VH: Chapter 93

At the end of the dinner, Li Zhao said goodbye to the people of the crew and boarded the car.

Da Ke saw that Li Zhao was silent and asked, “Zhao Zhao, during the meal, you suddenly went out for a long time. Did something happen?”

“When I went to the bathroom, I met Xu Bei and talked to him for a while.”

Da Ke, “……”

Was any first fighting involved in this talk?

“Wait a minute.” Li Zhao saw a flower store and asked Da Ke to stop the car. He got off wearing sunglasses and a hat.

The flower store wasn’t big. A woman in her 20s or 30s was cleaning the branches and leaves on the ground while a little girl with braids was sitting at a table and doing homework.

Once Li Zhao came in, the woman quickly put away her broom and mop. “Welcome.”

The store was filled with flowers. Li Zhao was dazzled by the flowers and plants and didn’t know what to buy.

“Sir, who would you like to buy flowers for?” The woman smiled. “Elders, friends or a lover?”

“I…” Li Zhao pulled down his hat. “The person I like.”

The shopkeeper saw his shyness and knew this was a secret love. “Does she know your heart?”

Li Zhao shook his head.

The owner knew more clearly. “Baby’s breath, sunflowers or daisies are all fine.”

“Also, does she prefer simpler or more beautiful flowers?”

“Simpler.” Li Zhao was very certain. “He doesn’t like flowers that are too colourful.”

The shopkeeper made a bouquet of daisies and baby’s breath and placed it in Li Zhao’s hands. “I wish that your confession is a success.”

Li Zhao paid by scanning a code on his mobile phone. “Thank you.”

Da Ke was so shocked that his eyes almost fell out when he saw Li Zhao getting in the car with a bouquet of flowers. He was indeed a matchmaker system. Whoever he worked for as an assistant would fall in love. He felt suffocated along the way but didn’t ask Li Zhao who the flowers would be given to. In fact, he already had a vague guess in his heart but he didn’t dare say it.

Once he sent Li Zhao to the villa’s gate, Da Ke pulled out his phone and called Luo Rong. “Brother Luo, Zhao Zhao… it is possible that he has fallen in love. We have to do a good job preparing public opinion.”

He thought Luo Rong would be angry or wonder what happened but Luo Rong’s tone was exceptionally calm. “Assistant Cao has told me about this matter. We have already made several emergency public opinion plans on this side.”

Da Ke felt some confusion. Even Assistant Cao had to manage the matter of Zhao Zhao falling in love? Then he thought about the suspected identity of Zhao Zhao’s love partner and realized. This thing wasn’t terrible but he was afraid the big person would treat Zhao Zhao as a victim to protect his reputation… although the man Zhao Zhao liked wouldn’t do such a thing.


When Zhao Zhao wasn’t at home, Yan Ting liked to sit on the sofa and wait for him to come back. Once the familiar footsteps were heard outside the door, he knew that Zhao Zhao had returned. The door opened and he turned to look. The first thing he saw was the bouquet of flowers that Li Zhao was holding.

His heart suddenly became an ice cave. Who gave the flowers to Zhao Zhao? Regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, Zhao Zhao was holding the bouquet of flowers so solemnly. Did he like the person?

Yan Ting took a deep breath, wanting to throw away Zhao Zhao’s flowers and not let him see them. However, he just stood up and said, “Zhao Zhao, are you back?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded and held out the flowers to him. “Do these flowers look good?”

Yan Ting stared at the flowers for a few seconds. “It’s good-looking.”

“I’ll give it to you.” Li Zhao stuffed the flowers into Yan Ting’s arms and coughed dryly. “I passed by a flower store in the evening and saw a mother opening a flower store by herself while looking after her daughter. Thus, I bought a bouquet. I didn’t know what to do except give it to you.”

“Thank you.” The cold heart was soaked in a hot spring. Yan Ting felt his entire body floating. “I like it very much.”

“It’s good if you like it.” Li Zhao looked at the ceiling and at the floors, embarrassed to look at Yan Ting. “I will go and take a bath. You go to bed early.”

“Mr Li, you aren’t having a midnight snack?” The housekeeper asked after seeing Li Zhao run upstairs. Whenever Mr Li came back, the first thing to ask was if there was anything delicious in the house. Why is it so strange today?

He turned to look at Yan Ting and saw him holding a bouquet of flowers. “Sir, were these flowers… given to you by Mr Li?”

Yan Ting was silent for a few seconds. “Ask the gardener tomorrow how to keep this bouquet of flowers fresh for a long time.”

The housekeeper responded with a smile.

Yan Ting took the flowers back to his room. He stared at it for several minutes before silently taking out his phone, searching the Internet on how to take a still life and then took a photo of the bouquet.

Outside the cinema, Qin Xiao was listening to his girlfriend complaining about how ugly and illogical the movie was and didn’t refute it.

“That so-called noble son seemed like it was acted out by a big monkey. Zhao Zhao’s noble son in Rising Storm is the true match.” Lu Wenwen sighed. “If I knew this movie was so bad, I would’ve stayed home to write about the mysterious president and handsome star.

Qin Xiao, “…”

Ever since Lu Wenwen started writing about the mysterious president and beautiful star, she had been inspired and wrote more than 10,000 words per day. Qin Xiao was her boyfriend yet he couldn’t stop her.

He opened the car door for his girlfriend and took the driver’s seat. Then he took out his mobile phone to take a look and became completely stunned.

[Yan Ting: [Photo]]

Qin Xiao saw this photo of the bouquet with the filter and suddenly smiled. Li Zhao really pulled the boss back from the edge of the cliff.

“What are you smiling at?” Lu Wenwen wondered. “You have the look of eating sugar.”

“Yes.” Qin Xiao put away his phone. “I’m eating sugar.”

Lu Wen’s eyes widened with disbelief. “You even know the meaning of eating sugar. I thought you were an antique.”

“Lu Wenwen, if you want a photo signed by Li Zhao then I urge you to think about your words.”

“I was wrong. You keep up with the times, you are the trendsetter of the times.” Lu Wenwen had no principles when it came to getting a photo of her baby.

The next day, Yan Ting received another gift. It was a colourful book called The Language of Flowers. Yan Ting was a bit puzzled. Had Zhao Zhao become interested in the language of flowers?

On the third day, Li Zhao bought back two pairs of slippers with images of two boys holding hands. Yan Ting understood that this was a pair of brotherly slippers.

On the fourth day, Li Zhao brought back two sets of teacups. On the teacups, there were two children set in diapers. One was one the left and one was on the right, their mouths curled in a charming manner.

Day five, day six…

Almost every day, Li Zhao brought back a gift for Yan Ting. In private, Yan Ting was worried. Had Zhao Zhao encountered something recently?

After shooting a scene, Liu Fen saw Li Zhao sitting with his head hanging dejectedly and asked him with a smile, “What is this expression?”

“Couple cups, couple shoes and flowers were given but my friend’s brother didn’t respond at all.” Li Zhao took a few sips of water from the glass. “Does this mean that he doesn’t have those feelings towards my friends?”

“Sincerity will split open metal (with a will, you can achieve anything). There is no need to be urgent about feelings.” Liu Fen almost laughed. “Perhaps the other person just responds slowly by nature. You should stick to it a while longer.”

Hearing the word ‘you’, Li Zhao blushed. “Sister Fenfen, do you know?”

“Hahahahaha.” Liu Fen couldn’t help it any longer and laughed. “Who doesn’t know that a friend means yourself? You are still too young.”

“I also think I’m too young to have a house or a car. Perhaps because of this, he treats me as a little brother.” Li Zhao calculated his current assets. He had enough to put a down payment on a house in Beijing but it was difficult to buy a house in a good location. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the distance between him and Yan Ting was like the distance between Earth and the moon.

Liu Fen asked, “Did you find that the gap is so big that you don’t dare to continue to like him?”

Li Zhao shook his head. “ That isn’t good enough. The main reason I would choose to withdraw is if he doesn’t love me enough.”

As long as he was cheeky, he would catch the male god. Wasn’t it just embarrassment? He didn’t want it? Money could be slowly earned, a house could be bought slowly but there was only one Ting Ting. If someone else pursued him then it would be too late for Li Zhao to cry.

“So what?” Liu Fen felt that she might not be able to keep up with this person’s brain circuits.

“I decided to give him my salary card to let him know my sincerity.” Li Zhao’s current value wasn’t low but the team was very strict when it came to choosing endorsements. Li Zhao didn’t want to empty his fans’ wallets just because he endorsed an item.

The attitude of the Li fans might seem like black fans but Li Zhao knew they were very kind to him and he was reluctant to wrong them. They were such good fans that he was distressed for their wallets.

Li Zhao currently had only three endorsements. Canghang Automobiles, Cangshi Watches and an old-style domestic toothpaste.

The toothpaste endorsement was received two days ago and the price that Li Zhao set for the endorsement wasn’t high. After the shooting ended his afternoon, he went to sign an official endorsement contract with the brand.

For the brand’s side, they found it very unexpected. They asked Li Zhao for an endorsement and it stood to reason that Li Zhao should set a high price. In recent years, due to the large number of foreign brands entering the country, their market share of toothpaste was becoming smaller. In particular, they had little foothold with the young consumers group.

As a veteran domestic toothpaste that lasted for decades, they faced the fate of being acquired by other brands. Finding Li Zhao for an endorsement was already their last, helpless move. In fact, they knew very well that Li Zhao was unlikely to accept this endorsement.

How could a popular artist gaining momentum be willing to lower his value by accepting this endorsement? In other people’s eyes, only old people took the endorsement of toothpaste brands.

Yet to their surprise, Li Zhao quickly responded to them. He also cut the endorsement fee in half on the grounds of supporting domestic brands.

The toothpaste factory was almost crazy from happiness after hearing the news, especially the owner of the toothpaste factory. On the same day, he asked the secretary to order a poster of Li Zhao and hang it on the wall of his office.

After lunch, the owner of the toothpaste factory took his secretary and arrived at the appointment place early. Then he saw Li Zhao and couldn’t help feeling that this person deserved to be a star liked by many people. Li Zhao really looked good.

The terms of the contract were very fair but the two sides disagreed on the endorsement fair. Li Zhao insisted on giving the toothpaste boss a 50% discount while the toothpaste boss insisted on giving the original price. The two of them didn’t concede and they almost quarrelled.

Previously, the artist’s company tried to raise prices while the brands tried to lower them. Yet this situation was the opposite. Finally, each side took a step back and the endorsement fee was cut by 20%.

Once the two parties signed the contract, the boss couldn’t help asking, “Mr Li, I would like to ask. Why did you insist on discounting the endorsement fee?”

“Nine years ago, there was a child at my welfare home who was seriously ill and your company donated 200,000 yuan. Every year since then, your company will provide free toiletries, new clothes and new stationery to the welfare home.”

Li Zhao laughed. “I’m not giving you a discount. It is a thank you fee.”

The boss was stunned. Nine years ago, the owner of the toothpaste factory was his father. His father supported some children and welfare homes every year. Later, his father wasn’t in good health and he inherited the toothpaste factory.

The toothpaste factory hadn’t been very profitable in recent years. In fact, he didn’t want to continue to subsidize the welfare institutions like his father but for the sake of the elderly, he still did what his father wanted.

Then this money turned into a relief for his family. He never imagined that his father’s good deeds would help him at this time.

“Thank you.” The boss was silent for a long time before thanking Li Zhao.

His father was right. He should be kind in life.

“I should be thanking you.” Li Zhao smiled. “I like your brand’s lemon-flavoured toothpaste the best. I wish us a happy cooperation.”

The boss and Li Zhao shook hands. “A happy cooperation.”

One day later, Li Zhao received a screenshot of the donation record sent by the toothpaste boss. The money from the discount Li Zhao gave them had been donated. Li Zhao looked at the screenshot and smiled.

Once shooting ended, Li Zhao returned home and pulled Yan Ting to have a late night meal with him.

“Ting Ting, I’m telling you that the director of our crew is very afraid of his wife.” Li Zhao observed Yan Ting’s expression. “Even if he invites us to eat a meal, he must report it to his wife. I only learned today that his various cards are managed by his wife.”

Yan Ting nodded to show he was listening.

Li Zhao’s hand touched his pocket for a long time before he finally pulled out his savings card. “Ting Ting, I want to discuss something with you, okay?”

Yan Ting placed a few pieces of vegetables into Li Zhao’s bowl. “What is it?”

“Will you help me manage my card?” Li Zhao pinched his chopsticks and exerted a bit of force. “I eat at home every day and have no place to spend money. You are more stable than me and I feel at ease giving you my money.”

Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao for a moment. “Okay, if you want to spend money then just tell me.”

Li Zhao saw that Yan Ting was calm and didn’t seem to be thinking about other things, causing Li Zhao’s mood to be a bit low.

Ting Ting seemed to be very straight and wasn’t thinking about anything else at all.

Li Zhao was abused by his adoptive parents when he was a child and grew up in a welfare home. He had never stayed in a normal family. So once he found out that he liked Yan Ting, he didn’t feel much rejection. He just subconsciously felt that it would be good if he could live with Yan Ting for a lifetime.

However, Ting Ting was different from him. Li Zhao suddenly thought that perhaps Ting Ting didn’t like men at all. Li Zhao had no appetite after thinking about this. The pile of food on the table could no longer attract him.

“You aren’t eating?” Yan Ting was surprised when he saw Li Zhao put down the chopsticks. Li Zhao had only eaten one bowl of rice today.

“I don’t have an appetite.” Li Zhao wiped the corners of his mouth. His entire body was like a flower that had been destroyed by the wind.

“Are you sick?” Yan Ting reached out to test Li Zhao’s forehead but the body temperature was normal. “Are you too tired from filming?”

Li Zhao held Yan Ting’s hand. “No.”

Yan Ting glanced at the hand that was being held and didn’t break away. His voice was somewhat hoarse, “You don’t have an appetite for a late night meal?”

Li Zhao shook his head.

The two people went to the sofa to watch TV. More than half the plot of Sky Song had been broadcasted and today happened to be when Xu daren played by Li Zhao was getting married. Yan Ting still remembered this scene. Li Zhao happened to be shooting this scene on the day Yan Ting came to visit the crew.

After the post-editing, the effect on TV was even better than watching it at the scene. In particular, Li Zhao’s gaze toward the bride was so affectionate that everyone believed he loved the bride. All his joys and sorrows would be given to her and the world would no longer be able to get her.

Yan Ting felt that he was going crazy. He couldn’t bear Li Zhao looking at others with such eyes but he didn’t have the courage to make Li Zhao understand his heart. His dirty thoughts, if spoken, would only make Zhao Zhao leave him.

He never dared to expect Zhao Zhao to like him. This was the only way he could calmly go through every day, pretending that he and Zhao Zhao were living happily in this house and no one could take them apart. Even if it was just an illusion or his fantasy.

“Ting Ting.” Li Zhao didn’t even think about what he was doing in the drama. His mind was full of how to make Ting Ting understand his intentions. If Ting Ting knew and later hated him, would they still be friends?

“What is it?” Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao calmly but he was howling inside, trying to tear off his disguise.

No, he didn’t dare.

“Something happened to me recently.” Li Zhao lowered his head to play with his fingers. “I have a friend in the circle who wants to confess to his friend, but he is afraid that his friend doesn’t like him. What should he do?”

Yan Ting’s heart trembled. Zhao Zhao’s friend was similar to him. He thought this and couldn’t help smiling bitterly in his heart. “Does he value that friend?”

Li Zhao nodded. “Very important.”

Yan Ting was silent for a long time before shaking his head. “He can’t afford the pain of his confession failing unless his friend likes him. Otherwise…’

The smile on Li Zhao’s face disappeared. “Otherwise, he can only hide this feeling in his heart?”

“It is the best choice for him.” Yan Ting looked at the TV blankly. Li Zhao was holding hands with a woman, looking at her happily and affectionately. “If love is just extravagant hope then it is better to be with him as the closest friend. At least… you can still be with him and there is no need to separate.”

Li Zhao stopped talking. He looked at Yan Ting and lowered his eyelids slightly. “Oh.”

“I’m going back to my room.” Li Zhao got up and took two steps before turning back to Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, if your friend confesses to you and you don’t like him, will you continue to be friends with him?”

“I have no friends except for you.” Yan Ting’s eyes were deep as he stared at Li Zhao. “So there will be no friends confessing to me.”

“Oh.” What if Ting Ting reluctantly agreed to his confession in order to not lose him as a friend?

He had many friends while Ting Ting only had one. This was unfair to Ting Ting. Li Zhao was reluctant.

Yan Ting sat quietly on the sofa. It was unknown how long he had been sitting but it wasn’t until the two episodes of Sky Song finished playing that he moved. He turned on his phone and tapped the circle of friends.

The first one was a public article forwarded by Qin Xiao. The title was ‘Do you know the language of these flowers?’ Since Qin Xiao fell in love, he liked to send these strange articles.

Yan Ting looked down and found that Li Zhao also forwarded this article. He clicked into the link and glanced at it randomly.

[The flower language of white baby’s breath: Watchful love, silently loving you, even if you don’t know it, even if I can only be a supporting role in your life, I hope you are happy.]

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao picked a bunch of flowers by the roadside and wanted to give it to Baby Ting Ting.

Baby Ting Ting put a whole bag of cakes in his small backpack and wanted to give it to Baby Zhao Zhao.

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