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VH: Chapter 91

Under the moonlight, two adults squatted on the beach and played with sand. The bodyguards stood silently in the distance without disturbing the childish behaviour of their employer.

Previously, Yan Ting had thought that Li Zhao’s castle was ugly. After doing it himself, he found that the sand had its own ideas and started to become loose again.

“Do you want to add some water?” Li Zhao seriously made a suggestion. “I think after adding water, the viscosity will be stronger.”

Yan Ting turned to look at the bodyguard. After a few minutes, a bodyguard brought a whole set of toys to play in the sand as well as a bucket of water. They found that adding too much water to the sand didn’t improve the value of their castle and only made their hands dirtier.

It wasn’t easy to build a castle. Zhao Zhao sighed.

“We don’t have any experience but the meaning is enough.” In the end, Li Zhao broke the deadlock. “It is important to go through the process. The result isn’t important.”

Yan Ting, who was seriously piling up the sand, looked at Li Zhao, whose hands were covered with sand. He looked at his own dirty hands and learned from Li Zhao’s appearance, sitting cross-legged on the beach.

Li Zhao saw the ugly castle piled up by the two of them and couldn’t help laughing. He dragged Yan Ting’s hands to wash their hands together in the bucket.”

“Wipe.” Yan Ting took a towel from a bodyguard. Then he bowed his head and held Li Zhao’s hand, gently wiping it.

“I’m so old…” Li Zhao muttered. In fact, no one had wiped his hands so carefully since he was a child. He was 10 years old when he entered the welfare home and was able to take care of himself. The aunts and uncles at the hospital tried to teach him to take care of himself.

It wasn’t bad for them. It was for their own sake. There were no parents to pamper a child. If they weren’t strong enough to take care of themselves, they would only live in the darkness with no hope.”

Yan Ting looked at him. “What old age? A freshman is still a child.”

“Is such a big child a giant baby?” Li Zhao smiled as he let Yan Ting dry his hands. Then his entire body lay lazily on the beach. “Ting Ting, thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” Yan Ting wiped his hands randomly. His upbringing since childhood prevented him from lying on the ground like Li Zhao. He bent his legs and looked down at Li Zhao.

“In fact, I wanted to recite a long composition thanking you but after seeing you, I don’t want to recite it.” Li Zhao put his hands behind his head. “You certainly don’t want to listen.”

Yan Ting gazed at him gently, eyes brightened by the moonlight.

“For a long time, I wanted to find my parents.” Li Zhao listened to the waves and his heart was very calm. “This type of idea became even stronger once Sister Xia and Brother Zhou got married and Brother Xiaojun and Sister Linlin got together.

He chuckled when he said this. “Perhaps I really don’t have parents. That’s why they didn’t come to me even after I became a popular artist.”

“Since living with you, I gained a warmth I could never have.” Li Zhao smiled, his eyes curving. Then he sat up and leaned close to Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, in fact, are you the long-legged angel that God gave me?”

Yan Ting’s expression changed slightly. The young man in front of him was in his youth and always full of vitality. Now he said that Yan Ting was the angel of his life. Only he knew that it wasn’t Li Zhao who was rescued. It was himself. He greedily enjoyed this person’s unreserved closeness, trust and everything he brought.

“No.” Yan Ting reached out to touch the sand sticking to Li Zhao’s hair. “God saw that my life wasn’t interesting alone and let you appear beside me.”

“In fact, the first time I saw you wasn’t at the hotel.”

Li Zhao was surprised. “It wasn’t at the hotel?”

“The first time I saw you, you had given your late night snack to a homeless old man. I sat in the care and saw you eating the remaining half of the snack in a clean and delicious manner.” Yan Ting hesitated. “You sat alone under the street lights and looked a bit pitiful.”

“When did that happen?” Li Zhao couldn’t remember it and he suddenly looked at Yan Ting. “No wonder why you dared to follow me when I thought I was helping you at the hotel.”

“If I didn’t go with you that night, how could I be with you… be your friend?”

Let him see the colours of life.

Li Zhao wondered, “Was it that my appearance when eating was too scary, making you have a special impression of me?”

Li Zhao knew his own problems. He ate very fast when he was hungry. This was a habit that had been developed since childhood and it was very difficult to change it.

“It was because you were very careful and it looked delicious.” That night, Yan Ting hadn’t wanted to swallow the nutrition tablets. He asked the driver to park the car on the side of the road and he saw Li Zhao carrying a bag of midnight snacks, his steps very cheerful.

After distributing the food to the old man, the amount remaining obviously wasn’t enough for him to eat. Yet he buried his head very seriously and was reluctant to waste even the smallest bit. The light of the orange street light shone on him, adding a bit of warm colour to him. It was fresh and full of vitality. Somehow, Yan Ting remembered his appearance.

“People are iron, food is steel. It is really scary if I don’t eat.” Li Zhao laughed. “The first time I saw you, I thought to myself how could such a good-looking person be bullied by a greasy old man?”

“As a result, you concealed your identity from me for half a year.” Li Zhao shook his head and sighed. “However, if you told me the truth at that time or if I knew the bodyguards were your people, we probably wouldn’t be friends later.”

It was just like a learning scum didn’t want to be friends with a learning god. People subconsciously drew a circle for themselves.

Perhaps Yan Ting would’ve occasionally recalled how he encountered the young man who ate very well by the roadside one night. Meanwhile, Li Zhao would occasionally mention to his friends that some people were not only rich but also beautiful. However, they would no longer have an intersection.

Yan Ting stated, “This was the biggest lie I had ever told in my life.”

“Do you want me to thank you for this lie?” Li Zhao deliberately rolled his eyes.

Yan Ting was silent but his expression showed he had no regrets.


Presumably, Song Yu was stimulated by Yan Ting’s true identity and couldn’t sleep. He rolled around in bed for a long time before getting up and putting on clothes in preparation to explore the island.

He hadn’t gone far when he saw two people sitting next to each other on the beach. They looked familiar. Song Yu was preparing to go over when he was pulled back from behind. He looked back and saw the sister of Strawberry Entertainment, Liu Fen. “Sister Liu.”

Liu Fen’s long hair was in a shawl and she was wearing a flame-like dress. “What are you going to do?”

This person really didn’t know anything. Zhao Zhao called her Sister Fenfen.

“I saw that the person sitting in front seemed to be Li Zhao and wanted to join in on the fun.” Song Yu was still looking over there.”

“The two people are chatting well together yet you want to go and be a lightbulb?” Liu Feng raised her eyebrows. “A person in his 20s is still so ignorant?”

Song Yu, “???”

Don’t go too far, this person from Strawberry Entertainment. He endured Li Zhao because he owed Li Zhao and felt guilty. He didn’t owe others.

“You can go over there if you don’t want to live.” President Sun hadn’t told her clearly the identity of the person hosting Li Zhao’s university admission banquet but she had already guessed it.

At Canghuan’s annual meeting, Qin Xiao had taken care of Li Zhao because of Canghuan’s big boss. It was no wonder why Lu Renyi wrote a small composition praising Li Zhao and why he spoke for Li Zhao on Weibo not long ago despite losing several of his endorsements.

Song Yu finally reacted. Was it that gentleman sitting with Li Zhao? He secretly rejoiced that Liu Fen stopped him or he would be dead now.

Seeing that Song Yu understood, Liu Fen smiled. “Not going?”

Song Yu shook his head.

“It seems you aren’t too stupid.” Liu Fen lit a cigarette, put it between her lips, took a puff and slowly breathed out the smoke. “No matter what you see, don’t go out and talk about it. It isn’t good for you.”

“I know.” Song Yu followed Liu Fen and walked in the opposite direction.

“It seems you also know about the powerful relationship.” Liu Fen gathered her hair together. “This gentleman attaches great importance to Li Zhao. Once you go back, you should withdraw all the information that should be withdrawn. Don’t make trouble for yourself.”

Song Yu’s lips moved. He was silent for a long time before asking, “Li Zhao, he… is it voluntary?”

Liu Fen chuckled as she put out the cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can. “What do you think?”

“Based on Li Zhao’s personality… it should be voluntary.” Song Yu was still worried. “Just…”

“Shh.” Liu Fen raised his index finger to his lips. “Sometimes, a friend will give self-righteous suggestions but this is an emotional matter. Feelings are like wearing shoes. Only you know if they fit or not. Before the person speaks, other people shouldn’t make too many suggestions.”

Song Yu stared at Liu Fen for a moment. “You seem to… like Li Zhao very much.”

Liu Fen’s approach was smooth and good to everyone, but she never used sincerity. Yet her treatment of Li Zhao was no longer simple and smooth.

“Who doesn’t like cute and beautiful boys?” Liu Fen looked at Song Yu. “Of course, you wouldn’t have this experience.”

Song Yu: He was attacked regarding his face? Sure enough, there was nothing good about Strawberry Entertainment.

The next morning, Li Zhao went to the dining room to eat and see Song Yu staring at him in the distance with a complicated expression.

“What’s wrong?” He approached and asked Song Yu.

“That, I respect your emotional choices.” Song Yu spoke without looking at Li Zhao. “You can rest assured that I won’t tell anyone about this matter. If you need anything in the future, you can tell me. I can help with trivial little things. If you are fighting a big company like Canghuan, don’t tell me. I can’t help you.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Then you understand yourself quite well.

“What emotional choices?” Li Zhao grabbed the focus on the topic.

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I saw it last night.” Song Yu held back for a few seconds before whispering, “I wish you happiness.”

“Thank you.”

Song Yu looked up at Li Zhao with disbelief. This voice… it didn’t sound like Li Zhao? He looked back and was so scared that the expression on his face didn’t stretch. How could Yan Ting be here? Did he hear what Song Yu just said?

Seeing Yan Ting’s mild expression, Song Yu quickly waved his hands. “You’re welcome, you’re welcome, it should be like this.” After that, he rushed away like a mouse.

Mother, Father, I’m scared!

What things?

Li Zhao watched Song Yu run away like a thief and turned to look at Yan Ting.

“Go and eat breakfast.” Yan Ting looked as usual as he took Li Zhao’s hand. “After the meal, I will take you to change your clothes.”

Looking at the two hands that were joined together again, Li Zhao suspected that Yan Ting had completely fallen into the state of a silly father showing off his son. Although, although it was a bit embarrassing but… he was still very happy.

The guest saw Yan Ting and Li Zhao coming hand in hand and greeted them with a smile. No one showed that something was wrong. Everyone sat and chatted happily over their meals. Only Liu Fen took a few photos of the food but didn’t move her chopsticks.

In order to look good on the camera, Liu Fen strictly controlled her diet during filming and never allowed her body to go out of shape. She glanced at Li Zhao who was eating with relish and sighed softly. This was life. Some people could eat and not get fat. God was really treating him favourably.

The university admission banquet was very lively. Yan Ting stood by Li Zhao as a family member throughout the entire process. Everyone present could see Yan Ting’s protection and care for Li Zhao.

The guests gave long-prepared gifts to Li Zhao. Song Yu was the simplest. He directly gave Li Zhao a check with a large amount.

“I don’t know what you like so I gave you money.” Song Yu paused. “Congratulations on your admission to Beijing University. I wish you a bright future.”

“Thank you.” Li Zhao didn’t reject the check.

After seeing Li Zhao accept this check, the last of the guilt in Song Yu’s heart finally disappeared. He glanced at Yan Ting standing beside Li Zhao and lowered his voice. “I also wish you and Mr Yan a long life together.”

Before Li Zhao could respond, he turned and walked into the crowd of guests.

Li Zhao looked at Yan Ting and Song Yu, who still had a smile of blessing on his face. Li Zhao felt that he had ruined Yan Ting’s reputation.

After reading Yan Ting’s attitude toward Li Zhao, President Chen of Purple Eggplant Entertainment couldn’t help rejoicing. Fortunately, he was shameless enough to come to Li Zhao’s celebration. Otherwise, how could he know that Li Zhao was so important in Yan Ting’s heart?

The Xu family always seemed prone to infatuation. A hundred years old, Miss Xu’s lover died early and she never married. She touched countless people with her love story. Unexpectedly, another Xu Yanting appeared among her descendants.

From the attitude of the island’s staff toward Li Zhao, it could be seen that Li Zhao’s status was equivalent to another master of the island. He had absolute power on the island. President Chen actually didn’t understand it. What was so good about men? Girls were cute and charming. Why was Xu Yanting hooked on a man?

After the banquet ended, the guests left first. A plane was arranged to escort them off the island. The moment they arrived at the airport, Liu Fen, Lu Hao and other big names were surrounded by reporters who had been waiting for a long time.

“Teacher Liu, I heard that you went to the wedding of a rich person this time. Is it true?”

“Teacher Lu, Teacher Lu, can you give us a brief introduction to the identity of the island owner?”

“Teacher Liu, Teacher Lu, it is said that the two of you went to the island to get married. Is this true?”

“Who has such a big imagination?” Liu Fen took off her sunglasses and smiled at the camera. “Don’t think about it. We just went to the university admission banquet of a friend’s child.”

A university admission dinner was held on a private island, what type of family was this? Did they have mines at home or something?

Some reporters couldn’t believe it but they soon discovered that the bosses of Strawberry Entertainment and Purple Eggplant Entertainment came out together with the big players of the entertainment industry.

A courageous reporter stood in front of President Sun, wanting to gain so useful information. “President Sun, how did you come back together?”

“Oh, it is the host’s hospitality. We were picked up by a private plane and we naturally came back together.” President Sun laughed. “However, this friend is low-key so media friends, don’t ask for the host’s information. I’m afraid that I will be blacklisted next time.”

The reporters smiled kindly and no one asked about the information of the host. Even the boss of Strawberry Entertainment was afraid of being blacklisted. They didn’t dare touch this person. Everyone went back and wrote some articles that were about the big people in the circle having a relationship with a really big person.

Some people felt that Song Yu was worthy of being a rich second generation. His figure was also seen at such an occasion. Some black fans deliberately used the  Yu fans to provoke the Li fans, saying that their Li Zhao was so red yet he could never go to such a place in his lifetime.

Before the Li fans could scold them, the Yu fans had already pressed these black fans to the ground. It let others see true friendship in the circle once again.

To avoid criticism from the outside world, Li Zhao didn’t disclose that he was the host of this banquet. The crew of Seven Boyfriends guessed something but nobody dared to talk. For a time, the topic of the luxury private island was hot but no one involved Li Zhao.

Meanwhile, Li Zhao, Yan Ting, Sister Xia and the others didn’t leave the island immediately. They decided to stay on the island for a few more days. Li Zhao wore beach pants and a sunhat and took Yan Ting to catch crabs by the reef. Unfortunately, he was out of luck. He searched for a long time but only caught two small crabs.

“They’re so small and can’t be eaten. I’ll let them go back to find their parents.” Li Zhao poured the crabs in the bucket into the sea. He was about to ask Yan Ting to take a photo of himself when his feet slipped and he fell back.

The sea was full of rocks. If he fell then he would be bruised! This idea had just flashed through his mind. Li Zhao fell but it didn’t hurt. It was because an arm was wrapped around his waist, protecting him tightly. The sea water ran down the back of his feet in an itchy manner.

“Ting Ting, are you okay?” Li Zhao remembered that Yan Ting was right behind him. If he fell then he wouldn’t hit a stone first. It would be Yan Ting.

“I’m fine.” Yan Ting reached out and pressed the crooked hat on Li Zhao’s head. “This place is slightly slippery. Don’t fall down.”

Li Zhao saw that Yan Ting’s face had a few drops of seawater sliding down his cheeks. When Yan Ting reached out and pressed down on Li Zhao’s hat, it was like he was petting a child who wasn’t sensible yet.

Li Zhao stared at Yan Ting in a daze, trying to wipe the seawater on his face.

“Are you scared?” Seeing Lin staring at him in a dazed manner, Yan Ting used strength to lift Li Zhao up from the reef and turned to pick up the bucket that had fallen by the reef.

Li Zhao watched Yan Ting’s bent back, grabbed the sand on the ground and squeezed. Then he looked away.

Sister Xia and Brother Zhou were walking on the beach hand in hand. Brother Xiaojin and Sister Linlin were hugging each other while taking selfies. Their entire body exuded the sour smell of love.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Ting stood beside him and their clothes bumped together.

Li Zhao looked back at Yan Ting. If he interlocked his fingers with Yan Ting and walked in the sea together…

Stop thinking, stop this imagination!

Li Zhao shook his head. “I’m just thinking that they have a good relationship.”’

“Don’t envy them.” Yan Ting searched through the sand and pulled out a shell. “Our feelings are also very good.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Li Zhao, you have to calm down. Don’t think too much because of Song Yu’s nonsense!

“Tired?” Yan Ting smiled softly at Li Zhao. “Do you want to rest on my shoulder for a while?”

This smile…

It was the second time that Ting Ting had smiled in front of him. Who could stand it? Who?

Li Zhao felt that his conscience was too bad and he was going to die.

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao crouched in a small corner of the kindergarten, questioning his own humanity and his conscience.

Baby Ting Ting found him with a small bag on his back and took Baby Zhao Zhao’s hand.


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