VH: Chapter 87

“Your parents haven’t taught you not to steal things?” Seeing Xu Bei come to steal his phone, he gripped Xu Bei’s arm with one hand and used his knee to force Xu Bei to kneel on the ground with one hand twisted.

Xu Bei had grown up spoiled since childhood and he had no strength in front of Li Zhao.

The agent waiting outside saw Li Zhao and Xu Bei start to fight and anxiously tried to rush in, only to be stopped by Da Ke.

“It is a communication between artists and we are just an assistant and agent. How can we intervene?” Da Ke was a tall man. He had rich experience in stopping illegitimate fans and it was easy for him to stop the agent.

The agent screamed, “It isn’t your artist who is being beaten. You’re not in a hurry.”

“Men.” Da Ke smiled. “Some problems can only be solved with fists.”

“You let go!” The agent reached out but Da Ke didn’t move at all. He just helped Li Zhao close the door even more.”

“Why do you want to be so miserable? Based on Zhao Zhao’s skill, you will only be beaten if you go in.” Da Ke smiled. “At that time, I will be able to take a photo, saying that you and your artist are visibly bullying my Zhao Zhao.”

Who was bullying who?

It was clearly Li Zhao one-sidedly hurting Xu Bei!

The agent wanted to scold them but Xu Bei was the first to grab the phone. Thus, the agent could only restrain himself. He was afraid that Li Zhao would really attack Xu Bei and had to call out in a loud voice, “Mr Li, if you have something to say then say it. You don’t want something to happen at the police station?”

After Li Zhao forced Xu Bei to the ground, he didn’t stop and kept kicking him. Now the director heard Xu Bei’s agent talk about calling the police and had to say, “Zhao Zhao, Xu Bei, sit down and speak slowly. Everyone shouldn’t be angry.”

In the case of a serious fight, it wouldn’t be good if it spread outside.

Xu Bei was stunned by Li Zhao’s series of operations. He only felt a sharp body throughout his body and then he was helplessly beaten. He didn’t react until Li Zhao released him.

“You dare…”

“I’m not hitting you due to the director.” Li Zhao looked at Xu Bei. The meaning was that if he dared to force it, Li Zhao would continue beating him. Xu Bei was very angry but in front of Li Zhao’s wolf-like eyes, he had to swallow back all his anger.

“It seems that Mr Xu’s emotions have stabilized.” Li Zhao sneered. Li Zhao had wanted to press Xu Bei to the ground from the moment Xu Bei had said that Canghuan would change owners.

Li Zhao didn’t care about Xu Bei issuing articles to press on him or touching porcelain to suck his blood. This type of thing wasn’t uncommon in the entertainment circle. However. he had a bottom line. It was okay to rub his heat but saying that the person he cared about wasn’t good and that Canghuan’s owner would change, wasn’t this a curse?

Xu Bei was in the circle but was staring at Ting Ting’s benefits, wanting to be a blood-sucking worm. Li Zhao wasn’t willing to accept it. This type of vampire wasn’t as good as a licking dog.

Xu Bei had indeed calmed down. He didn’t expect that as a hot artist in the entertainment industry, Li Zhao would dare to act like this in front of the director of a program. Wasn’t Li Zhao afraid that things would spread, hindering his reputation and affecting his follow-up resources? Wasn’t he afraid of affecting his image in the hearts of fans?”

“Li Zhao, I think you’re crazy.” Xu Bei rubbed the place where he was hurt. “What are you doing? Don’t you want to mix in with the entertainment industry anymore?”

“My fans know that if I can’t continue in the entertainment industry, I will go and open a noodle store.” Li Zhao laughed. “Therefore, you should never joke with me in the future. I am straight-tempered and take things seriously.”

Xu Bei was silent for a moment. “Based on these words, you aren’t going to help me solve the crisis of public opinion?”

Li Zhao smiled without speaking.

“In the beginning, Song Yu bullied you in Overbearing Female President. How much benefit did he give you so that you would help him clarify things?” Xu Bei hesitated. “I can give you five times the amount.”

“Oh, he gave me 100 million.” Li Zhao wondered, “Are you going to give me 500 million?”

Xu Bei, “……”

“You have no sincerity today.” Xu Bei realized that Li Zhao was playing him.

“What is sincerity? Why should I agree to your words?” Li Zhao sneered. “Mr Xu, don’t say that you are the relative of Canghuan’s boss. Even if you are a relative, I won’t easily agree to your request.”

After this, he called Qin Xiao’s number in front of the director and Xu Bei. Xu Bei saw the words ‘Mr Qin’ show on the mobile phone’s display and the blood drained from his face.

Qin Xiao felt that he had some bad luck recently. He had just sent the documents to the boss but before he could leave, his private phone rang and the caller was Li Zhao.

“Why aren’t you answering?” Yan Ting saw Qin Xiao stare at his phone in an unmoving manner. “What’s wrong?”

“Sir, it is Mr Li calling.” Qin Xiao pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, wondering how he could convince the boss that he had never communicated privately with Mr Li.

He absolutely wouldn’t dare to plant grass on the boss’ head. Yan Ting didn’t turn over the documents or look at his computer. He stared blankly at the ringing phone. “Pick up.”

Under the boss’ gaze, Qin Xiao pressed the call button.

“Mr Qin, I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“No, it’s fine.” Qin Xiao thought. As long as Li Zhao didn’t remember to hate him for hiding the boss’ identity.

He glanced at the boss and continued to speak. “Mr Li, why are you calling me? Did you need me for anything?”

“No. You are… Mr Ting’s special assistant and should know his life very well.” Li Zhao saw that Xu Bei’s expression was becoming more and more panicked and felt that something was wrong.

“A gentleman called Xu Bei is claiming to be a relative of Canghuan’s boss, threatening me to give him face.” Li Zhao glanced at Xu Bei. “So I want to ask you if Mr Ting has such a relative.”

“No.” Qin Xiao answered firmly. “The boss has no such relatives.”

These relatives in the Xu family might as well be dead.

“Okay, thank you Mr Qin.” Li Zhao hung up the phone and turned to look at Xu Bei. “It seems that Mr Xu’s lie today is a bit big.”

Xu Bei’s expression was ugly and his heart was extremely chaotic. He was afraid that Qin Xiao would tell Yan Ting about this matter. Yan Ting hated the Xu family and especially hated the Xu family using his identity to borrow his light. This move by Li Zhao was tantamount to ruining Xu Bei’s career in the entertainment industry.

He looked at Li Zhao bitterly, lips trembling with anger. “Okay, Li Zhao. You are ruthless.”

“Mr Xu is joking again. I just wanted to know if you are truly the relative of Canghuan’s boss.” Li Zhao’s expression was very innocent, as if he couldn’t see Xu Bei’s anger and unwillingness.

“Excuse me, the two of you. I have to go to the bathroom. You keep chatting.” The director was afraid he would hear some secrets about the giant family that shouldn’t be heard and quickly found an excuse to slip out of the tea room. It might be important to watch the excitement but he couldn’t put himself in it.

Xu Bei was a bit scared at the sight of the director opening the door and going out. He was afraid that without the presence of the director, Li Zhao would continue beating him up. More importantly, he saw that Li Zhao really didn’t care about outsiders and was even eager to open a noodle store.

This maniac! What type of artist thinking about opening a noodle store could be popular while also passing the 700 mark on the university entrance examination? Why was it that Xu Bei was reborn and was unable to take advantage of it? Why was everything not smooth?

Xu Bei’s agent took advantage of the director opening the door to rush in. Da Ke followed and locked the door behind him. Hearing the door lock, the agent and Xu Bei looked at the door in shock. What did Li Zhao and his assistant want to do? Was it closing the door and beating them up?

“Mr Li, don’t mess around or I will call the police.” The agent’s voice trembled slightly.

“You’re free to do so.” Li Zhao smiled. “I don’t care if I become a hot topic on the major platforms.”

Xu Bei, “……”

But he cared!

“LI Zhao, what will it take for you to let me go?” Xu Bei spoke harshly but his body subconsciously moved back, away from Li Zhao.

“Let you go?” Li Zhao really didn’t understand why Xu Bei had this idea. “Aren’t you the one always aiming at me?”

Xu Bei’s expression became strange. He was the one who started the targeting but every time, it only helped Li Zhao stir up some heat. Again and again, he started to wonder what his rebirth meant. Even if he knew something in advance, he couldn’t change his destiny. No, it did change. It became worse.

“In fact, I am very interested in one thing.” Li Zhao stared into Xu Bei’s eyes. “Why are you so certain that Canghuan will change owners?”

The agent was frightened and stared at Xu Bei with disbelief. Who gave him the courage to say such things?

Xu Bei felt slightly guilty. Did Li Zhao… find something?

He didn’t know that avoiding Li Zhao’s gaze made Li Zhao more suspicious. “Are you so-called relatives conspiring against Canghuan?”

“No!” Xu Bei quickly denied it. “There is Xu Yanting. Who would dare to fight him?”

“Please call him Mr Ting.” Li Zhao’s expression sank. “He doesn’t want to be called by your family’s last name.”

“Aren’t you also surnamed Xu in Sky Song?” Xu Bei raised his voice. “Don’t think that you can act lawless just because Qin Xiao is backing you. Perhaps Yan Ting will hate you when he sees the role you play.”

“The thing he hates is your family surnamed Xu, not all the people in the world surnamed Xu.” Li Zhao groaned. “How can you think he can influence all the people in the world with the surname Xu? Shame is a good thing, I hope you can have it.”

“What?!” Da Ke, who had been standing silently, made a choking sound and raised his face. “What did you say was the name of Canghuan’s boss?”

Yan Ting? Wasn’t that the name of Zhao Zhao’s tyrant friend? How could the name Yan Ting have such a high duplication rate? Were they the same person? He looked at Li Zhao and then Xu Bei, who had been beaten by Li Zhao, and started to doubt his life.

However, Li Zhao knew what he was thinking and smiled at him. “You guessed right. It is that Yan Ting.”

Da Ke’s legs softened and he felt like he had heard a secret of the world.

He thought of the few marketing accounts who broke the news a few days ago that Zhao Zhao wasn’t related to Canghuna’s special assistance but Canghuan’s big boss. They also sent lawyer letters to those marketing accounts. Unexpectedly…

The boldness of the marketing accounts wasn’t as big as the land. It was his imagination that wasn’t rich enough.


Da Ke glanced sympathetically at Xu Bei.

This fool, he would be cold.

The author has something to say:

The kindergarten’s little secret: Good Baby Zhao Zhao, in fact, secretly beats other children who say bad things about Ting Ting.

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2 years ago

One solves problems with money and the other personally beats people up, such an efficient system lol

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I really want to sit down and keep watching this drama 😂

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I love how defensive Zhao Zhao is of Ting Ting🥰