VH: Chapter 68

Li Zhao was in a hurry and finally arrived at Cang Huan before work hours ended.

“Zhao Zhao, let me go first.” Da Ke whispered to Li Zhao. “Don’t let people recognize you. You are now a popular artist.”

“How many popular artists are there in the entertainment circle?” Li Zhao put on a mask. “It isn’t something to be proud of.”

“Can they compare to you?” Da Ke was very proud. “Your variety show performance in Seclusion Mountain Forest has been seen by all the producers of variety shows. In the past two days, the company has received many variety show invitations and the price is particularly high.”

“Do you know what this means?” Da Ke proudly declared, “It represents that your value has risen.”

“Da Ke, you have no brain to brag.” Li Zhao turned his hat over and put it on. Then he opened the door. “It is hard on you so go back earlier.”

Da Ke watched Li Zhao run out of the car and whispered, “Being an assistant is really hard. I’m telling the truth yet I’m not believed.”

Li Zhao entered through the door and the front desk employee bowed enthusiastically after seeing Li Zhao. “Hello, are you here to pick up a friend from work?’

The girl at the front desk had a cute apple face. Li Zhao smiled at her and then remembered he was wearing a mask, so the other person wouldn’t be able to tell his expression. “Yes, thank you.”

“No need for thanks.” The front desk girl glanced at the time. “There are a few minutes before work ends. Or do you want to call your friend and let them know you have arrived?”

“It’s fine, I’ve already sent him a message.” Li Zhao looked at the front desk girl. “Do you know me?”

“Last time you delivered a meal to a friend, I was also on duty.” The little girl at the front desk tried hard to suppress her excitement. “It was Special Assistant Qin who helped you go upstairs so I remember it very well.

‘Ahhhh, my baby is so polite! Although it was through a mask, I could see that he was smiling at me. My baby is really the best baby in the world. The best!’

“Special Assistant Qin?” Li Zhao thought about it. “So Mr Qin is a special assistant?”

“Yes, Special Assistant Qin is very powerful. He is the special assistant of the big boss.” The position of a colleague wasn’t a business secret so the front desk girl said it with no psychological pressure.

It turned out that Mr Qin was a close confidant of the big boss. No wonder why the senior management respected him, whether it was at the annual meeting or the Cangshi watch company.

“Oops.” A young woman in a professional suit accidentally fell to the ground, spilling a lipstick, mirror and other small accessories from her bag onto the ground. The place where she fell was only two or three steps away from Li Zhao.

“I’m coming!” The little girl at the front desk rushed out in front of Li Zhao, helping the woman up and stuffing everything into the bag. “You aren’t hurt from the fall?”

Glancing at the name badge, it was Wei Tian from the assistant department. Sure enough, it was that black fan who seemed suspicious.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Wei Tian hadn’t expected the troublesome front desk employee to emerge. She clutched her sore knee and stumbled, about to fall again. This scheming woman, the direction of her fall was where the baby was standing.

The front desk girl reached out and pulled Wei Tian back. “It’s okay.”’

What black fan wanted to take advantage of her baby? so shameless!

Wei Tian rubbed her sore arm. Hadn’t this front desk employee changed? She was so strong?”

“This gentleman looks familiar.” Wei Tian didn’t give up on approaching Li Zhao. “It seems I have seen you somewhere before.”

“Sister, I’m just like you. When I see handsome guys, I feel like they’re all familiar.” The front desk girl stopped in front of Li Zhao and didn’t allow Wei Tian to get close. “This is a customer of the company. Don’t make such a joke that affects the company’s image or you will be fired when it reaches the top.”

Wei Tian suddenly felt that this front desk girl was deliberately going against her. A small front desk employee dared to point a finger at someone from the assistant department? Wei Tian pretended to accidentally push the front desk girl, wanting to teach her a lesson.

“Be careful.” Seeing that the enthusiastic girl from the front desk was about to fall, Li Zhao reached out to help her. Then he withdrew his hand when she stood firm.

“Thank you.” The front desk girl stepped back, lest others think her baby was someone cheap enough to take advantage of girls.

The baby supported her and once she stood firm, he withdrew his hand. So kind and polite! She was willing to fish in the sea for him, jump into the desert and fish for gold! Why was there such a cute boy in the world?

Wei Tian took a deep breath and suddenly asked in a light tone, “I remember, you seem to be Li Zhao!”

Li Zhao?! The people in the lobby stopped and turned to look at the young man in the mask and hat. Most employees at Cang Huan’s headquarters knew Li Zhao or heard his name. After all, he was an actor that the company’s top executive praised on TV. Was this person really Li Zhao?

The front desk girl wanted to scratch Wei Tian’s face. She was obviously doing this deliberately, deliberately! Just as the others in the lobby wanted to come over to see if Li Zhao was really here, someone came over in a rush.

“Sir, are you here?” The person was also a staff member of the assistant department. She didn’t look at Wei Tian as she stepped forward to smile at Li Zhao. “Special Assistant Qin had me come down to pick you up. Please come with me.”

“Sir, this is a colleague from the assistant department, Go with her to see Mr Qin.” The front desk girl stopped her colleagues who wanted to see and signalled for Li Zhao to quickly go.

“Thank you.” Li Zhao thanked her, turned his head to look at Wei Tian and then followed behind the assistant into the executive special elevator.

“I’m Mr Ting’s colleague. He is in an internal meeting and can’t come down for the time being.” The assistant pressed the elevator button. “Can I take you to the lounge for a while?”

“Okay, thank you.”

Li Zhao regretted it. If he knew it would cause so much trouble then he would’ve waited outside.

“Sister Xia.” A colleague from the assistant department spoke to Zhu Xia. “There is an important guest in the VIP room. Go help welcome him.”

“There are so many young girls in the department, how can you call this big sister who is nearly 30?” Zhu Xia got up and prepared to go to the pantry to get refreshments for the guest.

“Special Assistant Qin told me not to let young girls go.” Her colleague whispered in her ear. “Perhaps it is Special Assistant Qin’s sweetheart so he doesn’t want to let young people approach. A married sister like you is more reassuring.”

Zhu Xia took the refreshments to the VIP room and knocked a few times. Then she opened the door to see who was sitting inside. “……”

No wonder why no young girls were allowed to come over. He was afraid the big boss would be jealous.”

“Sister Xia?” Li Zhao was surprised when he saw Zhu Xia.

“My colleague just now said there was a VIP and let me come to accompany them. It turned out to be you.” Zhu Xia put the refreshments on the table. “No wonder why my colleague deliberately told me that the VIP doesn’t drink tea and likes beverages.”

“Thank you, Sister Xia.” Li Zhao raised the cup and drank a mouthful. “It is a drink that Sister Xia personally brought and is really sweet.

Zhu Xia wanted to say something but stopped. This naughty child, did he never think about why he was called a distinguished guest by the assistant department?

“I seem to have been recognized by your colleague just now.” Li Zhao took a bite of the cake, which happened to be his favourite flavour. “Sister Xia, how do you know I like this flavour of cake?”

Zhu Xia, “……”

Child, you are thinking too much. I didn’t even know the person here was you.

Her colleague had asked her to bring a cake with this flavour, saying it was special instructions from Special Assistant Qin. Now it seemed that Special Assistant Qin’s meaning was clearly Yan Ting’s meaning.

“Your company is really enthusiastic about hospitality. I’m just a spokesperson for a subsidiary yet they are giving me VIP treatment.” Li Zhao had already started the second piece of cake. “No wonder why it is a world-famous company.”

Baby, please wake up a bit. You aren’t receiving this treatment because you are a spokesperson. It is because you are the big boss’ boyfriend.

“Wait, I forgot to tell Ting Ting that I was waiting for him in the VIP lounge.” Li Zhao took out his phone and sent a message to Yan Ting.

Zhu Xia was silent.

After sending the message, Li Zhao put away his phone and pushed a strawberry flavoured cake in front of Zhu Xia. “Sister Xia, I’ll give you the strawberry flavour. I remember you like this flavour.”

Zhu Xia’s expression changed slightly. Zhao Zhao knew what cake flavour she liked but she knew nothing about Zhao Zhao’s taste preferences. It should be said that Zhao Zhao never expressed what he liked in front of her. He was afraid that she would waste money and effort buying something he preferred.

In her memories, he had always been so sensible. To this day, he couldn’t easily mention what he liked in front of her. He could finally say what he liked without scruples but the one who gave him this calmness wasn’t his friends from the welfare home. It was Yan Ting. It was good that Zhao Zhao finally had this freedom.

“Sister Xia, what’s wrong with you?” Li Zhao put down the cake in his hand. “Is work tiring?”

“It’s fine.” Zhu Xia smiled. “I just finished processing a report and was dizzy. Fortunately, I can come to your side to hide.”

“I was downstairs just now and met a girl in the same department as you. I think… she is a bit strange.” Li Zhao heard about Zhu Xia’s work and remembered what happened downstairs. “Due to her strange behaviour, I deliberately remembered her name badge.”

“Who is it?” Zhu Xia thought of someone because she was the only one who left work early.

“Wei Tian.”

“It really is her.” Zhu Xia wasn’t surprised at all. “This person does have a problem. She tried to get onto the floor of the president’s office and secretly search for news related to you.”

“Me?” Li Zhao was surprised. Why was sneaking onto the floor of the president related to him?

“At first, I thought she was your fan but I soon discovered that she was more interested in your black materials.” Zhu Xia sneered. “It turned out that not only is she possibly a commercial spy, she is also your black fan!”

Li Zhao was even more confused. What was the connection between these two things? Facing Li Zhao’s eyes, Zhu Xia didn’t know how to explain it. Was it necessary to tell him that commercial spies not only wanted internal information but also wanted to explore the private life of the big boss?

In the era of big data on the Internet, attacking opponents using their private life was a useful tool as long as it was well controlled. The problem was that Zhao Zhao didn’t know Yan Ting was the big boss of Cang Huan.

He was a smart person who could see with one glance that Wei Tian wasn’t right. Why didn’t he doubt Yan Ting? Was it dark under the lights? Or was it that Zhao Zhao never thought when he was with Yan Ting?

The door of the VIP lounge was hurriedly pushed open and Yan Ting appeared at the door. His chest was undulating slightly, as if he had come in a hurry.

“Zhao Zhao.” Yan Ting went to Li Zhao’s side. “I let you wait a long time.”

“It’s fine, I’m not doing anything anyway.” Li Zhao pulled Yan Ting to sit down beside him. “Did you run over?”

“Yes.” Yan Ting glanced at Zhu Xia and his breathing became a bit harder.

“Would you like a drink?” Li Zhao handed his drink to Yan Ting and pointed to the edge of the cup. “However, I took a few mouthfuls. Don’t touch this side.”

“Didn’t you say that we don’t have to pay attention to this?” Yan Ting picked up the cup and took a sip from it.

Li Zhao nodded. Brothers were casual and really didn’t have to care too much about these things. Zhu Xia looked at the two people and felt she might be redundant.

“Have you finished your work?”

Yan Ting nodded.

“Then let’s go home.” Li Zhao turned to look at Zhu Xia. “Sister Xia, go to our house as a guest tonight. I will ask the cooking auntie to make your favourite dishes.”

“No, I have an appointment with Brother Ming and tonight is a world of two people.” Zhu Xia quickly refused. “I won’t bother you.”

She wasn’t crazy. Why would she run to the boss’ house to abuse herself?

“Friday is Brother Xiaojun’s wedding. How about Sunday?” Li Zhao suddenly spoke. “There is a very spacious lawn outside Ting Ting’s house. We can have a barbecue.”

Yan Ting followed his lead. “Zhao Zhao has been looking forward to all of you coming. Please come.”

Zhu Xia, “……”

Come, the knife would fall from the sky! The big boss had the final say.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting called a group of bodyguards and surrounded the kindergarten children: Zhao Zhao invited you to my house as a guest. Will you come?

The children: Come QAQ

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