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VH: Chapter 69

Once Wei Tian left the company and returned home, she called her boyfriend.

The two of them exchanged sweet words before Wei Tian mentioned Li Zhao. “You guessed right. Li Zhao has something to do with a high-ranking member of Cang Huan. I suspect it is… Yan Ting.”

“It can’t be him!” Her boyfriend cut her off. “Anyone else is possible but Yan Ting is impossible.”


“Don’t ask why.” Her boyfriend’s tone was irritable but he quickly calmed down. “Tian Tian, except for Yan Ting, who do you think is most likely to be with Li Zhao?”

If it wasn’t for internal management taking care of Li Zhao, the high level executive would never bluntly express appreciation of Li Zhao’s performance on a television program.

“I… I…” Wei Tian didn’t want her boyfriend to be unhappy and carefully thought about it. “Qin Xiao, it can be Qin Xiao.”

“Last time, a person who looked like Li Zhao came to deliver a meal. Qin Xiao personally came down to take this person upstairs.” Wei Tian told him all the information she knew. “In addition, at Cang Huan’s annual meeting, Qin Xiao learned that Li Zhao’s seat was taken away by Lu Renyi and directly brought Li Zhao to sit next to himself. To make Li Zhao happy, he even brought a high-end laptop and pretended that Li Zhao won it.”

“Yes, you sent me a message about it at the time., How did I forget?” Her boyfriend spoke on the phone. “He has been Yan Ting’s messenger all these years. Aside from him, who else could make an executive brag about an artist?”

“But… why can’t it be Yan Ting?” Wei Tian hesitantly opened her mouth. “Who would dare to use their power for private matters under Yan Ting’s eyes?”

“Do you think that the present Yan Ting is currently in charge of Canghuan’s life or death?” Her boyfriend sneered. “Qin Xiao would definitely dare.”

Apart from Qin Xiao who knew Yan Ting’s condition, who else would dare to do such a thing?”

“What do you mean?” Wei Tian had a bad feeling.

“You’ll soon understand.” There seemed to be some expectations in her boyfriend’s laughter. “Hasn’t he stopped coming to the company often in recent months?”

“The office floor where Yan Ting is located usually doesn’t let people move around and he doesn’t show up in the assistant department. I can’t judge if he came to the company or not.” Wei Tian gritted her teeth. “The old employees in the assistant department seem easy to get along with but they are actually tight-lipped. It is hard to get information from them.”

“My dear, it is hard on you.” Her boyfriend’s tone was soft. “My business isn’t important. First, take care of yourself or I will be distressed.”

Wei Tian’s face was red. “Don’t worry, I will help you discover it.”

However, when Wei Tian went to the company the next day, she found she had no chance to check it. She had just got to the office when she was informed by the personnel department that she was fired from her internship due to violating company regulations.

Wei Tian received this notice from the personnel department and found it ridiculous. She was a top student from a famous school, knew many languages and had won many awards at competitions. Yet Cang Huan actually dismissed her during her internship?

Her usually smiling colleagues didn’t try to keep her or help her after learning she was fired. They just falsely wished her a happy life. She even suspected that she was dismissed due to these colleagues.

Who was it? Was it one of the new interns like her or Zhu Xia, who was transferred from a branch office? No, it couldn’t be. These three people didn’t avoid her eyes and even looked surprised. They apparently also just learned the news.

Suddenly, she thought of a possibility. Li Zhao! Qin Xiao found out about the incident that occurred in the lobby yesterday afternoon. Qin Xiao! It must be him. He only had to say one word and the president’s office could dismiss an employee.

She found a cardboard box and put all her personal belongings in it. As she walked to the door, she looked back at the office where she had worked for several months. Her colleagues were all looking down and no one came to see her off. Like this huge company, these colleagues looked superior but they were actually inhuman.

Once Wei Tian left, all the colleagues who had been busy working stopped moving.

“She tried to peek at the contents of the file in my hand several times.”

“I let her see the wrong file a few days ago.”

“I accidentally showed her a document with the wrong data the other day.”

The people who could stay in the president’s office of Cang Huan were all elites of the elite. They were gentle and considerate to the interns so the interns forgot about their elite identity and treated them as ordinary brothers and sisters.

It was only in this way that people with ulterior motives would show themselves. Wei Tian thought she was extremely smart but her colleagues had started to doubt her two months ago.

The other two interns hadn’t expected Wei Tian to be a commercial spy and their faces were white. In particular, the girl who graduated from the same school as Wei Tian was fidgety as she typed on the keyboard, not knowing how to prove that she had nothing to do with Wei Tian.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Xia inwardly shook her head. The young graduates’ mental quality still wasn’t comparable to the old workers who had been in business. The veteran employees dared to say this in front of them, proving that these interns had no problem. It was just like how her colleague asking her to go upstairs to hand over documents was a hint that she was trusted internally.

At noon, Zhu Xia opened her WeChat group and talked to Li Zhao.

A Blossoming Voice: Zhao Zhao, the suspicious Wei Tian was fired by the company @Zhao Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck

Li Zhao quickly returned the message.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: So fast? I just told Ting Ting about it on the way back from the company yesterday @Yan Ting

Yesterday, he had talked to Sister Xia about Wei Tian’s strangeness in the lounge and on the way home, he reminded Yan Ting again. He didn’t understand office matters but if anyone was suspicious, he must tell Ting Ting so that Ting Ting could be on guard. In many TV series, the protagonist was trapped by the villain because they were clearly suspicious of the villain yet didn’t say anything. It was only when they were half dead that it was solved.

Seeing Zhao Zhao ping Yan Ting in the group, Zhu Xia found that she was in the wrong chat group. The Family and Friends Love Each Other had Yan Ting.

This was the bad thing about opening my groups. Things could go wrong if you weren’t careful. Zhu Xia wanted to withdraw the message she just sent so it would be like nothing happened. However, the boss with a smiley emoji appeared.

Yan Ting: I called Special Assistant Qin last night. After a night of investigation, she was dismissed [Smile]

Zhu Xia saw the smile and felt that the big boss was abusing her.

Zhao Zhao Has Good Luck: This type of person is dismissed and I don’t have to worry about you and Sister Xia being pitted [smile]

Zhu Xia, “……”

It turned out that the big boss was distorted by Zhao Zhao. Looking closer, this smiling face was also pretty cute. Simple and honest, with a bit of innocence.


Friday was the date of Zhu Linlin’s marriage to her boyfriend, Chen Xiaojun. Although some people laughed at her for marrying a someone with no family, she still chose him. If she was in danger, this man was willing to use his life to protect her. Every holiday, he would carefully prepare gifts for her instead of asking her to suffer for him.

Her bridesmaids were her university roommates. Around 3 a.m, she got up from bed and her bridesmaids surrounded her. “Lin Lin, you said that Chen Xiaojun arranged a makeup artist and wedding dress for you. Will it be late?”

“No.” Lin Lin believed in her boyfriend.

“I heard that some makeup artists are deliberately late on the day of marriage in order to get more money…”

The doorbell rang before the words were finished. Once they opened the door, they saw a few well-dressed men and women carrying makeup boxes, clothing boxes and jewellery boxes.

“Hello Miss Zhu, we are the image designers arranged by Mr Chen to make your bridal look.” The head makeup artist opened the jewellery box which contained a dazzling bridal crown, earrings and necklaces.

The bridesmaids’ eyes widened. How much did Chen Xiaojun spend that he invited such professional makeup artists? Once Lin Lin put on the beautiful wedding dress and heard that these makeup artists were a team specifically for styling artists, all of them were envious of Zhu Linlin.

Everyone was envious of her but only she was worried that Chen Xiaojun was spending too much money. During the gap when the hair stylist was doing her hair, she opened the chat group that Sister Xia built. She found that the group was very lively and then looked at the time of the messages. In order to arrange this wedding, Xiaojun’s friends almost hadn’t slept all night. It included Xiaojun’s famous celebrity friend.

“Miss Zhu is so beautiful. You will definitely be the happiest bride.” The hair stylist chose a tiara for her. “I wish you and Mr Chen a happy life together for 100 years.”

“Thank you.” Lin Lin sent them a red envelope.

“Oh, we received two red envelopes today and will receive a lot of joy.” These people were arranged by Li Zhao and said a series of praises before leaving. Once they left, the bridesmaids madly surrounded Zhu Linlin and questioned her.

Who said that Lin Lin was marrying a shabby person? Could a shabby person arrange for celebrity makeup artists?

Once the relatives of the Zhu family saw the huge luxury cars greeting them, they were shocked. The marriage of the Zhu family’s daughter was too elaborate. This car alone would cost a lot of money. The rental fee of these luxury cars was calculated by the hour.

“Looking at the car, it seems to be a limited car worth tens of millions of yuan?”

“It isn’t just ‘like’, it is.” A young man scanned the car in front of him with a car recognition software and looked dull. “It is the type of car that you can’t rent with money, okay?”

This son-in-law of the Zhu family, what background and connections did he have?

The banquet was held in a world-famous luxury hotel, the wedding fleet was full of luxury cars and apparently a star was invited as the best man? Zhu Linlin’s parents, who hadn’t been very satisfied with Chen Xiaojun, became extremely satisfied once they saw all the envious eyes. A man who was willing to spend so much preparing for their daughter’s marriage must be sincere to their daughter.

For Chen Xiaojun’s marriage, Li Zhao and the others hadn’t slept all night. At the wedding, he accompanied the groom to dance for the bride. After the groom and bride held hands, Li Zhao quietly left. In order to avoid causing a riot, Li Zhao greeted the Zhu family and then hid in a box.

Yan Ting was already waiting for him in the box. He sat next to Yan Ting and couldn’t help yawning. After the excitement he passed, he became sleepy.

“Sleep on me for a bit and I’ll wake you up when the bride and groom come over.”

“Okay.” Li Zhao leaned on Yan Ting. “Sister Xia and Brother Ming can accompany each other. Brother Xiaojun has Sister Lin Lin. From now on, they don’t have to be alone anymore. It is nice.”

Yan Ting reached out slowly and hesitantly placed a hand on Li Zhao’s shoulder, not speaking.

“Once a person gets married and has a family, their family will become the most important existence in their heart.” Li Zhao didn’t open his eyes. “It is really good.”

The fingertips on his shoulder trembled slightly. “I will accompany you even if you don’t get married. You don’t have to be afraid of being alone.”

Li Zhao opened his eyes and sat up straight. “Really?”

“I don’t get married and I don’t have any other important friends.” Yan Ting stared at Li Zhao. “In my heart, no one will ever be more important than you.”

Sister Xia had Brother Ming.

Brother Ming had Sister Xia.

Brother Xiaoyuan had his parents.

Brother Xiaojun had Sister Linlin.

Each of them cared about him and loved him, but he knew he wasn’t the most important person in their hearts. He liked them and appreciated them but he didn’t want their lives to be disturbed because of him. No one had ever told him that he was the most important. He had never expected this unique status from anyone.

He stared blankly at Yan Ting before suddenly smiling. Even if it wasn’t permanent, at least in this moment, he knew that Ting Ting was telling the truth. For the first time in his life, he had become first in someone else’s heart.

He was happy but he was also in a bit of a trance. His mind was dizzy like he had drank too much. He somewhat felt like he was floating.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting: Who said that Zhao Zhao isn’t first? He is the first duck in my heart. (There is always a person in the world who loves you like a treasure. No one is more important than you)


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Man, the posturing and the materialistic mindset kill me. So the bride knew her groom was mostly poor but she still expected him to give her a rich and fabulous wedding out of thin air so she can make her friends envious. 😒