VH: Chapter 96

This time, the two of them didn’t go to the member’s exclusive couples box. They sat in the big screening hall just like everyone else.

The quality of the summer movies wasn’t too bad but this year’s summer looked a bit disappointing. The promotions were sensational but the box office was silent.

Li Zhao took Yan Ting to see the movie that claimed to have the most romantic love in history, but the plot wasn’t romantic at all.

First, the hero misunderstood the heroine then the heroine misunderstood the hero. The two of them had the strong feeling of ‘he (she) can understand me. If they don’t understand me then there isn’t enough love’. They could clearly say things with a few words but they didn’t explain it.

If it wasn’t for the screenwriter blindly writing the plot. the two of them wouldn’t have got back together at the end of the movie.

Li Zhao, who was tortured by the logic of the plot, walked out of the screening hall and took two sips from his Coke in shock.

“I think…” Yan Ting handed the popcorn bucket to Li Zhao. “I think that we can’t be so romantic.”

If the most romantic love in history was like this then it was better to not be too romantic.

Li Zhao, “……”

“If you want to know something then ask me.” Yan Ting looked at LI Zhao. “Don’t misunderstand me because of others.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao nodded. “Let’s be too old men who aren’t romantic anymore.”

Since they were afraid of being recognized by fans, they left the cinema and got straight into the car. Yan Ting didn’t like to talk while Li Zhao told him some interesting things. The two of them would shake hands from time to time and exchange looks. The entire car was full of love.

The driver in front thought silently, ‘Once the boss is in love, it turns out that he is like an ordinary person.’

“Tomorrow, I only have half a scene…”

“Come to the company. I’ll show you around Canghuan’s headquarters.” Yan Ting told him. “You said last time that you were curious about Canghuan’s various departments.”

“Will it affect the work of the employees?”

“The little boss is inspecting his own industry, why will their work be affected?” Yan Ting was serious. “If you find someone who is lazy, write down their name and I will tell the personnel department to deduct their salary.”

Little boss, what a strange name. Li Zhao glanced at Yan Ting curiously.

“I am the big boss of the company and you are my boyfriend. It is inappropriate to call you the boss’ wife so they can only call you little boss.” Yan Ting was in a good mood. “You are the child of my family, the little boss of Canghuan.”

“Ting Ting, does that mean that I… have now stepped into a giant family?” Li Zhao couldn’t help laughing. “I haven’t even become the owner of a noodle store yet I became Canghuan’s little boss first?”

“Once you open the noodle store then I’ll be your second boss.” Yan Ting nodded. “This is also very good.”

“It makes sense.” Li Zhao nodded. “In order to let you be the second boss, I must save more money to open the store.”

He imagined the staff of the noodle store calling him their big boss and Ting Ting the second boss. It was also quite beautiful when thinking about it.

The car drove outside the villa’s gate. Then Li Zhao saw a person standing outside the garden gate in the distance. It was unknown how long he had been waiting. His shirt was soaked with sweat and his hair was stuck to his forehead. It didn’t matter if it was the driver or Yan Ting. They both acted like they didn’t see this person and didn’t even give him a glance.

“Mr Ting, Mr Ting.” The man saw the car Li Zhao was riding in and fell on the hood of the car, ignoring the fact that the car was moving forward.

Li Zhao was startled. Was this touching porcelain in front of someone’s door? He turned to look at Yan Ting whose expression was still calm. Even the driver brother had a world peace, calm expression on his face. Were they used to people trying to touch porcelain?

The middle-aged man lying on the front of the car shouted something loudly but the car was soundproofed so well that Li Zhao couldn’t hear a word. He glanced in front of the driver, saw that the camera was still running and let go of his worry.

“Mr Ting, please give me half an hour, no, 10 minutes. Give me 10 minutes.” Father Qian knew he was in an embarrassing state and had no manners but Canghuan had suddenly aimed at the Qian family’s company, making him chaotic.

He could do anything as long as the misunderstanding with the Qian family was eliminated. A person who could be a boss had lost all sense of face when he was young.

Then the bodyguards came out of the gate to drag the middle-aged man to the side. This scene reminded Li Zhao of what happened when he and Yan Ting met at the hotel a year ago. At that time, the bodyguard dragged the person and seemed to hit the man’s head against the wall.

“Mr Ting, please give me a chance.”

Father Qian was subdued by the professional bodyguards and couldn’t resist. He could only hope that the closed window would open and the person sitting inside the car would look at him.

“Mr Ting, Mr Ting…”

He screamed with all his strength, hoping to arouse the other side’s mercy. He hoped that this person stronger than him would pity him, just like the artists bullied by Qian Jiao hoped that the Qian family would let them go. However, the Qian family only looked down on these ‘actors.’

“He is Qian Jiao’s father.” Yan Ting was worried that Li Zhao thought he had no sympathy and explained. “Three hours ago, he was still talking to people in the entertainment industry so that they wouldn’t cooperate with you.”

“I knew there must be a reason why you ignored him.” Li Zhao pressed the window button and looked at Father Qian who was stopped by the bodyguard.

The moment he saw the window open, Father Qian was ecstatic but he soon became stunned. The person sitting in the car wasn’t Yan Ting but a strange young man wearing a cap. This car belonged to Yan Ting and even the driver was the one Yan Ting often used. Why was someone else sitting in the car?

He no longer shouted wildly and subconsciously squeezed out a flattering smile toward Li Zhao. The identity of the young man who could let Yan Ting’s special driver drive him was definitely not simple.

Looking at this man with a pitiful expression, Li Zhao felt a bit incredulous. If he hadn’t been the bullied party, he probably wouldn’t have known this person could be so arrogant based on this appearance.

“Hello, Sir. I am the chairman of the Qian Group. My surname is Qian. Can I ask…”

“Mr Qian.” Li Zhao smiled politely. “My last name is Li. I’m just an actor with no identity. I can’t afford Mr Qian’s politeness.”

Last name Li, an actor? Father Qian was horrified and he seemed like he had been greatly hit. His mind didn’t recover for a long time.

“Based on your expression, you seem to have heard my name.” The smile on Li Zhao’s face became even gentler. “Say hello to Miss Qian for me.”

Then he closed the car window.

Father Qian stiffly watched the car enter the garden. The garden gate closed in front of him and he still couldn’t respond. The young man just now was the artist who didn’t give Jiao Jiao face? No wonder why he dared openly oppose Jiao Jiao on the Internet. No wonder why Canghuan suddenly stopped working with the Qian…

What was his relationship with Yan Ting? Yan Ting did this for him?

Father Qian’s brain was no longer able to think calmly. Only the words ‘it’s over, it’s over’ repeated in his head. Yan Ting was usually quiet but once he decided to deal with someone, he would become a viper, cold and cruel.


”Was I particularly handsome?” Li Zhao asked Yan Ting. “Is my body full of the cool and noble temperament that mortals can’t afford to offend?”

Yan Ting, “…”

“It feels really good to hug a thigh.” Li Zhao reached out and hugged Yan Ting’s arm. “Dear, you will be my thigh for a lifetime. Whoever bullies me in the future, I will put you in front of them and you can scare them to death.”


This long life, if there was Zhao Zhao accompanying him then it would also become interesting.


Yan Ting placed his hand on Li Zhao’s shoulder. “I’ll be your thigh for a lifetime.”

“Have you ever played the game Plants vs Zombies?” Li Zhao was very satisfied with Yan Ting’s answer and pecked him on the face. “I am a weak sunflower. You are the most powerful pea pod shooter. Without the protection of the pea pod shooter, the sunflower will be eaten by zombies.”

The driver in the front row snickered. How was Mr Li sunflower? He was clearly a cannibal flower that would swallow a zombie.

Yan Ting might not know what was a sunflower and what was a pea pod shooter but this didn’t prevent him from nodding. His child must be right. Even if he wasn’t, he was still right.

“You promised and can’t take it back.” Li Zhao stared seriously at Yan Ting. “You will be my pea pod shooter for the rest of my life.”

He had been disturbed since hearing Xu Bei’s words. He could only rest assured after hearing Ting Ting say yes.

“I won’t take it back.”

Li Zhao smiled. “Taking it back will make you a stinky pig.”

“Zhao Zhao must really like me.” Yan Ting took off Li Zhao’s hat and rubbed his hair, speaking softly, “I know that pigs are currently expensive. You aren’t willing to let me change to other animals.”

Li Zhao, “??”

Was Ting Ting’s ability to pick up sugar learned from CP fans?

Back home, Yan Ting took advantage of the time when Li Zhao changed his clothes to secretly search on the Internet about the sunflower and the pea pod shooter. Originally in the game, the sunflower was a flower that produced sunlight, which could be exchanged for various props to defeat zombies. The pea pod shooter was the most lethal of all the props. It had an obvious weakness. It required a lot of sunlight to be summoned to protect the sunflower.

Zhao Zhao was right. He was the pea pod shooter summoned by Zhao Zhao. Zhao Zhao gave him enough sunshine so he had a person he wanted to protect and knew the meaning of survival.

“Special Assistant Qin.” Yan Ting dialed Qin Xiao’s number. “Help me order a sunflower and pea pod shooter necklace.”

“What?” Qin Xiao felt that he couldn’t keep up with the boss’ thinking.

“The sunflower and pea pod shooter in the game. Have a master customize it and use the best materials.”

Qin Xiao, “……”

It was true that a person in love had no logic.

The fact that Li Zhao publicly went against Qian Jiao had become the focus of the major entertainment media and netizens. In just a few hours, Qian Jiao sent a few Weibo posts online while Li Zhao said nothing except for his single maddening ‘oh.’

Perhaps after seeing Li Zhao ignoring her, Qian Jiao finally stopped for two hours. Yet at this time, several Weibo accounts that looked like they belonged to rich second generation people suddenly started to scold her.

The one who scolded her the worse was an account called Cosmic Light.

Cosmic Light: I wondered who was barking at night. Miss Qian stares at handsome young men every day. Is she trying to help people lose weight? Facing her ugly face every day is helpful for dieting.

“Hahahahaha, the rich second generation are tearing at each other?”

“What is the identity of this Cosmic Light? Looking at his posts, it is either about cars, eating, drinking or playing.”

“This mouth is very poisonous. Continued to tear at each other, tear at each other more loudly.

Qian Jiao V: Surnamed Yao, this has nothing to do with you. Get lost! I don’t talk to ugly people.

Cosmic Light: Look at you, can’t you be a bit more broad-minded? Your looks can’t compare to mine but I’m still talking to you.”

“Cosmic Light has level 10 self-praising skills?”

“Who is this person? Why did he suddenly argue with Qian Jiao? Is he a business rival or an ex-boyfriend?”

Qian Jiao was so angry when she saw Yao Yuguang’s latest post then she directly called Yao Yuguang and scolded him on the phone.

“Yao Yuguang, what are you? Who doesn’t know that Xu Yanting doesn’t look at you like a cousin at all? It is already good for you that he doesn’t kill you. Yet you dare to come and trouble me?”

“Don’t feel envious. Even if my cousin tries to kill me, at least he will be killing me personally. If you have the ability then try to kill me in front of him?” Yao Yuguang shook his legs. “Beside, I don’t know how you have the energy to argue with me right now. It is better to buy candles in advance and give you a bit more. You will be able to use it soon.”

“What do you mean?” Qian Jiao found that Yao Yuguang’s attitude was a bit wrong. Ever since Xu Yanting split with the Xu and Yao families, Yao Yuguang had been holding his tail like a dog. How did he get the courage to scold her in public today?

She thought about how her dad told her before going out that there was something wrong with the company and she frowned. “Did you hear something?”

“Do you want to know?” Yao Yuguang laughed. “Then I won’t tell you.”

Yao Yuguang felt refreshed after hanging up the phone.

Wanting to snatch Yan Ting’s sweetheart and also insulting his sweetheart online, it would be strange if Xu Yanting let her go.

Qian Jiao heard the beeping on the phone and called back, only to find that Yao Yuguang had blacklisted her number.

She was so angry that she cursed him. She wanted to call her father only for her father to call her first.

“Dad, are you…”

“Jiao Jiao, you are so old and you can’t act willfully.” Father Qian’s voice was heard. “I already know what happened between you and Li Zhao. You were the one in the wrong. Now you should write a Weibo post publicly apologizing to Li Zhao.”

“Dad?” Qian Jiao’s eyes bulged as she screamed, “You want me to apologize to an actor?”

“You were wrong and should apologize.” Father Qian’s attitude was very firm. “Not only do you have to apologize, I also have to apologize. I am the one who made the biggest mistake for not teaching you properly.”

“Dad, are you crazy?”

The author has something to say:

Zhao Zhao held the corner of Ting Ting’s clothes and ran around the kindergarten.

The moment the teacher walked in front of them, Baby Ting Ting stretched out a hand and stopped the teacher.

Teacher: What game are you playing?

The serious Baby Ting Ting: You are a zombie. Stay away from my sunflower.

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