VH: Chapter 82

The car drove silently through the gate of the villa. Li Zhao got out of the car, looked back at Yan Ting who was obediently following him and stopped. “What are you doing so carefully? Are you my wife?”

Yan Ting was silent for a moment before replying with a straight face, “This will make you feel better.”

Li Zhao, “……”

Was he so temperamental that he needed to be coaxed?

The housekeeper uncle saw that the two of them had come back. “Mr Li, have a light snack tonight…”

“Make what Zhao Zhao likes to eat.” Yan Ting interrupted the housekeeper. “What is a light taste?”

The housekeeper, “……”

Wasn’t it because the boss said Li Zhao couldn’t eat anything heavy before going to bed because it wasn’t good for his stomach? How did the boss change overnight? A man’s mouth was a deceptive ghost. He glanced at the boss, hoping this person would give him a hint. However, Yan Ting’s attention was all on Li Zhao. He didn’t even look at the housekeeper, let alone give a hint with his eyes.

The housekeeper could only go to the kitchen and have the chef cook what Mr Li liked to eat. This way, he could also give space to Yan Ting and Li Zhao. His years as a housekeeper told him that he couldn’t stay there.

It was quiet in the room. Li Zhao saw Yan Ting sitting like a good child in kindergarten and suddenly laughed. “Come sit.”

Yan Ting got up and sat down next to Li Zhao. Seeing that Li Zhao’s smile hadn’t changed, he moved closer and then closer again.

“Okay.” Li Zhao reached out to hook an arm around Yan Ting’s neck. “We are still good friends. I won’t care about it but don’t do it again.”

The arms around his neck were warm and powerful and Yan Ting’s tense body finally relaxed.

“Remember, don’t do this again.” Li Zhao patted Yan Ting’s back. “Otherwise, how can we be brothers?”

The little Yan Ting who witnessed such a tragic thing, how could Li Zhao be willing to let him face separation again. His parents and his relatives abandoned him. As Ting Ting’s friend, if he also left…

Li Zhao reached out to hug Yan Ting and patted him on the back of the hand. Yan Ting completely relaxed. Then on the table, Qin Xiao’s phone call was received.

“Sir, those things on the Internet are nonsense. I’ll deal with them as soon as possible.”

“Internet?” Yan Ting was in such a good mood that a useless phone call didn’t affect it. “What is being said online?”

On the other end of the phone, Qin Xiao took off his glasses and looked at the hot topic # Li Zhao pretty boy plaything # and felt a chill rush from the sole of his feet to the top of his head. “That… a marketing account spread a rumour that I have an improper relationship with Mr Li?”

“Zhao Zhao is with you?” Yan Ting was expressionless. “Oh.”

Qin Xiao, “…”

Don’t just ‘oh’ or he would live a few years less.

“Sir, I have already got in touch with Strawberry Entertainment and will cooperate with Mr Li’s team for clarification. You can rest assured that I will never let the netizens think I have an abnormal relationship with Mr Li.”

“En.” Yan Ting’s face was still ugly.

The moment he hung up, he heard Li Zhao murmur, “Now these marketing accounts are really able to make up more and more stories. They can even put Mr Qin and I together. Why aren’t they saying that I have a relationship with you?”

Yan Ting’s eyelids moved.

On the team’s side, Luo Rong saw so many marketing accounts coming forward and knew someone was working behind the scenes to blacken Li Zhao. Now that things were so noisy, if he spent money to suppress the topic then they would receive the suspicion of hypocrisy.

However, the target of the scandal was the special assistant of Canghuan’s president. They didn’t have the courage and had to work with Qin Xiao to cooperate with the team’s clarification strategy.

In the entertainment circle, rumours about people having ambiguous relationships was a common method of speculation and smearing.

This time, Li Zhao was directly involved with the top elite of a large company. As long as ordinary people heard about executives and artists in a large company, it was easy to think of the relationship as skewed and unequal.

Qin Xiao wasn’t married. If this time of news was released, Qin Xiao could just laugh it off as a fake affair. However, it was a stain on the artist’s reputation.

“Brother Luo, the first marketing accounts fought alone to create popularity and weren’t affiliated with other companies. However, once it burst out, the other companies followed suit.” The staff told him. “The content doesn’t specifically mention Zhao Zhao. If we want to prosecute them, we will have some difficulties obtaining evidence.”

“Which companies are following into the water?” Luo Rong sneered. “Release the black materials of their artists and help us share the firepower aimed at Zhao Zhao.”

It was like a good fight. If he couldn’t hit everyone for a while then get someone else to beat them all up.

“Okay.” The staff members understood it well so they picked out the materials and exploded them.

Wanting to watch the excitement? Then let’s all have a good time together.

Before the teams working against Li Zhao could get enough of the excitement, they discovered that their house seemed to collapse. They knew this was a warning from Strawberry Entertainment and withdrew their own water army.

They were a bit surprised in their hearts. How much did they value Li Zhao that they would even throw out all these materials?

Strawberry Entertainment’s combat power when it came to controlling public opinion had always been strong. After catching a fish in muddy waters, they started to lead the conversation.

“It is just the image of a back yet you can compile a story. The person who broke the news doesn’t have to be a marketing account and can write a novel. I’m Li Zhao’s passerby black fan and I can’t see it anymore. Black fans, learn from us.”

This netizen was really Li Zhao’s black fan. On his Weibo, he was either critical of Li Zhao’s appearance or his acting skills. The only time when he didn’t blacken Li Zhao was when Li Zhao’s past was revealed.

Even on the day when Li Zhao’s university entrance examination results came out, the black fan had said, “If he is an actor then work in acting. What university examination results? He isn’t dedicated at all.”

“Hahahaha, this is a black material that even sunspots can’t look at. What type of brainless sunspots are there?”

“Black fans: Zhao Zhao, do you see this world of black paint? It’s all black.”

“Black fans: Guarding the worst Li Zhao in the world. The artist I hate, only I can blacken.”

Once the black materials came out, the passersby favourability was the most protective umbrella for entertainers. Artists who didn’t have a good relationship with passersby would be blackened. The passersby would not only eat melons happily but also wish for things to become bigger and livelier.

Then once the black materials of an artist with good favourability was exposed, the first reaction would be: Is this true or false? Had they performed so well recently that they were deliberately discredited?

Li Zhao just happened to be an artist with a high degree of goodwill with the passersby. So even though the marketing accounts hyped it up, the comments area didn’t achieve the desired effect.

“In fact, I have such photos but it is just a photo of Zhao Zhao and I. Since the matter has reached this point, I won’t hide it from everyone. I am with Zhao Zhao. Please come to my dream wedding tonight.”

“Don’t just drink and nod off. My husband is still cooking for me in the kitchen. How can he be marrying you?”

“it’s miserable, really miserable. Other entertainers have rumours and there is at least an intimate photo or hand-in-hand photo. My Zhao Zhao’s treatment is so poor. Unexpectedly, there is only one back photo.”

“I suspect that the marketing accounts are looking down on my Zhao Zhao. They can’t bear to put up more photos or videos. My Zhao Zhao doesn’t even deserve a video?”

“Don’t say that. This marketing account is actually quite conscientious. Look at how pretty the gossip person they arranged for Zhao Zhao is.”

The marketing account thought that the Li fans would collapse. Unexpectedly, their key focus was more on how good the object of the scandal looked. What type of fans was these? They were the worst fans the marketing accounts had ever encountered.

Li Zhao’s team saw that public opinion was biased toward Li Zhao and was relieved. It seemed that Li Zhao’s image in the hearts of fans was quite positive.

“Brother Luo, Zhao Zhao really knows Qin Xiao?” A staff member asked.

“Zhao Zhao’s friend is an employee of the president’s office in Canghuan headquarters. It is normal for him to have several connections with Qin Xiao.” Luo Rong didn’t think there was anything between Li Zhao and Qin Xiao.

If the two people actually had something then Li Zhao wouldn’t hide it from him. Rather, Li Zhao would tell him about this matter early to let him prepare for public opinion.

“Who found the material?” Luo Rong was also surprised. Had Zhao Zhao recently been involved in a conflict with anyone? Who would use so much energy to deal with Zhao Zhao?

“Brother Lou. Lu Renyi posted.”

Lu Renyi, who wrote the ‘small composition’ for Li Zhao, forwarded the photo of the Sky Song crew’s dinner and mentioned Li Zhao to tease him about his good score in the university entrance examination and inviting him to dinner.

The tone of this post was natural as if Li Zhao was a good brother he often played with.

The team was surprised. How could Lu Renyi take the initiative to jump out and help Zhao Zhao?

The marketing account hinted that Lu Renyi had been under pressure to send a Weibo post praising Li Zhao. Now Lu Renyi used his Weibo post to tell everyone that he and Li Zhao were friends and for the marketing account to not talk nonsense.

Was Lu Renyi such a good artist? Last year, in order to grab a resource, he suppressed a younger brother. How did he change now?

Meanwhile, Lu Renyi only regretted that he hadn’t discovered the news earlier. If he found it earlier then he could’ve helped Li Zhao clarify earlier.

Over the past six months, his endorsements had been dropped one by one but he didn’t dare say a word. Blame it on him for being blind. He actually changed Li Zhao’s seat card and offended Canghuan.

Don’t talk about posting on Weibo. If he was allowed then he would open a live broadcast for clarification. He could do anything as long as Canghuan forgave him for his stupidity at the annual meeting.

A mature artist knew how to bend and stretch.

The Lu fans had experienced their faces being beaten. This time, Li Zhao’s black materials broke out and most of the fans didn’t speak. Now that their brother came out and posted such a microblog, there was a hidden feeling in their hearts.

There were still ignorant young fans in the comments area asking if Lu Renyi was threatened by Li Zhao but they were pressed down by other fans.

Their brother was a popular first-tier artist. How could he bow down to a third-tier artist like Li Zhao. There was only one reason why their brother came forward to clarify. It was that they were good friends. If they weren’t good friends then how could they eat together?

“Trash marketing accounts, the materials are random!”

“Report it smoothly. Don’t be polite.”

The marketing account, “……”

The marketing account was very angry and even felt a bit of hate. Lu Renyi, you are a first-time traffic actor. Couldn’t you be more sturdy? The opportunity for revenge was in front of you. Shouldn’t you cherish it?

Just as everyone thought the farce would end here, Cangshi’s official Weibo posted something.

Cangshi Watch V: Congratulations to our lovely and handsome spokesperson @Li Zhao V for receiving a high score of 701. Cherish every moment and move forward diligently. Our watch will walk with you in every moment. Repost this microblog and a netizen will be drawn to receive the Autumn Rain Cangshi watch.

In the comments section, the other brands under Canghuan followed suit and added gifts.

Cangyun Hotel V: Cangyun Hotel makes you feel at home. Here, a three day deluxe double room in the overseas Cangyun Seaview Hotel is added.

Canghuan u V: Add a 8888 yuan cash red envelope. Canghuan Company, where there are people, there are our services.

Cangyi Pay V: You shop, I pay the bill. Add a 6666 yuan cash red envelope.

Canghang Automobile V: I can’t afford to give away a car but I will give a 10,000 yuan voucher. Canghang Automobile is your best choice for travel.

There were a variety of electronic products such as mobile phones as well as daily products and everything else.

Netizens were stunned by the brands in the comments area giving out prizes. There were so many products under Canghuan?

“Needless to say, these prizes are mine.”

“This is the first time I knew there were so many brands under Canghuan. No wonder why my neighbour comes to brag everyday about my neighbour’s child working at Canghuan’s headquarters.

“Canghuan is an enterprise with a conscience. I just checked. The family has funded many poverty alleviation projects. A few months ago, the boss of Canghuan donated a lot of money in his own name for the construction of the lost children’s gene bank. He also provided technical support.”

“Is Canghang Automobile serious about the voucher? Am I lacking 10,000 yuan? What I’m lacking most is the other car purchase costs except for 10,000 yuan.”

Yan Ting looked at the post of Cangshi watch. Within 10 minutes of it going out, there were tens of thousands of reposts. In addition, his secretary had arranged for the authentication of Yan Ting’s Weibo account.

This raffle activity was so lively. Would many netizens guess he had a relationship with Zhao Zhao?

On the Internet, the netizens sighed while forwarding the lottery post. They felt that Canghuan really loved its spokesperson.

Not afraid of rumours. This was the correct attitude worthy of a conscience enterprise.

The Li fans were also very moved. Those who couldn’t afford to buy a watch went to buy Canghuan’s daily necessities to their Canghuan for trusting their baby.

Yan Ting, “…”

These netizens really weren’t good.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting gave Baby Zhao Zhao some milk.

Baby Ting Ting brought Baby Zhao Zhao a little milk candy.

Baby Ting Ting gave Baby Zhao Zhao a toy car.

Baby Ting Ting crouched in a corner, face in his hands as he thought: When will the other children find that Zhao Zhao and I are the closest?

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