VH: Chapter 95

Qian Jiao openly said in front of the media that she would invest in a new drama and she invited Li Zhao to play the male lead. This news attracted the attention of countless people.

A reporter asked Qian Jiao, “What if Li Zhao refuses?”

“Everyone knows that the TV series I’ve invested in have always taken good care of the actors. Not to mention, my family has a lot of business dealings with Strawberry Entertainment. I believe that Li Zhao will agree.” Qian Jiao never thought that Li Zhao would reject her. “In addition, this drama is top-notch. Li Zhao will be tempted.”

For a newcomer like Li Zhao with no family background, she just had to offer enough money and he would agree. More importantly, even if he wasn’t satisfied, how would Li Zhao dare reject her?

The feelings of the fans of those who had been pitted by her were very complicated. On the one hand, they were sympathetic. ON the other hand, they felt happy at his misfortunate. If one’s own family was unlucky then they could only get psychological stability when someone that someone else was also unlucky.

It was just that Li Zhao was really good-looking. Even if they weren’t Li fans, they felt pity just looking at this face.

Qian Jiao was a very high-profile Ms Perfect. She usually showed off her wealth on her personal account. If she was in a bad mood then she would pick a few female stars who didn’t look good and scold them. This made some people feel that she was straightforward and cute.

Qian Jiao’s fans would run to the Weibo pages of these female celebrities to ridicule them, as if they could show off their ‘justice’ by scolding these beautiful female fans.

This time, Li Zhao was ‘fancied’ by Qian Jiao and the Li fans weren’t touched at all. They only wanted to cry.

Two years ago, there was a popular star in the crew. Then a video of the young lady pointed her nose up at them and scolding them was spread to the entire network. Their family’s Zhao Zhao was only 20 years old this year and would be bullied by her.

Qian Jiao knew her actions would make Li Zhao unhappy but so what? In the end, wouldn’t he have to obediently cooperate with her and nod in front of her like a dog.

She happily watched the Li fans want to be angry but not daring to. Then she showed off her latest limited edition bag. Everyone could see her good mood. Qian Jiao’s fans in the comments laughed and said they would watch to see what type of posture Li Zhao’s side would use to kneel in front of her and lick her.

Qian Jiao’s fans were waiting, the media was waiting, the fans of several other artists who had been pitted by Qian Jiao were waiting and even the melon eating netizens were waiting. Under this attention, the Weibo post sent by Li Zhao’s studio was undoubtedly thunderous. It was like he slapped Qian Jiao and shouted, “I, your father, won’t suffer!”

“I want to yell. Li Zhao’s studio is too amazing!”

“Just, it is really just!”

“Don’t ask. It isn’t a big deal to open a noodle restaurant.”

“Hahahaha, yes. Li Zhao is a young man who dreams of opening a noodle restaurant. This time, Qian Qian really kicked over the iron plate. Does her face hurt?”

“Not long ago, she was saying in front of the media that Li Zhao will definitely give her face. Hahahaha, her face is worthless and she has been slapped.”


“Oh, cool is cool. Li Zhao is cool. Miss Qian, are you offended?”

“Can’t afford to offend her. So us fans have decided to raise funds for Zhao Zhao to open the noodle restaurant. There is no need to worry about the witch’s fans.”

Qian Jiao’s fans always felt that they were nobler than those entertainers in the entertainment industry. In their hearts, Qian Jiao was a noble lady and artists were all people with no status or cleanliness. Thus, they were better than the fans of those artists.

They hadn’t expected Li Zhao’s side to be so tough and even the fans had a hard attitude.

In the past, as long as Qian Jian used resources to threaten the fans of artists, the fans would have to tolerate it for their beloved artists. Then what about Li Zhao’s fans? Not only did they not give way for Li Zhao’s sake, they even said they would raise money for Li Zhao to open a noodle store. What type of fans were they? They weren’t qualified at all.

There was one thing they hadn’t expected. It was that Li Zhao had a good audience. He had no black materials and a sympathetic life experience. In the eyes of ordinary people, the behaviour of Qian Jiao and her fans was just bullying.

Li Zhao usually filmed obediently and didn’t act like a demon. He didn’t look for trouble and he was a young man with outstanding achievements. Why did Qian Jiao point a finger at Li Zhao?

It was now 2020, not the feudal dynasty. Everyone was equal so why did Miss Qian dare act like this? Everyone was equal. Why should Li Zhao be bullied in this way? Wasn’t it because she said that Li Zhao had no father and mother so she thought he could be bullied without anyone guarding him?

The benefits of having a good impression with passersby were reflected at this time. Countless people condemned Qian Jiao and comforted Li Zhao, telling him that he shouldn’t be afraid. In just a few hours, the Qian family’s online sales platform was subjected to numerous returns and reporters.

“Learn to be a person before doing business.”

“I am a lowly civilian and I don’t deserve to use such noble items. I overstepped.”

“Bad review!”

Father Qian hurried home after receiving the news. Then he saw his baby girl crying on the sofa and his heart softened at once. “What’s going on?”

Qian Jian repeated her story. “He is a little star and didn’t dare give me face! Father, you have to help me.”

Father Qian frowned. Now young actors were becoming more and more ignorant. They didn’t even understand the rules. Without thinking, he called Strawberry Entertainment’s boss and asked him to arrange for Li Zhao to apologize to his daughter and promise to cooperate with his daughter.

“Boss Qian, I can understand your love for your daughter but you shouldn’t allow Qian Jian to do such things. You now want Li Zhao to apologize to your daughter? Isn’t this too deceptive?” President Sun spoke peacefully. “In my opinion, this matter has passed. Qian Jiao can find another actor. As for public opinion on the Internet, it will be over once they get bored.”

“He is an actor. My Jiao Jiao wants to cooperate with him” Father Qian sneered. “Old Sun, how many years have we known each other? Are you going to go against me just for a little actor?”

“Look at what you’re saying. Can’t I go against you?” President Sun’s tone remained the same but he laughed slightly. “Your family is big and Li Zhao is just a small actor. He naturally doesn’t dare to offend you. However, no matter if it is Qian Jiao or an actor, we are all humans. We should be reasonable or what will we become?”

“What do you mean?” Father Qian heard that President Sun was laughing at him.

“I mean that since President Qian isn’t willing to take a step back, let Miss Qian apologize to my family’s Zhao Zhao.” President Sun’s tone chilled instantly. “Miss Qian created rumours in front of the media and brought great negative impact to the image of my company’s artist. I am asking Miss Qian to publicly apologize to my entertainer within 24 hours.”

“Old Sun, you…”

President Sun didn’t continue to listen to him and directly hung up. Then he muttered, “What is this? You’ve gone so crazy in the past two years that you don’t know what your last name is.”

Then he nodded at his desk. “Assistant Cao, call Mr Ting.”

Assistant Cao was at a loss for a moment. Why call Mr Ting?

“His child, my company’s entertainer has been bullied so he should know.” President Sun raised his teacup. “I’m so used to her pointing fingers at entertainers every day.

Father Qian hadn’t expected President Sun to act like this. He was stunned for a moment before reacting. Was that person crazy?!

Yan Ting received a call from Strawberry Entertainment and asked Qin Xiao, “Does the Qian family have any cooperation with Canghuan this month?”

Qin Xiao nodded. “The legal department has negotiated the contract and it is just ready for you to sign.”

“Don’t bring it.” Yan Ting ordered. “I will pay compensation in my own name to all employees who are responsible for this project. Don’t invest in any future cooperation with the Qian family.”

Qin Xiao was surprised. The boss rarely had such emotional moments. “Okay.”

A qualified special assistant wouldn’t question the boss’ decision and would even fight the enemy.

“The video platform that Canghuan invested in will no longer work with the Qian family’s entertainment company.” Yan Ting thought for a moment. “In the future, dramas starring artists should be strictly reviewed. If the quality isn’t good enough then they can’t be purchased to be broadcasted.”

Sir, wasn’t this putting the Qian family to death? How much hatred was there?”

“Sir, what has the Qian family done lately?”

“His heir openly bullied my boyfriend online.” Yan Ting looked calm. “As his boyfriend, I can’t just watch.”

Qin Xiao, “……”

The moment the boss confirmed his relationship with Li Zhao, the Qian family came to bully people. Forget the boss, even he was angry. It was arranged according to the boss’ intention. The staff responsible for the Qian project cheered on the spot when they heard the project was stopped and they would receive compensation.

The Qian project was stopped and they would receive two more days of vacation. Who would be unhappy?

After the happiness, they felt some doubts. Why did the senior executives suddenly decide to stop cooperating with the Qian family? Was there something wrong with the Qian project?

Qin Xiao returned to his office and checked the latest news on the Internet. The more he looked, the more he felt that Qian Jiao wanted to die. She was full of contempt when she mentioned Li Zhao. Perhaps in her eyes, Li Zhao was just an entertainer who could be casually bullied but she didn’t know that Li Zhao was the treasure the boss held in his heart.

She should be thankful that the boss didn’t see the video of the media interview or he would be even more ruthless.


The atmosphere of the Seven Boyfriends crew was a bit strange. From the morning when Li Zhao’s studio slapped Qian Jiao’s face to the entire Internet criticizing Qian Jiao, their worry grew.

Fans outside might not know it but they were insiders and knew very well that the average artist couldn’t afford to offend Qian Jiao. They were worried that Qian Jiao would retaliate against Li Zhao.

Toward the end of filming, the producer received a call from the Qian family, asking him to delete Li Zhao’s character, implying that if he didn’t do what they wanted, there might be problems with the layout of the cinemas once the movie was released.

The producer felt that the Qian Family was a bit crazy. He looked at Li Zhao packing his things in the corner and hesitantly didn’t agree. Just after hanging up the phone, Strawberry Entertainment called him.

The producer was worried that Strawberry Entertainment would give up on Li Zhao. To his surprise, not only did Strawberry Entertainment offer him additional investment, they also said they would help him arrange the theatres. This movie wasn’t Strawberry Entertainment’s investment so Strawberry Entertainment helping with the theatres was simply to help others.

“Zhao Zhao has only been filming for a while. If there is anything he doesn’t understand then please take care of him.”

The producer understood that Strawberry Entertainment intended to protect Li Zhao.

He was relieved. Thanks to the company, Li Zhao wouldn’t have to do much. This type of young actor who connected with the audience and had acting skills was a treasure. He should be protected and cherished.

He had just hung up on Strawberry Entertainment when Purple Eggplant Entertainment called him.

The producer, “…”

Seeing that Strawberry Entertainment’s artist was having bad luck, did Purple Eggplant Entertainment plan to take this opportunity to step on them?

However, he guessed wrong again. Not only did Purple Eggplant Entertainment not take advantage of the opportunity, they even offered to help solve the problem of the theatres. They also praised Li Zhao in an exaggerated manner and said they were full of expectations for Li Zhao’s role.

Was this… meaning to support Li Zhao?

It was magic in today’s entertainment industry. A hostile company was taking the initiative to protect the artist of another company. Was he dreaming?


”Zhao Zhao.” Da Ke walked to Li Zhao’s side and whispered to him. “Don’t be afraid of that Qian witch. The company will help support you. If you aren’t happy then send a Weibo post to scold her!”

Li Zhao, “……”

Da Ke, you really are like a bad eunuch who instigates the king to do something stupid.

“Zhao Zhao.”

Hearing Yan Ting’s voice, Li Zhao turned around and saw Yan Ting standing not far away. He no longer listened to ‘Eunuch Da Ke’ who was saying bad things and ran to Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, why are you here?”

“I came to pick you up.” Yan Ting handed over the ice cream that Li Zhao liked. “Is the filming over?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded. “Wait for me to say goodbye to the crew.”

Seeing that Li Zhao was in a good mood and wasn’t affected by public opinion, Yan Ting barely let go of his worry.

After saying goodbye to the crew, he returned to Yan Ting. Li Zhao unwrapped the ice cream wrapper and placed it at Yan Ting’s mouth. “I’ll give you a taste.”

Yan Ting slowly leaned over and gently took a bite of the ice cream. It was very sweet. In this hot summer, it was so sweet that it made people feel good. The two of them returned to the car, Li Zhao feeding Yan Ting from time to time. “My shooting is almost over. Do you want to take a vacation with me?”

“Okay.” Yan Ting asked, “Is there any place you want to go?”’

“I don’t know. I can go anywhere you want.” Li Zhao smiled. “The important thing is the person, not the scenery.”

“Then I’ll arrange the trip?”


“Today… did anything happen to you?” Yan Ting didn’t want to be a boyfriend who intervened in his lover’s private affairs but he can’t bear to let Li Zhao be bullied.

“Even you know about it?” Li Zhao took a few bites of the cone and wiped his hands. “I was about to go home and complain to you!”

“Yes.” Yan Ting reached out and rubbed Li Zhao’s head. “You can complain now.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Once the gentle palm touched the top of his head, Li Zhao found that he couldn’t remember the contents of the complaint. “There is no atmosphere to complain at all.”

He opened Weibo and found that Qian Jiao had sent a post to him and his studio.

[Qian Jiao V: I kindly invited someone to cooperate but didn’t expect to be hit. A young person shouldn’t be so ambitious. Why can a movie be filmed and why can resources be obtained? Maybe this time next year, you’ll be a mess @Li Zhao V @ Li Zhao’s Studio V.]

This Weibo came out and was equivalent to Qian Jiao openly fighting with Li Zhao.

Li Zhao didn’t like to argue with others. Winning an argument almost lasted a while. If he lost then he would just become angrier. He thought about it and decided to reply like a gentleman.

[Li Zhao V: Oh.]

It was a short and powerful response to the other person.

“This is too spiritual. I can almost imagine Qian Jiao’s distorted facial features after seeing this.”

“Li Zhao is a man. If he argued with Qian Jiao and lost his manners then it would make people think he was afraid of Qian Jiao. Replying with this ‘oh’ is really… the lethality is 100%.”

“Hahahahahaha, oh, hahahahahaha.”

“I finally understand why my mother gets angry when she nags at me and I reply with Oh.”

Li Zhao’s studio quickly reposted Li Zhao’s Weibo.

The forwarded content: Oh.

“This is just, really just. Li Zhao, rest assured and fly! The melon eating friends will always be there with you!”

“Qian Jiao is really mad and has started to curse.”

[Qian Jiao V: This morning I passed by a garbage pit and saw a dirty and ugly dog. I saw it barking poorly and was going to feed him some dog food. I didn’t expect this dog to bite me back. Do you think this type of dog should be killed?]

A few minutes later, Li Zhao’s studio reposted a post from the National Daily News’ official Weibo about how to properly rescue stray dogs.

Then they posted a screenshot of the donation record to an animal protection agency.

[Li Zhao’s Studio V: As long as everyone gives a piece of love, the world will become a harmonious paradise. Caring for animals and plants is everyone’s responsibility (Photo)]

The reaction of the netizens was: Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Li Zhao’s studio was doing well.

The Li fans took the opportunity to post the contact information of stray animal rescue organizations under Qian Jiao’s Weibo, urging everyone to give more love to the small animals.

Li Fan’s comment 1: The reason why people are humans is because humans have compassion.

Li Fan’s comment 2: You don’t have to love it but please don’t hurt it.

Li Fan’s comment 3: Oh.

Qian Jiao used to have the upper hand when ridiculing artists because the artist let her and the fans of the artists endured it. However, once an artist no longer tolerated her, she saw the true fighting power of fans.

It wasn’t just the Li fans. The fans of other artists took the opportunity to comment and ridicule Qian Jiao’s inhumanity.

The number one hot comment was ‘oh’ and this was obviously to intentionally anger Qian Jiao.

“I like the attitude of Li Zhao’s studio. I just said that I couldn’t get used to this princess disease.”

“Hahaha, did you see the Weibo post of Li Zhao’s agent Zhang Xiaoyuan? He took a photo of a bowl of noodles and said that the noodles he made himself weren’t bad.”

“Yes, he wants to take our Zhao Zhao to open a noodle restaurant again.”

“The Qian fans often used resources to threaten entertainers. Now there is someone who isn’t afraid of threats. Do they dare come out?”

“Um, I have a friend who works at the Qian company who said that a key project of the Qian family suddenly had a problem. Miss Qian, you wanted to bully a small artist who had no background. Why don’t you go back and ask your father how much this loss is?”

“Upstairs friend, is this true or false?”

“It should be true. I’ve heard it. I just don’t know if it is serious or not.’

“Don’t be too rich and spoiled or there will be retribution.”

Father Qian hadn’t expected that the good project he was discussing would suddenly be suspended.

He now didn’t have the time to care about the contradiction between his daughter and a small star. It was useless asking a grandfather to tell the grandmother. He had no choice. He could only ask someone to take him to the community where the boss of Canghuan lived and wait at the door.

He just didn’t know that Yan Ting, who originally planned to go home for dinner, was taken to a couples restaurant by Li Zhao. They also planned to go to the movies after eating.

After falling in love and handling his boyfriend’s complaint, how could he not watch a movie? There must be a sense of ritual.

The author has something to say:

Kindergarten teacher: Student Ting Ting, please don’t have conflicts with other students!

Baby Ting Ting: They bullied my boyfriend!

Thank you Fuyuure for the lovely fanart of the confession scene

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2 years ago

The art is beautiful!! Thank you for the wonderful work, Fuyuure!

Stuffed with dog food again, but I will never complain. That’s right Ting Ting is all-powerful and Zhao Zhao’s fans are so cute.

Thanks for translating!!

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2 years ago

Zhao Zhao’s back up plan is opening a noodle restaurant and he also has the boss of Canghuan as his boyfriend, nothing can stop him from saying ‘oh’.

1 year ago

Thank you for the hard work. I just love all of this the fans, Ting Ting and of course our baby Zhao.

11 months ago

That girls fans must be freaking blind to think she’s straightforward and cute. What she is is a spoiled rich princess and a bully. It’s a good thing our ZZ is not easy to bully nor would TT ever allow it

8 months ago

Haha even when Zhao Zhao does nothing, there’s always people coming to give their cheeks up