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VH: Chapter 77

The moment when Li Zhao entered the door, the two young actors leaning against each other seemed to be stimulated by something. They suddenly backed away for several steps and their expressions were flustered.

“You two…”

“Teacher Li, please don’t tell anyone about this!” The actor standing against the wall was an art school student who played Li Zhao’s brother in the movie. He didn’t have a big part in the movie but there were many scenes of him, so he had been in the crew for a long time.

The actor who had taken a few steps back was a newcomer introduced by a third-tier entertainment company. His acting skills were acceptable and he played a villain in the movie. His expression was a bit nervous and when Li Zhao looked at him, he lowered his head and didn’t meet Li Zhao’s eyes.

Originally, Li Zhao thought that the two people were fighting but things weren’t so simple based on their expression.

The atmosphere was too frozen. Li Zhao regretted that he was here instead of on the set.

“Since it was discovered by Teacher Li, we won’t hide it.” The small actor standing against the wall blushed, a bit nervous and shy. “Da Guang and I are lovers. Please keep this a secret for us.”

Li Zhao took a deep breath and looked as usual. “What teacher? Don’t you normally call me Zhao Zhao?”

“Isn’t this showing respect to you?” The small artist standing against the wall was called Du Xing and he had a baby face. This type of appearance meant there were many restrictions on the type of role he could play.

“Xiao Ming’s grandfather can live up to 100 years and I will learn from him.” Li Zhao pointed out. “I just came to use the toilet. You can do whatever you like.”

Da Guang and Du Xing stood obediently in the corner and didn’t dare to leave.

Li Zhao came out after going to the toilet. He was afraid they would be embarrassed so he calmly left the bathroom after washing his hands. He had only taken two steps away when he vaguely heard Da Guang speaking with anger in his voice.

“Why did you tell Li Zhao about this?” Da Guang was a bit unhappy. “If this thing gets out then we are both finished.”

“Didn’t he promise to keep it a secret?” Du Xing wasn’t angry when he saw Da Guang’s ugly expression and smiled to comfort him. “Don’t be angry. We just fell in love, not stealing something.”

Da Guang’s expression still wasn’t good. “People in the entertainment industry have many thoughts. He says he won’t leak it but that doesn’t mean he will keep his word.”

“Relax, I don’t think Li Zhao is such a person.” Du Xing reached out and pulled Da Guang’s arm. “Furthermore, he doesn’t have a video recording. No one will believe him even if he says it.”

Da Guang didn’t speak again and just pushed Du Xing’s hand away.

Li Zhao was very calm on the surface but in fact, in his heart, the mountain was shaken and the tsunami surged. It turned out that two men could have such a good relationship. It wasn’t just buddies but also lovers?

He had long heard of all forms of love in the circle. It wasn’t strange for men and women to love each other but… this was the first time he had seen the live view. Like everyone said, there were dragons in the world and he also believed it. However, the shock that directly affected his heart only occurred at the scene.

Li Zhao hadn’t seen much of the market and was a bit stimulated by the live version. He was shocked for the next few hours. He saw two actresses holding hands to go to the toilet and couldn’t help wondering if they were friends or lovers.

“Zhao Zhao, what’s wrong with you today?” Director Yang found that Li Zhao was sitting in a daze on the lounge chair. He wasn’t reading the script or playing with the mobile phone, just staring at an old tree in the studio. Thus, Director Yang dragged a stool to sit down beside him. “How do you feel about life?”

This was the group’s golden doll and nothing could happen to him.

“Director Yang?” Li Zhao saw Director Yang’s big face and had his senses scared back. “How are you today?”

“Why do you look so worried?” Director Yang thought that Li Zhao was worried about the results of the university entrance examination and patted Li Zhao’ shoulder. “It’s okay. This movie will be finished before the start of school. You can rest assured.”

“I’m not worried about that.” LI Zhao spoke honestly. “I feel that my university entrance examination results shouldn’t be bad.”

Director Yang, “……”

It was good for young people to have self-confidence.

“Then why are you worried now?” Director Yang asked. “There is an important scene and you can’t drop the ball.”

“I’m… understanding the philosophy of life, the origin of species, the great harmony of all things.”

Director Yang patted him on the shoulder. “Prepare well and wait for your scene.”

A good young person was forced to become crazy due to the university entrance examination. It was a pity.

Da Guang sat in a corner and changed his sitting position uncomfortably when he saw Li Zhao chatting with Director Yang. What was Li Zhao talking to the director about? The director’s expression was so helpless. Did he know what happened between Da Guang and Du Xing?

Li Zhao didn’t know Da Guang’s thoughts and had Da Ke pay attention to his phone. If Yan Ting came to the crew to pick him up then he would have Da Ke directly bring Yan Ting into the crew.

The movie Shadow of the Sky wasn’t a traditional science fiction movie. This movie had Chinese-style humour, an understanding of peace and ran counter to the mainstream alien movies.

In this movie, an Earthling taught an alien how to grow things using the ground and to pursue a peaceful development of the universe. The alien wasn’t the typical image with big eyes and a round head, but had the appearance of a hairball.

The alien thought that the more hair a creature had, the better they looked. Therefore, they didn’t forget to comfort the male lead. They opposed discrimination and wouldn’t judge a person based on appearance.

The male lead played by Li Zhao was a staff member of the Panda Conservation Base but his family didn’t approve of his job. They wanted him to go home and inherit several mountains that contained mines, fruit and grain.

There was no killing and no war. The writer and director were trying to create a perfectly warm story.

The scene in the afternoon was when Li Zhao went to the mountain to rescue a trapped panda and almost lost his life. The fluffy alien accompanied Li Zhao to save the panda while saying, “You are so ugly and only have a few hairs. A panda won’t even look at you.”

“Still, your courage is commendable.”

Although the crew had a big investment and no shortage of funds, it couldn’t invite the national treasure to be an actor. Therefore, the crew used a panda doll, a dog doll dyed black and white, and a green screen to create the scene.

Facts proved that there was nothing that couldn’t be done with money. The alien hairball was also a post-production thing so Li Zhao had no physical opponent from beginning to end.

“Zhao Zhao, you must remember that although the panda isn’t your lover, you look at it more affectionately than your lover.” Director Yang stuffed the panda doll into Li Zhao’s arms. “Come, cultivate your feelings with the national treasure first.”

The staff at the scene couldn’t help laughing.

Li Zhao held the panda doll and gently touched its head. “Baby, Dad loves you.”


Yan Ting entered the crew in the midst of the big laughter. He saw Li Zhao holding the doll and stopped.

“Mr Ting, there are still a few minutes until shooting starts. You can sit here and rest for a while.” Da Ke took Yan Ting to sit down in Li Zhao’s chair. Yan Ting flipped through Li Zhao’s script and saw notes made with pens of various colours.

The atmosphere of the movie was very good. It could be seen that Li Zhao and those people got along very well.

Yan Ting quietly turned the script and saw a line.

[Do you love it?]

[I love it.]

[Because it’s furry?]

[No, because it’s alive. I love life and fear life.]

Yan Ting put down the script, got up and watched Li Zhao filming out of the range of the cameras.

The makeup artists drew wounds on Li Zhao’s body. Once the cameras turned on, the atmosphere of Li Zhao’s body changed instantly. His eyes were looking at the panda on the cliff. He was so anxious that he wanted to swap spots with his own body. He also had to say a few words to the air beside him from time to time. It was obviously a ridiculous scene but Li Zhao’s interpretation made everyone anxious and out of breath.

Halfway through the shoot, the muddy water on Li Zhao’s body dried and the makeup artist had to drench him again.

After they finished filming the entire scene, Li Zhao lay on the ground and joked with the surrounding staff, “My child, where is my child?”

“Your child was taken away by the props crew.” Director Yang stepped forward and patted him with the script. Get up and change clothes. If you don’t want to change then it doesn’t matter. We can shoot for a few more hours.”

Li Zhao quickly got up from the ground, took a towel to dry the mud on his face and turned to see that Yan Ting had already arrived. He smiled at Yan Ting and stated, “Wait for a while. I will change my clothes and remove my makeup.”

Yan Ting nodded. “I’m in no hurry.”

Da Guang saw a strange man who wasn’t part of the crew come to find Li Zhao. The gestures between the two people were quite intimate and he couldn’t help pulling out his phone. Just as he was about to press the button to take a photo, the man suddenly glanced sideways at him.

This look…

Da Guang’s hands moved and he only captured a blurry shadow. He guiltily put away his phone and didn’t dare look into the man’s eyes.

A few minutes later, the driver walked up to Yan Ting and whispered, “Sir, he is a supporting actor in the crew called Da Guang.”

“Write it down.”

Li Zhao returned after changing clothes and undressing. Yan Ting was sitting in a chair and reading his script.

“I’ve packed things up.” Li Zhao’s footsteps were light. “Let’s go home.”

Li Zhao saw that Yan Ting was wearing a shirt and a tie and handed his hand-held fan to Yan Ting. “Blow it to be cooler.”

The small fan made a whining sound. The movement was small and the wind wasn’t big.

Yan Ting took it and handed Li Zhao a bottle of ice water. “There are the cheese prawns you like to eat at night.”

“Then let’s go quickly!”

Li Zhao dragged Yan Ting outside. He had just walked out of the crew when he saw several young girls looking at him with a blush, their hair soaked with sweat.

They looked a bit excited but didn’t rush up to affect Li Zhao.

“Hello.” Li Zhao stopped and looked at them with some uncertainty. “Are you fans?”

The young girls nodded hurriedly.

Their homes were nearby and they heard there was a crew making a movie here and the lead actor might be Li Zhao. They had a ‘try and see’ mentality and walked outside the studio a few times, not daring to disturb the crew.

They didn’t expect to really see Li Zhao and were a bit excited. However, they were afraid that Li Zhao would regard them as obsessive fans who didn’t have any rules and caused trouble for the crew. Thus, they were very restrained and didn’t even scream.

“It’s so hot. You should pay attention to heatstroke prevention.” Li Zhao approached the girls and saw they were no more than 17 or 18 years old. He smiled and asked them, “Have you just finished the university entrance examination?”

The young girls nodded.

“You should relax after the exam. It is boring to stay here.” Li Zhao saw a small store nearby. He bought a few bottles of water and gave them to the young girls. “Drink more water and remember that with the bottles…”

“Don’t throw the bottles around!” The young girls answered in unison.

“Go home early or your family will be worried.” Li Zhao waved at them. “Next time, don’t come. It is too hot.”

No matter what Li Zhao said, the young girls nodded.

“Zhao Zhao, can we take a photo with you?” A young girl asked timidly. “We’re all your fans.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao took the phone that the young girl handed over and found that the selfie angle couldn’t include all their faces. He turned to look at Yan Ting standing next to him and waved.

Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao and the girls behind him before walking over.

“Take a photo of us and remember to make the girls look beautiful.”

Yan Ting held up the phone.

“Crouch down, your legs are too long.”

Yan Ting crouched down with his phone and took several photos without any expression.

The driver looked at his boss and turned his head silently. Who else was there beside Mr Li who could force the boss to do these things?

A good photo was taken and Li Zhao smiled. “Goodbye. Pay attention to safety on the way home.”

“Goodbye.” The young girls waved and once Li Zhao left, they could no longer control their excitement and screamed.

“Zhao Zhao is too good-looking, too good-looking!”

“He is so good-looking when smiling. Ever since Zhao Zhao, I looked at the most handsome student in school and can’t help thinking he is too vulgar.”

“The man who just took a photo of us looks good and seems very close to him.”

“Is this the legendary rich tyrant friend?”

“It is possible. I saw that watch on his wrist in a magazine and it is worth more than seven figures.”

“He might be expressionless but he did whatever Zhao Zhao asked him to do. I think…”

“Stop your brain, I am a pure fan!”

“It is cool in the car.” Li Zhao expertly took ice cream out of the small cooler and happily ate it.

Yan Ting saw the ice cream on the corner of his mouth and took out a handkerchief to wipe it. Li Zhao was slightly stunned and an image of how close Da Guang and Du Xing had been popped into his head.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Ting noticed something was wrong for a moment.

“This…” Li Zhao ate the ice cream clean and coughed. “Nothing, just a little thing that didn’t matter.”

“Say it.” Yan Ting folded the handkerchief and placed it in the recycling box next to him.

“Do you think… it is possible for a man and a man to be together?” Li Zhao faced this type of thing for the first time and his heart was still in an eye-opening state.

Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao, thousands of emotions hidden in his dark eyes.

“D-Did I ask the wrong thing?”

“No.” Yan Ting lowered his eyelids. “Why are you suddenly asking this? Did someone tell you something?”

“I’m just asking casually, just asking.”

Yan Ting rubbed the watch on his wrist and replied calmly, “I think this type of thing is normal. If people are attracted to each other then we should put aside the shackles of gender.”

“What do you think?” Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao. “Are you… disgusted by this type of thing?”

“That’s not true.” Li Zhao hurriedly shook his head. “I’m just asking out of curiosity.”

Yan Ting looked at him. “That’s good.”

Li Zhao looked at Yan Ting with a lot of meaning in his eyes.

Or was he thinking too much? Man? Woman? In love?

Li Zhao watched Yan Ting and finally concluded that it wasn’t interesting to fall in love. It was better to stay with Yan Ting.

“You want to fall in love?”

Hearing Yan Ting’s question, Li Zhao reflexively said, “How can I fall in love? It is better to play with you.”

“Yes, I’ll remember this.”

Li Zhao raised his head and saw Yan Ting’s lips slightly curved up. Yan Ting was… smiling? Smiling?! This was the first time he saw Yan Ting smiling! A person who never smiled just smiled…

It was like the winter snow melting and spring was blossoming. Li Zhao opened a bottle of mineral water and drank two mouthfuls. How could he be so thirsty after eating ice cream?

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Zhao Zhao took photos with other little girls and even asked me to take the photos! Scum man!


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11 months ago

Kyaaa Zhao Zhao has had his eyes opened to a new angle!!! And that’s little moment of thirst….cuteee

2 months ago

“Your child was taken away by the props crew.” LMAO give him back his kid!!!

This movie seems so lovely, I wish I could watch it myself :'( The poor director… It’s so sad to think about how he lost everything and couldn’t even fulfill his daughter’s final wish in the other timeline. No wonder he couldn’t carry on.