VH: Chapter 99

“Hello, Mr Ting.” Qian Yingmin looked at his son’s roommates. “Are you also sending your child to school?”

“Yes.” Yan Ting hung up the clothes and took a large bag of snacks from the suitcase, putting it on the table. “Zhao Zhao, sit and talk with your roommates. I’ll unpack your things.”

Li Zhao opened the snacks package and told everyone to eat it. He opened the bag and the taste was good, so he fed a piece to Yan Ting. “How come there are so many clothes? I still plan to go home at night if there are no classes.”

Beijing University might stipulate that freshmen had to live on campus but Li Zhao had investigated it before coming. The university’s night checkup wasn’t particularly strict. In particular, for the major he was studying, the students were allowed to take leave to go out as long as the credits were completed.

“It is better than less.” Yan Ting took out the clothes and socks and looked at the environment of the dormitory. “Go home more when you are free.”

This accommodation was indeed a bit poor. The most advanced equipment was probably the old air conditioner on the wall.

Qian Yingmin silently watched Yan Ting unpack the clothes for the young man and set up the bookshelves, his inner mood changing from shock to calm to ecstasy. He silently glanced at his son happily eating snacks and screamed wildly in his heart, ‘Son, it is time to hug a thigh. You have to be strong!’

“You have a good relationship with your brother.” Qian Duo looked at the snacks on the table, all of which were expensive products. “He even hung up your clothes for you.”

His father wasn’t so patient.

Li Zhao held the snacks bag and leaned against Yan Ting with a smile. “Yes, we are dependent on each other. He cares about everything I do.”

Qian Dup remembered his sister who beat him up and turned to say to Qian Yingmin, “Dad, look at other people’s older brothers. You should go back and educate my sister.

Qian Yingmin, “……’

How could this stupid son of his be admitted to Beijing University? Was it relying on the blessing of the Qian family’s ancestors? In addition, someone else’s brother… was this an ordinary brother? This was a loving relationship!

Qian Yingmin wanted to explain that his son had a low IQ since childhood but he saw that Yan Ting didn’t seem to mind and swallowed back his words.

Thanks to the bodyguards brought by Qian Yingmin, the dormitory was quickly clean and spotless. In the end, the bodyguards wore white gloves and touched the room from top to bottom. Once it was confirmed that it was qualified, they left.

The two other students saw this and stared at Qian Duo blankly. It seems that this brother’s family owned a mine. A rich man and a big star had appeared in their dormitory. Wasn’t this dormitory a bit too good?

At noon, they had a meal together but Yan Ting didn’t go back to the dormitory with Li Zhao. “Go back and get along well with your teammates, but you can’t be too close.”

Li Zhao nodded.

“Just call me when you miss me. Once military training is over, I will come and pick you up.” Yan Ting pressed down Li Zhao’s hat. “I’ll leave first.”

Li Zhao nodded again. Tomorrow morning, freshmen would be taken to the military training base for two weeks of military training. A few days ago, Da Ke had cried when he prepared for military training, telling him that he couldn’t forget to put on sunscreen.

Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao. If it wasn’t for the people coming and going then he really wanted to pull Zhao Zhao into his arms. However, he knew he couldn’t do so. Taking advantage of the opportunity when adjusting his hat, Yan Ting rubbed Li Zhao’s cheeks with his fingertips and finally pulled away reluctantly.

The car had been waiting for a long time. Yan Ting opened the door and got in.

“Wait.” Li Zhao stepped forward, got into the car and closed the door. Then he held Yan Ting’s face and kissed this person.

“Don’t move.” Yan Ting’s voice was hoarse and he pulled Li Zhao over.

Not far away, his two roommates were waiting for their two companions to say goodbye to their families.

The roommate from the north was called Chen Peng. He was tall and handsome with a good and friendly personality. He whispered to his southern roommate Lin Zhou. “I remember the media reported that Li Zhao grew up in an orphanage. Is the brother who came with him today his biological one?”

Lin Zhou shook his head. “I don’t know.”

His hobby was e-sports and he knew nothing about gossip in the entertainment industry.

“Still, it is good. It is better to have someone to take care of you than to be alone in the entertainment circle.” Chen Peng spoke emotionally. “There is a lot of pressure in the entertainment circle. If you don’t have any close friends or family members then your life will be even more difficult.”

On the other side, Qian Yingmin was telling his son not to have conflicts with his teammates. He wanted his son to get along well with Li Zhao but as a father, he was reluctant to have his son lower himself to please others. Therefore, he simply didn’t say Yan Ting’s identity.

“Dad, don’t worry. I will definitely get along well with my classmates.” Qian Duo pushed Qian Yingmin into the car. “I think I can get along very well with these brothers. Instead of worrying about me, it is better to guard against Second Uncle’s family. Now that management of the Qian Group is in your hands, Qian Jiao’s gaze toward me and my sister hasn’t been right.”

He hadn’t been able to play with Qian Jiao since he was a child. There were many children in the Qian family and it was particularly lively every New Year’s day. Qian Jiao was the only one he didn’t care for. She would easily cry and say that others were bullying her.

Later, his sister entered the company’s management and Qian Jiao said that his sister was a strong woman with no feminine aspects at all. He was so angry that he poured a bottle of paint on her.

This time, Li Zhao fought with Qian Jiao on the Internet and Qian Jiao lost a lot of face, making him quite happy. An enemy’s enemy was a friend. Now they were living in the same dormitory and it was rounded up to a brother.

Qian Yingmin was pushed into the car by his son but he wasn’t angry. “You can rest assured that your Second Uncle won’t have a chance to lead the Qian Group again.”

“Why?” Qian Duo was just an 18 year old young man and didn’t understand the family’s affairs. He just knew that within a few days, the entire Qian family expressed dissatisfaction with his Second Uncle and even had his father lead the family.

“He offended someone who can’t be offended.” Qian Yingmin glanced at the car parked in front of him that contained the boss of Canghuan who scared countless businessmen.

“Who did he offend?” Qian Duo only knew that Qian Jiao and Li Zhao had fought badly a month ago, causing many customers to be dissatisfied with the Qian business and it seriously affected the Qian Group’s reputation.

It wasn’t until his father came to power and the public relations department spent a lot of money that consumers felt the Qian Group was a conscientious enterprise. Even the president was fired if he made a mistake.

“These things can wait until you graduate.” Qian Yingmin waved his hand. “A student should be a student. You should study hard at school. I will be very relieved if you don’t fail a subject.”

Qian Duo, “……”

Was this requirement high or not?

Qian Duo walked to his two roommates and saw Li Zhao get out of the car with red lips. He thought to himself, ‘It seems Li Zhao can’t eat spicy food?’

The four of them returned to the dormitory. They played a game while chatting and soon became familiar. In fact, Li Zhao had eaten too much at lunch, causing the mysterious star halo in their hearts to fall.

“Li Zhao, pay attention to the road!”

“Instantly finish him off!”

“Steadily push to their crystal.”

“Thank you for taking me!” There were three roommates and the rookie Qian Duo was able to lie down to win, making him finally realize the happiness of victory.

Li Zhao looked simple and harmless but he was very dark in the game. It was unknown how many opponents were killed by Li Zhao. In just one afternoon, he pulled his three little brothers along to victory.

It wasn’t until his agent called that he remembered he should post on Weibo about school today. Li Zhao took a photo of the neat bedroom and then a screenshot of his and his teammates’ achievements in the game before posting them to Weibo.

Li Zhao V: Smoothly reported in, these friends are very warm [Photo 1][Photo 2]

“It is only when it is time for dinner that Zhao Zhao finally remembers to post.”

“I suspect that his agent had him do it but I have no evidence.”

“Brothers and sisters, let’s be content. How hard is it to send a Weibo when playing games?”

“It seems that Zhao Zhao has made good new friends. They got together to play a game and he forgot to post.”

For the other artists who just entered school, they were marketing themselves with handsome photos. Only Li Zhao was different. There was no news for a whole day and the reporter at the enrollment desk didn’t take any photos of him at all.

There was even a rumour that Li Zhao wasn’t admitted to Beijing University at all, so he was afraid to respond. The melon eating netizens were discussing it for a whole afternoon but it turned out he was in the bedroom playing games with his roommates. He only took the game results out to show off.

“Looking at this dormitory, I know it is definitely the style of Beijing University. So the sunspots who said that Zhao Zhao wasn’t admitted to Beijing University should take a break and give the children a quiet playing space.”

“Hahaha, a quiet learning space?! Li fans, you really make people laugh to death. You should be scolding him, not letting him indulge in games.”

Li fans: Scolding him?

That didn’t exist. They were unprincipled fans who spoiled their child.

Beijing University’s students were all high-quality students from all over the world. They might be curious about the star Li Zhao but in their eyes, the thing they loved most was knowledge. Therefore, no one came to look at him on purpose or disturb him unreasonably. At most, some female classmates would look at Li Zhao’s face to relieve the pressure when military training was too tiring.

During military training, even the instructor knew there was a star called Li Zhao in the class. During the singing, he called Li Zhao to sing a song for everyone.

Li Zhao, “……”

“Reporting to the instructor, my acting is okay but my singing level is very ordinary.” Li Zhao wasn’t awkward as he stood up and laughed. “However, since everyone doesn’t mind then I can only pollute your ears.”

“Everybody, clap!” The instructor was amused by Li Zhao. “Let’s see Li Zhao’s bad singing together.”

The students laughed. LI Zhao pretended to cough twice before his tone changed. “Two tigers, two tigers, run quickly…”


The laughter of the students became louder.

“Zhao Zhao, where is your idol’s baggage?”

“Once I entered the green camp, I only have military orders and the country in my heart. How can I have an idol’s baggage?” Li Zhao spoke seriously. “This song is so good that adults and children can sing it. It is catchy and pleasant.”

Initially, everyone was worried that Li Zhao wouldn’t be easy to get along well with. Now the entire group was shouting ‘Zhao Zhao’ ‘Zhao Zhao’ at him. They got along very well with Li Zhao.

Li Zhao was happily getting along with the students at the military training base but on the Internet, someone exposed a black material related to Li Zhao.

A marketing account suddenly said that Li Zhao’s actual commercial value wasn’t high and the industry wasn’t optimistic about him. From his debut to the present, he had few endorsements. The newly announced toothpaste endorsement was just an old brand on the verge of bankruptcy. The even worse thing was that this brand offered a terrible price and Li Zhao accepted it.

Netizens knew that Li Zhao had endorsed a Chinese brand toothpaste recently. After seeing the toothpaste endorsed by Li Zhao, their first thought was to wonder that this brand was still being sold?

For a time, it caused countless people to miss their childhood. In just a few days, the sales of this brand of toothpaste started to soar. Due to this matter, official media came out to praise Li Zhao, stating that he cared about national goods and supported national goods.

The fans celebrated the affirmation by the official media but the moment this article came out, it made people feel that although Li Zhao had high popularity and endorsements, he actually had no commercial value.

For a star, it was very embarrassing to have no commercial value.

The Li fans naturally disagreed with this statement. They were discussing the countermeasures when Cangshi Watch’s official Weibo suddenly made a post. The content of the Weibo post was an automatic system update after the Cangshi Watch voted on a poll for the most popular actor. Everyone saw that Cangshi Watch voted for Li Zhao. Soon, the official Weibo of Canghang Automobiles was also updated and it also voted for Li Zhao.

“emmmm the previous marketing account said that Li Zhao has no commercial value while the brands endorsed by Li Zhao are here voting for Li Zhao.”

“I’m not the marketing account, I’m embarrassed for the marketing account.”

“Cangshi Watch is the pioneer of Li Zhao’s anti-black fan group and the most intimate father fan.”

“I want to support the CP of the mysterious big boss and the beautiful star again.”

The owner of the toothpaste factor hadn’t expected that Li Zhao’s endorsement of their product would cause Li Zhao so much trouble. Yes, their toothpaste brand was low in price and the consumer group was ordinary people. They had nothing to do with high-end fashion and taste but were representative of rustic and outdated.

It was no wonder why some studios of popular stars refused on the spot once the cooperation invitation was issued. Some not so famous artists didn’t refuse but they requested an increase in endorsement fees before they were willing to sit down and talk.

Due to Li Zhao’s old feelings, he lowered the price to endorse their products so that their sales soared this month. The owner couldn’t have a bad conscience.

The toothpaste brand had an official company Weibo but no netizens had ever followed it. The boss personally wrote a thank you letter and put it on Weibo. The title of this letter was ‘Thank you to Mr Li Zhao.’

[After the cooperation invitation was refused again and again, to be honest, I had given up in my heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was my father’s hard work for many years, I wouldn’t have hesitated to stop.]

[That night, I had decided to give up. I smoked with the old deputy director of the factory all night. Looking at the wrinkles on the face of the old deputy director, I didn’t dare look into his eyes. The next morning, I received a reply from Mr Li Zhao’s studio that he was willing to cooperate with us and I almost thought I was dreaming.]

[Mr Li Zhao said he had no opinion on the terms but he wasn’t satisfied with the price. I thought I was willing to double it if such a famous star could really be signed. Who knew that Mr Li Zhao said he only needed half the endorsement fee? How could I be willing? A serious businessman shouldn’t take advantage of young people. I agreed with Mr Li Zhao for a long time before finally taking a step back, agreeing to take 20% off the endorsement fee. After the contract was signed, I asked Mr Li Zhao why he insisted on discounting the endorsement fee and he told me the truth.]

[My father always insisted on doing charity and never thought about getting anything in return for it. However, Li Zhao remembered. To be honest, this type of daily gift package provided to welfare homes is our own product and doesn’t cost much money. Every year, my father sends a lot of it to poor mountain areas.]

[I am an old country bumpkin. I don’t know much about things online but I want to explain that Mr Li Zhao is a very good child and a very good actor. I hope everyone doesn’t scold him for taking my product’s endorsement.]

The owner of the toothpaste factory wrote many words with great care. His feelings were sincere and his attitude was more serious than the students who wrote small compositions. No matter if it was fans or sunspots, this was the first time they saw a brand owner personally come out to clarify rumours and it was also by writing a letter. This simple method strangely pulled at the netizens’ favour.

“It can be seen that the boss is indeed a simple and straightforward man.”

“A national brand has been quietly insisting on doing charity for many years, never advertising it or sticking gold on its own face. As a result, it was gradually forgotten by consumers. It is a bit sad.”

“My family used to use this brand of toothpaste. The toothpaste tastes particularly good.”

“A domestic brand that makes products honestly and charitably and an entertainer who knows who to be grateful. After working together, they are laughed at. I really don’t know what the problem is.”

“Support domestic products, not LOW. Don’t forget your initial heart and look around.”

Yan Ting knew there were people blackening Li Zhao on the Internet. Before he had time to show his skills, online public opinion had shifted, making him useless. Yan Ting clicked on the thank you letter written by the owner of the toothpaste factory and felt proud.

His Zhao Zhao was such a child.


Qin Xiao reminded Yan Ting. “It is the end of the time. It is time to go back for dinner.”

Li Zhao specially arranged for everyone around the boss to supervise the boss, ensuring he ate on time and slept well.

Yan Ting asked, “Did you see the thank you letter the owner of the toothpaste factory wrote online toward Zhao Zhao?”

Qin Xiao shook his head.

“Then you should take a look.” Yan Ting’s gaze was deep.

Qin Xiao searched for this thank you letter and found that it was all about thanking Li Zhao and praising Li Zhao.


“The child in my family is so good. What should I buy to encourage him?”

Qin Xiao, “??”

Sir, I advise you to be kind-hearted and keep a low profile.

“That’s right.” Yan Ting suddenly asked, “How long will it take to complete the missing children gene bank project?”

Qin Xiao was surprised and was silent for a moment. “It will be soon.”

The plan had been going on for many years but due to insufficient funds, it had been progressing intermittently until the boss invested a lot of money. Thus, the entire project turned around at a high speed.

The author has something to say:

Some people said bad things about Zhao Zhao.

Baby Ting Ting rolled up his sleeves to rush out.

Other children: Zhao Zhao is an excellent child of our kindergarten. Don’t insult him.

Baby Ting Ting quietly rolled down his sleeves: ……

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1 year ago

Honestly this isn’t the first time I’ve read this story. It’s sweet and happy. The mc is an actual good person. Reading it is enjoyable and it makes me happy. I think the things I actually enjoy the most are the little author’s notes at the bottom. Too adorable.

5 months ago
Reply to  Blue

same, the little notes at the bottom make this story better. I sometimes like reading it more than the chapter to be honest

3 months ago
Reply to  Blue

It’s my second time reading this story. I agree with you, the author did a good job on writing zhaozhao character. Even though he’s so kind it didn’t came off force or hypocritical at all. I know this feeling, I know an actual Zhaozhao in real life. It’s making me feel good bcs there really are good person in reality.

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The power of this novel…. a toothpaste factory owner brought tear to my eyes…

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Zhao Zhao is always so good so he always gets good things in return. I feel so sad whenever I recall his fate in the “previous timeline” luckily, he was able to live such a good life now, definitely his reward for being so amazing💔💕