VH: Chapter 94

Back in his room, Li Zhao sat on the sofa and silently took out ‘Book of Treasured Wisdom on Love’ from the drawer. As long as his effort was deep, Ting Ting would surely be moved. He hadn’t even turned two pages of the book when Li Zhao received a message from Yao Yuguang.

[Yao Yuguang: Brother, I found another photo. Take a look.]

Li Zhao opened the photo sent by Yao Yuguang and fell silent. This was the photo of a large family. In the middle was an old couple with grey hair. The body standing on their right stood upright, no childishness on his angelic face.

Behind him stood a young couple. They were a smiling man and a woman in a cheongsam. Her head was slightly down and she was staring at the boy in front of her like she was worried.

[Yao Yuguang: In order to find this photo, I opened all the jewellery cabinets in my mother’s room.]

[Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Thank you.]

He stared at this photo for a long time before using photoshop software to keep the image of Ting Ting alone. All he wanted was what Ting Ting looked like when he was a child. Li Zhao didn’t want those who brought painful memories to Ting Ting. A lot of self-righteous care and troubles was just acting for themselves.

[Yao Yuguang: Looking at my hard work, can you accept me as a younger brother? If not, I can ask again next time.]

[Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Get lost!]

[Yao Yuguang: Okay.]

After Yao Yuguang sent this, Li Zhao continued to look at the love book. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the person who wrote this book must’ve never been in love. If Li Zhao really followed the method in this book then he would be sickened to death before he got Ting Ting.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Li Zhao glanced at his ordinary clothes and remembered that he said he was going to take a bath. Yet he hadn’t even changed his clothes. He hurried to change into his pyjamas.

Yan Ting knocked on the door and waited a while, but Li Zhao still didn’t come to open the door for him.

Chagrin and self-blame appeared on the calm face. Was Zhao Zhao angry with him? Yan Ting turned to look at the stairs and saw the housekeeper standing there with a smile. Even the chef aunty was standing downstairs to wait for the result.

The people in the house were all taken by Zhao Zhao and everyone was infected by his lively personality. A year ago, they didn’t dare say a word in front of Yan Ting. Now they were all watching the show.

Li Zhao changed his clothes and opened the door to meet Yan Ting’s eyes. To his surprise, Yan Ting was holding a bunch of flowers. Baby’s breath? Did Ting Ting finally go to the circle of friends and open the article on the meaning of flowers? Then did he come with the baby’s breath to reject Li Zhao’s intentions? No, that wasn’t right. This bouquet of flowers wasn’t the one he had given to Ting Ting. It looked twice the size.

“This bouquet of flowers… I’ll give it to you.” Yan Ting wasn’t sure if Li Zhao’s meaning was what he thought. However, what if it was?

He was afraid that Zhao Zhao would be sad at not getting a response.

Li Zhao took the flowers and rubbed his toes against the floor. “Do you know… what the meaning of baby’s breath is?”

“I know.”

“What do you mean by giving the baby’s breath to me?” Li Zhao’s eyes shone.

Yan Ting had never been so nervous. “I…”

The words hadn’t been spoken yet when Li Zhao grabbed his hand first. “You don’t speak first.”

Yan Ting stopped and watched him.

“I think… this brotherly relationship can no longer meet our emotional needs.”  Li Zhao coughed. “You have received my savings card. Not everyone can do that, right?”

Yan Ting opened his mouth, wanting to say ‘I will spend a lifetime with you. However, at this moment, not a single word would come out. He had been wanting something for so long that once it became a reality, Yan Ting started to feel afraid, afraid that this was just his imagination.

It was just like when he was young. He always woke up from his sleep to see his long-dead mother sitting on his bed and talking to him. He had told his grandparents about this and they looked at him with contradictory feelings of disgust and pity.

Later, he came to understand that he had lost his mother a long time ago. His brain seemed to be divided into two halves. Half could always produce all types of illusory images while the other half was soberly telling him that most of the world was false. Perhaps… Zhao Zhao confessing to him at this moment was also imagined by him.

Li Zhao saw Yan Ting staring at him in a silly manner and laughed. “Silence is default agreement, default agreement is consent. From today on, we aren’t good brothers. We have an impure male-male relationship, right?”

Yan Ting nodded.

Li Zhao put the bouquet on the ground and opened his arms. “Shouldn’t we embrace to celebrate the upgrading of our feelings?”

Looking at Li Zhao with his arms wide open, Yan Ting reached out and pulled Li Zhao into his arms. Even if this was all imagined by himself, he was going to enjoy it.

Previously, Li Zhao hadn’t felt anything when placing an arm around Yan Ting’s shoulders. Now he was somewhat shy as he stretched out his hands around Yan Ting’s waist. The drifting sailboat finally found the right port for him and decided to stay here.

The two of them hugged for a while. Then Li Zhao smiled at Yan Ting. “It’s so good.”

God was really good to him. He liked Ting Ting and Ting Ting also liked him back. Then he noticed the housekeeper uncle peeking around the corner. Once the housekeeper was found, he gave a thumbs up.

Li Zhao, “……”

Housekeeper uncle, you’re so naughty. Li Zhao reached out a hand and pulled Yan Ting into the room. Then he closed the door and pressed Yan Ting onto the bed to sit down. Yan Ting looked at the bed and then Li Zhao, who was looking down at him. The Li Zhao in his imagination was so wild. Would he soon…

“Are you still in a daze?” Li Zhao reached out and poked Yan Ting’s face. Then he suddenly leaned forward and his lips gently touched Yan Ting’s face.

Yan Ting was shocked.

“Hahaha, Ting Ting, you’re so cute.” Li Zhao was amused by Yan Ting’s appearance. “If you are like this then I really want to put you into my pocket.”

Yan Ting always thought that he had nothing to do with cuteness.

“I gave you the book on the meaning of flowers. Didn’t you read it?”

Yan Ting remembers that he had flipped through it a few times but he just thought Li Zhao liked these flowers. It was why in recent days, all the flowers in the vases were baby’s breath.

“I also gave you the slippers and cups. Didn’t you think of other meanings?” Li Zhao felt that his hints were obvious enough.”

“You bought two identical brotherly outfits a while ago.” Yan Ting watched Li Zhao. How could he dare think of anything else? He was afraid it would be an empty dream. Finally, he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions and would hurt Zhao Zhao.

Li Zhao, “……”

It seemed that there was indeed such a thing. It turned out that he had pitted himself.

“Zhao Zhao.” Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao. “I like you.”

No matter if the current Li Zhao was real or false, it was only at this moment that Yan Ting dared to speak his heart.

“What a coincidence. I also like you.” Li Zhao’s eyes curved. “My favourite person is you.”

Yan Ting smiled.

“Don’t smile.” Li Zhao covered his eyes. “Every time you smile like this, my heart becomes evil and I want to do something below the neck. We just fell in love and can’t proceed so quickly.”

Yan Ting removed Li Zhao’s hand covering his hands and looked at Li Zhao with great earnestness. “Zhao Zhao, from today on, I won’t let you go.”

No matter if this was reality or an illusion, the beast in his heart had been released and no one could stop it.

“Then don’t lose me.” Li Zhao smiled. “Otherwise, I can only find my way back.”

Yan Ting held Li Zhao’s hand tightly.


The confession was successful and Li Zhao was so happy that he couldn’t sleep. In the middle of the night, he got up and threw books like Book of Treasured Wisdom on Love and 36 Ways to Confess into the trash can. There was no future following these things. Only practicing would produce miracles!

Yan Ting returned to his room, took out the medicine prescribed by the doctor from his desk drawer and opened it, but he didn’t eat it. If all of this was his imagination then he wanted it to last longer and longer. He returned the medicine and opened the recording on his phone.

“One dumpling…”

He suddenly realized that he had known Zhao Zhao for nearly a year. This recording had accompanied him through countless days and nights, allowing him to get some sleep at night. Such a good Zhao Zhao, how could Yan Ting be willing to let him go and belong to someone else?

After waking up in the morning, Yan Ting opened the curtains and his eyes fell on Li Zhao in the yard. It was a dream and he woke up.

“Ting Ting.” Li Zhao saw the curtains in Yan Ting’s room opening and stopped running to wave at Yan Ting. “Come down and run together.”

Yan Ting changed his clothes and went downstairs. Li Zhao immediately walked up to him and kissed him on the face. “Good morning, my boyfriend.”

The touch on his cheeks was soft, sweet and very real. All of this… wasn’t his imagination? Zhao Zhao really liked him as well?

“Are you dazed again?” Li Zhao took his hand and walked outside. It seemed that his charm was too big so that Ting Ting was shrouded in the aura of love and looked a bit silly.

The shocked Yan Ting finished running with Li Zhao, the disbelieving Yan Ting finished breakfast in ecstasy and he finally insisted on sending Li Zhao to the crew to prevent Li Zhao from going alone.

“The sense of ritual after falling in love must be there.” Li Zhao nodded. “Today, you send me to the crew and I’ll come pick you up at night.”


Yan Ting looked at the sun rising outside the window and held Li Zhao’s hand.

On the way to the crew, the green trees on both sides of the road were vibrant and the flowers in the flower beds bloomed brightly. The little children jumped cutely behind their parents on their short legs.

It turned out that the world was so beautiful.

After arriving at the crew, Li Zhao took advantage of when the staff wasn’t paying attention to bend toward the window and whisper to Yan Ting, “Dear, see you tonight.”


Yan Ting’s face was somewhat red as he kept nodding. “Okay.”

“Hehe.” Li Zhao jumped away. He walked a certain distance before turning back to wave at Yan Ting. He was like a dog who had stolen food.

“Zhao Zhao’s filming state today is very good. I was worried that after the breakup scene last night, he wouldn’t be able to enter the right state. I didn’t expect this love scene to be so sweet.” The director looked at the scene on the monitor. ”Once the movie is released, I don’t know how many girls will call him their boyfriend.”

“This feeling is good. The more the audiences like him, the higher our box office.” The assistant quipped. “It is our crew who will make money.”

This movie was called Seven Boyfriends but only four boyfriends were involved in the main plot. The other three only had a few shots. Originally, Li Zhao’s scenes were ranked third among the four boyfriends. However, while filming, the director and screenwriter added several scenes for him and he could now be ranked second.

After shooting the morning scene, Liu Fen saw Li Zhao eating without his phone leaving his hand, the smile constantly on his face. She couldn’t help whispering to him, “So happy, did something good happen? Saying it will also make me happy.”

“Hehehe.” Li Zhao scratched his head and laughed.

“I get it.” Liu Fen formed fists with both hands. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Li Zhao smiled more happily

Seeing Li Zhao so happy, Liu Fen also couldn’t help smiling. She had long seen that the gentleman’s affection for Li Zhao wasn’t ordinary. It was only a matter of time until Li Zhao was with him. It was probably only Li Zhao, this little fool, who didn’t know that the gentleman already had feelings for him.

Alas, other people’s dog food was always very sweet. Still, it was easy to eat.


The moment Qin Xiao arrived at the company, he received a transfer of money. The one who transferred it to him was Yan Ting.

Qin Xiao didn’t understand what this meant but he still collected the money. The boss’ money would always be collected, as long as it wasn’t a severance payment. In the afternoon, Qin Xiao felt that something was wrong. It was almost dinner time. Shouldn’t the boss be getting off from work to accompany Li Zhao to eat dinner together?

“Sir, it is 6 o’clock. Do you need me to arrange a car for you to go back?”

“No need.” Yan Ting looked up at Qin. “My boyfriend is coming to pick me up.”

Qin Xiao was pushing up his glasses and he almost poked himself in the eyes. Boyfriend?

“Congratulations, Sir. A man like you, your boyfriend must love you very much.”

“Yes.” Yan Ting closed the folder. “He said he will live with me for the rest of his life.”

Qin Xiao, “…”

He was now certain that the boss was showing off love to him. Before he could say a few more words, the boss’ phone rang. Upon hearing the boss’ gentle tone, Qin Xiao knew that Li Zhao was downstairs. That night, Qin Xiao saw the boss add another piece of content to his circle of friends. It was a photo of a candlelight dinner.

Who said that successful people didn’t like to show off? The reason they didn’t show off was because they didn’t encounter anything they wanted to show off. Once they did…

They were ostentatious.

He sent into the Weibo account of the boss that hadn’t been used since being certified.

20 minutes ago, this Weibo account called Mr Yan updated its first Weibo content, a photo of a candlelight dinner.

Sure enough, Qin Xiao wasn’t surprised at all.

The comments area was full of exaggerated praise from Canghuan’s employees. They were all saying the photo was taken to be artistic and the food looked delicious.

Bah! What nonsense. They couldn’t even praise the right area.

He typed out a comment.

[Qin Xiao: Sir, the photo of you dining with your lover is really sweet and warm. The dog food today is a bit sweet.]

Chickens, learn from this!

[Mr Yan replied to Qin Xiao: The child likes it.]

The Canghuan employee: ???

The boss had a lover? It was certified by Special Assistant Qin? Was there the boss’ wife?

Everyone was in an uproar. That night, speculation about the future boss’ wife spread from the head office down to the branch. Even the overseas branches knew that the big boss was in love. Who was the great person who could win the mysterious big boss and allow the boss to send a photo to Weibo to show affection?

Look at what the boss called his lover: child. How sweet and spoiled was it to use this type of name? The future boss’ wife was too amazing, too amazing!

Even the gossip reporters released the news that Canghuan was about to usher in a boss’ wife. It was a pity that although Canghuan was a large enterprise that had been handed for a century, the audience wasn’t interested in the boss’ love matter. They were only interested in the grievances of the rich.

It was the boss and Li Zhao CP fans who were secretly heartbroken. This CP flower hadn’t even blossomed when it had withered. Of course, there were some CP fans who were good at understanding. They said the name ‘child’ couldn’t prove the gender of the boss’ lover. Couldn’t this ‘child’ be Zhao Zhao? Thinking like this, it seemed to be even sweeter. This guess was too absurd and even the CP fans couldn’t lie to themselves. Ah, supporting a CP was really hard.

Yao Yuguang, who wanted to hold Li Zhao’s thigh, jumped out of bed with horror when he saw this. Yan Ting took the initiative to show affection. What was the difference with the sun rising in the rest?

Li Zhao was too awesome!

Gou Sheng, who had a conflict with Li Zhao some time ago and whose family business had been suffering lately, shook his head and sighed. Out of everyone he had to provoke, he just had to provoke Yan Ting’s man. It was truly hanging oneself.

Song Yu also saw this Weibo post. He found that Yan Ting’s Weibo account only followed 10 accounts, one of which was Li Zhao. Perhaps it was because the marketing accounts and entertainment reporters didn’t dare spread Yan Ting’s scandal but no one published news about it.

This was also good, lest black fans said that Li Zhao relied on his face. He hadn’t been relieved for long when Li Zhao’s Weibo also updated.

Li Zhao V: The moon tonight is beautiful.

Song Yu’s heart: Ahhhhh!

Why did Li Zhao send such an old-fashioned thing to Weibo? These days, who didn’t know the other meaning of the moon was beautiful? If this came out, Li Zhao’s road was over.

Song Yu, whose hands shook as he opened the comments area, “……”

What was going on with these fans? Why were they all sending Li Zhao photos of the moon?

That’s right. Apart from anyone with knowledge, who would think that Li Zhao and Canghuan’s boss were a pair.


In order to have more time to accompany Yan Ting, Li Zhao made special efforts in filming these days, striving to finish the filming earlier before the university’s military training started.

Just as he was about to finish his scenes, he suddenly became popular.

It was because a famous ‘Ms Perfect (fair-skinned, rich and beautiful)’ stated on Weibo that she wanted Li Zhao to be the male lead of her new drama.

This Ms Perfect’s family was rich and powerful while she looked beautiful. Her family also opened a big entertainment company and many people in the circle wanted her attention.

Two years ago, this young lady invested in a TV series for herself. She played the heroine, who was a powerful woman in the Qing Dynasty. The first, second and third male leads lived and died for her, all of them clashing for her.

It was a pity that although her face value was good, her acting skills were really worrying. That’s why the drama was a bit miserable after it aired.

Even so, the actors who worked with her didn’t dare to complain. In front of the media, they praised her dedication and seriousness.

It was because apart from being dedicated and serious, there was nothing else to praise. They couldn’t praise her good acting.

“This Qian Jian is really interesting. She wants to work with you but she doesn’t send the script to your studio or discuss things with your agent. What does it mean to talk directly to the media?” Liu Fen was disgusted by this move. There wasn’t even the basic respect.

Perhaps in the eyes of this young lady, an actor with no background wasn’t worthy of respect at all.

If Li Zhao dared to refuse then she would ensure that LI Zhao couldn’t mix into the entertainment circle in the future.

If Li Zhao agreed, everyone might mock Li Zhao in the future.

As the crew looked at him sympathetically, Li Zhao’s studio posted something on Weibo.

Li Zhao’s Studio V: Zhao Zhao’s work plan has already been scheduled for the next year. If you want to cooperate then please contact the studio, don’t spread rumours. Everyone, don’t believe in rumours.

The author has something to say:

At five o’clock in the afternoon, kindergarten ended but Baby Ting Ting was unwilling to leave the classroom.

The teacher asked: Ting Ting, why aren’t you leaving?

Baby Ting Ting: Someone is coming to pick me up today. I’ll wait for him.

The teacher: Who?

Baby Ting Ting proudly puffed up his chest: My boyfriend!

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