VH: Chapter 72

After eating, Li Zhao sat on the sofa. Zhang Xiaoyuan stared at him and wondered how to speak.

The hot topic related to Li Zhao was unexpectedly withdrawn shortly after it went up. Their team didn’t even have time to act. According to a general company’s thinking, they would definitely hype up this matter to try and enhance the audience’s sympathy and tolerance of Li Zhao.

Strawberry Entertainment was a mature company and definitely understood the benefits of this incident. However, the company didn’t do anything and even expressed that it would respect Li Zhao’s choices. The company would fully cooperate with the team’s work.

“The hot topic has been removed and you don’t have to care about the things online.” Any words were lacking at this time. “Rest early in the evening and after a few days, the heat will eventually disappear.”

“I know.” Li Zhao handed a bag of dried fruits to Zhang Xiaoyuan. “Eat while speaking?”

Zhang Xiaoyuan, “……”

It seemed that Li Zhao really was unaffected if he was in the mood to persuade Zhang Xiaoyuan to eat.

“Schedule a talk show for me.” Li Zhao peeled pumpkin seeds. “Many people are concerned about my life and I can’t let them worry.”

“But…” Zhang Xiaoyuan really didn’t want Li Zhao to think about those days.

“The past must always pass.” Li Zhao put the peeled pumpkin seeds on Yan Ting’s palm. “Only when you let go of the past can you face the future.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan was slightly stunned before suddenly smiling again. Yes, that strong boy had grown up and was now stronger than ever.


After discussing the talk show, Li Zhao sent Zhang Xiaoyuan away and sat back down next to Yan Ting. The pumpkin seeds in front of Yan Ting had been piled up into hills. They were all peeled by Li Zhao while he was chatting with Zhang Xiaoyuan.

“Eat.” Li Zhao pulled out his phone. “You don’t know how hard it is to peel whole pumpkin seeds.”

Yan Ting wanted to say, ‘Next time, we’ll buy the ones without the shells.’

Then he saw Li Zhao’s toes and swallowed back the words. He grabbed a blanket to cover Li Zhao.

“I’m happy when eating pumpkin seeds.” Li Zhao leaned on Yan Ting. “If your mood isn’t good then it is easy to become old quickly.”

Yan Ting didn’t speak.

“Still unhappy?” Li Zhao put down his phone and chuckled. “I’ve long forgotten the past. Why are you the one sulking instead?”

“10 years ago, I was 18.” Yan Ting rubbed his temple. “I could’ve helped you.”

“What silly words are you saying? We didn’t know each other at the time. You didn’t know me so how could you help?” Li Zhao patted his stomach. “I don’t have Doraemon’s pocket here to take out a door to any time and space.”

Yan Ting reached out and rubbed Li Zhao’s head, as if coaxing a three year old child. “Then I’ll fill your pocket for you.”

“A man’s head can’t be touched.” Li Zhao rubbed Yan Ting’s hair in return. “I’m living very well now. Don’t sulk about the past. It isn’t worth it.”

Li Zhao continued, “I’m not angry yet you’re still angry. Are you stupid?”

Yan Ting didn’t know if he was stupid or not. He only knew that if he could return to 10 years ago, he would take Zhao Zhao away, giving him the best clothes, the best education and the most interesting toys, never allowing him to be wronged.

“The university entrance examination is a few months away. Do you want to try it?”

This question made the still smiling Li Zhao stunned. “Why are you bringing up this matter?”

“It isn’t too late to study.” Yan Ting wasn’t good at persuading others but in front of Li Zhao, he seemed extra cautious. “You’re so smart, you will definitely get good grades.”

Li Zhao touched his phone and didn’t speak. He looked up at Yan Ting. Yan Ting was watching him, tolerating everything about him.

“Okay.” Li Zhao smiled. “I can always try.”

“Then I will arrange the various procedures to take the university entrance examination.” Yan Ting thought about it. “Starting tomorrow morning, remember to drink a bowl of fish soup.”


“Replenish your brain.”

In the blink of an eye, Yan Ting became a serious parent of a child doing the university entrance examination. In order to be a qualified parent, he also sent a message to his circle of friends.

[Yan Ting: The child at home is going to take the university entrance examination this year. What do parents need to do?]

This circle of friends post still excluded Li Zhao as usual. That night, Yan Ting received a public article from the company’s senior management on nutritious meals as well as various simulation papers and parental notes.

After making a list of all the mock exam volumes, Yan Ting frowned. There were so many. Which one was the best? He silently deleted this form. These things weren’t expensive. First, he would collect more suggestions from other parents and then buy these papers.

Early the next morning, Zhu Xia and a few other friends rushed over and the housekeeper welcomed them warmly.

Zhu Linlin whispered in Chen Xiaojun’s ear, “Zhao Zhao’s friend is very particular. They even iron the newspaper.”

In the current information age, there weren’t many people reading newspapers, let alone iron newspapers. This wasn’t a novel where rich people paid attention to what others did. (In the past, housekeepers would iron newspapers for their masters to dry the ink and prevent ink from getting on their master’s hands.)

Zhu Xia turned to smile at Zhu Linlin but she was roaring inside. This was the home of Canghuan’s boss so it was right to pay attention to it. The four of them were whispering together when Yan Ting came down from upstairs.

“Zhao Zhao went to bed late last night so I didn’t let anyone wake him up.” Yan Ting came up to them and said, “Guests, I welcome you.”

“We came too early.” Zhu Xia smiled at Yan Ting. “Bo… Xiao…”

It wasn’t appropriate to call him boss or Xiao Yan. It was too difficult for her.

“Sister Xia, just call me Xiao Yan.” Yan Ting knew they were worried about Li Zhao, which was why they had come so early. “You don’t have to worry. All the hot topics on the Internet have been removed and Zhao Zhao hasn’t been affected much.”

“Yan Ting, thank you for being with Zhao Zhao.” Zhu Xia smiled bitterly. “Zhao Zhao is too sensible. He won’t say it even if he is wronged. Fortunately, you are here so I can rest assured.”

“These are all things I should do.” Yan Ting didn’t like people saying thank you because it made him feel that Zhao Zhao was more familiar and intimate with these people.

After a while, Zhu Xia heard footsteps from upstairs and looked up. She saw Li Zhao wearing pyjamas, his hair messy and he didn’t seem to be fully awake yet. Looking at the housekeeper’s ordinary appearance, Zhu Xia was almost certain that Li Zhao lived with Yan Ting when he wasn’t filming.

“Sister Xia, Brother Ming, Brother Xiaojun, Sister Linlin, you’re early.” Li Zhao went to Yan Ting’s side and naturally leaned his head against Yan Ting while yawning. “I slept too late yesterday and didn’t even go for a run today.”

The four people saw that Li Zhao’s expression was normal and were relieved.

“Why do you want to run? Aren’t we going to have a barbecue?” Zhu Xia reached out to pat him on the head. Just before she patted him, Yan Ting’s hand was faster than her and stopped on Li Zhao’s head.

“I will go upstairs to change my clothes.” Li Zhao got up. “Ting Ting, wait five minutes for me to come down and I’ll have breakfast with you.”

Zhu Xia quietly retracted her hand, pretending that nothing happened.

The baby had a ‘daughter-in-law’ so as the big sister, she should be at ease. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was a big problem. She should study hard.

After breakfast, the barbecue was set up in the yard. Li Zhao pulled the clumsy Yan Ting and taught him how to cook on a barbecue.

The housekeeper uncle stood not far away, watching Yan Ting be commanded by Li Zhao in a bewildered manner. The housekeeper uncle couldn’t conceal the smile on his face.


“Li Zhao as a child… was really so miserable?” In the dressing room, Song Yu read the news about Li Zhao and his mood became very complicated.

In the Overbearing Female President crew, he had laughed at Li Zhao for being poor. Now his conscience was struggling very hard.

No wonder why Li Zhao always ate cleanly when Song Yu bought him high-calorie foods. No wonder why Li Zhao pretended not to understand whenever Song Yu sneered at him and still took the food boxes with a smile.

Li Zhao was so abused and almost lost his life. Yet Song Yu relied on his foresight dream and wanted to take away the resources originally belonging to Li Zhao. He was nothing but a scum. If he wasn’t popular then he would go home and inherit his property at most. If Li Zhao wasn’t popular then he would have nothing.

Song Yu stared at the photo where the entire child’s body was wounded but didn’t dare to read it again. He started to rejoice that even though he changed roles, Li Zhao was still popular.

“Xiao Yu, the show is ready to shoot.” The assistant came in to remind Song Yu.

The Love variety show wasn’t well received and a guest withdrew halfway through. Song Yu came in to fill this vacancy.

“Don’t worry, let them come in and shoot casually.” He was scolded by netizens every day and Song Yu didn’t have the baggage of an idol. He didn’t look at the camera as he released Li Zhao’s name from the WeChat blacklist.

Then he frantically started to give Li Zhao red envelopes. It was better to send a huge sum of money than to ask about his life.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: ???

My Land Under Heaven: Spiritual compensation.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: Say it, what online rumours do you want me to help you clarify?

My Land Under Heaven: Can’t I send you red envelopes for no reason? I have a lot of money and I’m willing.

After sending this, Song Yu regretted it and awkwardly withdrew the message. He wrote: If someone sends it then accept it. Why are you asking so much?

Many red envelopes were sent and some of Song Yu’s inner guilt was finally released.

“Xiao Yu, have you seen our program before participating in it?”

“I’ve seen a bit.”

“What do you think of the other guests?”

Song Yu gave perfunctory praises.

“What about Xu Bei? You are actors of the same age and there are many netizens on the Internet comparing you with Xu Bei. Will you be friends after recording this program?”

What was Xu Bei? Did this person deserve to be compared to him? He was a bit hot but it hadn’t reached that point, had it?

Some time ago, Xu Bei bought articles to step on Li Zhao. As a result, the face value difference was so large that it attracted ridicule from passersby. Li Zhao’s studio hadn’t even made a move and Xu Bei’s side died first.

In Song Yu’s dream, the variety show Love contained Li Zhao but no Xu Bei. After the program was broadcasted, the ratings shot all the way up. At the end of the season, Li Zhao had become the national son-in-law in the hearts of the mothers.

As a result, the national son-in-law Li Zhao never appeared and the ratings of Love had fallen. One of the guests had even run away and Song Yu was pulled in. According to the law that Heaven’s son couldn’t be offended, My Immortal Girlfriend might also be ruined.

This Xu Bei seemed particularly interested in all the resources that originally belonged to Li Zhao in Song Yu’s prediction dream.

Did Xu Bei also have a dream?

“Becoming friends requires fate.” Song Yu smiled at the camera.

Oh, he would definitely never be friends with a stupid man who would die.


After Li Zhao’s life came to light, the follow-up development allowed many people to see the good side of humanity.

Some official Weibos praised this as a flashpoint of human nature and some praised that the local department did a good job 10 years ago. Although many people were curious about Li Zhao’s life in his childhood, few people mentioned it in order to not expose his scars.

Therefore, once Li Zhao became a guest of Green Pepper Entertainment’s live chat, it attracted the attention of countless netizens and squeezed the server of Green Pepper Entertainment to a certain extent.

After the polite greeting, the conversation became more serious.

“Recently, there has been a lot of news about you online. The netizens are very worried about you. Do you have anything to say to the fans and netizens?”

Li Zhao stood up and bowed deeply to the live broadcast camera. “Thank you. The child you protected back then has grown up well. Don’t worry about him anymore. He has a good life.”

Qi Qi was in her early 30s. She had her own house, a stable job and a cat. She didn’t like to chase stars but once she learned that Li Zhao was the child who made her distressed in the past, she paid attention to his account.

She learned that Li Zhao would participate in a live talk show and turned on her mobile phone after work to enter the live broadcast. The fat cat lay on her knees lazily like an uncle. Once she saw Li Zhao get up and bow, she wanted to laugh and cry.

10 years have passed. He was doing fine, he had no bruises on his body, thick hair on his head and no scars. It was nice.

The host asked, “Have you had a hard time all these years?”

Li Zhao shook his head. “It wasn’t hard. I’ve been very happy the last 10 years. In particular, this past year has made me feel that I’m a very lucky person.”

“Why do you say that?” The host was a bit surprised. At this time, the guests should be trying their best to show the hardships they had suffered and the difficulties they had encountered, so their audience could emotionally resonate with them.

In the quiet study room, Yan Ting sat on a chair and looked at Li Zhao on the screen. It was only in a place where Li Zhao couldn’t see that he dared to watch Li Zhao so indiscriminately and unabashedly.

“10 years ago, the aunt sitting in the car with me was very nice. She comforted me along the way and told me not to be afraid. She told me the story of the little bug.” Li Zhao recalled what happened 10 years ago and the smile on his face didn’t go away. “She told me that a heron has very long legs and a toucan has a very large beak.”

The host had red eyes and couldn’t interrupt Li Zhao’s words.

“Don’t think my life is bitter. In fact, the welfare home is very good. We get new clothes every quarter and there are many volunteers who come to play with us.” Li Zhao smiled and extended two fingers. “In addition, we can eat chicken drumsticks every week. The food is super good.”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Wu wu wu, my Zhao Zhao is so miserable.

Baby Zhao Zhao: I’m not miserable at all. I can eat two chicken drumsticks a week.

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9 months ago

YuYu is such a kind child, I wish he’d show up more and be good friends with Zhao Zhao.
And I’m so distressed for Zhao Zhao, I think I’ll feed my lil bro chicken drumsticks in his place😢

5 months ago

I think SY def has a great character development so far, he’s still the pretentious/entitled person he is but he is learning to feel empathy and that’s great!

also someone mentioned why are danmei obsessed w feet bcs of smth in an earlier chapter and I didn’t see it then but now I do LOL. (w the toes being mentioned.)

5 months ago

The mind is a powerful place. It’s all in your head how u view ur life. Some people find misery even they have a house and a car they still think their life sucks and not great. Sure everyone have problem. But there’s some people out there who really live miserably like our Baby zhao zhao yet still think life is beautiful and be grateful everyday n be happy for each little thing that people often take for granted. If u have positive n strong mentality n always b grateful for every little thing u can find happiness even in harsh life. Not everyone will agree with me that because they just don’t have this mindset.

3 months ago

😭😭😭 my heart hurt so much. My sister recently been so active volunteering at the orphanage so I get to see it upclose, this novel struck my heart.