VH: Chapter 79

Li Zhao’s team soon learned of Li Zhao’s university entrance examination results.

Once he heard ‘701’, Luo Rong’s first thought was that if Li Zhao hadn’t mixed into the art circle, he must be a learning tyrant.

701 points wasn’t a score that could be obtained just by working hard.

“Brother Luo, do you want to buy the articles?”

701 points was something that even ordinary people would hold a party for to show off to their relatives and friends.

During the time when the results weren’t available, several artists collectively bought articles about Zhao Zhao to throw the criticism on him. At this time, the artist who scored over 500 points was already stepping on Zhao Zhao.

“Buy!” Luo Rong rapped on his keyboard. “These people couldn’t wait to send Zhao Zhao to the hot search. How can we not live up to their good intentions?”

“Good!” Everyone in the team was excited and couldn’t wait to get in touch with the media.

Don’t blame them for not being able to take it easy. It was because the university entrance examination had a special status in the hearts of Chinese people. If they didn’t show off such a high school then they wouldn’t be able to return home!

There was another point. Some parents disagreed with their children chasing stars. If they learned that the entertainer the child was chasing had a score over 700 for the university entrance examination, their acceptance would be higher.

There was no way. Artists who had good grades, good looks and grew up to be hard-working despite the hardships would always be more popular with the public.

Buy, must buy!

The type where it would spread across the entire network!

Just as the university entrance examination candidates were very happy or sad about their results, LI Zhao’s official studio posted something on their Weibo.

Li Zhao Studio V: Recently, many friends have been concerned about the matter of @Li Zhao V participating in the university entrance examination. Everyone has guessed right. The enthusiastic candidate who was met four times in the program ‘Things Around You’ is indeed our Zhao Zhao. Thank you for all your care and love. Zhao Zhao scored a fairly good score in this university entrance examination, with a total score of 701. Thank you and let’s look forward to seeing a better Zhao Zhao in the future.

One store stirred up thousands of ways. The moment this post was published, Weibo boiled and the major portals issued articles about how Li Zhao got 701 points.

The more embarrassing one was the artist who got a score of over 500 points and bought articles to secretly step on someone else’s artist. An enthusiastic netizen eating melons took a screenshot of this bought article and then the 701 points Li Zhao’s article of ‘the test is not bad’. They arranged it side by side and the comedy effect was very outstanding.

“I thought I was dreaming when I saw 701 points. I slapped my brother and it was only watching him scream in pain that I knew it was true.”

“The studio should make a big noise. 701 is only called a good score? Foreign friends might not know this but this year’s top score for the university entrance examination is 711 points. Li Zhao is only 10 points lower. The champion was regularly going to school. Meanwhile, a few days before the university entrance examination, Li Zhao was still filming.”

“This Weibo post can’t be seen by my mother or she will kill me.”

“My little one is a genius, a genius. Your mother loves you!”

“My mother called just now to ask me if I knew that my favourite artist’s score is 701. I’m not good at studying and do I deserve to be his big fan? Sob, dear mom, I don’t deserve it.”

Li Zhao’s university entrance examination result set off a storm throughout the entertainment industry. Early the next morning, Strawberry Entertainment posted something.

Strawberry Entertainment: Congratulations to our company’s artist Li Zhao, who achieved a good score of 701 points in the university entrance examination [photo]

The photo showed a red banner with yellow text hanging on the wall of Strawberry Entertainment’s lobby. It stated: Congratulations Zhao Zhao on obtaining a score of 701 in the university entrance examination.

It was very festive and very…. grounded.

Netizens were amused by Strawberry Entertainment’s operation and within half an hour, it had been forwarded over 10,000 times.

The entertainers under Strawberry Entertainment all posted it and even Liu Fen, a big-time movie star, joined in on the fun.

Liu Fen V: Congratulations to my company’s artist Li Zhao, who got a good score of 701 points in the university entrance examination [Photo]

Lu Hao V: Congratulations to our company’s artist Li Zhao, who achieved a good score of 701 points in the university entrance examination [photo]

“I’m in a trance. I almost thought Strawberry Entertainment was a high school wanting to enroll people. This banner is too evil and is completely inconsistent with the fashionable decoration style of Strawberry Entertainment.”

“It can be seen that Strawberry Entertainment is very pleased with the result of Li Zhao’s university entrance examination hahahahaha.”

“No way, Strawberry Entertainment isn’t lacking movie emperors but they are lacking an artist who got over 700 points in the university entrance examination. Looking at other people, Strawberry Entertainment is more pragmatic and grounded. Look at this banner. The red background is a symbol of vigorous vitality and the golden font symbolizes a bright future. What a simple and joyous blessing.”

“The student upstairs can go to Tsinghua University to study. I will buy you a bus ticket, a train ticket!”

“Hahahahaha, I see that other artists and insiders who collaborated with Li Zhao have also sent this Weibo. The banner of Strawberry Entertainment is spreading all over the Internet.”

“Still, a score of 701 is really awesome!”

“I have a cousin who is Li Zhao’s black fan. He also participated in this year’s university entrance examination. After finding out that Li Zhao got 701 points, he closed himself in his room for half an hour. Now he is in front of his computer and watching Seclusion Mountain Forest.”

“Who feels miserable for me? I am a high school student and my mother has put up a poster of Li Zhao in my study. She said that he is good-looking and knows how to work hard. What right do I have to be poor at studying?”

“I’m sighing with relief that I graduated from university. At most, I just have to sit next to my mother telling Li Zhao on the TV that she loves him.”

Li Zhao’s score not only made his work team happy but also benefited all of Strawberry Entertainment. The image of the entire company had greatly improved in the hearts of the relevant departments.

The boss of Strawberry Entertainment, President Sun never stopped smiling in the last few days and specifically invited a few colleagues to dinner.

The colleagues saw that President Chen of Purple Eggplant Entertainment was also present and were secretly surprised. The relationship between Purple Eggplant Entertainment and Strawberry Entertainment had always been bad. Today was obviously a party hosted by President Sun. How could President Chen endure it?

Was it raining popularity?

The more magical thing was that when President Sun praised Li Zhao, President Chen didn’t ridicule him and also praised Li Zhao along with him, making everyone confused.

Did President Chen want to dig out a person?

Then he should praise Li Zhao in front of Li Zhao, not in front of the boss.

After the party, a colleague who had a good relationship with President Chen said, “President Chen, you’re giving Old Sun quite a lot of face today.”

“Why am I giving him face?” President Chen paused for a moment. “I appreciate Li Zhao’s talents and acting skills.”

The colleague, “???”

The boss of an entertainment company was chasing a star?

Wake up, your son is older than everyone else.

One by one, there are many problems.


In order to celebrate Li Zhao’s excellent results, the crew of Shadow of the Sky gathered for a big meal. The table was full of people wondering if Li Zhao should study at Tsinghua University or Beijing University.

Song Yu sat next to Li Zhao and watched this scene with a stunned face. His mind couldn’t return for a long time. Although he had been in the crew for several days, the pure and unpretentious style of the crew had opened his eyes.

He put down his chopsticks and saw that Li Zhao was still buried in eating. “Eat, eat and eat. Aren’t you afraid of becoming too fat if you keep eating?”

“No.” Li Zhao picked up a prawn. “As you know, I have a physique where I can’t get fat.”

Can’t get fat?

He almost forgot Li Zhao’s annoying physique.

Song Yu’s brain buzzed.

He now felt that he was stupid for feeding Li Zhao every day in the Overbearing Female President crew. What was he trying to do?

Feeding Li Zhao’s stomach?

Song Yu thought of how he got fat just by eating a few more mouthfuls of rice and placed a piece of pickled fish in his bowl.

He felt too sour!”

“Li Zhao.” Song Yu stared at Li Zhao and hesitantly apologized to him again. “I’m sorry about the previous things.”

Master Song wasn’t used to apologizing to people. The moment he said this sentence, he turned to the side and his ears were a sunset red.

“You let me be the male lead and gave me food. You shouldn’t be apologizing. It is actually self-sacrifice.” Li Zhao raised his eyes and smiled, his eyes clean and he didn’t complain to Song Yu at all. “Thank you for the red envelopes you sent me last time.”

Facing these eyes, Song Yu felt even more guilty. In fact, this guilt had reached the peak when he learned of Li Zhao’s past.

“In any case… if you encounter something you can’t solve then you can come to me.” Song Yu spoke awkwardly. “In this circle, I have a bit of face.”

Li Zhao smiled. “Thank you.”

“I’m telling you something seriously. Can’t you be more serious?” Song Yu grimaced. “Don’t think I’m being polite. My words are true.”

Song Yu did things and never told lies.

“Yes, I believe you.” Li Zhao nodded.

“It’s about the same.” Song Yu placed an arm around Li Zhao’s neck and picked up his phone to take a photo.”

“I’ll take the photo. Your hands…”

“No.” Song Yu ruthlessly rejected Li Zhao’s offer to take the photo. “I don’t want to leave more black photographs in the history of my career.”

Few people’s faces could withstand Li Zhao’s deadly straight male camera angle.

Li Zhao, “……”

This person just said to find him if there was anything but didn’t even let Li Zhao take a photo. The routine of city people was really deep.

After taking a good photo, Song Yu sent it to Li Zhao. “I will go and post it. You remember to forward it.”

Song Yu V: A warm congratulations to @Li Zhao V for the high score of 701! [Photo]

The netizens instantly said that this selfie must be taken by Xiao Yu because Li Zhao couldn’t take such beautiful photos.

“Hurry up and forward it on Weibo. I want to rub your heat.” Song Yu posted it and didn’t forget to remind Li Zhao again.

“Oh…” Li Zhao took out his phone and forwarded the post.

“Can’t you type in a few more words and add an emoji? This type of forwarding is too insincere.”

Li Zhao silently looked at Song Yu and added a smiling emoticon to his reposted Weibo.

Song Yu, “……”

Trying to rub off some of Li Zhao’s heat was too difficult. The smiling expression was a cruel mockery of him. Seeing that Song Yu’s expression was still dissatisfied, Li Zhao had to add two more smiley faces. “Are you satisfied now?”

The Yu fans and Li fans laughed all over the comments area.

“Even though I’m a Yu fan, I want to say that this is too funny. Hahahahaha.”

“I’m sorry for the Li fans. Please forgive our Xiao Yu, he is trying too hard to become hot.”

“Yu fans, don’t be angry. Our family’s Zhao Zhao has no intention of ridiculing Xiao Yu. He is too… straight and can’t keep up with the Internet trends.”

“In Zhao Zhao’s mind, a smile is polite so… you know.”

“I know, we understand.”

There was no misunderstanding between the Yu fans and Li fans over the smiling expression. Rather, they laughed with each other in the comments.

The Yu fans said that Song Yu was rubbing his brother’s popularity. The Li fans said that Li Zhao was young but he was an invincible straight man who didn’t understand the Internet. The friendly atmosphere made passersby feel good about both artists and Song Yu’s desire to become hotter was achieved.

After the meal, the crew touched their protruding bellies and left in satisfaction. The box next to them was very lively and laughter could be heard from the door.

“Yao Yuguang, you have the ability to empty this bottle.”

“Yeah, I don’t have the ability. I won’t drink with you and will take a step back first.”

“Don’t go. The wine hasn’t been drunk yet.”

“Yes don’t rely on your powerful cousin and ignore us.”

The moment this was spoken, the box seemed to fall into a deadly silence.

Yao Yuguang looked at the brainless person who spoke and got up with a sneer. “I might be down now but I haven’t fallen to the point where everyone dares to laugh at me!”

Then he kicked the person, pulled open the door and went out, only to sharply brake.

“M-Mr Li, why are you here?” Yao Yuguang took a step back. His knees were a bit soft as he looked carefully at Li Zhao’s hand. Last time, he was beaten so badly that there was a huge shadow in his heart.

“Brother Yao, who is this?” A person who chased after Li Zhao asked. “Is this an actor? He looks good. Brother Yao, do you like him?”

“Bah, don’t talk nonsense.” Yao Yuguang’s scared face was white. “Mr Li is a serious young actor. He got more than 700 points in the university entrance examination and it is higher than the scores of several of you combined.”

“What is the use of good university entrance examination results? It is just playing…”

The moment the word ‘play’ was spoken, Yao Yuguang kicked this person aside and smiled at Li Zhao. “Mr Li, I’m actually not very familiar with this person.”

“Yao Yuguang?” Song Yu came out with Li Zhao and recognized Yao Yuguang. Their two families had done business together but in the past two years, the Yao family was in trouble. Yao Yuguang’s father was even sent to prison.

Both of them might be rich second generations but Song Yu and Yao Yuguang walked on different roads. The two people at most had a nodding acquaintance.

“Who scolded an actor just now?” As a rich second generation who wanted to act and not inherit his family’s property, Song Yu became violent when he heard the word ‘play’. He glanced at the people behind Yao Yuguang. “If you have the ability then stand up and speak. Don’t try to press people from behind.”

The several young people behind Yao Yuguang saw that Song Yu was so arrogant and couldn’t stand it. They wanted to roll up their sleeves and scold Song Yu.

“All of you give me a break.” Yao Yuguang turned his head and stared at them. “Mr Li is a good friend of that person!”

The young people who were ready to start a few suddenly subsided and their gazes toward Li Zhao had changed.

A person who could be friends with Yao Yuguang’s cousin was a pure master they couldn’t afford to go against.

“Mr Li has eaten?” Yao Yuguang smiled. “Congratulations on your good result in the university entrance examination.’

Li Zhao looked cold and didn’t speak. He couldn’t have any good feelings for Yao Yuguang as long as he thought about how Yao Yuguang scolded Yan Ting.

He frowned. “The cousin you just mentioned. It is Yan Ting?”

“No, no.” Yao Yuguang shook his head with fright. “How can I dare call him cousin?”

If he dared to say it in front of Li Zhao then Yan Ting would kill him.

Yao Yuguang didn’t expect Li Zhao to give him a good face. He graciously helped Li Zhao settle the bill at the table and sent Li Zhao to the door, only to see a familiar figure standing outside the door.

Y-Yan Ting? He flinched back with fright and allowed Yan Ting to discover his existence.

“Zhao Zhao.” In fact, there was no other person in Yan Ting’s eyes. He was only staring at Li Zhao who came out next to Song Yu. “I came to pick you up.”

Li Zhao smiled when he saw Yan Ting and walked over. “Why are you here?”

“I’m just passing by and came.” Yan Ting glanced at Song Yu. “Did you have a good meal?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded.

‘No wonder why you took a photo with others.’

Yan Ting lowered his eyes. “It’s hot outside. Let’s go inside the car first.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao said goodbye to the crew and got into the car with Yan Ting.

The air conditioning was on in the car and it was much more comfortable than the outside.

Li Zhao didn’t mention the encounter with Yao Yuguang to Yan Ting. Mentioning relatives that Yan Ting didn’t like would only affect Ting Ting’s good mood.

It was just that…

Yao Yuguang and his scoundrel friends, their fear of Ting Ting seemed a bit above normal.


Just two days later, Li Zhao received news from the crew of Sky Song that the drama would be broadcasted on the national channel in a few days and three webcasting platforms had purchased the rights for the webcast. The crew was holding a celebration party and invited Li Zhao to participate.

The team attached great importance to Sky Song so Da Ke took Li Zhao to the place where the celebration feast was held early. As he entered the hotel, Li Zhao encountered the vulgar scene of a bully molesting a girl.

The girl was someone Li Zhao knew. She was the small dancer who shot the Cangshi advertisement with him. The bully was also someone Li Zhao knew. He was a person who stood behind Yao Yuguang a few days ago.

The little girl was crying sadly by the elevator door. Once she saw Li Zhao coming out of the elevator, she rushed over without thinking and hid behind LI Zhao.

The drunk, rich second generation looked at Li Zhao. “Li Zhao?”

He snorted. “Give me some face. I fancy this girl and don’t worry about other people’s matters.”

“The rule of society, coercing women into indecent things is against the law.” Li Zhao’s hand protected the girl behind him. “There are many reporters outside the hotel. Do you want to go on the entertainment news for breaking the law?”

The girl cried out, “My agent told me it was just talking about a contract. I didn’t expect… I didn’t expect…”

She was just a little girl who hadn’t graduated from school. She was panicked after encountering this type of thing and Li Zhao’s appearance was her only hope.

“Talking about a contract requires sincerity. You don’t even understand this rule?” The rich second generation reached out to pull the girl’s hand but was pushed away by Li Zhao.

“Li Zhao, I’ll tell you again, don’t get involved.” The second generation burped from the alcohol. “Don’t think you can walk in the circle just because you’re climbing Xu Yanting. I’m telling you, a plaything like you is a one-off use and will be thrown away after being used. How long will Xu Yanting protect you?”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Zhao Zhao not only took photos with little girls but with boys from other classes. I will go and bring him back.

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10 months ago

YuYu is seriously so silly and cute. Spoiled yes, but sincere. I’m glad he and Zhao Zhao are getting along now
And oh no, he said it, will Zhao Zhao understand now….

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