? Right now I’m simply scrolling through the different translation machines one by one. I’d like to see the different translations simultaneously so I can compare them more easily.


Not that I’ve found. That would make translating so much faster. But it is easier than copying and pasting into different translators.


i am one of the translators working on lms
any way to contact you other than comments?


You can contact me at [email protected]


Hi which maching translator do you use cos im trying to get Knights and magic translated to English




I use Memsource to split up the raws and lingoes to translate.


Is it bad that i have a notification for email and I still check back like 40 times a day.


I feel you bro.

A.I. Khan

Hey Khan here, I really appreciate the work you are doing. Huge fan of Ark. If you need an editor, I would like to help. Send me an email.


Thank You very much

its very rare to have fast and quality translation, your translation doesn’t look like machine translation at all.


Thanks a lot. You are really incredible. GOOD awesome work.


i thank you for vol 5,
there already some one who MT this,,
if you want to check,
here the link
oh,, i come to your blog cause some missing ch in vol5.
not to be rude to you but, i’m just sharing this to you,

oh and if you please,, please help edit it,, ๐Ÿ˜€ (that not my blog)



Yes, I know about the other blog. I started off trying to read that but it was too difficult for me which is when I decided to start translating myself.
It is also a lot easier to translate straight from Korean then editing those machine translations. I know because I’ve tried it.


hmm, i do know why you said that it’s easier,,
i do think that t-ling each sentence are easier…

best regard,:D

oh,, are you already check this
i think,, the trick there can give you some boost in T-ling


It’s a lot easier because if the translated sentence is really bad, it is difficult to understand what it is talking about. With the original Korean, there are many translation options that you can use to understand the sentence better.
I also don’t use notepad to translate so those tricks don’t really help. But thanks anyway.

ofir tal

i cant believe you dont understand korean. the quality is realy great. impressive work. thanks for the chapters.


thanks for posting this and what program do you use for the translation


Memsource, acc. to him.


https://versetranslations.wordpress.com/translation-app/ found this couple days ago might be useful

than you very much keep up my friend


I would like if you do LMS too ^_^

Black Anon

yeah i hope so …


thx for translating this..
i want to ask is there any scheduled post or u just post it if u finish it… i just want to make a remider for me


I just post as I finish it. but normally it takes between 2-4 days for one chapter


Man youre my Hero. Im from Colombia, so my english is very bad. But i can read just fine. This light novel is like my only way of escape for the reality and calm down my mind. By the way, im a lawyer in my country, so my time is very short for almost everything. But, a chapter of Ark is like a piece of heaven for me. Incidentally, my wife hate you…. sorry bro.


The speed you are knocking these out is fantastic. You are at 17 releases this month alone please please do not burn yourself out.


is it possible also to post the raw material here?


I just wanted to say thank you for putting up your personal translations, I had been waiting for more of Ark. As it is a really good read, again thank you for your hard work!

Black Anon

please do Moonlight Sculture XD if your done in ark series if possible


Hey I read through your translations and they are pretty well translated by forms of machine translations. I’ve tried using your method but lingoes just doesn’t cut it. I don’t get how you manage to get the ideas out but when I do it, the translators just don’t make sense.


It’s difficult at first. When I started I took around 1 month to finish volume 4 before I decided to post it. I just got used to reading the translated sentence and if it was a hard one I would look at the sentences before and after it and then try to make a sentence that fits within the context. I also downloaded some dictionaries on Lingoes which can help with individual words. Being able to read Korean also helps with names and stuff.


Oh I see… currently I’m trying to translate lms. And since I just started on this, I’m comparing the fan translated ones to see how well the machine one goes. Man… This is not easy. Don’t know how long it’ll take for me to push through a stand alone chapter.

Kimmel Dalton

Plz keep on going! Fight!


You are my freaking hero. So many people say to themselves “I wish I could do something to get chapters in English faster but I don’t speak Korean/Japanese/Chinese etc.” So they just give up, myself included. But you just said “Screw it I’ll go it alone”. I only have one request. Be the bigger person and ignore the rude comments/emails. If an individual or group sincerely asks you for the process don’t let a few trolls and negative Nancys stop you from spreading fast, quality translations across the breadth of the internet. There are simply too many LN yet to be translated and if there were 10 of you…my god…they would be able to translate an entire volume in 2-3 days…we’d never leave our chairs again. Keep up the great work, you have definitely shown us all that in this world all it takes is “one”.


Exactly my thoughts. When I stumbled upon your site, I was so ecstatic about the ‘treasure’ I found that I danced around in my room, with a wide grin which didn’t disappear until I was through all the chapters. I hope that if you are ever in need of any kind of support, you’ll remember to first ask your fans/readers. I don’t think that I just speak for myself when I say that your work is very much appreciated. I hope you keep up the good work *respectful bow*




Haven’t read the series yet but I did go through and read through the comments and I thank you for the suggestions on applications for translations. I recently started (EXTREMELY recent) going about a web comic translation and although I know minor grammar and such I am not proficient enough so I was just going and doing machine translations but it was slow just going through a few (google, naver, etc) that I had so I appreciate hearing about some new websites to check out to see if I can help move my progress along. ^^


Thanks for all your work! I’m honestly impressed with your speed and dedication, and while factoring in the timely fashion in which you release chapters, the quality is far more than one would normally expect, so my hat off to you, kind benefactor! *tips hat in respect*

I honestly am barely able to wait to see what happens next. ๐Ÿ˜€


All Hail the multi-coloured turtle


I hate that I found this site so fast. I wish I would have found it like half way through the volumes or 2/3 so I didn’t have to wait. TY so much for the speed releases ๐Ÿ™‚


thank you very much for translating ark.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who reads Ark.


I love you.


thank you so much for the fast translation turtle


I just want to say, I love you dude, I have been wanting to read the rest of ark for months.


I really want to thank you for translating Ark! I love reading Ark, so after finishing the chapters in japtem I found this site~ Thank you, thank you so much! And please don’t push yourself too hard :))


Thank you so much. I knew that it was very hard for Japtem to translate Ark any faster due to Lei being busy but 2 chapters a month was too slow. Ultimately, I had to ignore the Ark notifications so that I can at least read a couple of chapters in one go. Then, their newsletter mentioned you and like all other leechers, I couldn’t help but be amazed with your speed.

I read some of the comments and realized that you are translating this so fast because you currently are free from university. I know it’s impossible for you to finish this during vacations but hey, the starting few days when the semester starts are often less time consuming due to lack of assignments.

I hope you translate as much as you can before your new semester starts.

On behalf of all the leechers, thank you. ^_^


My new semester has already started 3 weeks ago. Luckily it hasn’t become that busy yet. Once it gets busy then I’ll probably only translate 2~3 chapters a week.


Thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate that you are putting in the time and effort to translate Ark. Looking forward to each updates.


Hey anyway to get to translate legendary moonlight sculptor (LMS) into English? Also ty for the great job doing ark your the fastest translator i know of.

Kimmel Dalton

Can you do LMS please? I know this is selfish it just that we are leechers and are greedy! If its slows down the time translating ark then never mind. Anyways thank you turtle!


Question: i just noticed on BT’s home page for Ark that there is an ongoing sequel called “Ark the legend”. Since your translations are already up to half of the completed volumes, maybe you’ve already thought about what to do next. If that’s the case, how about continuing with this series and translating the sequel ?


Just wanted to add in my thanks for the work you’ve put into this. Would never have gotten into ark the lead without your super fast translations.

While you seem to be inundated with requests for LMS, I’d much rather see you focus on what you love -even if it means another series entirely. I noticed you plan to follow up with the ark sequel which probably has everyone over the moon ๐Ÿ˜€

And while you don’t want to be compensated for the time and effort put into this, some of us would love to send you the funds to buy a hot drink while you translate at the very least and to help you get through the semester of studies haha – it’s our way of showing how much we appreciate it all.


Thank you for translating ark i hope you can also do lms ( i’m not forcing you master ) im also aware i’m a leecher that’s why I’m very happy right now because you are translating ark


Hi Rainbow Turtle! I’m thinking that you might want to edit this page and add recent information to it like, Japtem dropping the project!


Can anyone put a link to where to download the raw volumes? I have been looking and found jcafe only but i can’t see any links there. Thanks


For the raws, just buy the ebook in Korean! It supports the author who put a lot of hard work into making Ark.


thank you very much for the translations it is a really great story and even a bad machine translations would had been alright and i read some chapters of your tranlations and they are good
i really appreciate it
it is definetly the best vrmmo novel (weed is the funniest mc but come on this story is kinda a tiny bit better)
and it only had 3 volumes translated but now its mofo 14!!!!!!
so much stuff already happened in 3 volumes and now shit
lvl 78 damn
i dont know even know if it only was the closed beta and it will restart or what(didnt read it for 1year+)
again thanks and keep it up



Thank you very much for sharing!

I just found this site today and I’m so happy there are so many chapters to read! ๐Ÿ˜€
Eheheheh!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!


could you do the same translate with “moonlight weed” novel vol25-44 please =)
weed similar to ark.

James Brown

Thanks for all the hard work. Love the series.

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