VH: Chapter 97

Qian Jiao never imagined that her father, who always spoiled her, would actually ask her to apologize publicly on the Internet at this time.

Currently, the entire Internet knew that she and Li Zhao were tearing at each other. The attitude of Li Zhao’s studio was aggressive and left no room for her. If she apologized to Li Zhao then she would be the joke of the entire Internet.

Later, it wasn’t only the Internet but friends in the circle who would laugh at her.

“No, absolutely, not!” Qian Jiao was very emotional. “Dad, if you want me to apologize to Li Zhao then it is better to let me jump directly from a tall building.”

“You… you, alas.” Seeing that his daughter was very repulsed about this matter, Father Qian had to tell his daughter, “That Li Zhao has a background. He isn’t someone that I can afford to offend.”

“No way, I checked it before. He is just an orphan without any parents. What background can he have?” If she hadn’t checked Li Zhao’s background in advance then she wouldn’t have bullied him so blatantly.

“He is an orphan but that doesn’t mean no one is protecting him.” Father Qian didn’t dare say that Li Zhao was Xu Yanting’s person. He was afraid that his daughter was young and ignorant. If he told her then she might anger Xu Yanting even more.

“So what if someone is protecting him? Can that person turn against our Qian family?” Qian Jiao felt resentful. “Okay, as long as Li Zhao no longer actively provokes me then I can ignore him.”

Father Qian sighed. Now it was no longer about who was responsible. “Don’t make trouble on the Internet in the future. Look at your cousin and learn from how well she is managing the company well.”

“She isn’t better than your daughter.” Qian Jiao saw that her father wasn’t going to force her to apologize online and was in a better mood. “By the way, is there something wrong with the company?”

“The company’s business is mine. You should stay at home these days. Don’t go anywhere and don’t make statements online.” What Father Qian didn’t say was that she couldn’t help the company. It would be fine if she could hold back.

She was helping as long as she didn’t continue to embarrass Li Zhao online.

Qian Jiao didn’t want to apologize but Father Qian didn’t dare pretend this matter didn’t exist. He asked his secretary to open a Weibo account and he publicly apologized. Father Qian’s apology was quite sincere and he mentioned Li Zhao. However, in this apology post, there were a few words that he wrote with a father’s softness and it was a bit worrying to the Li fans.

[Jiao Jiao was ill when she was young. As a father, I spoiled her too much and she developed a child’s temper.]

Yes, the child of his family was delicate and grew up as a treasure. Their Zhao Zhao was abused half to death by his adoptive parents when he was young and later he grew up in a welfare home where no one spoiled him. Did he deserve to be bullied?

He didn’t have a father or mother so he could be bullied? A child’s temper? She was seven or eight years older than Zhao Zhao. Did Zhao Zhao need to act like an ‘adult’ and tolerate her ‘childishness’?

Mr Qian’s apology didn’t appease the mood of the Li fans and actually made more passersby sympathize with Li Zhao. Children without parents were always vulnerable to being bullied.

“I’m a Li fan and I’m happy to see someone from the Qian family come out to apologize. However, after reading the contents of the apology, I felt very uncomfortable and sad for Zhao Zhao.”

“This apology looks very sincere on the surface but reading between the lines reveals something. My daughter is a bit spirited and hot-tempered. You might be seven or eight years younger than my daughter but you are reasonable, so don’t care about it.”

“Would the Qian family come out to apologize if there weren’t so many netizens returning the Qian family’s products?”

“The even more ridiculous thing is that while Qian Yingsheng came out to apologize, Qian Jiao is pretending to be dead and not making a sound.”

“Impudent, lowly people, this noble person has condescended to apologize to you. You should accept.”

“Did a rival company send an undercover to the public relations team of the Qian family? What a mess of an apology letter. If I was Li Zhao then I would have them get lost.”

What was Li Zhao doing at this moment? He was sitting cross-legged on the carpet and pulling Yan Ting to put a puzzle together.

He had a super high IQ helper in Yan Ting and a big part of the jigsaw puzzle was soon put together. Finally, he simply handed over the puzzle to Yan Ting. He held a fruit plate and ate it with relish, feeding Yan Ting from time to time.

“I’m finished.” Yan Ting put the last piece in and glanced at Li Zhao, who was leaning on his shoulder. Li Zhao asked, “Do you want a reward?”

“What reward?”

Suddenly, something soft touched his lips, coming quickly and leaving quickly.

Li Zhao looked at Yan Ting’s ears that were red and tried to pretend not to be shy as he helped Yan Ting’s face. “This is the reward.”

Yan Ting’s ears were about to turn completely red.

Li Zhao couldn’t help thinking, ‘How can my Ting Ting be  so cute?’

“Zhao Zhao.” Yan Ting blushed. “You are…”

“I’m playing with fire. I understand.”

Ting Ting was at a loss. This was all a mess. The thing that had been written in the script was all broken by his Zhao Zhao.

“It’s rare to complete a puzzle. I’m going to send it to Weibo to show off.”

The parts he had done might’ve been less than one-tenth but Ting Ting putting it together was equal to him putting it together. There was no difference.

Li Zhao V: I put this together with my friend [Photo]

This Weibo post came out and all the netizens, “……”

Just when everyone was thinking that Li Zhao was miserable, too miserable, he would appear and do something to reverse it, letting all those who were distressed for him know that he was having a good life.

In such times, the normal operation was to pretend to be strong or sell misery, yet he was happily showing off his puzzle.

The concerned Li fans saw that Li Zhao was still in the mood to play with jigsaw puzzles and let go of their worry. As long as he wasn’t influenced by the Qian family, it didn’t matter if he was playing with puzzles or building blocks.

However, some people still felt that Li Zhao was pitiful. He could be so happy playing with jigsaw puzzles. What did this mean? It explained Li Zhao’s poor childhood.

Some Li fans asked Li Zhao if the friend he was playing with was a friend from the circle or the demolition tyrant.

Li Zhao replied: Of course, it is the local demolition tyrant.

The Li fans laughed and said he belonged to Li Zhao. No one would grab such a rich and generous friend from him.

The Li fans knew that Li Zhao had a generous friend who was a local rich tyrant. Although his face had never been seen, everyone had seen the gif of the national television interview and the small, exposed part of his face proved his face value was high.

Moreover, the two of them had been friends for so long. As Li Zhao’s popularity grew higher, the demolition tyrant never came out to rub his heat or show off a sense of presence. The Li fans with eyes could see that Li Zhao and his friends in the circle had a good relationship, while the friends outside the circle were sincere to Li Zhao.

Artists were under a lot of pressure. Zhao Zhao had no family so the fans were very happy that he could be accompanied by sincere friends. They were thankful to the mysterious demolition tyrant.

Therefore, the fans always carried a lot of goodwill when they mentioned the demolition tyrant.

Some people watching the liveliness couldn’t help asking in the comments if Li Zhao had seen the apology letter of Qian Jiao’s father. Li Zhao ignored those people. He showed off his puzzle, replied to a few fan comments and put his phone away.

“Qian Jiao’s father apologized to me publicly on the Internet.” Li Zhao pressed his head against Yan Ting’s chest, no anger in his tone.

Since he could publicly apologize for his daughter, regardless of the embarrassment, why not educate her when she was young?

Would Qian Jiao have been so arrogant if it wasn’t for her parents pampering and indulging her?

Yan Ting used his phone to take a look and his expression sank. What was this child’s temper after being spoiled? His daughter was spoiled so Zhao Zhao wasn’t spoiled? If every spoiled child grew up to be an unreasonable child then there was no need to talk about principles.

Father Qian found that his apology post on Weibo was completely useless. Canghuan not only didn’t stop the attack on the Qian family but they even intensified it.

The Qian Group’s internal management didn’t understand why Canghuan suddenly targeted them. They asked people for a long time but there was no definite news. There was only some vague news that the behaviour of Qian’s current chairman caused Canghuan’s boss to be dissatisfied.

After learning the news, the members of the board of directors became dissatisfied with Father Qu. They even suspected that he couldn’t manage the company well and wanted him to hand over the management rights.

How could Father Qian do so? Thus, Qian’s internal fighting began.

A few days later, Yan Ting looked calm as he heard Qin Xiao talking about Qian’s internal problems.

“Many people are greedy in nature. If their benefits don’t meet their expectations then they will start to blame each other. “ He had long seen the ugly side of human nature.

Qin Xiao wondered, “Then on our side…”

“Don’t care about them.” Yan Ting’s tone was very calm. “I’m a serious businessman who doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of other companies.”

After talking about the Qian family, Qin Xiao saw that Yan Ting’s mood wasn’t bad and hesitantly opened his mouth. “Sir, how has… your sleep been recently? In addition, have you been taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor on time?”

Yan Ting froze. Since confirming his relationship with Zhao Zhao, there had been no more illusions. He only occasionally felt afraid that this was just his fantasy.

Seeing as how the boss was silent, Qin Xiao knew that the boss must not have followed the doctor’s orders. However, Qin Xiao didn’t know how to persuade the boss.

He had never experienced anything in his childhood and wasn’t able to empathize.

“I’ve been fine recently.” Yan Ting looked at the bright and spacious windows behind him. “Qin Xiao, I think… the illusions will soon disappear from my life.”

According to the rules, the doctor couldn’t disclose the patient’s condition to others at will. It was just that the boss had no relatives and his special assistant took care of him. He became a special case who knew about the boss’ condition.

The doctor said that the boss had mental trauma due to the excessive stimulation he received when he was young. After being stimulated in their childhood, some people would heal slowly over time while others would sink deeper and deeper.

The boss’ childhood experience was too bad. Some people in the world who had similar experiences to him became criminals, some ended their lives while a few met people who could warm them and lived a happy, ordinary life.”

Qin Xiao had always been hoping that the boss was one of the few lucky ones.

In this office, Qin Xiao saw many things that weren’t present before. He even saw a photo of the boss and Li Zhao on the desk.

Qin Xiao smiled. “That’s great.”

Yan Ting turned to look at him. “Zhao Zhao said he wanted me to live with him forever and for me to protect him for all his life. Thus, I have to manage Canghuan and protect him for a lifetime.”

Qin Xiao, “……”

Qin Xiao hadn’t agreed yet the boss had already started to show affection. He stuffed dog food into Qin Xiao’s mouth. What was this?

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting had been taking his classes very seriously recently.

The teacher happily praised him: Baby Ting Ting is amazing.

Baby Ting Ting stuck out his small belly: This is nothing. After all, I am the man who will go to the same university as Zhao Zhao.

The teacher: ……

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9 months ago

They’re so sweet, how could anyone dare to oppose them!

1 month ago

Very sweet! However, from what I’ve observed, if you have schizophrenia and stop taking your meds because you think you don’t need them, instead of being fine you end up accusing your daughter-in-law’s father of hiring mob thugs to steal the deposit on your apartment.