VH: Chapter 86

The program team did have plans to use Xu Bei to increase the ratings.

In the comment area of the official Weibo, the fans of the show were all scolding Xu Bei. Meanwhile, the Li fans seemed to be very restrained, stating that the official Weibo would definitely give the truth.

Xu Bei’s fans were the most anxious. They excitedly swiped the screen to control the comments in the comments area, asking the program team to treat Xu Bei fairly. However, after the official Weibo sent the promotional video, it didn’t reply to any questions, leaving the fans to expand their thoughts.

Previously, Xu Bei used the protection of Purple Eggplant Entertainment to rob the resources of several popular artists. Now he was out of luck and Purple Eggplant Entertainment didn’t come out to protect him. The irritated artists were all eager to make him fall.

There were things about Xu Bei relying on his backstage to bully newcomers, act as a big name, grab resources, and disrespect seniors. He was also full of lies, loved to buy articles and touched porcelain to suck the blood of other artists.

The fans of an artist whose endorsement was stolen by Xu Bei even listed a long image of Xu Bei’s black materials. The melon eating users took a look and one-third of the content of these press releases was stepping on Li Zhao.

The netizens were stunned by Xu Bei’s operation. Whether it was acting or appearance, Xu Bei was inferior to Li Zhao in every way. Who gave him the courage to think he could step on Li Zhao? Didn’t he have an AC number in his heart?

The most ridiculous thing was that while Xu Bei was jumping up and down to step on Li Zhao, Li Zhao’s side had never given him a look. This included the Li fans, who didn’t see him in their eyes.

The heart was higher than the sky and life was thinner than paper. This was Xu Bei.

Meanwhile, Xu Bei’s side was still struggling to contact the person in charge of the program. Finally, they reached the director with much difficulty. The result wasn’t ideal and the agent was forced to explain, “My family’s Xu Bei has been afraid of ghosts since childhood. He only showed such a big reaction due to panic and did something that made people misunderstand. He definitely didn’t intentionally hurt Teacher Li Zhao. Otherwise, tonight I will invite teacher Li Zhao and the teachers of the program group for a drink to resolve the misunderstandings.”

There was a laugh in the director’s voice as he refused. “Sorry, I might not have too much free time this afternoon. The program team has to review the content to be broadcasted tonight.”

“Then let’s have a drink for afternoon tea. I will arrange for a car to pick up you and Mr Li.” the agent was tense. Once the program was broadcasted tonight and the program team didn’t help explain it, there would be no room for recovery.

“I won’t hide it from you. My family’s Xu Bei grew up in a giant family. He is okay with anything else but his courage is a bit small. He absolutely doesn’t have a big mind.”

“Xu Bei feels very guilty about hurting Mr Li and is willing to compensate him for all the losses. Director, please help us talk to Mr Li to make peace.”

A giant family?

The director was a bit surprised. How many people dared to call themselves a giant family in Beijing? Did the agent deliberately mention this in order to let him know that Xu Bei’s status wasn’t ordinary?

He didn’t speak and the agent couldn’t wait to say Xu Bei’s identity.

“You should know that the boss of Canghuan has the surname Xu.” The agent saw that the director didn’t speak and had to continue. “Xu Bei is stubborn and doesn’t want to rely on his family. I am his agent and can’t persuade him. There was no way other than to conceal his identity as he wanted.”

Hearing that Xu Bei was related to the boss of Canghuan, the director was finally willing to take care of Xu Bei’s agent. “It is a contradiction with Li Zhao. I can try to help you contact Li Zhao but whether he wants to come out or forgive Xu Bei is up to him.”

The director hung up the phone and sighed.

The assistant gave him a cup of tea. “Boss, why are you sighing. Did Xu Bei’s side ask you to say good things?”

“It is Xu Bei. He wants to meet Li Zhao.”

“Then let them contact Li Zhao themselves. Why do you have to do this willing thing.”

“Do you think I want to?” The director was even more dissatisfied with Xu Bei. “However, he said he is a relative of the boss of Canghuan. Even if I don’t give him face, I have to give the boss of Canghuan face.”

“I don’t know if he is a real relative or a fake relative. Now some people in the circle will dare to tell any lies for the sake of exposure.” The assistant’s opinion of Xu Bei was very bad. “I don’t know what to think. He dared to do such a bad thing to another guest on the show. This isn’t a palace fighting drama.”

Daring to use such means in front of the camera, did Xu Bei think that Li Zhao was easy to bully or that the program was easy to bully?

“No matter if it is true or false, I have to go this afternoon.” The director took a sip of the TV. It doesn’t matter to us since we have the support of the TV station. I’m afraid that if Xu Bei and Canghuna’s boss really are related, they will turn around and get revenge on Li Zhao. Li Zhao is an orphan without any parents. He came to rescue our program out of kindness. I can’t let this rescue affect his future.”

The director contacted Li Zhao. After Li Zhao finished listening to the director’s words, he covered his microphone and asked Yan Ting, “Xu Bei… is your relative?”

Yan Ting replied, “I don’t know him.”

That thing who spread the rumor about Li Zhao’s relationship with Qin Xiao?

Li Zhao released the hand over the microphone and spoke to the director, “Thank you, Director. Please give me the address and I’ll come on time.”

Li Zhao hung up and Yan Ting looked at him. “What happened?”

“An artist claiming to be your relative wants to invite me to discuss the philosophy of life.” Li Zhao lay lazily on the sofa. “There are some unpleasant things between him and I.”

“I don’t have any relatives. There is only you.” Yan Ting placed the peeled fruit on the table into Li Zhao’s hand. “If you don’t want to go then I’ll help you solve it.”

Li Zhao subconsciously placed the apple in his mouth while feeling something was wrong. Ting Ting’s words… were so familiar. He was currently playing a rich master and he had spoken such a line to the female lead.

‘The one I care most about is only you.’

This scene hadn’t been shot yet but the director told him it was the highlight of his role. He had to be sure to perform it well and find the most perfect way to express it. The confession to the female lead was spoken to him by Ting Ting, giving Li Zhao a strange sense of confusion.

“Remember to change your clothes when you go out.” Yan Ting stood up and patted Li Zhao’s shoulder. “Come back early in the evening and I’ll have the chef cook what you like to eat.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao stood up holding the fruit plate. He took a few steps before remembering he had the fruit plate and he turned back to place it on the table. He looked at Yan Ting and coughed. “You are also the one I care about most.”

If you have feelings in your heart, don’t be afraid to express it. However, if this topic continued, it seemed that something would become wrong. He waved his hand and hurried upstairs.

Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao’s back running away and bent up to pick up a piece of fruit and put it in his mouth. Did Zhao Zhao know that these two ‘cares’ weren’t the same?


Upon hearing from the director that Li Zhao would go to the meeting, the agent told Xu Bei with some pride. “An orphan who came from the welfare home, perhaps his legs are completely terrified after hearing your identity. How can he not come?”

Xu Bei smiled reluctantly, his heart full of anxiety.

He had some regrets now. If the program released this incident, he could send some money to whitewash himself. He just needed to endure another half a way. However, if Yan Ting knew that he was claiming to be a relative of Canghuan’s big boss, he would really be finished.

It wasn’t only him but also his family who would be implicated.

Seeing the agent’s proud expression, he barely managed to smile. “Don’t spread this matter. My family really doesn’t like me to talk about them.”

It was true. The wealthy families knew that Xu Yanting had publicly broken off with the Xu family. His family never dared to claim a relationship with Xu Yanting outside.

“I have arranged for the reporters. As long as you and Li Zhao appear in the tea restaurant at the same time, we can buy the marketing accounts and speculate that you and Li Zhao are privately friends. The things that happened in the program was an unexpected reaction out of fear.”

“Good.” Xu Bei didn’t care if Li Zhao forgave him or now. As long as he was in the same frame as Li Zhao, things would be solved, unless Li Zhao publicly tore at his face.

It was a pity for Xu Bei and his agent’s good calculations. They had just gone out when they received a call from the director, changing the location of the appointment to the program director’s studio.

The planned thing was broken by this sudden incident and Xu Bei’s face was ugly. However, the situation was stronger than himself and he could only do what the director intended.

The director had clearly promised to meet in that location. Now that he suddenly changed his mind, it must be due to Li Zhao.

This person was worthy of coming out of a welfare home. He had more acting in his heart than anyone else. No wonder why this person was praised for his good acting skills. It was because he usually acted in his life.

By the time Xu Bei arrived at the director’s studio, Li Zhao was already sitting at the table and drinking tea with the director. The director saw Xu Bei coming, greeted him and poured him a cup of tea.

After a short greeting, Xu Bei lifted the tea cup to respect Li Zhao. “Teacher Li Zhao, things were a bit unpleasant due to my mistakes while shooting. Please forgive me.”

Li Zhao took the cup and turned it around in his hand. However, he didn’t drink it and just placed the cup on the table. Seeing that Li Zhao didn’t give him face, Xu Bei could barely maintain the smile on his face.

The director pretended not to see the conflict between the two people. He drank tea and looked like this matter didn’t involve him.

“How can Teacher Li Zhao forgive me?” Xu Bei barely managed to ask.

“I’m just wondering why these things have to be forgiven.” Li Zhao wiped the water stains in front of him with a towel. “In front of the director, I won’t say any lies. If I have something to say then I’ll just say it.”

The director heard Li Zhao’s tone and slightly raised his eyebrows. This was the feeling of eating a melon.

“A few days ago, Brother Xu bought a marketing account and deliberately spread the news that I have an ambiguous relationship with Mr Qin Xiao. Did you forget this?”

The director stopped his action of drinking tea. He didn’t expect that these two people still had this layer of grievances.

“Mr Li, you must’ve misunderstood me. What does your scandal have to do with me?”

“In fact, I also find it very strange. There are so many young actors in the circle. Why are you targeting me?” Li Zhao ignored Xu Bei’s excuse. “I will speak bluntly. Mr Xu, I just don’t understand. Why do you want to target me?”

“In this period of time, Mr Xu likes to compare to me whether you are shooting a drama or participating in a variety show. We have no resentment in the past or hatred today but you deliberately looked for an opportunity to hurt me when shooting the program.” Li Zhao looked at Xu Bei thoughtfully. “You said that my life won’t be so beautiful once Canghuan changes hands. Do you dislike the fact that I took the endorsement of the Cangshi watch or do you want to replace Yan Ting because your surname is Xu?”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Xu Bei’s expression changed greatly after hearing Yan Ting’s name. “Don’t use my blood to provoke relationships.”

“Provoke relationships?” Li Zhao sneered. “Who is provoking your relationship with Yan Ting?”

“What the hell do you want to say?” Xu Bei felt that Li Zhao’s attitude was a bit strange, as if he was fighting for Yan Ting.

It was ridiculous. Did he think that Canghuan would look at him if he fought for Yan Ting? What good would it be to hold the thigh of the person who would die in a few months?

Li Zhao saw contempt and ridicule in Xu Bei’s eyes. This didn’t seem to be aimed at him and was more like he was looking down on Yan Ting. A person who relied on hype to mix into the circle, who had no value and no acting skills. He wasn’t worthy of having Ting Ting’s name so why look down on Ting Ting.

Li Zhao’s anger soared up. Forget the Xu family’s bullying with Ting Ting was a child, now they also wanted to rob Ting Ting’s property? What was this?!

“I’m saying you shouldn’t be so shameless. You said that you are a relative of Canghuan’s boss.” The smile on Li Zhao’s face disappeared. “There are so many people with the surname Xu in the world and not many are as shameless as you.”

“Li Zhao, you are the shameless one.” Xu Bei was enraged and slammed down his cup in an angry matter. “Do you think that just because you are a bit popular, you can be a bully in the entertainment industry?”

“I don’t beat anybody and I don’t suppress them. Who is the bully in the 38th tier?” Li Zhao retorted. “I dare say it but do you dare respond?’

“Li Zhao, don’t go too far!” Xu Bei struck the tea table and the teapot on the table shook.

The director silently placed the tea set into the cupboard and continued to watch the young people arguing.

Alas, as one got older, they couldn’t avoid getting into the habit of watching liveliness. There was a contradiction between young people and he couldn’t persuade them. He could only give them room to play.

“I’m not bragging. I have a connection with a giant family. Why do I care about going too far?” Li Zhao took out his phone. “Didn’t you like to create the rumors about my ambiguous relationship with Qin Xiao?”

Xu Bei saw Li Zhao on the phone and his heart was slightly uneasy. “What do you want to do?”

“I will call my legendary gold master and ask him if Canghuan’s boss has a relative like you.”

A chill rose from Xu Bei’s feet. Li Zhao wanted him to die.

“Don’t call.” His head was hot and he reflexively tried to grab Li Zhao’s phone.

The director saw everything and couldn’t not understand. It turned out that Xu Bei wasn’t a relative of Canghuan’s boss at all.

Alas, young people were too vain.

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao had a bad argument with the student in the next door class.

After the argument, he called the radio station and ordered a cool song for the bad student.

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