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VH: Chapter 98

On the day Li Zhao finished shooting with the crew of Seven Boyfriends, the crew held a farewell party for him.

The middle and bottom layers of the circle just watched the events between Li Zhao and Qian Jiao with excitement but people who had mixed to a certain level could see that many things weren’t right.

The Qian family was a big business. Public opinion on the Internet and comments and refunds weren’t painful for them. They were unlikely to apologize to Li Zhao just for the sake of online public opinion, let alone the fact that it was Qian Jiao’s father who apologized.

The effect of the apology letter wasn’t good but it showed the attitude of the Qian family was clearly soft. Qian Jiao, who usually liked to show off her wealth, never sent a Weibo post after that day.

It stood to reason that a big company like this could easily deal with an artist. Controlling public opinion, brainwashing, discrediting and even finding some artists to criticize Li Zhao so that in the eyes of unsuspecting netizens, it would be evidence of Li Zhao’s bad character.

However, the Qian family didn’t do so. People didn’t believe the Qian family were so kind and reasonable. Then there was only one truth. It was that the Qian family couldn’t do so. Li Zhao and his team took an extremely tough attitude. Even after Father Qian issued a public letter of apology, Li Zhao never responded and let the Qian family hang there.

The even more unexpected thing was that afterwards, things became too ugly. Nothing happened to Li Zhao while the Qian family were frequently in crisis. In just one week, there were more and more issues related to the Qian family. There were also reports that the Qian family’s capital chain was broken and investors had withdrawn their funds.

This showed that not only was there someone behind Li Zhao who was protecting him but that this person was extremely powerful. He could turn a big company like the Qian Group upside down just for Li Zhao.

The people in the circle couldn’t afford to go against the Qian family, let alone the mysterious figure behind Li Zhao.

The director of Seven Boyfriends thought about how Liu Fen had highly recommended Li Zhao and praised Li Zhao. She also helped Li Zhao criticize Xu Bei publicly on the Internet. The director really had to admire Liu Fen. No wonder why her resources were the best.

The director secretly rejoiced that Liu Fen had recommended Li Zhao. He had thought that Li Zhao was a bit too inexperienced but now…

Forget one of the male roles. He could even customize the male lead role for Li Zhao. Everything was fine as long as the money was in place.

Li Zhao felt the enthusiasm and carefulness of the crew members toward him. He knew in this heart that many people didn’t want anything from him. They just didn’t want to offend him and cause trouble.

Everyone politely exchanged their contact information and then expressed their expectations for the next cooperation. As for the next time, who knows?

In any case, Li Zhao finished his work and he was as happy as a little bird. Once he came out of his hotel, he was jumping as he walked. There was more than a week before school started and he couldn’t waste such a good holiday.

Da Ke was sitting in the car. He saw Li Zhao jumping up and down and opened the door for him. “Zhao Zhao, you look like a primary school student returning home from school.”

“Tell Brother Lou and Brother Xiaoyuan not to arrange any work for me this week.”

Da Ke let out an ‘ah’. “Still, you are going to report to school soon. I’m worried that your exposure won’t be enough during this time.”

“It doesn’t matter. I just went on the hot search recently and I should reduce my sense of presence.” Li Zhao got into the car. “The main thing is that I want to play with my boyfriend.”

Da Ke, “……”

He knew he was an assistant with the matchmaker system. Every artist he worked with fell in love.

‘Zhao Zhao, you have changed. You are no longer the hot-blooded boy who put in a lot of effort for work.’

For the next few days, Li Zhao and Yan Ting secretly went abroad to play. The two of them were like ordinary couples as they took photos of their love and bought souvenirs.

Every day, Li Zhao’s friends would see photos of Li Zhao’s show of affection in the group chat while Qin Xiao would like the photos in Yan Ting’s circle of friends every day. If dog food was solid then they would’ve gained 10 kg a day on average.

By the time they came back, Li Zhao and Yan Ting had many bags and they were like happy Teletubbies.

Li Zhao muttered, “I never get tired being with you every day. I don’t want to go act or attend school…”

“That won’t work.” Yan Ting admonished. “A young person can’t live such a degenerate life.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Yes, when the old Ting Ting was serious, he was still handsome.

“However…” Yan Ting coughed. “You are now a student. You can accept less acting jobs and pay attention to work and rest. Next time you want to play, tell me in advance. I’ll go with you.”

His mouth said not to act degenerate but he was already thinking of the next trip. The body was still very honest.

The next day, Yan Ting went back to work and Li Zhao carried an insulation box to him at noon to deliver a loving lunch.

Passing by the front desk, the young girl at the front desk saw him and her eyes brightened slightly. Li Zhao smiled at her before taking the internal staff card that Yan Ting had given him and walking directly into the special elevator.

Once out of the elevator, the originally empty corridor had a few more potted plants. Someone from the secretariat soon found Li Zhao and nodded in a friendly manner to him. “Mr Li, the boss is in the office.”

“Thank you.”

Once Li Zhao entered the president’s office, two secretaries laughed softly. “Since Mr Li and the boss got together, I think the entire floor has become a bit more alive.”

“Isn’t it just the sourness of us single dogs?”

Li Zhao accompanied Yan Ting after lunch and didn’t leave. Instead, he went to the inside lounge, accompanying Yan Ting at work and waiting to go home together.

The lounge dedicated to Yan Ting had already undergone earth-shaking changes. Not only were there jigsaw puzzles and blocks, there were also game consoles and pillows that young people liked.

He leaned comfortably on the recliner and was playing a game when he heard a noise coming from the office.

He jumped up from the recliner and opened the door a crack. The man who was yelling was old. Based on his appearance, he was a man with a bad temper who had been in a high position for a long time.

“Over the years, you have become more and more vicious. You don’t even let your own relatives go. Sometimes, I want to replace your dead grandfather and teach you a lesson.”

Yan Ting was sitting in his office chair. From Li Zhao’s position, only his profile could be seen.

Perhaps it was because lovers had a connected heart. Yan Ting suddenly turned his head and met Li Zhao’s eyes. Seeing that Yan Ting had discovered him, Li Zhao grinned at the other person. Yan Ting’s eyes were full of gentleness. How could he hear what others were saying?

“Xu Yanting, did you hear me?”

Hearing the word ‘Xu’, Yan Ting looked cold and called Qin Xiao on the internal phone. “Special Assistant Qin, inform the younger generations of the Li family to come and pick someone up.”

Then he looked at the aggressive old man. “Old Li, I have the habit of respecting the old and loving the young. I have never acted against the elderly or the young.”

Old Li’s expression became even prouder. “Hmph.”

“I have something to tell the young people of your family.” Yan Ting’s face was expressionless. “If you have any dissatisfaction with me then please bear it. If you can’t bear it then it can’t be helped.”

The younger generations of the Li family heard that the old man of their family ran to make trouble for Yan Ting and was frightened. They came over as quickly as possible.

Once they reached the door of Yan Ting’s office, they heard the angry roar of their old man and the contents were terrible.

“Mr Ting, I’m sorry. Mr Ting, my father is old and his heart has become unstable like a child. Please don’t pay attention to this.” Li Jia walked through the office door, his legs soft. He wanted to kneel in front of the old man and beg him not to talk.

His father was stubborn and liked to tell the younger generation what to do. As he grew older, his temper didn’t get better and became even worse. It was unknown what rumour he heard today but he came to plead for the Qian family and to scold Yan Ting.

Was Yan Ting someone good to talk to? If his father hadn’t been old then he might’ve been thrown out of the building by now.

“I’m talking. What right do you juniors have to intervene?” Old Li obviously couldn’t understand his son’s troubles. “I have been friends with his grandfather for many years. What did his grandfather teach him?”

Yan Ting looked at the brothers of the Li family who came over. “Bring the old man back and take good care of him.”

Li Jia wiped the sweat on his head and apologized.

“It’s okay, I don’t know the old man.”

Today’s Yan Ting was particularly good at talking.

Li Jia smiled bitterly. He didn’t know the old man but there was a saying in the world: the son will pay off the father’s debt. Li Jia’s two younger brothers cajoled Old Li out of the office while he stayed in the office to explain the matter to Yan Ting.

His sister, who had married into the Qian family, ran back crying and complaining to his father that Yan Ting was inexplicably targeting the Qian family and wanted to make them bankrupt.

“The Qian family has nothing to do with your Li family.” Yan Ting spoke directly. “I have no opinion on the Qian family. It is just the Qian father and daughter who made me unhappy.”

The words he didn’t say was that as long as the head of the Qian family changed, Canghuan wouldn’t care about the Qian family anymore.

“Thank you, Mr Ting.” Li Jia understood Yan Ting’s meaning. As he was about to leave, he saw that the door of the lounge seemed to move. Who would be in Yan Ting’s lounge when Yan Ting was working? Yan Ting’s… lover?

He hesitated, “Mr Ting, if I can be so bold as to ask, what did the Qian father and daughter do to wrong you?”

Yan Ting glanced at Li Jia. “What would you do if someone insults your family?”

Li Jia’s heart was shocked. Yan Ting had broken off with the Xu family and his grandparents’ family were all abroad. Who else was there in his family? He didn’t dare to think about it. Li Jia apologized for his father’s behaviour again and left in a hurry.

“Ting Ting.” The moment Li Jia left, Li Zhao walked out of the lounge. He bent over to look at Yan Ting but didn’t see any anger on Yan Ting’s face.

“Aren’t you angry?” Li Zhao grabbed Yan Ting’s hand. In the summer, touching Ting Ting’s cool hand was quite comfortable.

“They are all irrelevant people.” Yan Ting reached out and pulled Li Zhao onto his knees, arms around Li Zhao. “What would you like to eat at night?”

“I don’t want to eat anything.” Li Zhao turned to look at him. “I’m just angry for you. They’re just bullying you because of your stable character and because you are easy to talk to.”

“If you are angry then you will become old quickly. Actors should pay more attention to maintenance.” Yan Ting leaned his head on Li Zhao’s shoulder. “Otherwise, the audience will despise you.”

“It’s fine as long as you don’t turn your back on me.”

After being with Yan Ting, Li Zhao realized that he insisted on filming for the sake of someone needing him. He hoped that his biological parents would see him on TV and recognize him. Now that someone loved him and needed him, he didn’t need to hold onto these types of expectations anymore and keep running around all types of crews.

Ting Ting had given him a home. If he was bullied then Ting Ting would unconditionally stand by him. Ting Ting also said that Li Zhao was his family.


Li Zhao turned around on Yan Ting’s lap so he was facing Yan Ting and reached out to hug him. He hugged tightly, never wanting to let go again.

A few days after Old Li went home, the internal positions in the Qian Group changed. Qian Yingsheng, who had been in power for more than a decade, gave up the position of president due to physical reasons. Not only that, but even the top management of the Qian Group were also involved.

Ordinary netizens were unaware of these series of changes. As the school season approached, the major media started to pay attention to the freshmen of major art schools and young artists who just entered university.

It was compulsory for freshmen of Beijing City University to live on campus. Therefore, the day Li Zhao went to enroll at the school, he brought bedding with him. The school might be in the city but Yan Ting still wasn’t at ease and insisted on accompanying Li Zhao.

The reason was that other people had their family members to accompany them when reporting in. His family member and lover should enjoy the same treatment. Could Li Zhao still refuse? No.

Presumably, Yan Ting told them in advance. Their car drove in directly through a side door and a staff member took Li Zhao to personally deal with the registration.

“Ting Ting, I think they’re more enthusiastic about you than me.” Li Zhao soon discovered that the staff were more enthusiastic about Yan Ting.

“Mr Li.” The bodyguard helping them whispered. “The boss has provided a lot of research funds to the professors at this school.”

Li Zhao suddenly realized. It turned out to be like this.

Beijing University’s dormitory building had a slightly old style and the rooms were relatively simple. By the time Li Zhao arrived, two of his roommates were already there.

Both roommates were from other areas and were strangers. They were surprised when they saw Li Zhao come in wearing sunglasses and a cap. Then they enthusiastically greeted him with food from their hometowns.

“Thank you.” Li Zhao found a bed with his name on it and the bodyguard started to help him make the bed.

“Dude, your name is very good. It is even the same as a big star…” Before the roommate with the northeast accent could finish speaking, he saw Li Zhao take off his hat and sunglasses. “Huh?”

Wass this actually Li Zhao himself?

“Hey, my sister really loves you. Later, please give me your autograph if there is a chance.”

The two people quickly recovered and the three of them had a friendly conversation. They saw two people accompanying Li Zhao, one to make a bed and the other helping Li Zhao tidy up the closet. The person tidying the closet was also very handsome. They thought he was a friend in Li Zhao’s circle and didn’t ask much.

Everyone was unpacking when the dormitory door opened again. The person who came in was wearing a shiny t-shirt and was followed by several escorts.

“Hello, my name is Qian Duo and I’m a native of Beijing. We are all staying in the same dormitory and will be brothers in the future. If you need any help then let me know.” The moment that Qian Duo walked, all types of chains on his body rattled. “Dad, I said you didn’t need to accompany me. Look at these buddies. Who has as many people as me?”

He just said this when he found the man putting the clothes in the closet and the man making the bed both glance at him.

Qian Duo silently took a step back. Did he say something wrong?

“Stinky boy, I am so busy with work yet I took the time to come with you to sign up. Aren’t you satisfied?” A fat man walked in, nagging about the poor living conditions while at the same time, commanding the bodyguards to make the bed for his son and unpack his things.

“Get along well with your classmates and don’t… ah!” The man suddenly yelled as he saw the man standing in front of the closet, folding clothes and hanging clothes.

“Ting, Ting…”

Why was Yan Ting here? His presence here was already strange but how could he be helping someone stack their clothes?

“Qian Yingmin?” Yan Ting glanced sideways at the fat man while his hands kept moving and he continued to hang clean clothes in the closet.

The closet was too small to place many clothes.

Qian Yingmin rubbed his eyes. “……”

Today’s world was somewhat unscientific.

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao has to go out for a week. Baby Ting Ting placed a small towel, a small cup and many small toys into Baby Zhao Zhao’s bag.

Baby Zhao Zhao looked at the bulging bag and didn’t dare to speak.

Baby Ting Ting: The things other children have, my family’s Zhao Zhao must also have them!


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