VH: Chapter 78

Li Zhao drank the entire bottle of water in one breath and his mood finally calmed down.

“Are you very thirsty?” Yan Ting took a bottle of iced drink from the small ice box and handed it to Li Zhao.

“Yes, I’m a bit thirsty.” Li Zhao placed the cold bottle to his face and his brain became sober.

Yet even if he was awake, he still shouted in his heart, “Yan Ting is really good-looking!”

After eating the cheese prawns in the evening, Li Zhao took a bath and hid in his room to put on a mask Da Ke had bought for him. Da Ke told him that an artist who didn’t protect his skin wasn’t qualified. Therefore, whenever he remembered, he would follow the steps Da Ke had written for him.

The moment the mask was taken off his face, the phone rang.

Li Zhao picked up and Song Yu’s roar came from the phone.

“Li Zhao!!”

Brother Song, it’s so late and you’re not asleep yet…”

“What bullsh*t about sleep? I’m asking you, do you have a good relationship with Qin Xiao, the special assistant of Canghuan’s president?”

“What happened?” Li Zhao bent down to the washing table to wash his face clean.

Song Yu heard Li Zhao’s calm voice and was angry. “Today, someone gave materials about you and Qin Xiao to my company’s marketing account. I helped you suppress it.”

“Material about me and Special Assistant Qin?” Li Zhao smiled. “Thank you Brother Song but my relationship with Mr Qin is just an ordinary friendship.”

“Really?” Song Yu had seen the materials and it seemed quite… true. He almost believed it.

“The information said that you are a little pretty boy supported by Qin Xiao. This is how you got the endorsement of the Cangshi watch. At Canghuan’s annual meeting, Qin Xiao also introduced you to the senior managers of Canghuan. Later, the senior managers of Canghuan praised you on a TV program.”

“Mr Qin did introduce me to people at the annual meeting but what does that have to do with my pretty face?” Li Zhao yawned. “Brother Song, this type of explosive material is 10% true and 90% false. Don’t take it seriously.”

“Who told you to become popular so quickly? It is no wonder that all these people are coming to blacken you.” Song Yu murmured in a sour way. “In any case, you are aware of this matter. You better discuss it with Qin Xiao in advance and form a good coping strategy.”

“Thank you, Brother Song, I’ll be careful.”

“If you want to thank me, are there any guest roles in your recent movie? Let me do it.”

Song Yu understood that as long as he followed Li Zhao, even if he was playing a soy sauce role, he could still gain a sense of existence in the audience’s heart. Mix with the son of fate and there would be meat to eat.

“Brother Song, are you kidding me?” Li Zhao got under the quilt. “Do you still need to be a guest in my crew?”

“Why? Are you looking down on me?”

Li Zhao felt that the brain circuit of a rich second generation might be a bit different from ordinary people. He didn’t play the protagonist and had to play the supporting role. Now, he was squeezing into the crew for a guest role. What was this image?

“Brother Song, if you don’t dislike it then I’ll ask Director Yang.” Li Zhao welcomed Song Yu joining. Who would dislike the parent coming to give him snacks?

“Okay, I’ll wait for your news.” Song Yu hung up the phone and proudly spoke to the assistant. “As long as I ask Li Zhao then he will never refuse me.”

The assistant, “……”

He would’ve scolded Song Yu if he wasn’t this person’s assistant.


”Ah Bei, you’ve passed the news to Song Yu. Will he really explode it publicly?” In the cozy cottage, Wei Tian brought a glass of juice to Xu Bei.

“Of course.” Xu Bei sneered. “Everyone outside thinks that Song Yu and Li Zhao are good friends but in fact, they have no friendship in private. In particular, Song Yu really hates Li Zhao. Now that he has Li Zhao’s black materials in his hand, he will surely find a way to explode it.”

“Why do you need Song Yu to burst it? Why not find someone else?”

“Of course it is different.” Hatred filled Xu Bei’s eyes. “Later on, everyone will find out that Song Yu is the one who exploded these black materials. He will tear up his so-called good friend image in front of the fans.”

“Two birds with one stone.” Wei Tian realized. “Ah Bei, you’re so smart.”

Joy burst in Xu Bei’s heart as he thought about how Li Zhao and Song Yu would tear each other apart and then both of them would be tangled up in black materials. If Li Zhao was a thorn in his heart then Song Yu was a nail in his eye. Neither of them was good.

Xu Bei waited and waited a long time but Song Yu didn’t write articles with these black materials. He couldn’t sit still. He thought that Song Yu hadn’t discovered the explosive materials yet so he opened his side account and sent it several times.

“This breaking news side account is very persistent. The black materials are so awesome yet they aren’t telling anyone else. They’re only sending us a message.” Song Yu’s agent closed the page. “I don’t know what their intention is.”

“It isn’t anything good.” Sending this to Song Yu and asking him to deal with Li Zhao?

It was impossible. He wanted to mix well in the entertainment world. He didn’t want to go home and inherit the company.

Xu Bei continued to wait but there wasn’t any action from Song Yu. Not only did Song Yu not break the news, Xu Bei heard that Song Yu would be making a friendly guest appearance in Shadow of the Sky. Song Yu actually went this far to establish the good brothers act? Song Yu could bear such humiliation with that dog temper?

Xu Bei waited but there wasn’t an explosion of black materials. Instead, the time of the university entrance examination results came.

The artists who participated in the university entrance examination this year had received the attention of various media platforms and marketing accounts. Fans of these artists had prepared three emergency plans.

A good result, a bad result and a result that wasn’t so bad. In particular, if the test result was too poor then how could they help their artist? How should they deal with the ridicule of other fans?

The few artists who participated in the university entrance examination were also very quiet because most of them knew that their test scores were far away from a top student. In particular, the entertainers who failed the exam wished that the entire world would forget about the results of the university entrance examination.

An artist’s team suddenly remembered that during the two days of the university entrance examination, many media stations said that a certain examinee looked like Li Zhao. Regardless of whether the candidate was Li Zhao or not, at a critical moment, the friend who didn’t want to die led disaster to somewhere else. The result of the university entrance examination hadn’t come out yet but the topic of Li Zhao’s participation in it had once again become popular.

At this moment, most of the artists who participated in the university entrance examination silently thanked Li Zhao in their hearts for blocking the firepower for them.

The only one who wasn’t happy was an artist with a good performance. Although his performance was far from a school tyrant, he could be considered outstanding among the art students, especially compared to artists doing the test at the same time. Thus, he was full of superiority.

The artist with achievements wasn’t happy after seeing Li Zhao on the hot search.

“They are using Li Zhao to block the gun. Don’t be angry. Wait for the results to come out and then we will act slowly.”


At this time, Yan Ting was standing in front of the computer at home and opening the webpage for the university entrance examination. In order to be able to enter this website normally and not be blocked by a huge amount of traffic, he deliberately spent a few days writing a small program so he could check the results first.

“Sir, there are still 30 minutes left. Don’t be too nervous.”

“Yes, I’m not nervous.”

The housekeeper, “……”

You’re not nervous, you just happen to be holding the book upside down.

In the cast of Shadow of the Sky, several actors who weren’t filming a scene were holding their phones and constantly refreshing the webpage while looking at Li Zhao from time to time.

Song Yu felt that he was out of step with this strange crew. Why was everyone holding a piece of paper in their hands and looking at Li Zhao from time to time, a smile on their faces like they were coaxing children? He was driven by curiosity and went to Li Zhao’s side. “Li Zhao, what’s wrong with everyone today?”

“What?” Li Zhao looked up and took out his phone with a laugh. “Perhaps everyone is helping me check the results of the university entrance examination.”

“The results of the university entrance exam?” Song Yu’s voice changed. “You took this year’s university entrance examination?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded. “I gave it a try.”

Song Yu, “……”

There was such a big thing yet the entire crew didn’t reveal it. What type of magic crew was this?

“It’s time, it’s time. Enter the admission number.”

“Oh, my side can’t get in.”

“Me too!”

Looking around, even the director was refreshing the page with his head down. The only free one was Li Zhao.

This crew was poisonous.

He took out his high-end customized phone, quietly stood next to Da Ke and opened the university entrance examination webpage. He wasn’t concerned about Li Zhao’s achievement, he was just following the flow!

Just as everyone was trying to find out the results, Li Zhao’s phone rang. The call was from Yan Ting.

“Zhao Zhao, your university entrance examination results have come out.” Yan Ting’s voice was very relaxed. “You did well.”

“Hurry up and tell me.” The seemingly calm and steady Li Zhao immediately sat up.

What clear winds and clouds? Everything was false. Only the result of the university entrance examination was real.

“It is a total score of 701. This is a very remarkable result. The champion of the Beijing university entrance examination got a total score of 711 and you are only 10 points lower than her.”

“Really?!” Li Zhao jumped up from his chair. “It is all because you did the papers with me every day, helping me analyze the problem type!”

“I’m just a helper. The really amazing person is you.” Listening to Li Zhao’s happy voice on the phone, Yan Ting couldn’t help wondering if Li Zhao would’ve got such an excellent result two years ago?

He must’ve been very sad when he got up on the examination to go to work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have worked so hard to study all these months.

“I feel like a genius!”

“Yes, you’re the smartest genius in the world.” Yan Ting’s eyes were warm.

“No no no, I can only be second.”

“Who is the first?”


Song Yu was anxiously waiting. Once Li Zhao hung up the phone, he impatiently asked, “Li Zhao, how many points did you guess?”

“Can you guess?”

Song Yu shouted, “I won’t guess!”

“701 points.”

“What?” Song Yu doubted his ears. “Li Zhao, it is good for a young person to have confidence but you shouldn’t brag.”

At this time, Director Yang sitting in the corner roared.

“701! Zhao Zhao, you are a master!”

Song Yu, “……”

In the past, his university entrance examination score… was a bit more than 300 points. It was only one half of Li Zhao’s score.

The university entrance examination scores of the artists had burst out. The artist with a better score had a total score of over 500. The entire team was happy and released articles all over the Internet.

The topic # Top student among artists # quietly climbed up the hot search list.

“The artist who got over 500 points is amazing but I want to know about the handsome guy who looks like Li Zhao and said he did his best and he would rely on fate.”

“What a coincidence. I actually have a friend who wants to know if he is a learning scum or a tyrant.”

The author has something to say:

The good baby test results came out. In order to be the first to get the report card, Baby Ting Ting stayed at the notice desk early.

In an overbearing manner, he arranged bodyguards to guard him and to prevent people from taking his spot.

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1 year ago

Ting Ting is so capable that he created a program specifically for checking his hubby’s results first, he definitely got his priorities right.

1 year ago

Congrats to my baby for getting into the top scorer 🙂

10 months ago

I don’t understand so well why the word tyrant is used so much… is it a Chinese expression?

7 months ago

Ahhh YuYu is so cute, love how he’s completely in Zhao Zhao’s camp