VH: Chapter 67

Seeing the big boss approaching them, it wasn’t only Zhu Xia’s legs that were soft. Her colleague and the secretaries also felt something was wrong and took a step back.

The assistant colleague’s head buzzed and many speculations appeared. Did Zhu Xia have a problem? Was she a commercial spy? No, Zhu Xia’s identity assessment had been passed and she even had plans to focus on training Zhu Xia internally. Then why was the big boss reacting so much?

Just as her mind was in a mess, the boss reached them.

“Sister Xia.”

S-Sister Xia?

The colleague and secretary were people who had seen many things but they were so frightened by the big boss calling out ‘Sister Xia’ that they failed to control their expressions, showing surprise and panic.

The colleague turned to look at Zhu Xia, her mood very complicated. A coworker who usually rose to work on an electric scooter was actually someone who the big boss called ‘sister.’ Such a ridiculous thing wouldn’t even appear in TV dramas. She should’ve said it to someone above. Didn’t she know how much effort the department put in to check her identity?

The atmosphere seemed to be frozen after Yan Ting called out ‘Sister Xia.’

Sister Xia wanted to sit on the ground but once everyone looked at her, she was surprisingly calm. There was only one thought in her chaotic mind. She was Zhao Zhao’s sister and no one could hurt him using status or money.

Her mouth slightly moved and there was no way she could speak. Yes, who would’ve thought that the legendary big boss dragon would be with her younger brother?

Qin Xiao realized that something was wrong and told the secretary, “You go back to work first.”

The secretary and colleague left the scene in a hurry. In the face of their salary, all curiosity seemed insignificant.

Once the colleague and person from the secretariat left, Zhu Xia finally spoke. “Does Zhao Zhao know?”

Yan Ting was silent for a moment. “Sister Xia, let’s go to the office and talk slowly.”

After entering the big boss’ office, Zhu Xia found she had calmed down and she even started to doubt Yan Ting’s purpose behind approaching Zhao Zhao. A big person like Yan Ting could get anyone he wanted. What attitude did he have toward Zhao Zhao?

The office, like the man, was full of indifference and alienation. The only thing that seemed out of place in this office was the pillow on the office chair. The chibi doll pillow looked very cute and Sister Xia recognized it instantly. It took after Zhao Zhao’s image.

“Sister Xia, please sit down.” Yan Ting took the cup of water from Qin Xiao’s hand and placed it in front of Zhu Xia. “Zhao Zhao won’t let me drink coffee and tea so I have to temporarily wrong you to drink boiled water.”

“Drinking water is healthy.” Zhu Xia took a deep breath and tried to make her posture more natural.

Qin Xiao glanced at the two of them and exited the office, helping them by closing the door behind him.

“Boss, although it is working hours now, please forgive me for talking about private matters not related to work.” Zhu Xia took the glass of water and took a sip of water to relieve her tension. “I want to find out if Zhao Zhao knows you are the big boss of Cang Huan.”

Yan Ting lowered his eyes to the steaming water in the cup. “I’m sorry, he doesn’t know.”

“Why are you lying to him?” Zhu Xia didn’t understand. “Are you worried that Zhao Zhao will be greedy for your money after finding out your identity?”

Even the big boss couldn’t treat her Zhao Zhao this way!

“If money can keep him close to me then how could I hide it?” Yan Ting’s hand was very beautiful, slender and clean. Men with such hands could easily arouse women’s pity, even if they had no expression.

“Zhao Zhao’s first encounter with me was due to a misunderstanding.” The water in the cup shook and accidentally spilled onto the back of Yan Ting’s hands, dripping down the back of his hand like two lines of tears.

“You don’t know how good his smiling eyes were, just like a warm little sun.” Yan Ting glanced at Zhu Xia. “I want him to stay with me, that’s all.”

These eyes were too sincere. It was so sincere that Zhu Xia felt that no matter what Zhao Zhao asked Yan Ting to do, Yan Ting would agree.

“It is important to be honest in front of a loved one.” Zhu Xia put down the cup. “You should know that lies will always be torn apart.”

“Sister Xia, I don’t dare to gamble.” Yan Ting took out his handkerchief and slowly wiped the water on the back of his hand. “I can gamble in many things. It is only when it comes to Zhao Zhao that I am a coward who can’t lose.”

“Do you want to hide it from Zhao Zhao for the rest of your life?” Zhu Xia couldn’t help raising her voice. “How can you hide it all your life?”

Yan Ting told her, “I will find an opportunity to tell Zhao Zhao. Sister Xia, I hope you can…”

“I can’t.” Zhu Xia interrupted Yan Ting’s words. “Zhao Zhao is my brother, a child I looked out for when growing up. He isn’t an object to be deceived by you.”

“Yan Ting, no matter whether you are being true or false, the most intolerant thing when it comes to feelings is deception.” Zhu Xia shook her head. “I know what you want to say but I won’t agree.”

Yan Ting’s eyes were dark, as if there were deep and countless hidden dangers at the bottom.

The woman’s screams and the man’s shouts suddenly seemed to come from all directions. Yan Ting’s pupils trembled and his voice became hoarse. “Sister Xia, the only thing I care about in my life is Zhao Zhao.”

No one could take Zhao Zhao away from him. No one.

“When I first met Zhao Zhao, he was only 10 years old.” Zhu Xia didn’t know why she was telling Yan Ting these things. Perhaps it was because Li Zhao suffered so much as a child, his life was so bitter that she couldn’t bear to see him hurt on the path of feelings.

“A 10 year old child who looked seven or eight years old, carrying old wounds from when he had been abused by his adoptive parents.” Zhu Xia spoke in a heavy tone. “On the first day at the welfare home, the aunt gave him a chicken leg. He was so hungry that he gulped it all down. He was reluctant to spit anything out, even if he choked.”

“Do you know why he did this?”

Zhu Xia’s eyes were red. “It was because in his adoptive parents’ home, he was often halfway through the meal when he was beaten by his adoptive father, adoptive mother or younger brother. He could never eat enough. Later, the moment he received a meal, he would try his best to cram as much food as possible into his mouth so he would get enough to eat. Even if he was beaten, he would be able to fill his stomach.”

“Once he came to the welfare home, well-intentioned people offered to adopt him but he refused.” Zhu Xia held her cup tightly to calm herself. “He said he would wait for his real parents to come and pick him up.”

“The national channel had a program for finding relatives. Every time the program came on, Zhao Zhao would finish his homework early and sit in front of the television, not wanting to miss any news about parents searching for their biological child.”

“Gradually, he stopped watching the show and stopped mentioning his parents.” Zhu Xia’s throat felt a bit choked up. “A young man like him should’ve studied at university but due to my illness, he gave up his studies and ran to a strange city to save money.”

“I’m not saying this to make you sympathize but to make you understand.” Zhu Xia stood up, her legs no longer trembling and her voice firm. “Even if you are the big boss that no one dares to offend, I won’t help you hurt him.”

“It is me who doesn’t want to hurt Zhao Zhao most in the world.” Yan Ting saw that Zhu Xia was ready to go and stopped her at the door. “Sister Xia, I don’t want to hurt Zhao Zhao, please give me a bit of time.”

Zhu Xia watched him and didn’t speak.

“Zhao Zhao is my life.” Yan Ting’s voice was calm, as if explaining a simple matter. “Sister Xia, I can’t bear any possibility of Zhao Zhao leaving me.”

Zhu Xia was shocked. Her intuition told her that Yan Ting’s words were true. What type of feelings was this that he would regard the other person as important as life? Zhu Xia admitted that she was a bit soft-hearted. She knew the importance of Yan Ting to Zhao Zhao and she didn’t want him to be sad, but this shouldn’t be based on deception.

“One month.” Zhu Xia sighed helplessly. “Yan Ting, I’ll give you a month. I hope you can make it clear to Zhao Zhao. In this month, I won’t talk about this matter with Zhao Zhao but if he asks me, I will tell him the truth.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. I just can’t bear for Zhao Zhao to be sad. If it wasn’t for the fact Zhao Zhao values you so much that he worries about what you drink, I would’ve immediately told this matter to Zhao Zhao.”

“Can you please tell me more about Zhao Zhao’s childhood.” Yan Ting asked after Zhu Xia sat down. “I want to know more about him.”

“What can’t be found with your status?”

“Your words are more vivid than a cold investigation report.” Yan Ting slowly shook his head. “I’m not willing to use this disrespectful way to learn about Zhao Zhao’s past.”

Zhu Xia’s face softened a lot. “What do you want to know?”

“What does he like and dislike…”

Zhu Xia stared at Yan Ting for a few seconds before suddenly smiling. “Boss, a child who grew up in a welfare home has no power to choose what they like or dislike.”

The schoolbags they wore were bought by the welfare home’s staff or sent by well-intentioned people and the quality was good. As long as the things were in good condition and clean, they liked it all.

Yan Ting couldn’t imagine how Li Zhao grew up.

“If, I mean if…” Zhu Xia’s smile became extremely bitter. “Zhao Zhao really likes to study. If there is a chance then let him finish university.”

Even she didn’t know what Zhao Zhao’s favourite things were.

“Zhao Zhao likes to eat sweets and hates carrots and konjac.” Yan Ting told her. “He likes vegetables with green leaves and doesn’t like things like lentils, string beans and okra. However, he likes tomatoes.”

Zhu Xia was stunned. In her memories, the common vegetables like lentils and green beans were often eaten at the welfare home. Every time, Zhao Zhao would eat them cleanly and never leave anything behind.

“Tomatoes…” She remembered that Zhao Zhao had a big appetite since he was a child. Once he came back from school, it wasn’t dinner time yet and he was hungry. The aunt who was cooking often called him and stuffed him with a rice ball or tomato.

Every time, Zhao Zhao squatted in the cooking group and ate everything cleanly. Then he would help the staff to sweep the floor or wash the vegetables. Every time tomatoes were brought into the yard, Zhao Zhao liked to go to the kitchen group. It turned out that it was to eat more tomatoes. At that time, she was busy taking the university entrance examination and busy going to university. She never carefully observed Zhao Zhao’s hobbies.

“Zhao Zhao also hates taro.” Yan Ting bowed his head, looking a bit lonely. “However, he is so good. No matter what the cook at home makes, he says it is delicious.”

“Sometimes I wish he was a bit more capricious and can make trouble, telling me he wants to buy a house or a car.” Yan Ting stated, “I think that Zhao Zhao should have what other children have. Regardless of whether it is financially or mentally, he must have it.”

Zhu Xia, “……”

Fortunately, he and Zhao Zhao were together and couldn’t have children. Otherwise, he would raise a naughty child. How could he be so proud about letting his child be naughty?


After the meal, President Sun originally intended to invite Li Zhao and Lu Hao to relax at an entertainment venue. Then he thought about the relationship between Li Zhao and Mr Ting and dismissed the idea.

He wanted to take the two people to play in a clean place but he was afraid the matter would spread to Mr Ting’s ears and become dirty. Then he would have to bear the blame.

Forget it, forget it. He would bring them back to the company to his office.

Once they returned to the company, President Sun took out the script of a big movie that Strawberry Entertainment invested in. “The movie company has been preparing this for two or three years and the production team has basically been set. Lu Hao, if you are interested, the male lead is very suitable for you.”

Lu Hao took the script and read the introduction. This was a commercial movie with a more realistic theme. It was exciting in terms of the configuration and the script.

Strawberry Entertainment gave him such a big gift the moment he sighed to the company. It seemed they were really sincere.

“There is also a major investment in a historical TV series but this is somewhat similar to your character in Sky Song and won’t add much to your later career.” President Suns spoke honestly. “Lu Hao, your acting skills are very stable. Most of the time, stability is an advantage but in the current competitive environment, it will be a bit boring and reduce the audience’s expectations of you.”

“The future belongs to young people and of course, the future of the entertainment market also belongs to them.” President Sun took out another drama script from the drawer. “Would you like to try something lighter?”

“This is a double male lead drama.” President Sun turned to look at Li Zhao. “Zhao Zhao can also take a look.”

After deciding to sign Lu Hao, President Sun felt that this script was very suitable for Lu Hao and Li Zhao.

Li Zhao didn’t immediately open the script. “President Sun, when will the TV drama start shooting?”

“The drama should wait until the second half of the year.” President Sun laughed. “It can wait until you finish shooting the movie to start.”

Li Zhao nodded. “I will think about it.”

“Okay.” President Sun smiled gently. “Please think about it. Both of these roles will be reserved for you unless you specifically refuse.”

“By the way, Zhao Zhao. Aren’t you going to pick up a friend from work?” President Sun glanced at the time. “It is easy to get stuck in traffic on the way to Cang Huan. You should set off early to avoid being late.”

How could he let Mr Ting wait?

“Okay.” Li Zhao stood up and walked to the door, only to stop and turn to President Sun. “President Sun, how do you know where I am going to pick up my friend?”

“Aren’t you going to pick up Mr Ting?” President Sun noticed that he had exposed his feet and didn’t show any confusion on his face. He glanced at the assistant beside him and asked, “Xiao Cao, who mentioned that Zhao Zhao’s friend works in Cang Huan?”

“President Sun, I don’t remember clearly.” Cao Jia frowned. “Was it Da Ke or Xiaoyuan?”

“Did I remember incorrectly?” President Sun smiled at Li Zhao. “I’m old and have a bad memory.”

“You aren’t incorrect. My friend does work at Cang Huan.” Li Zhao smiled. “Then I’ll leave first. President Sun, Brother Hao, Assistant Cao, goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” President Sun personally sent Li Zhao to the corridor. “If there is anything then call me or Assistant Cao.”

Lu Hao looked at the enthusiastic attitude of President Sun and Assistant Cap toward Li Zhao and secretly thought that the high level people of Strawberry Entertainment truly respected the wise.

President Sun’s reminder was really useful. Before his car reached Cang Huan, it was blocked half way there. There was a car jam on the side road. Their cars were scraped together. Li Zhao didn’t have to get off to know that the car was badly scratched. It was a red famous sports car that scratched his car. It was the type that ordinary cars couldn’t wait to get away from when driving on the road.

“How did you drive?” A man in dark glasses got off the red sports car and tapped on the window of Li Zhao’s car. “Get off.”

Li Zhao lowered the window and his expression sank when he saw the face of the other person. It was that jerk who wanted to the gate of Ting Ting’s house last time and said bad things about Ting Ting.

Yao Yuguang’s face also changed after seeing who was in the car. He remembered the suitcase that was big enough to hold his body, the pain when Li Zhao punched him and the crazy look of Yan Ting who wanted to kill him. His head hurt, his feet were in pain and his entire body hurt.

There were so many cars on the street. Why did he end up provoking Li Zhao?

“A misunderstanding, it is all a misunderstanding.” Yao Yuguang was afraid and didn’t let Li Zhao speak. He jumped away from the car and fell to the ground, quickly taking out all the cash in his wallet and handing it to Li Zhao. “I don’t know how to drive and should pay all the compensation. If you have a WeChat then add me. I will transfer you money via WeChat. My cash might not be enough.”

The driver, Da Ke’s mood evolved from dumb and scared to shocked and dazed.

The moment the luxury car had scratched his car, he had inwardly felt desperate. Da Ke never expected that the car owner, who was previously so powerful, would have an 180 change in attitude after seeing Li Zhao’s face. Was this an illegitimate fan who deliberately scraped against Zhao Zhao’s car to attract his attention?

Oh, what a good idea.

Li Zhao tapped on his phone a few times before holding it out the window.

“What is this?” Yao Yuguang didn’t think it looked like a WeChat QR code.

“A receipt code.” Li Zhao’s face was blank. “Didn’t you want to transfer money to me? Go ahead.”

Yao Yuguang, “…..”

He just wanted to hug the thigh of Yan Ting’s boyfriend. He hadn’t expected it to be so difficult. However, he didn’t dare do anything. He honestly transferred a sum of money to the other person. Then the car window closed mercilessly and the car sprayed his face with exhaust.

Who was a pretty boy? This was clearly a white lotus. How could Yan Ting look at such a person?

The phone rang and someone texted him.

[I can cooperate with you to help you deal with Yan Ting.]

Yao Yuguang rolled his eyes.

[An idiot! Get lost!]

Letting him deal with Yan Ting, who stupid was he?

Only a fool would look down on him like that.

The author has something to say:

Baby Ting Ting stands in front of Sister Xia with a bowl of green vegetables: Zhao Zhao told me to eat less sugar and also made me eat more vegetables. Do you see the toys in my house? They were all given to me by Zhao Zhao.

Sister Xia: ?

Baby Ting Ting: So you can’t stop Zhao Zhao from playing with me.

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9 months ago

I do feel bad for Ting Ting and can understand why he kept it a secret but I agree with Sister Xia in that he should come clean. No relationship works out good if one holds secrets

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Sister Xia you are the best person in the world I would die for you 😭🩷🩷🩷