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VH: Chapter 70

By the time Zhu Xia and Zhou Ming returned to the box, Li Zhao had fallen asleep on Yan Ting. Zhou Ming saw the two people snuggling with each other and was embarrassed to watch. He sat in the corner and pretended to play with his phone.

Zhu Xia was ready to speak when Yan Ting raised an index finger to his mouth. “Shh, speak in a whisper.”

Zhu Xia and Zhou Ming, who also stayed up all night, “…”

Zhu Xia sat silently on a chair and pretended she didn’t exist. There were exquisite dishes on the table but no one moved to eat them.

“You eat first,” Yan Ting whispered, “You don’t have to wait for Zhao Zhao.”

Zhu Xia and Zhou Ming were really hungry so there was no fake politeness. They picked up the chopsticks and grabbed at the dishes. Both of them were pragmatic and eating quickly wouldn’t make them feel ugly.

This stemmed from their education at the welfare home. Their teachers taught them polite eating postures and how to become useful people in society. There weren’t many healthy children like them in the welfare home because most of them had already been adopted. Several of them had been sent to the welfare home from before they could remember and didn’t want to go to strange families.

There were several dishes that Zhou Ming and Zhu Xia didn’t touch. Although they didn’t say anything, Yan Ting knew they had left them for Li Zhao.

After eating, Zhu Xia saw Li Zhao move twice. Then Yan Ting reached out in an extremely natural manner to pat his back gently, as if coaxing a child who couldn’t sleep. Soon, Li Zhao’s entire body leaned on Yan Ting’s lap. Yan Ting took off his suit jacket and covered him.

Zhou Ming had always felt awkward in his heart. This Yan Ting looked rich and had connections. He was several years older than their Zhao Zhao and Zhou Ming was worried that Yan Ting was cheating Li Zhao’s feelings.

Now watching Yan Ting’s every move, he gradually saw that Yan Ting was sincere to Zhao Zhao. However, he was afraid and didn’t want Zhao Zhao to face rumours at a young age. He had a different vision of the world.

The room was very quiet. Zhou Ming didn’t know how to speak and Zhu Xia didn’t dare to speak. Yan Ting’s attention was all on Li Zhao and he had no intention of speaking. It wasn’t until there was a knock on the door that the silence inside was broken.

Yan Ting subconsciously wanted to reach out and cover Li Zhao’s ears but Li Zhao woke up first. On the past two years of running around crews, Li Zhao had developed the habit of waking up immediately in case of trouble.

“I’m so sleepy.” He lay on Yan Ting’s lap. Then he remembered what Yan Ting had said to him before falling asleep and his mood suddenly brightened.

Zhu Xia glanced at Yan Ting before smiling at Li Zhao. “You’re finally awake. Have something to eat.”

The door opened and Chen Xiaojun in a suit and tie led the beautiful bride inside, sighing with relief. “We have greeted all the guests so I came here with Lin Lin to grab something to eat.”

On the wedding day, the bride and groom were the busiest and most tired people. It was only after sending away the guests that they had time to eat.

Li Zhao saw that Yan Ting’s bowl was clean. “Ting Ting, why haven’t you eaten?”

He took off the chopsticks’ sanitary cover and touched the dish to check the heat. “Wait, these dishes are a bit cold. I will ask the waiter to bring in some more.”

“You don’t need to be so particular. We just need to eat something.” Chen Xiaojun picked up the chopsticks and gave Lin Lin her favourite dishes.

“No, Ting Ting isn’t in good health and can’t eat anything too cold.” Li Zhao took the electronic ordering menu and added a few hot dishes.”

“Um, I was wondering why you suddenly became so particular.” Chen Xiaojun wolfed down a few dishes, wiped his mouth clean and poured himself a glass of wine. “Sister Xia, Brother Ming, Zhao Zhao and Mr Yan, thank you for giving me a perfect wedding with Lin Lin.”

Which man didn’t want to prepare a dream wedding for his beloved woman? He was lucky enough to have these friends, so that he didn’t regret the wedding.

“Lin Lin, let me introduce you. This is Zhao Zhao’s life-saving good brother, Yan Ting.” Chen Xiaojun realized that Lin Lin didn’t know Yan Ting and made the introductions.

“Hello Mr Yan.” Lin Lin liked Chen Xiaojun’s friends. She could see how much energy and manpower they had put into this wedding. Those who gossiped about here were all showing off in their friends group or chat groups about how luxurious the wedding was.

“Hello.” Yan Ting nodded at the two people.

Lin Lin had long heard Chen Xiaojun mention that Li Zhao had a very good friend who didn’t like to talk or smile. However, he was very good and was the one to arrange the hotel venue and wedding car.

The waiter served the dishes very quickly and it didn’t take long for the dishes that Li Zhao ordered to arrive.

“Eat.” Li Zhao used the public chopsticks to give a few dishes to Yan Ting. These were all dishes that Yan Ting was more willing to eat.

Zhu Xia whispered with Zhu Xia about their families. Since the two people had the same surname, they were particularly close. Chen Xiaojun and Zhu Xia were ruthlessly forgotten beside them and there was no sense of existence.

“Sister Xia is so excellent that she was transferred to Cang Huan’s headquarters.” Zhu Linlin looked at Zhu Xia with obvious admiration. “A boy in my class entered Cang Huan’s branch office to work and sent three posts a week to his circle of friends to show off.”

Zhu Xia gulped and turned to stare at Yan Ting, who was looking at the food that LI Zhao gave him. What was so good about this? They were sitting at the same table as the big boss. After eating, Li Zhao and the others didn’t have the habit of making trouble. They helped the young couple say goodbye to the relatives on the female side who hadn’t left. Li Zhao didn’t want Yan Ting to be subjected to these things and advised him to go back first.

“I’ll wait for you to come back.” Yan Ting knew he couldn’t help and staying here would distract Li Zhao. He reached out to help Li Zhao organize his hat before leaving by car.

Meanwhile, Li Zhao’s photo of him acting as the best man for his friend had been posted online by the guests and was attracting considerable attention. Since Seclusion Mountain Forest became popular, any news related to Li Zhao would arouse curiosity from passersby.

“After watching Li Zhao’s dance at the wedding, I can only say it is fortunate that he is just an actor.”

“That waist and his legs, if he went to be an idol then he would take lives.”

“A mosaic is for amateurs. Is this trash marketing account not human?”

“I heard that the groom is a good friend of Li Zhao and they grew up together. In order to prepare for this wedding, he didn’t sleep all night. Li Zhao has no sense of superiority at all.”

“The people around Li Zhao seem to all be rich except for Li Zhao. I saw the blogger who broke this news that a fleet of cars was sent out for the bride and groom. Each car was a limited edition luxury car. Does the groom have a mine at home?”

“He is poor while all his friends are rich. Is this a tragedy or a comedy?”

“Perhaps the groom is Li Zhao’s relocation household tyrant that he mentioned. Otherwise, why would he sacrifice so much to be a big star when he could just hug the local tyrant’s thigh?”

“Upstairs sunspot, don’t pretend to be a passerby. Haven’t you seen the blogger clarify that the groom isn’t the relocation tyrant. If you want to be black, don’t hide it.”

“Thank you for the efforts of the sunspots. Everyone, please watch Seclusion Mountain Forest tonight on Channel 9 of the national channel.”

“Our family’s Zhao Zhao is a poor child and it isn’t easy to earn a few red envelopes to give to his friend as the best man. Please give him a hand.”

#Li Zhao best man# became a hot topic. Xu Bei, who was searching the top 10 list when he opened Weibo, wanted to pretend all these things didn’t exist but he couldn’t ignore it.

In his memory, Li Zhao did become a hot topic because he was his friend’s best man. During that time, Li Zhao became popular all over the Internet because he participated in the Love variety show. Not only did the female netizens say they didn’t want Li Zhao to be the best man, they all wanted him to be their groom.

This time, Li Zhao didn’t participate in Love and it was Xu Bei who replaced him. However, Li Zhao still relied on another variety show to become hot while the Love producer was ridiculed due to the poor ratings. Even the advertising sponsors frequently expressed dissatisfaction.

The producers weren’t happy and the guests filmed with all their efforts. As a result, the ratings and discussions weren’t as good as Seclusion Mountain Forest next door. Who would feel comfortable? The phone rang and once he picked it up, he heard a woman crying.

“You were dismissed?” Xu Bei was surprised. In his memory, Wei Tian would be valued by Qin Xiao for her outstanding work ability and she finally appeared at Yan Ting’s funeral. Otherwise, why would he bother to catch Wei Tian and enter a relationship with her?

There were so many beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Why would he like a porridge like Wei Tian? How could a female elite who gained the trust of Qin Xiao fail to even pass the internship period and was dismissed by Cang Huan?

“Don’t cry.” There was a storm in Xu Bei’s heart but he didn’t show it. “Your ability means that people will be rushing to have you, no matter what company you go to. What is Cang Huan?”

“Even if you don’t want to go to work, I can support you.”

Wei Tian was coaxed by her boyfriend and hung up the phone with a smile. Then worry gradually infected her heart again.

In the past two days, she had sent a lot of resumes, like throwing stones into the sea. Sometimes she would receive a request for an interview but the interviewer looked at her with eyes that weren’t quite right, as if she had done something shameful. Could it be that after she was dismissed, Cang Huan’s personnel department had said bad things about her to the outside world?

On the other side of the phone, Xu Bei was in a terrible mood. Wei Tian was useless if she couldn’t be Qin Xiao’s confidant but he couldn’t turn his face from her right now. Instead, he needed to coax her and depend on her in case she made trouble.

What went wrong? Xu Bei felt a bit of uneasiness in his heart. The advantages he gained from his memories seemed to have all disappeared.

Calm down, calm down.

There was still the drama My Immortal Girlfriend. Once it was filmed, this drama would definitely be popular.

So what if Li Zhao had a moment of popularity? He had accepted the movie Shadow of the Sky, which would eventually stop filming halfway through. Finally, even the director jumped off a building and committed suicide. Sooner or later, Li Zhao’s popularity would be lost.

Yes, Xu Bei still had a chance to make a comeback.


In the beginning, the fans of the guests on Love stepped on Seclusion Mountain Forest on the Internet. However, as Seclusion Mountain Forest gained more and more love from the views, they didn’t dare to make trouble for Seclusion Mountain Forest and eventually became to internally tear each other apart.

Fans of Guest A tore at Guest B, fans of Guest B tore at guests A and C, etc. This happened almost daily after Love was broadcasted.

One look or one sentence from the guest might have ulterior motives. The fans insulted the other guests on Weibo, making a mess. Passersby who heard about the Love program only thought of the arguments and the accumulated goodwill from the last season was gradually consumed by the arguing between fans and the less interesting program content.

At 9 in the evening, Mountain Foerest was shown on time. The opening was still the staff knocking on the door of the guests’ house.

“Zhao Zhao has finally learned to be smart and packed his suitcase in advance.”

“The program group is eating their breakfast with confidence.”

The program group asked Li Zhao to pick up plastic bottles outside the airport. As a result, he saw countless people wearing red scarves and picking up garbage from the ground.

“People who care for the environment are great!”

“Hahahahahaha. Zhao Zhao’s dull and shocked eyes are too real.”

“I can hear the laughter of the cameraman big brother who is gloating over his misfortune.

“There aren’t human. Even adding erhu sound effects, do they want to shame my baby?”

Just as everyone thought it was already the peak of the show’s comedy, they saw Li Zhao wearing a grey jacket and walking down the street with a broken snakeskin bag, picking up rubbish.

“For a while, I don’t know if it is the show’s crew who is bad or the guest.”

“I think… this scene is a bit familiar.”

“Sister upstairs, I feel the same.”

Then everyone saw a man come to Li Zhao and ask if Li Zhao was someone picking up trash. When Li Zhao dared to nod, they all laughed and hit their thighs.

“One dares to ask and one dares to nod. Last time, Zhao Zhao took the title of enthusiastic citizen and appeared on the news. This time, he appeared on a live broadcast as someone picking up trash. What type of magical physique is this? Hahahahaha.:

“Hahahaha, the earth is my home and the environment depends on everyone, hahahahahahaha.”

“Does the live show host know that he is interviewing a star pretending to be a trash picker?”

“I’ll answer this question. He doesn’t know!”

“Not only does he not know, when fans guessed that this trash picker sounded like Li Zhao, how declared that it couldn’t possibly by the hot star Li Zhao. If it really is Li Zhao then he is willing to eat a keyboard live.”

“Lighting a candle for this blogger.”

“Lighting a candle +1.”

Potato Scrambled Egg had opened a live room and was chatting with fans when many passersby suddenly entered the live room. The comments area was all full of ‘lighting a candle’ and ‘hahahaha’, making him feel confused.

Was it funny when he talked to fans about how to successfully kill a ball cactus? Were these people lighting a candle plant protectors?

His mobile phone rang and it was the staff from Green Pepper Live. Why did the staff of Green Pepper Live call him? Had he made a mistake? He nervously answered the phone. Potato Scrambled Egg didn’t even have a chance to speak when he heard the staff say, “When you live broadcast yourself eating a keyboard, the company can provide a free keyboard.”


Potato Scrambled Egg was in a daze. Why should he eat a keyboard?

“Previously, didn’t you go out and interview a trash picker on  air?”

“It seems like that happened?”

“At that time, some fans said this trash picker was a bit like Li Zhao. What did you say to them?”

“I said…” Potato Scrambled Egg stammered, “I-Is he really Li Zhao?”

“Congratulations, that’s right.” The Green Pepper Live staff spoke sympathetically. “Congratulations on your interview with Li Zhao who was recording a show. Now the entire Internet knows you are going to livestream yourself eating a keyboard.”

Potato Scrambled Egg, “……”

Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do? No, what program was so ruthless that they would have their guests pick up trash?

Potato Scrambled Egg hurriedly ended the live broadcast and searched the Internet. It turned out to be the popular Seclusion Mountain Forest. Originally, he just wanted to find out the style of the show. Unexpectedly, he ended up following it. In just five minutes, he laughed several times. It turned out that a national channel variety show could be so fun and the guests could have it so hard.

Once the mother who lost her child appeared, all the joy became silent.

“I was laughing when Little Sunflower was thrown out the door but when Zhao Zhao was able to get the ingredients from the refrigerator. Then I heard the older sister talking about what happened and I cried like a dog.”

“I’m old and my eye sockets are shallow. I can’t hold back the tears.”

The Seclusion Mountain Forest official Weibo sent a message about the lost child and the six guests as well as Da Liu who was bitten by the dog all forwarded it.

“I don’t know how to describe my mood. This is indeed worthy of the national channel’s variety show. Despite knowing that the content doesn’t match with the overall style of the program, they will still show a clop to help the mother.”

“The entire country has seen this mother’s thoughts and persistence. Her child will surely be found.”

“Human traffickers should explode!”

“Zhao Zhao is right. The child loved by his mother must be a lucky child and he will surely return to his mother’s side safely.”

“Zhao Zhao’s eyes were really gentle when he looked at that big sister. I understand a little bit about why she opened the door to Li Zhao. Perhaps Zhao Zhao looks a bit like her child, even though she knows it isn’t him.”

“The upstairs is a tears harvester. I want to cry.”

“The focus is on poor villages, vulnerable groups and caring for the environment. Although the form in which it is expressed is different, the core is still the national channel. The older I get, the more I love to watch this type of responsible program.”

“I’m older than 00 and I also like to watch this show.”

“00 here reporting.”

The show was still going on when at this time, a paparazzi marketing account suddenly broke big news.

XX Broke the News: Why did a child who was abused by his adoptive parents and sent to the orphanage 10 years ago become a popular star? Is it a blessing from Heaven or the support of a gold master?

The moment this Weibo post came out, countless passersby were excited. What was this big melon?

After finishing dinner at Chen Xiaojun’s house, Li Zhao was rushing home to supervise Yan Ting’s meal. He had just reached the entrance of Chen Xiaojun’s house and hadn’t even changed from his slippers when he received a call from Zhang Xiaoyuan.

“Zhao Zhao…” Zhang Xiaoyuan’s voice sounded a bit wrong. “You wait for me at Chen Xiaojun’s house. I will come over to pick you up.”

He didn’t have time to hang up on Zhang Xiaoyuan when there was a knock on the door. Li Zhao opened the door and saw Yan Ting panting outside. “Ting Ting?”

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting heard that Zhao Zhao was crying. He dropped his bag, put on his shoes and ran out.

He was going to pick Zhao Zhao up to go home.


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