VH: Chapter 89

For the cake that Li Zhao brought back, Yan Ting ate only half of it. The remaining half went into Li Zhao’s stomach.

Despite eating half a cake, he didn’t eat less at dinner. Finally, he covered his round belly and sat on the sofa to watch Sky Song with Yan Ting.

Sky Song released two episodes every night and the online broadcasting platform was updated two hours later than the TV station. In recent years, there had been many historical dramas with a good reputation but their online hits weren’t high and the ratings were average.

Sky Song’s high ratings and hit rate surprised many in the industry. The major movie and television companies planned to work overtime and watch this drama in an attempt to find its secret.

The clothes and props were exquisite. The casting was serious. They didn’t allow 30-40 year old men to play the role of young boys, nor did they let 30-40 year old women play teenage girls. The plot was reasonable and compact, with no messy emotional dramas. The main plot line was clear and the etiquette of the characters in the drama was also in line with historical records.

The most important thing was that the actors were very engaged and didn’t break the audience’s immersion. Even the young actors had a very high character completion. Another point was… Xu daren in this drama was really fascinating when he raised his hand. It could be seen from the gifs of Xu daren that spread through the entire Internet.

Love of beauty was a human instinct.

Director Yang was really good at training young actors and even Song Yu, who had few acting skills, performed well in this drama.

Not even half of the drama had been broadcasted yet but fans who were nibbling on the Li Yu CP sprang up like mushrooms. They cut materials from Overbearing Female President and Sky Song to create countless sweet or abusive stories for Li Zhao and Song Yu.

Song Yu’s studio was deliberately rubbing Li Zhao’s heat so they closed one eye to these videos. Song Yu, who once threw out grand words that he wouldn’t rub Li Zhao’s hype, would send red envelopes to Li Zhao from time to time because he felt too guilty.

Fans liking a CP was a common phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Both fans and entertainers knew it wasn’t real. Everyone just wanted to satisfy their own fantasy. Li Zhao’s studio found out that this matter had nothing to do with Song Yu’s side, it was all the spontaneous behaviour of fans, and didn’t manage it for the time being.

Li Zhao and Yan Ting had only been watching the TV for five minutes when Song Yu’s red envelope was received again. Li Zhao searched the Internet and found that his and Song Yu’s CP video had become popular.

Why did he have a CP feeling with Song Yu? He and Song Yu weren’t as good as…

Li Zhao subconsciously looked at Yan Ting and then retracted his gaze in a guilty manner. Ting Ting treated him as a brother yet he wanted to support his and Ting Ting’s CP? Was his pure heart infected by Yao Yuguang’s filthy thoughts?

“What’s the matter?” Yan Ting looked over. “Did someone spread negative things about you online again?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Li Zhao shook his head and accidentally clicked on the video, causing the video to play.

“Why don’t you love me?”

“What’s so good about him? Why don’t you look at me anymore?”

Yan Ting frowned slightly and leaned over to watch the video. He saw Li Zhao reaching out to hold Song Yu in his arms.

Yan Ting, “?”

“This is an edited clip. I have never shot such intimate scenes with Song Yu.” Li Zhao subconsciously felt guilty and quickly explained that he and Song Yu were innocent.

“I love you so much. Open your eyes and look at me!”

Yan Ting looked up at Li Zhao. Li Zhao coughed and quickly closed the video. “These are all videos spontaneously cut by the netizens. Don’t take it seriously.”

“Why do they want to cut these videos?”

“Because they…” Li Zhao felt like he was getting a headache. How should he explain to Yan Ting that these fans were CP fans of him and Song Yu and wanted to see Song Yu and him give birth to a monkey?

“They want you to fall in love with Song Yu?”

“No, no, they like to eat their own sugar. They don’t actually want me and Song Yu to be together.” Li Zhao thought for a moment. “It is similar to pretending to be fond of something while actually fearing it. It is pretty much this meaning. They’re just thinking about it.”

Yan Ting was silent, his dark eyes full of coldness. Don’t think about it!

“Is this slander?”

“Huh?” Li Zhao couldn’t respond.

“Song Yu isn’t worthy of you.” Yan Ting was unusually calm. “He isn’t tall enough, his skin isn’t good, his nose is too collapsed and his acting isn’t good. He isn’t worthy.”

Li Zhao, “……”

These words… he couldn’t answer it. The red envelope sent by Son’ hadn’t been opened yet so it was hard to speak ill of others.

Yan Ting saw that Li Zhao didn’t speak and felt these fans had no vision. Even if they wanted to support a CP, they should support him and Zhao Zhao.

He turned his head to watch TV and saw the character played by Song Yu laughing with Xu daren played by Li Zhao. Even hooking an arm around the shoulder and touching the hair? Too indecent! This Song Yu wasn’t a serious man at first glance!

Yan Ting stood up. “I’m going to the study to process documents.”

“You aren’t watching TV?”

“I won’t watch.”

Li Zhao saw Song Yu on the TV. Did Ting Ting leave because of Song Yu’s ugliness? In his mind, the image of his CP with Yan Ting emerged again. Li Zhao shook his head and frowned. Were these things appearance because he was close to a dark man?

Meanwhile, Yan Ting closed the study door and pulled out his phone to call Qin Xiao.

“Sir?” Qin Xiao finally had time to eat out with his new girlfriend. Then he received a phone call from Yan Ting and his heart thumped.

Previously, Yan Ting didn’t call him and he was worried about Yan Ting’s emotional problems. Now Yan Ting often called him and he was worried about Yan Ting’s emotional problems.

“An Internet writer?” Qin Xiao looked at his girlfriend sitting next to him. “Have you forgotten? My girlfriend is an Internet writer.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Qin Xiao hadn’t completely let go of his worry. “What else do you need me to do?”

“Li Yu CP?” Qin Xiao was stunned. “Okay, no problem.”

Qin Xiao hung up the phone and looked at his girlfriend. “My side has a custom sweet text order. The price is very high. Do you and your friends want to try it?”

His girlfriend nodded. “If you have money then say it. What style?”

“A relocated household tyrant who is actually a cold president and a popular star.”

“A man and woman or two men?” There was a twinkle in his girlfriend’s eyes.

“Um.” Qin Xiao coughed. “Two men. If you don’t like to write this then…”

“Write, I’ll write it!” His girlfriend stared into Qin Xiao’s eyes with unprecedented enthusiasm. “I didn’t expect you and I to be on the same side. For your sake, I’ll give you a 20% discount.”

Qin Xiao, “…”

He had been in contact with his girlfriend for less than a month. Whenever he was busy, his girlfriend didn’t complain or send him messages clinging to him. This was the first time she looked at him with such passionate eyes.

“You can rest assured. I will definitely write a sad, sweet and haunting love story.” His girlfriend whispered, “By the way, what happened with the scandal between you and my family’s Zhao Zhao a while ago?”

“Don’t think about it. I don’t have this relationship with Li Zhao…”

“I know you can’t have that type of relationship. How good is my Zhao Zhao? How can you be worthy of him?” His girlfriend shook her head. “I just want to know if you truly know Zhao Zhao. If you know him, can you ask him for a few autographed photos for me?”

“Lu Wenwen, I’m your boyfriend.” Qin Xiao looked at his girlfriend helplessly. How could she hit her boyfriend like this?”

“You might be my boyfriend but I have to speak with my conscience. “ Lu Wenwen poured him a glass of corn syrup. “Darling, don’t be angry, I definitely love you.”

Qin Xiao, “…”

After sending his girlfriend home, Qin Xiao started to contact various platforms and asked them to delete the topic of the ‘Li Yu CP.’

He was very suspicious that after this incident, his ‘unclear’ relationship with Li Zhao would once again be secretly circulating in the circle.

It was really hard to be the special assistant of the president.

Fans of the Li Yu CP suddenly discovered that the topic of Li Yu disappeared on the Internet. Even the super topic they built had disappeared without a trace. (Super topic: Separate interest based community pages separated from the main Weibo space, similar to mega-threads. For more information, click on this link. https://www.whatsonweibo.com/what-are-weibos-super-topics/)

“It is because it doesn’t comply with laws and regulations? What damn thing is this?

“Who is so shameless as to actually report us?”

“XX’s super topic or XXX’s super topic?”

“Is it the Song Yu or Li Zhao pure fans?”

“I don’t think so. These two types of fans usually get along very well. They might not support the CP but they don’t act excessively.

“It must’ve been done by Xu Bei’s fans!”

“Yes, no one except for Xu Bei’s fans would do such a disgusting thing.”

“Sisters, Entertainment Line has already been broadcasted. I saw the cause and effect of Zhao Zhao’s injury and my lungs almost exploded. Why wasn’t that muddled coffee-like Xu Bei thrown to the center of the earth’s core?”

The variety show where Li Zhao stepped in to help was broadcasted and the entire Internet was boiling.

It was unknown if it was intentional or not but in the official episode, the program not only kept the causes and consequences of Xu Bei injuring  Li Zhao but they also showed Xu Bei’s close-up expression when Li Zhao entered the door and greeted all the guests.

The audience saw that when Li Zhao appeared in the guest lounge, Xu Bei’s expression was repulsive. Later, Li Zhao and Xu Bei were divided into the same team. Li Zhao played the game very seriously while Xu Bei wasn’t in a proper state the entire time. The audience members even found Xu Bei rolling his eyes behind Li Zhao’s back.

Then it reached the section of the haunted house. The audience was first amused by Li Zhao playing with the ghost worker. Later, they saw Li Zhao being heavily kicked when he was looking for Xu Bei and their anger soared.

This little bit*h Xu Bei, didn’t he do it on purpose? When smashing something, he clearly threw it toward Zhao Zhao’s face. He wanted to disfigure Zhao Zhao. Then once it didn’t hit, he kicked Li Zhao. How could there be such a cheap person?

Passersby who had a good feeling toward Li Zhao couldn’t stand it, let alone the Li fans who were loyal fans.

The Li fans who usually took the silly style suddenly entered a violent state and slaughtered Xu Bei’s topic and Weibo to pieces. They were sharp-spoken and scolded hard but not dirty. They firmly controlled the scene.

Xu Bei’s fans were helplessly beaten by the Li fans and could only yell weakly that the program was deliberately blackening their brother using editing.

The Li fans became famous in the first battle and the other fans were stunned. The Li fans usually had no sense of existence. Who would’ve expected their lethality to be so strong?

Some people said that the Li fans were panda-type fans. They usually only knew to act silly and sell meng. They looked simple and harmless but once they broke out, they evolved into iron-eating beasts.

Just as everyone thought that the Li fans tearing Xu Bei’s fans to pieces was the most lively plot, unexpected, the three-time movie award winner Liu Feng sent a Weibo post.

Liu Fen V: A child with a good personality and kind heart finds it more difficult to succeed than an actor who was born into a giant family. However, no matter your status, you should be kind when you are born.

Liu Fen wasn’t a traffic-type actor but her fans and force were there. She suddenly posted such a Weibo and everyone could see that she was fighting for Li Zhao. An actor from a giant family? Was Xu Bei the child of a rich family?

It didn’t take long for gossip to break out. Xu Bei was a distant relative of the president of Canghuan. His family had opened several companies and he grew up with good clothing and food. After entering the entertainment industry, he gained good resources. As long as he was interested, these resources would eventually fall into his hands.

“Even the good-tempered Liu Fen can’t stand it. It seems that Xu Bei kicking Li Zhao was intentional.”

“In my impression, Liu Fen rarely participates in this type of fighting. She is a low-key good actor. The fact that she is saying this shows that Li Zhao must’ve been bullied.”

“I heard that Liu Fen treated Li Zhao as a younger brother in the crew. As a sister, I would naturally be angry if my little brother was bullied.”

“However, Xu Bei is a relative of the boss of Canghuan. I’m worried that the Li fans tore at Xu Bei too hard and the one with the bad luck will be Li Zhao. If I remember quickly, Cangshi is also a brand of Canghuan. Li Zhao’s endorsement might be lost.”

Seeing that Xu Bei had a relationship with Canghuan, the Li fans started to worry about Li Zhao. In front of the behemoth Canghuan, did Li Zhao have any solution after enduring the grievances?

Xu Bei’s fans were originally pinched by the Li fans and had no power to fight back. Now they suddenly shook. They ran to the official Weibo of the program group and asked them to clarify the ‘truth’, treating Xu Bei fairly.

The thing that surprised Xu Bei’s fans was that the Entertainment Line program actually replied directly to the accusation of a Xu Bei fan this time.

Entertainment Line V: The program has never deliberately discredited an artist. The way an artist looks in front of the camera is how they acted in the program. If any artist is dissatisfied with this, the program is willing to take legal responsibility for today’s words.

The netizens hadn’t expected the program group to be so stiff that they didn’t even give Canghuan face. Numerous netizens ran to the program’s official Weibo to applaud them. Some younger fans saw that the program group didn’t care about Xu Bei and ran to Canghuan’s official Weibo, filling it with comments about gaining fairness for Xu Bei.

Presumably, it was because this matter wasn’t lively enough that Lu Hao, Song Yu, Xiang Zhen, the official Weibo of Shadow of the Sky and the official Weibo of Seven Boyfriends all reposted Liu Fen’s Weibo.

The official Strawberry Entertainment Weibo also issued a statement supporting Li Zhao. The netizens saw this and joked that a child in the village was bullied by the rich tyrant of the village next door, so the entire village was dispatched to protect their child.

Some netizens who were watching this liveliness ran to the official Weibo of Xu Bei’s company, Purple Eggplant Entertainment and asked if they wanted to fight Strawberry Entertainment.

Purple Eggplant Entertainment’s public relations department was in a complicated mood. Xu Bei might be an artist of their company but… they really didn’t want to care about this matter. Some staff even used a side account to spit at Xu Bei along with passersby.

They were feeling undecided when an opinion came from the top.

“Department chief, what did they say?” The public relations staff saw the manager’s strange expression and thought that the president wanted to protect Xu Bei, causing their mood to become worse.

“They sent me a picture and told me to send it directly to the official Weibo.”

“What picture?” The staff member leaned in curiously.

It was a small person on his knees with the words ‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t strict on my godson’ next to him.

“This… this…” The staff member wanted to laugh but held it back. “The company intends to abandon Xu Bei? Isn’t he a relative of Canghuan’s boss?”

“It is because he is a relative of Canghuan’s boss that the company won’t protect him.” The manager of the public relations department whispered, “I will tell you something that you can’t spread around. The boss of Canghuan really hates those relatives from the Xu family.”

Everyone was surprised. It seemed that the person who broke the news of Xu Bei’s identity on the Internet wasn’t to help him. Rather, they wanted him to die.

The netizens laughed as soon as they saw the picture that Purple Eggplant Entertainment posted.

“Such a disobedient child, did he grow up from the placenta?”

“Most disobedient children are from the old Wang family next door. Throw them away.”

Purple Eggplant Entertainment replied: Okay.

The netizens eating melons, “??”

So exciting. Talking so well? How annoying was this Xu Bei that his company publicly mocked him?

“The younger sister or brother running the official Weibo, will you be fired if you talk like this?”

“You are so aggressive that you can’t even let go of your own people?”

“To what extent is Xu Bei disgusting? Even the people from his own company hate him?”

Today’s matter was so loud that many artists stood up to support Li Zhao publicly, while Xu Bei didn’t have anyone helping him. The ‘good brothers’ who usually interacted with him on Weibo, who seemed close to each other, seemed to have disconnected from the Internet tonight. They didn’t say anything.

Perhaps they thought that Xu Bei wasn’t miserable enough. Some marketing accounts popped out to reveal that Xu Bei fought with someone because of his poor personality. Unexpectedly, Xu Bei had a fake face. Not only was he beaten in the prosthesis, his filled face was also sunken.

One marketing account sarcastically said that Xu Bei wasn’t speaking tonight because he was probably busy going to a plastic surgery hospital to fix his face. He had no time to care about the excitement online.

All the disgusting things that Xu Bei had done were exploded and insiders broke the news. Xu Bei acted against the actress in his drama crew and his private life wasn’t clean.

After being scolded by the entire Internet, Xu Bei’s fans had already lost their fighting strength. Their only hope was on Canghuan’s side.

As long as Canghuan’s official Weibo was willing to come out and help say something for Xu Bei, Xu Bei would be able to find a glimmer of life from this dead end. At least… others would look at Canghuan’s face and not dare to step on Xu Bei too hard.

Xu Bei’s fans waited and waited, until Xu Bei’s black materials increased and increased and more and more Xu Bei’s fans were lost. Yet there was no movement from Canghuan’s official Weibo.

Just as they were feeling desperate, at 12 midnight, Canghuan’s official Weibo finally made a move.

Canghuan V: The pace of autumn is gradual. Congratulations to Cangshi Watch’s spokesman @Li Zhao V for successfully being accepted to Beijing University! He is the handsome Xu daren, the handsome and strong Li Zhao. Thank you Zhao Zhao for willingly becoming the image spokesman of @Canghang Automobiles V. Let’s work together to move towards a happy future.

The netizens, “???”

Wasn’t Xu Bei a relative of Canghuan’s boss so Li Zhao’s endorsement would be lost?

As a result, the endorsement of Cangshi Watch wasn’t lost and he instead won the high-end endorsement of Canghang Automobiles? This was Canghang Automobiles, Canghuan’s heavyweight product. Li Zhao had won this endorsement. What artist of the same age could match his value?

There were netizens who asked Canghuan’s official Weibo if Xu Bei was actually a relative of their boss.

The official Weibo responded with a smile: Dear, we don’t know him. We haven’t heard of him.

This smile was meaningful and profound. Now everyone knew one thing. It didn’t matter of Xu Bei was a relative of Canghuan’s boss or not. The important thing was that Canghuan was more inclined toward Li Zhao.

Canghuan really loved Li Zhao.

The author has something to say:

Ting Ting, I heard that your family member Xu Bei…

Baby Ting Ting: I don’t have one!

Ting Ting, I heard that Song Yu and Zhao Zhao’s CP…

Baby Ting Ting gave a death stare: Is he worthy? He isn’t worthy!

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1 year ago

Omg Ting Ting is just too precious, having CP material produced about himself because he wants to in a story with his little ZZ .

9 months ago

Finally that disgusting Xu Bitch is reaping what he sowed!
I hope Ting Ting and Zhao Zhao get together soon~