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VH: Chapter 76

During dinner in the evening, Li Zhao saw the gentlest Sister Xia and the most talkative Yan Ting. No one asked Li Zhao how well he did until dinner was over. This made Li Zhao, who answered well, feel a bit lonely.

“Why aren’t you asking me how I did on the questions?”

Zhu Xia and the others looked at each other carefully before asking, “So what do you think?”

“Very good.” Li Zhao nodded. “All the questions were answered and I had done the question types with Ting Ting.”

‘That’s good, that’s good.” Everyone nodded with a smile. Then they felt that the atmosphere wasn’t warm enough and clapped.”

“I think you are coaxing a child.”

“How can that be?” Chen Xiaojun laughed. “We are proud of your achievements.”

Everyone spoke for a while. Then they were afraid they would affect Li Zhao’s rest and got up to say goodbye.

The night was quiet. Li Zhao lay on a comfortable bed and couldn’t sleep. He reached for his phone and saw a message from Yan Ting.

[Yan Ting: Sleep well and don’t play with your phone.]

Li Zhao had a guilty conscience and took back his hand.

His brain was fuzzy and full with all types of chemistry and physics formulas as well as English words. He tossed and turned for a while before finally falling asleep. Li Zhao had a dream. He dreamed that he couldn’t answer a single question when sitting in the examination room. He also forgot to write his name and test number.

“Fortunately, it was just a dream.” He slowly got up from bed, ate the breakfast lovingly prepared by the chef auntie and sat in the red flag 666 car to head to the examination room.

After finishing the morning exam, Li Zhao deliberately mixed in with a large group in order to not meet the reporter and went outside.

“This student, excuse me…”

Two pairs of eyes met. The reporter was silent and Li Zhao was also silent.

Why is it you still? Why is it you again?

“Meeting is destiny. Just say a few words.” The reporter accepted his fate. He was a reporter at a municipal TV station. Every year, the university entrance examination was the focus of national attention. He managed to interview the same examinee three times in a row which could also be a topic.

“I finished the questions. It was okay and wasn’t very difficult.”

Li Zhao spoke words that seemed like bragging.

The reporter didn’t embarrass him. “I wish you an extraordinary performance in the afternoon and hope you get an ideal result.”

During the listening section of the English afternoon exam, Li Zhao discovered that this year’s listening questions were simpler than when he studied for the last university entrance examination. It was possible because Yan Ting had all the domestic staff speak English to him, greatly improving his spoken English. Sure enough, everything came from life. So did English.

The candidate sitting on his right was desperately reading multiple choice questions, He wrote a few letters on the paper before closing his eyes and nodding. The casual attitude was very Buddhist-like.

After the last test, Li Zhao wore his mask and hat and exited the examination room. He saw a candidate silently crying and someone comforting her. Whether it was joy or sadness, the young faces had eyes full of hope.

Li Zhao stopped and stared up at the lush foliage of a ginkgo tree. His eyes shone as then some tears flowed.

“Let’s go, we’ll go for a drive tonight.”

“There is a class dinner tomorrow night. Don’t forget.”

Li Zhao watched the boys walking away and stooped to pick up a few rubbish thrown by the candidates onto the ground. Then he put them into the trash can. In order to avoid encountering the morning candidate again, the reporter deliberately chose a later time and interviewed candidates who came out late.

After interviewing several people, he met the candidate wearing a mask.

“Since we’ve met then just ask.” Li Zhao broke the silence. The last test had ended and he was in a good mood.

The reporter, “……”

No matter what, they could meet. What type of fate was this?

“Then I’ll ask you a question that has nothing to do with the exam. Why do you wear a mask and a hat every time you take the exam?”

“It is physical protection from the sun. I don’t want to get tanned.”

“It is to get girls in university?”

“No, I’m just in a good mood when I look in the mirror.”

The reporter felt that this conversation couldn’t go on.

“Since we are so destined, can you take off the mask and let me shoot your face?” The reporter felt that his brain was a bit messy. Why did he make this request?

“I’m afraid not.” Li Zhao looked around at the candidates and parents and shook his head. “I’m afraid there isn’t enough security here.”

The reporter, “……”

He knew this candidate liked bragging but he hadn’t expected it to be to this extent. Showing his face can cause a sensation? Did this person think he was a big star who was legitimately hot?

The reporter gave a dry smile and shook hands with Li Zhao. “I wish you a good result in the exam.”

“Thank you.”

The reporter turned off the recording equipment and spoke to the camera, “Children these days really know how to pretend.”

On the way back to the station, the reporter posted on Weibo.

I Don’t Want to Stay Up Late: Four consecutive exams and for all of them, I interviewed the same candidate. What is this fate?

The TV station edited the materials from the two days of interviews. The director probably found it interesting that the same candidate was interviewed four times in a row. Not only were the four interviews included in the program, he also posted it on the official Weibo.

This local program liked to put out trivial content and the main target audience were those over 50 years old. No one paid attention to the Weibo and all the likes and comments were from the insides of the program crew.

This time the video was put up and fate wasn’t changed. Everyone was used to it and didn’t care. At the end of the university entrance examination, there would also be some candidates in the crowd that people watched. This time, there were also candidates who were on fire but it was from a side photo.

Test God blessing: I finally finished the examination and encountered a handsome guy outside the examination room. His legs go up to his neck! [Photo]

The young man in the photo wore a simple white t-shirt, a mask and a hat. He was staring at a ginkgo tree and the golden sunlight permeated his hair, his long eyelashes dyed a dazzling gold.

It wasn’t long before the photo became hot.

“Sister, I was in the same examination room as this handsome guy. He was sitting in the second row and his legs were really long. His hands are also beautiful!”

“This photo is really touching but his face is covered so tightly I can’t tell if he is handsome or ugly. All I know is that his eyes are beautiful and his legs are long.”

“A beautiful boy bathing in the sunlight, I can tell!”

“Sisters, go to @Those Things Around You. There is a surprise!”

The passersby lured by the handsome man ran to the official Weibo of the local station’s program. Those Things Around You V: Four exams in two days and I interviewed the same candidate every time [Video]

“If this is the difficulty of this year’s university entrance examination then I think it shouldn’t be too difficult”

“I did my best and will listen to destiny.”

“I finished the questions. It was okay and wasn’t very difficult.”

“No, I’m just in a good mood when I look in the mirror.”

The netizens laughed after watching the interview video.

“This little brother is so confident.”

“He did his best and will listen to destiny! Hahahahaha, I think the reporter is going to collapse.”

“My cousin is also a candidate doing this year’s examination and he came back crying, saying that the math questions are particularly difficult. This brother is too calm.”

“He is either a scum or a master. Only then can he have such a style.”

“The funniest one is the fourth interview. Once the brother saw that they met again, he looked so helpless like the reporter is a goblin making trouble for no reason.”

“I’m not really looking for a sense of existence and I’m definitely not a Li Zhao fan. Still, there is a sentence that has been in my heart for a long time. Does anyone think that this little brother’s eyes are very similar to Li Zhao?”

“It is a bit similar. I can understand why the reporter can meet him every time. It is because this brother’s temperament is like a bunch of radish heads. It is too conspicuous.”

“Isn’t Li Zhao making a movie? He also isn’t on this year’s list of artists taking the exam. Isn’t it just that this person looks similar?”

Originally, the Li fans just came over to watch the liveliness. Then after seeing the video, they didn’t dare to talk. They looked left and right, up and down and all felt that this little brother in a hat and mask looked like their baby.

Li Zhao’s team had never released news that Zhao Zhao was going to take the university entrance examination so they didn’t dare to speak, fearing they would cause trouble for Zhao Zhao.

The Li fans didn’t say it but the marketing accounts didn’t have any scruples. They forwarded the post and created heat.

# Li Zhao university entrance examination #

# A handsome man similar to Li Zhao appeared at the examination room #

# The most handsome candidate #

# Li Zhao: I did my best and will listen to destiny #

The related topics crowded the hot topics and the media who had good relationships with Luo Rong and Zhang Xiaoyuan were calling to inquire about the news. However, they were all blocked by the two people.

The artists participating in this year’s university entrance examination had their attention grabbed by Li Zhao and they couldn’t even spend money on marketing. They could only be convinced that this was fate.

The day after the exam ended, Li Zhao pulled Yan Ting and his friends to eat hotpot. These days, he had been eating too light and almost forgot what spiciness tasted like.

His friends were gathered together and he was excited. Li Zhao, who usually didn’t like drinking, couldn’t help drinking a few more glasses. By the time he left the table, he already couldn’t walk in a straight line.

“Zhao Zhao’s alcohol tolerance isn’t good.” Zhu Xia helped Li Zhao put on his hand and handed Li Zhao over to Yan Ting. “Xiao Yan, you send this drunkard back.”

“Yes.” Yan Ting carefully helped Li Zhao to the car before telling Zhu Xia and the others, “You can all go back. I’ll take care of Zhao Zhao.”

Zhu Xia wanted to talk only to stop. She was silent for a moment before smiling. “Zhao Zhao is very happy today.”

Yan Ting bent over to help Li Zhao organize his hat and coat, face a bit soft.

Noting his eyes, Zhu Xia’s voice became lower. “Take good care of him and give him… a home.”

“I will.” Yan Ting took back his hand. “Whatever others have, I can give him, except for…”

“A child.”

Zhu Xia laughed. “It doesn’t matter to us.”

They weren’t loved by parents and weren’t sure how to love children. The fact that they could be loved was already very good.

Zhu Xia and the others left. Yan Ting sat in the car and silently looked at Li Zhao. Then he reached for Li Zhao’s head and let Li Zhao lean on his body. The driver drove the car very slowly and the car filled with the light smell of alcohol.

Li Zhao became a bit sober and without opening his eyes, he knew the person he was leaning on was Yan Ting. “Ting Ting, are we going home?”

“Yes, we’re going home.”

Li Zhao moved. “It’s so nice…”

Yan Ting cocked his head and waited for Li Zhao to continue. However, Li Zhao didn’t continue. He muttered something that should be a line in the script.

“The universe is vast. You and I are just a drop in the ocean. Nothing is worth mentioning in the river of time.”

“I am ambitious…”

Li Zhao suddenly sat up and stared at Yan Ting. “What is the next sentence after I am ambitious?”

Yan Ting couldn’t hold back and reached out to touch Li Zhao’s hot face. He didn’t know what the following line was but he knew he was ambitious.

The drunk Li Zhao suddenly reached for Yan Ting’ wrist. “The world is too beautiful. It hasn’t given up on you so don’t give up on it!”

Yan Ting looked at the hand on his wrist, his expression ambiguous. “Okay.”

‘As long as you are in the world, I won’t give up.’

The next morning, Li Zhao got up from bed and looked at the time. It had already passed the time he arranged to go running with Yan Ting. As he washed and went downstairs, he saw Yan Ting in sportswear coming in from outside.

He stared. Ting Ting went to exercise spontaneously?

“Why are you frozen?” Yan Ting wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Sit at the dining table while I go upstairs to change.”

Li Zhao sent Yan Ting upstairs and then whispered to the housekeeper, “Housekeeper uncle, what’s wrong with Ting Ting?”

The housekeeper smiled brightly. “Mr Li, I don’t know.”

Li Zhao thought about it. Did he say something last night to stimulate Ting Ting?

After the meal, Li Zhao went to the crew and Yan Ting took the car to work.

“I’ll go to the crew to pick you up in the evening.”

Yan Ting declared before going, leaving behind a puzzled Li Zhao. Was it transmigration, rebirth, transmigrating into a book?

Li Zhao returned to the crew and was warmly welcomed. During the filming, Li Zhao asked Xiang Zhen, “Brother Xiang, what can make people change in one night?”

Xiang Zhen looked at Li Zhao with strange eyes. “What have you done?”

“Brother Xiang, don’t drive the train in your head.” the moment he saw Xiang Zhen’s expression, Li Zhao knew this person was thinking crooked things. “Be serious.”

“Where am I not serious? I’m always serious.” Xiang Zhen realized he was going crooked and coughed. “Maybe it is the people around them that is affecting them.”

Li Zhao thought about it and tried to recall what happened when he was drunk last night. There was nothing strange that could stimulate Yan Ting. Unfortunately, a drunk person was irrational and he couldn’t think of anything.

After filming in the afternoon, Li Zhao went to the bathroom and heard two young actors in the drama crew arguing. He was worried there would be a fight and rushed in.

Then the moment he opened the door, he choked. Two big men were fighting with their heads together and faces stuck to each other?

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting hates kindergarten and wants to drop out of kindergarten.

Baby Zhao Zhao gave flowers and sugar to Baby Ting Ting: Kindergarten can be fun and beautiful. Isn’t it good to stay?

Baby Ting Ting eating the cotton candy sent by Baby Zhao Zhao: Okay.


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